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XTV 39: 17/11/2005 Eddie Tribute Show

Evil Gringo

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The following program is a post watershed production, it will contain scenes and storylines not suitable for children and some of the content may also be unacceptable to other viewers. This program may also contain strobe lighting effects.


'Carve me an Edge' by Fake Ideal starts to play as the XTV opening video plays. Images are displayed throughout the title sequence:


Draven Cage locking in the noose

The Judge charging down the ramp, sledgehammer in hand

The Million Dollar Man Chris Eagles counting a fist full of greenbacks

Tom Trash trashcanning another victim

Barry Gower leaving Fill for dead

The Dark Alliance being revealed

Keith Jaxx and Rico oiling TIH

TWO sprayed over a purple Ford Focus

Violent Vinnie Vengeance climbing the cage

PMA with a nutshot

Arkham dressed as Animal

The return of Jordi Warner

Twiggie holding aloft the MWA title

Tiffany raising the arms of The Judge and Jordi Warner

The leg drop of doom from Hulkstermark

The Lonely Avenger in striking the arena into Green Hell

Mills wearing his new attire

Redman returning

Evil Gringo with his mamacita

Deadman returning at no Mercy

Keith Jaxx eating bananas

Darkstar, dressed for business

Dante standing proud, Battle Royal winner

The Incredible Holt standing over Gringo and Gower, raising his title high above his head




As the image of the XTV logo fades out a new image fades in....




As the image fades out we see the TWOStars ring with The Evil Gringo stood inside the ring, black armband on his left arm and his apperance changed...




EG: Evening homes... it is my sad duty to announce this past Sunday we lost a true legend, a great man and a magnificent father... My bato Eddie Guerrero who died in tragic circumstances, so I ask you my friends to bow your heads in a moments silence as me and my hombre Mr Chimmel lead you all in a ten bell salute...


The crowd fall silent as the ring annoncer chimes the bell ten times, its tolls echoing through the arena as Gringo stands there, tears rolling down his face as do much of the crowd....


The final bell tolls and the crowd begin to clap and cheer the name of the fallen Guerrero over and over...




Gringo nods his head and wipes the tears from his eyes... He raise the mic to his lips again as the crowd begin to quiten down...


EG: He was my inspiration in this buisness, the first Mexican-American to win the World Title, he was a man of my size who proved you could live amongst the giants and most of all... he was a man that proved that a tiger could change his stripes ese....


The crowd cheer and once again begin the tunderous chant of Eddie's name...


EG: And even in his death he will continue no doubt to be an example for those who come after him. He has already taught me a valuble lesson, a lesson you could all learn from hombres.... As of tonight, in respect for Eddie Guerrero I vowed to do TWO things... One, I will never allow a drop of alcohol, a cigarette or a pill to touch my lips.... I am of this moment straight edge to follow the lead of my hombre Eddie...


The crowd cheer and Gringo once again has to wipe a tear from his eye...


EG: If there is one thing my homes taught me and that his re-birth proved ese is that you don't need these things, that you have to live life and steal every oppertunity you can homes... and that brings me to my second vow.... I, like my hombre before me vow that I will be a World Champion again!


The crowd once again cheers at the Gringo's declaration of intent...


EG: I will show the world that you don't have to be the biggest, you don't have to the strongest, I will show the world that like Eddie, all you have to do is BELIEVE! I believe Eddie, I do and ese I will win that World title and I will win it for YOU!


The crowd erupts once again in an EDDIE chant and the Gringo waves his arms in the air to get them to grow louder and larger....


EG: But I have one final bit of business, something I and the guys in the back wanted to do for Eddie, to do for you people and to do for his legacy... Tonight, right here in this very ring I am HONOURED to be part of a tribute match with Barry Gower to celebrate the very wrestling Eddie brought to the world, the very wrestling I grew up watching as did all of you... Tonight me and that ese Baz are going one on one in a Lucha Libre rules match up and as god as my witness this one is for EDDIE! I hope your watching up there homes... WE LOVED YOU! REST IN PEACE HOMES! VIVA LA RAZA!


With this Eddie's music comes on over the arena as Gringo drops to one knee in prayer and the crowd clap as once again the graphic floats up onto screen....


The camara fades out to... A special TWOStars Eddie Guerrero tribute video, higlighting the rosters favourite Eddie moments...

Edited by Evil Gringo
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Back from the tribute video, the camera pans around the arena before the view changes to Taz and Heyman.


Taz: What an amazing introduction by Gringo there.


PH: I don't usually praise him, but I have to agree - very respectful.


Taz: And we're continuing the show in the same vein.


At this point Taz is cut off as Salt'n'Pepa's "Let's talk about sex" begins to play.


PH: What the hell is going on here?


Taz: I have no idea.


