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Without the brand extension what matches/feuds would you like to see?

carlito is cool

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We had a little taster of the wwe without the brand extension this past week , if this was made permanent what feuds/matches would you mst like to see?


Rey vs HBK- done in more depth, was quite impressed with them on raw, but given different circumstances and a feud behind it these 2 could easily have a moty contender.


Angle vs Mr Kennedy- Would be A+ on the mic, and pretty solid in the ring, Angle could help Kennedy up to that next level.


Benoit vs HBK- Was never really done as a 1 on 1 feud. Promos would be fair but matches would be unreal, espescially if wwe could persuade HBK to play heel and hold a couple of the weeks of the feud in Canada!!!


JBL vs HHH- Could have an intriguing heel vs heel feud, JBL playing more of a tweener role. Think put in a brawling based situation these to would deliver the goods.


Snitsky vs Heidenreich- Need you ask?

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