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Wrestler talk week 2 - Lance Storm

The B-Man

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A great in-ring worker, but given an absolutely disgusting gimmick in the WWE.


His "Can I be serious for a minute" promos were great, and converting the US Title to a Canadian Title was great.


Highly underused, but the WWE doesn't know what to do with small talented guys.

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and then as a multi champion in WCW!











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Lance Storm is one of the best in ring workers i have ever had the honour of watching, another graduate of Stu Hart and was highly underated and unused in WWE. Although this was the case, he done enough in ECW and WCW to be known as one of the best technical wrestlers for some time.
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great technicial...


falls into the Benoit, Christian, Malenko.. etc.. group


guys that were great talents .. but not big men so were mis used in the WWE


I don't actually know if you could include Christian into that group, he is very talented, but he doesn't fit into that group, maybe it is because i see that group as more of a submission background type group involving Benoit, Eddie and Chavo Guerrero, Saturn, Malenko, Jericho and Mysterio. I know Mysterio isn't submission based but he just fits into that group just with the others, but Christian doesn't.

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