The crowd seem unsure how to react to the unexpected music.


A couple of pink pyros explode on either side of the staging which raises a small cheer from the crowd.


The crowd reaction suddenly goes to really loud cheering as Keith Jaxx and Arkham walk out onto the staging.


PH: What the hell do these idiots want?


Taz: I have no idea, but obviously they're going to announce something.


PH: My god - look at what they're wearing.


The camera zooms in on the two wrestlers - they're wearing matching tops, pale pink in colour and large letters on the front - Arkham has a big "S" emblazoned on his chest while Jaxx has a large "X" in the middle of his.


Jaxx lifts up a mic that he previously had concealed somewhere - it's his long wobbly dildo mic from the In Bed With Keith Jaxx segments. This raises another cheer from the crowd.


Jaxx: Allllllriiiiiight! We're here to talk about our little get together. You see, last week my big boy Arkham and I decided to become a team.


The crowd breaks out an "Alllriiiight" chant.


Jaxx: We became Sports Extertainment Xtreme - we are SEX!


The chant changes to a "We want SEX" one.


PH: Good God - whatever next?


Jaxx: Well, as you can see, big Arkham is wearing the S.


Keith runs his hand over Arkham's large chest to a cheer from the audience.


Jaxx: And I've got the X, so we're missing something.


Taz: What the hell could they be missing?


Jaxx: So, let me introduce our new manager - the man who fits snugly between us, he slips right in behind Arkham, and I slide in behind him - welcome our "E", he is... MICHAEL COLE!


The crowd explodes with cheers and laughter as Cole walks out wearing a matching top with a large "E" on the chest, he shakes Arkham's hand and receives a big hug from Jaxx.


The crowd continues with their "We Want SEX" chant.


Cole takes the mic/dildo from Jaxx's hand and doesn't bat an eyelid that it's not a normal microphone.


Cole: Thank you people - I'm out here to talk about SEX - SEX is the greatest thing to happen to TWOstars, these two men will pound on all others to show them that SEX is the greatest.


The crowd cheer and laugh.


Cole: You see, with Arkham and Jaxx, they are the 2 men who will beat down on all opponents, pounding them into the mat - they will pound on their asses until they're beaten into submission.


Another HUGE cheer goes up from the crowd.


Cole: So, please remember - SEX is here to stay and tonight, in the tag match, you won't be able to beat SEX with Jimmy Redman!


A huge cheer goes up from the crowd as the show fades to a "We Want SEX" promo.

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Back from the We Want Sex promo, we see an all to familiar dark hallway and door.


Joey Styles comes to the door and knock. He's met with silence. He's about to knock again as Dante comes walking down the hall. There is a pop from the crowd as Dante emergers, looking even more somber then usual. There is a red tear painted below his right eye.


Styles-Well I'm hear with our current World Heavywieght Number One Contender. I'm not interrupting anything am I?


D-Make it quick, I'm heading up to the rafters to watch the matches.


S-Why the rafters?


D-Because I don't want to be bothered.....


Styles is oblivious to the obvious hint, and presses on.


JS-One thing thing I have to ask you Dante is how you feel about winning the Battle Royal?


Dante-Its good. Not only for me, but for the people. Now they will have a chance to see me go against Holt. A chance to see someone with guts and honor to go for the belt. How long has it been since they've seen a champ they can support?


S-Well you are a bit....Dark shall we say?


D-And that matter to you how? I've proven my mettle time and time again. I've shown I fear no one. And you're going to tell me that I'm not worthy to be champ because I'm dark?


JS-Well no I....


D-It doesn't matter. You know why? I'll tell you. I will be the champ. I will beat Holt. I will beat Banner. I will win that belt. And I will show you that I am a worthy champion! Bring Banner and Holt. Triple threat, steel cage, top rope elimination, it doesn't matter. Give me a match and a place. Throw then entire roster in there. I've beaten them once, and I can do it again. Not even SICKNESS was able to stop me.


Styles-Well thats a bold prediction....


D-I don't make predictions. I make promises.


With that, Dante walks off leaving Styles alone in the Hallway.


Cut to commercial....

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Back from the commercials, and the hard-working Joey Styles is in a different part of the arena, better lit. From behind we can see Twiggie wheeling his recycling bin with firece determination. On his left arm he wears a black armband. Embroidered on the terrycloth is a skull with a mullet hair cut.


Joey: Twiggie! A word, if I may.


Twiggie stops, but doesn't turn and wait for Joey to catch up with him. As we come around we see that Twiggie's eyes are puffy and red, but not for the usual reason.


Twiggie: Hey, Joey... what's up?


Joey: So, Twiggie, if I may I would like to get your reaction to the news of this tragedy.


