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Darkies Stupidity Money!


How much Stupidity money will DS get?  

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  1. 1. How much Stupidity money will DS get?

    • You will pay THEM!
    • nothing
    • Up to £100
    • Up to £200
    • £200 to £400
    • £400 to £600
    • £600 to £1000
    • £1000 to £2000
    • £2000 to £5000
    • £5000 +

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As you all know I fell down blah blah blah....


Now as a member of the CWU (a nice little Union) they are sorting out compensation for me from my work.


I just want them to pay whatever I lost wages wise. However, what do YOU think I will get for my 6 lost days, 2 cuts to my head and a 'minor head injury' AKA concussion?

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I would say about £800 to £1000. I know it isn't an option - but it's between those values.


Any visible scarring over the size of 1 inch to the face would have resulted in you being awarded at least £1500.


Ha, JJ's gonna be rich when he gets his compo, he's got about 6 inches+ of visible scarring!

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