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Battle Rap Final


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I've been busy guys but now i'm taking this guy down for Eddie

Face it B-Man your faing a lyrical master your just not ready


Whats up with this B-Man you acting like I missed the deadline

B-man found slain is bout to be the god damned headline


B-Man wait till you seen man you vs me is like Prince Adam vs He-Man

I'm a straight G man this is a mismatch like Big Show verses WEE MAN


How'd you get to the final your outdated like vinyl I'll make you tap like spinal

I'm so fresh and so clean dude and you stink worst then a urinal


I know you got Mr Fill's vote already so I'm taking this 5 votes to one

Coz face it kid your rhymes more anal than a gimmick made for Billy Gunn


You strike fear in no one you remind of Eastenders Ian Beale

But Me I'll do anything for the win I LIE, I CHEAT, I STEAL



I'll finish this off later off if B-man drops or he can just match my 12 lines if he wants

Edited by Paul
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I'll finish this off later off if B-man drops or he can just match my 12 lines if he wants


Surely if you dont finish it by tonight then Baz wins as you will have failed to get the whole 20 lines!


Oh, and I will sort the swearing out now as even starring it out isnt allowed as its obvious what youve said.

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Well it's nice to see you left this to virtually the last minute

Maybe that was your cheap ass way of trying to win it


Nice to see you trying to get cheap pops and votes from using Eddie Guerrero

Im so on fire I will melt you like an Ice Cream Solero


People thought I wouldn't even get this far

This ain't about name power its about Barry "B-Man" Gower


As for already having Mr Fills vote

Just two more needed then you can grab your coat


You wanted to make this rap 20 lines yet only produce twelve

Best give me the trophy so I can put it up on the shelves


You think you can rhyme and talk your way to the top?

I will beat you so bad you will be calling the cops


You say you lie, you cheat , you steal?

There was me thinking I was battling with the real deal


You run your mouth like you own this place

You aint nothing but a freaking disgrace


Now take you little mouth back to the rap training house

Im the cat bitch you are the mouse


I thank you people for letting me take part

Vote for me and don't be a fart

Edited by The B-Man
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