Twiggie: You know... I was going to come here today and tell everyone about the government's secret death camps, and how they can make almost anyone disappear when they want to. Or how, for the last twenty years the US has actually funded terrorist groups located within the US... but I'm just not up to ranting and raving tonight... I dont' wanna drink, I don't wanna smoke... I even passed up an opportunity to boom tonight.


Joey: So, Twiggie are you saying that you're quitting drugs.


Twig: Well... I don't know about permanantly... but what's the point of getting high, if it's no fun, right? I'm just going to take some time off to gather myself before I dive back into the world of the pshychadelic.


Joey: Yes, I see. So, do you feel you're okay to compete?


Twig: Actually... I think wrestling is all I'm able to do tonight. I just... I just... Man... I just need to beat the living hell out of something, you know?


Joey: ...yeah. Well, good luck tonight.


Twiggie: Thank you...


Twiggie Turns and continues on his way. Slowly and solemly at first, but with a gaining determination.

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***Titan Tron fizzles and cuts to a camera backstage***


The camera stands in front of a door. On the door is written in big pompous letters:




Reporter: We are here in front of the locker room of Michael Howell III. Later tonight he will be preforming in his first ever match. Let's see if we can get a word.


As the reporter opens the door, he is stunned by what he sees; there is actually wallpaper on the walls along with many classical paintings. Expensive furniture has somehow found its way into the room!

In the center of the room, Michael Howell III sits with a girl on his lap...Niles stands next to him. He is pouring tea into a delicate looking cup.


MHIII: Oh..well of course..you know Im very good at "closing buisness deals" and....


Reporter: *Clears throat*


Michael notices the camera and quickly gets up, the girl falling off of his lap!


Girl: Hey you jerk, what did...


MHIII: Niles...her...


Niles has already picked her up over his shoulder and carried her out of the room..she can be heard down the hallway..


Girl: Hey..what...let go!


Moments later, loud crashing noises are heard in that same hallway...a door slams...the girl ceases to make noise...and Niles comes back and stands by Michael's side...


MHIII: Much better...


Reporter: Erm..Michael...before we start...how did all of this furniture get here? And who was that young lady?


MHIII: The furniture?? Well this room was ugly...and it is amazing how fast those mexey-khanswill work if you pay them with something as expensive in Mexico as buttons. Yep...only one decent one among them...Guerrero...and he's gone now...*pauses for a bit in remembrance*


Reporter: Erm...what about Gory? Chavo?


MHIII: *Reaches and gets a tissue. He wipes the reporter's nose very roughly so that he can't talk* oh gesundheit..gotta watch those sneezes...especially aimed in my direction *he grows much louder on the last statement*


Michael pushes the reporter aside and makes him fall to the floor. He takes the mike for himself.


Michael sheens up his hair and brushes of his suit like he just started the interview...then fakes suprise...


MHIII: Oh hello America! Didn't see you there. Now I know what alot of you are wondering...you're wondering 'Michael..how do you feel getting out of the TWO developmental circuit? How do you feel about your match? And how are you so ravishingly handsome? Right? Right.


He continues arrogantly...


MHIII: Now...I thought the fans in the developmental fed were dumb...but i had hope! Really! I said to myself "Michael...the real fans can't be that bad...


He now feigns sadness...


MHIII: But I was wrong.....wrong.....wrong.....and i realized that when i came into the arena. I saw you guys with your old ppv t-shirts with your bellies hanging out from them...I saw your "I came to see Evil-Gring-Mexican-something-or-other...." posters.. and i thought..."I must be at the wrong arena!" But then i remembered i dont make mistakes....yechhhh....


MHIII: So then i thought..."It can't be that bad Michael..at least you might get some good matches...." but...come on! Shane Cross? Who is he kidding? The New Role Model? Im the only role model that these kids NEED!. These kids need to go out and achieve! They need to go out there and be lawyers and buisnessmen and say "Hey world! Michael Howell taught me how to live right!" What has Shane Cross accomplished? Nothing! Has he run a major corporation? No. Has he ever guided a leveraged buyout? Nope. Did he ever get rid of that wicked slice on the golf course? Not in your dreams. Does he have a very attractive secretary and an office with a view? I think not. So...exactly how is he a role model?


The rant contiunes...


MHIII: And the other guy...erm....other guy...bald guy....name...um..*snaps fingers....* don't tell me i know this one...i really do....ok fine Niles what was it.


Niles: *in a british accent* Brett Banner, sir *as he hands him a cup fo tea*


MHIII: Oh yes thank you *sips tea*. Brett Banner, thats it. The one who kept shouting "I will not be forgotten!" Sorry Brett-boy...looks like I forgot you! My fault! But you must have won a title..being here that long...


*Niles whispers in his ear*


MHIII: Oh...oh....what?....no....really?.....eww...I guess you haven't.

Wow, Brett. Looks like you failed to achieve too. And you've been in TWO how long? Im sorry Brett..really am. Maybe after the show I'll give you five bucks...not having a belt all that time you must need every penny.


MHIII:So anyway *he glances down at an empty teacup*.....


NILES WHERE'S MY REFILL!!!!???? , he loudly yells..the camera shakes and almost falls to the ground....


*Niles..after clearing his ears, refills the cup*


MHIII: Thank you...so anyway...tonight...Im going to go out there and show the audience how a real American ought to behave...ought to achieve! And I think Shane Cross and Brett Banner might just experience...a Corporate Takeover!


Niles and Michael walk out of the frame


*Camera cuts to...*

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The Evil Gringo stood backstage with Todd Grisham...


TG: Gringo, what a night it promises to be her in Mexico City and what a night it promises to be for you...


EG: Your right there homes.... Tonight is a great night, great as the memory of the man I aim to uphold ese...


TG: But one thing stuck out from your speech... it seems you still haven't given up on a re-match for the TWOStars title...


EG: You damn right ese! Did Eddie give up when his career and life where in tatters? NO he didn't ese! When Eddie was told he couldn't be a champion in ECW did he give up? No he didn't ese! And when it was all said and done homes do you know what happened ese? He was World Champion!


TG: But in all due respects Gringo... you aren't Eddie Guerrero...


Gringo fixes a cold hard stare onto Grish... The backstage reporter backs away scared of an attack...


EG: No Grish, your right, I am not Eddie Guerrero... But I can dream of earning the same respect can't I? Of the same goals? Yeah I am gonna do them why own way ese but let me tell you this.... The result is going to be the same homes, the outcome no different!


TG: But how are you going to get a shot... You did after all fail at No Mercy and with Darkstar in control after last weeks events, it seems you are further then ever from the title....


EG: Enough homes... I am gonna show the world tonight just what it means to be a Gringo like my bato Eddie... I am gonna win in the home of lucha, in the style of lucha for a KING of lucha! I am gonna finally put Gower to rest tonight and pay my respects and EARN what is rightfully mine... A shot at the TWOStars World Heavyweight Title! You see Grish I know that Dante and Banner have earned theres as well, I ain't got nothing against them.... But where were they when I was beating back the ERE? Where were they homes when I was headlining Wrestlemania? I'll tell you where they were homes... BELOW ME, just like they are gonna be homes when I pin their asses uno, dos, TRES!


TG: But you aren't even scheduled to face them...


EG: SHUT UP ESE! I know that homes, I know that all to well, but as you are going to see starting tonight... I am gonna steal whatever life can give me, I am gonna cheat the system... I am going to get my fix and achieve a new HIGH! Because Dante and Banner are going to find out what many others before have found out before them... I AM THE FEAR IN THE DARK.... And what they think are THEIR chances for glory... Well homes... That is all my future is going to HOLD!


With that Gringo turns away and storms off towards his locker room leaving Grish speechless as we fade to....

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...Boyo's smirking mug.


The crowd boo.


Boyo: And now, folks, we have a special - BRAND NEW! - edition of this once in a lifetime special Eddie Guerrero themed backstage improv talkshowwww...


The camera pans out to show that Sickness has some poor schmuck in a vicious headlock.


Boyo: And tonight, we have our very special guest.


A muffled shreik can be heard from Sickness' armpit.


Boyo: Mr Becki "Mamacita" Moss. And what a fine young specimen she is.


The crowd explode in booing.


Sickness gets Becki in a hard full nelson and holds her there as Boyo puts a mic to her mouth.


BM (snarling): Get bent, a$$hole.


Boyo (chuckling): No, you're talking to Boyo, not Keith Jaxx...


The crowd boo again.


Boyo: But Mr Mama, you're wrong to be so angry, this is a serious talkshow where we ask the hardest hitting questions. And we have just one hard hitting question, just for you.


Moss rolls her eyes and then stares daggers at Boyo, then chokes back tears.


BM (choking): Robert? *cough* Robbie?


Boyo: Oh Mr Ping isn't invited to this talkshow...C'mon Mr Mama, we just want to ask you one question. Be a sport. It's not like you're not usually a sport when two men approach you roughly.


Crowd: Ohhhh!!


Moss spits at Boyo but Sickness' grip is too strong and the spit runs down her chin and onto her top. The poor little thing really struggles against tears of humiliation.


BM: Wh-what's your damned question Boyo?


Boyo: Mr Mama, can words adequately convey the embarrassment you feel with Mr Ping?


BM: !!!


Boyo: Mr Sickness, your grip...


Sickness relaxes his full nelson, but not by much.


BM: What did you say? My embarrassment? I'm proud of my Robert, especially tonight!! What do you mean?!


Boyo: How embarrassing is it to know that live, in front of what must be 50,000 screaming Mexicans your "Robert" -


Boyo looks to the camera and winks: Mr Ping!


Boyo: - is going to put on a match that will be so condescending it will make the late, great Eddy Guerrero, Mr Ed, almost certainly turn in his grave?


The crowd, the 50,000 screaming Mexicans, EXPLODE with booing! Wow, such a loud, hatred filled booing!


BM: You're a dead man, Boyo.


Boyo: No, I'm not some comeback-making enemy-befriending has-been wrestler, I'm Boyo, your host - and highly impressive colour commentator!


BM: Whatever.


Boyo: Mr Mama, I couldn't think of anything worse than some deluded Mr Ed rip-off attempting to win a match against a man he has no chance of beating in a style of match he is so clueless about he can only botch it up.


BM: How...DARE you!


Boyo (chuckling): Hey, you never know, Mr Ed's rage may kickstart that ol' heart of his so in the long run your "Robert" -


Boyo looks to the camera and winks: Mr Ping!


Boyo: - could be doing the wrestling world a favour.


The crowd are absolutely going spitting mad at Boyo.


Boyo: Well, this has been such a great, groundbreaking show, folks, especially in these tragic times. Mr Mama, you've been awesome, and bah Gawd, bah Gawd almighty, you certainly look all luvverly and vulnerable just there...


The crowd boo but Boyo smirks...


Boyo: And you know what, The Dark Alliance, Boyo and Sickness, would like to honour Mr Ed by having Sickness, right here right now, perform one of the great Guerrero moves. Could it be, The 3 Amigos?


Becki Moss' eyes widen and she stiffens


Boyo: The Frog Splash


Moss' starts to whimper


Boyo: Mr Sickness, it's up to you.


Sickness' eyes glaze over and something terrible clearly enters his mind...


BM: Please...don't do it...


Sickness turns Moss around to face him and does the shoulder shuffle as Boyo grinds Moss from behind. The crowd EXPLODE with booing again.


Boyo: Latino...Heat! Latino..Heat! Psyche!!


The Dark Alliance walk off looking pleased with themselves as Moss stands there fuming.

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Tazz: Welcome back to Xtreme TV, now we are going to show you some pre recorded comments by Black Dragon on Eddie Guererro


BD: I can’t believe it…… I just wish it were a bad dream, if only Eddie would just pop up on TV and say in his cheesy accent “I lied holmes”


BD: Growing up a fan of Mexican wrestling I knew all about the legendary Guererro family, and Eddie is on my list of all time favourites, which include Rey Mysterio Jr, Psicosis, Juvi Guererra, Jushin Liger & Tiger Mask. My first memory of Eddie was in the early 90’s when my interest in Mexican wrestling started, when he turned on El Santo, I remember been so mad that night, he was so good at getting under peoples skin, then I remember in 1994 when he started doing the Black Tiger thing and at that time the guys with the cool masks and costumes fascinated me so I was instantly hooked, I knew he was a great talent.


The first time I saw him in person is when WCW game to San Diego for a house show and I sat at the side of the aisle where the wrestlers came down and I remember Eddie coming down for the first match with Dean Malenko and he was a baby face at the time so he was doing the hold hand slapping thing and when he touched my hand I was like “wow Eddie Guererro just touched my hand”, then later that night I caught Eddie leaving the arena I asked him for a photo and an autograph, now even though he was in a rush to get to the wrestlers bus, he took the time to make this 13 year old feel special. * pauses * if only he knew how much that brief kind gesture meant to me and how it stuck on me till his very day.


As the years went on I got to see more of Eddie and the more I was impressed with him, he could play an evil heel to perfection and make you made, or he could make you laugh your ass off when he was the fun baby face, I loved how he would throw a chair at somebody then try to look innocent as possible, and when I think of Eddie from now on I’ll always remember that sneaky little grin he would do.


Very few people who are in this business where born to be wrestler, destined to be wrestlers, Eddie was one of them few people, myself personally I don’t think it was my destiny to be in this business, it’s just something I fell in love with and I worked hard to achieve my dream. The saddest thing about all this is that Eddie fought so hard to beat his addiction, to get his life back in order and for it to end for him like is one of the biggest tragedy’s ever, we can all comfort ourselves with thinking Eddie is defiantly in a better place, he’s up there in Wrestling Heaven. He may be gone but in my heart and everyone else’s hearts his legacy will live on.


In closing I would like to offer my condolences to Eddie’s wife, especially his two little girls, the rest of the Guererro family and his closet fans. You’ll be missed Eddie, you’ll be missed.

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The scene of Black Dragon pouring his heart out fade to Tony Chimmel standing in the ring with a note card in hand.


Taz: Alright, it's the first match of the night, and it is guaranteed to be extreme.


Heyman: That's right Taz, although Twiggie is in no way a TWO title holder… he's one hardcore b@$+@rd.


The house lights cut out and the arena is bathed in psychedelic swirls.


is displayed in close ups and as a whole across the TWOtron. Jungle Boy recorded by Twiggie's very own band: Bremstrahung Farad is pumped through the speakers of the arena. Twiggie appears at the top of the ramp wheeling his signature recycling bin behind him, his hardcore title hanging over the side. He shouts various things to the fans while waving his free arm angrily. The crowd responds by shouting obscenities, and throwing styrofoam cups.


Chimmel: Weighing in tonight at 196 pounds. He is the self-proclaimed TWOstars Hardcore Champion He is … Twwwwwwwwwiggie!


Taz: Twiggie looks determined tonight. He's not even bothering to recycle signs.


Heyman: Who could bring themselves to recycle on a night like this, Taz?


Taz: Good point.


Twiggie heads straight to the ring apron, hops up, and drags up his bin with him. He dumps the contents over the rope. Small TV's, glass bottles, street signs, a Singapore cane, and a few VCR's spill into the ring. Not satisfied, Twiggie gives the bin an extra shake and out falls the final item.


Heyman: Holy hell! Is that-?


Taz: It couldn't be anything else! This is going to get ugly fast!


Tony Chimmel has retreated from the ring, but continues his announcing duties from the outside. Twiggie's music fades and Haunted by Evanesence hits the speakers. The dirty hippy ignores the change of music and, with a sense of purpose, climbs into the ring. He picks up his spool on the way.


TC: And his opponent, from Atlanta, Georgia. Weighing in at 275 pounds… TWOStars Enforcer of Law and Order… The Judge!


The Judge walks out onto the Entrance ramp, clad in a long black leather trench coat. By the time he raises his signature sledge and his pyro goes off, The Colorado Socialist has wrapped two turnbuckles and the connecting ropes in barbed wire. Sid pauses on the ramp as the PETA Punisher turns and picks up the Singapore cane.


Taz: It doesn't look like Commandant wants any of what Twig's offering.


Overturning to Taz's beliefs, Sid rushes towards the ring and with a throw befitting a javelin hurls his slege at Twiggie, and slides into the ring. The dirty hippy sidesteps the projectile and bats it with his cane. The Judge however is now in the ring wielding a TV.




Heyman: I think it's safe to say that television needs a repairman.


Twiggie staggers back towards the barbed wire ropes, and waves his arms to keep from falling back into them. In anticipation of blood the crowd “woooaaaaaAAAAHHH!!!”'s as Twiggie leans closer and closer. The Judge decides to help out the tie-dyed mess and-


Taz: Diving shoulder tack- no wait Twig side-stepped it!


Missing the wire by a hair's breath the judge flies between the ropes and to the outside. A lone female fan can be heard voicing her fright. Twiggie picks up a VCR, and waits for the judge to make it to his feet.


Heyman: Good lord, The Judge caught the VCR, but Twig came crashing down soon after with a rather impressive dragon attack!


Crowd: HOLY $#¡† ! HOLY $#¡† ! HOLY $#¡† !


The two men roll about on the floor in pain. Twiggie is first to his feet, and cracks the VCR over the rising Judge. Twig climbs onto the announcer's table.


Heyman: Hey, it's the first match! If you break this table, I'm gonna be so pissed!


Completely ignoring Heyman, Twig jumps off the table, and pumps his arms and legs before clasping his hands and raising them over his head.


Taz: A picture-perfect Eddie frogsplash. *sniff* It brings a tear to my eye.


At the moment Twiggie lands the Judge successfully smashes the broken VCR into several pieces over Twiggie's head.


Heyman: I'll bet the Judge wishes he could do that to Jordi Warner, without that damn broad getting in the way.


Again the two are out on the floor, but after a long moment Twig drapes his arm over Sid's chest.

















Sid is first to his feet this time and yanks Twiggie to his feet with a handful of dreadlocks. He follows it up with a stiff whip face first into the ring apron. Twiggie head bounces off the barbed wire wrapped ropes, he falls to his knees, but is left hanging by several dreadlocks caught in the barbed wire.


Heyman: The Enforcer of Law and Order is heading back into the ring. No doubt looking for more ammunition to throw at the Colorado Socialist.


Contrary to Paul's beliefs The Judge bounces off the far ropes. Twiggie is methodically working his dreads out of the wire, but it's slow goings. Sid nails Twiggie with a baseball slide, opening a few small cuts along his legs in the process.


Twig: Dyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


Taz: That's one way to do it… but I think Twigerton was aiming to remove his dreads from the ropes, not from his head.


The camera zooms in on two dreadlocks still caught in the barbed wire, the roots are clinging to small chunks of bloody scalp. Standing tall in the ring, the Judge slowly turns his head to the forgotten sledgehammer, drawing a large reaction from the crowd. Slowly a chant breaks out in the far corner of the arena, slowly but surely is spreads until it is a deafening cry.


Crowd: Kill the Hi-ppy . . …


On the outside Twiggie grasps his head, while two distinct streams of blood roll down his face. Hearing the crowd he tosses the timekeeper off his chair and folds it up. He cracks it over the poor man's head and slides into the ring. The Judge swings his hammer.




Heyman: The PETA Punisher blocked the sledge with that chair.


Again the Judge swings, but this time from a different angle.




Taz; The Judge is gaining little ground here.


Commandant Rears back for a big overhead blow. The Recycling One lifts the chair above his head to block the blow. Seeing this, the judge nails Twig with a quick kick to the gut, before following through with his overhead swing.


Hewyman: Sweet Christ on cross-stitch!!! The blow from that sledge hammer all-encompasingly amplified by the chair!!


Taz; Twig's hardcore, but he's got to be down for the count.


The Judge goes for the pin, hooking the leg.






The fans start to boo, but stop.




Heyman: Here comes Jordi!









Taz: Yeah, but is he here to help the Judge, or the dirty hippy.







The ref is pulled out of the ring by Warner.


Heyman: That answers that question.


Warner dives into the ring and he and the Judge exchange heated words. The take so long that Twig has recovered from the vicious blow to the head and is on his knees when Jordi gives the Judge a push. Sid stumbles backwards, trips over Twiggie and lands with the back of his head on the barbed wire ropes. Sensing opportunity The Colorado Troubadour stands on Sid's faced and neck.


Taz: A barbed-wire “Stash the Gumbo!”


Heyman: And the PETA Punisher can keep at it as long as he wants in this match.


The blood dribbles down the Judge's neck and pools onto the mat. Warner exits the ring and grabs Sid's head, adding extra pressure and causing the blood to flow quicker. The ref has come around and tries to get Jordi to retreat backstage, but he refuses.


Twig: You can't make him stop! There's no rules!


Commandant thrashes about, but the Colorado Troubadour remains in place.


Taz: You know that always annoyed me.


Heyman: What's that?


Taz: Well, when the ref tries to stop the use of a weapon, or some other normally illegal move in a no DQ match.


Heyman: Yeah, I know what you mean… It's a no DQ match after all. What did they think was going to happen?


The Judge continues to fight out, but realizes he's outnumbered.


He grabs the rope, hoping for the hold to be broken, but the ref is only there to count the pinfall.


Eventually, after a valiant struggle the Judge is forced to slap the mat.


Heyman: He was robbed


Taz: It's a Hardcore match… There's no such thing as cheating.


Twiggie slowly stumbles up the ramp, allowing the ref to raise his arm in voctory.


TC: Your winner by submission... Twiggie!


Jordi continues to beat the Judge with the various weapons strewn about the ring.


Fade to two monkeys eating ants on a stick.

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Back from the images of the monkeys, ahhhhh, everybody likes monkeys, yes they do, and if you say you don't, then you're lieing!


The camera shows a corridor, it closes in on a dressing room door which has 3 sparkly letters on it - S.E.X. - the crowd cheers for the newest tag team and a few "Alllriiiiight" chants go up around the audience.


Inside the dressing room and Jaxx is laying on a plush leather sofa, he's wearing his tight, see through t-shirt and cycling shorts - he looks gay, but not as gay as Kip James at Genesis, I don't think anybody could look quite THAT gay.


Arkham wanders into view, he's carrying a large tray of cookies, he places them onto the coffee table in front of the sofa.


Arkham: Me happy that we have Michael Cole as manager, we get good things.


Jaxx: You got that right - this is one comfy sofa. Cole is the man!


Arkham: I like little Michael.


Jaxx: I like him too - Alllllriiiiight!


The crowd joins in the now legendary word from the sausage jockey.



Back at the announce table.


Paul: Do we have to keep on seeing those two idiots?


Taz: I don't know, but the crowd certainly do like them.


Paul: Well I don't. The sooner that they're off TV, the happier I'll be.


Fade to a preview of the upcoming tag match, featuring SEX with Jimmy Redman.

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Back from the SEX promo and we cut to the stadium


Tony Chimmel stands in the middle of the ring, he raises the mic.


Tony: The following match is a six man tag team match, introducing first, already in the ring, weighing in at two hundred and forty one pounds, he is one half of the Tag Team Champions – JORDI WARNER!!!


“All Hail Me” begins to play and the crowd goes mild for the Tag Champ, the ex-Exec looks around at the crowd, he stands there impassively.


Paul: A man of few actions here.


Taz: You can say that again – he’s not exactly active in the ring, is he?


Paul: I’d call it being smart.


Warner’s music fades away as Chimmel raises the stick once more.


Tony: His parters, weighing in at a combined weight of four hundred and forty seven pounds, they are the team of Boyo and Sickness – THE DARK ALLIANCE!!!


The crowd boos loudly towards the ex-tag champs as "Climbing Up The Walls" by Radiohead begins to play. Sickness and Boyo walk out onto the staging.


Taz: Look at these two, you’d think that they run this place with the swagger of Boyo.


Paul: It’s not far off.


Taz: Come on, I would call Boyo the biggest jack-ass of them all, but that’s an insult to jack-asses all over the world.


As they get to the ring, Boyo climbs the stairs to the ring and holds the ropes open for Sickness to get in. The Sick One steps through the ropes, he walks into the middle of the squared circle and looks around at the booing fans, Boyo quickly follows in and whispers something into Sickness’ ear.


Taz: What’s he saying?


Paul: No doubt he’s giving the monster some instructions for the upcoming match.


The DA Music fades out and Chimmel prepares to announce once more.


Tony: Their opponents, introducing first, weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds, he is the Prototype – JIMMY REDMAN!!!


The opening bars “Death of Seasons” by AFI begins to play and the audience cheers loudly – Redman walks out onto the staging, his video playing on the Tron, he walks over to the side of the staging and points into the crowd, they cheer again as slowly his music fades out.


“Let’s Talk About Sex” by Salt’n’Pepa begins to play and the crowd cheers loudly for the new tag team.


Chimmel raises the mic once more, but he’s cut off… Michael Cole walks out onto the staging with the famous Jaxx dildo-mic in his hand.


Michael: Please let me introduce my charges, weighing in at a combined weight of five hundred and twenty four, they are Arkham and the United States Champion, Keith Jaxx, ladies and especially the gentlemen I give the team of Sports Entertainment Extreme!


The cheering gets louder as the new team walks out onto the staging – pink pyros go off on the side of the staging, Jimmy looks slightly worried at the prospect of tagging with the rather effeminate Jaxx.


Michael: So, to treat the all of the great fans tonight, I give you SEX with Jimmy Redman.


Redman has a rather shocked look on his face at the words as Cole begins to walk towards the ring, leading his charges – Cole points towards the ring and Arkham & Jaxx begin their descent, the Prototype follows on behind, looking a little concerned.


Taz: I’m not sure Jimmy Redman really wants to be associated with these guys.


Paul: Are you surprised? I don’t know anybody who would.


Taz: Michael Cole wanted to be part of their little group.


Paul: And we all know about Cole, don’t we?


The three wrestlers get to ring-side, Jaxx rolls under the bottom rope, kips up to his feet and holds his US Championship aloft as Arkham pulls himself up onto the apron using the ropes – Jimmy climbs the stairs and steps through the ropes.


Slowly the up-tempo beat of “Let’s Talk About Sex” dies away – Cole stands beside the ring, still holding the dildo-mic.


The referee calls for the bell as The DA and S.E.X. leave the ring leaving Warner and The Prototype to kick things off.


Ding Ding Ding


Paul: No Sex to start off.


Taz: Sounds so wrong.


Paul: I know I can’t believe management allows that name.


Taz: I don’t know why Warner is in that ring or how he is Tag Champion considering he never does anything.


Redman walks over to a puzzled looking Warner where he pulls him into a front face lock and hooks him up hitting him with a vertical suplex.


Taz: Redman with the Vertical suplex and with Warner in the ring it’s like a training match.


Paul: How can you say that about one half of our tag team champions?


Taz: You name me one move he does and I will take it back.


Paul : He knows how to tag.


Taz: That’s not a move.


Paul: Look if Booker T can call the spin a rooni the most electrifying move in sports entertainment then I can call a tag a move.


Redman looks for an early cover on Warner






Paul: See he knows how to kick out as well.


Taz: Oh please.


Redman grabs Warner and sends him toward the ropes. JW comes back off the ropes straight into dropkick by the Prototype.


The fans cheer loudly before breaking into a “We Want Sex” chant.


Taz: I think the fans want something, Paul.


Paul: They aint getting from me.


Redman points over to the corner, which get a HUGE cheer from the crowd. The Prototype tags Keith Jaxx into the action to a loud “allriiiiiighhhhttt” response from the crowd.


Paul: Oh no!


Taz: Oh no!


Cole: OH YEAH!!!!!!


Taz: What the hell?


Paul: That idiot still as that mic on.


Taz: I think it’s mean to be, which is a disaster.


Cole: Come on Jaxx take him down and pound his ass.


Jaxx runs at Warner as he is getting back to his feet and takes him back down to the canvas with a running bulldog.


Cole: That’s it now get on top of him.


Jaxx rolls Warner over on to his back the looks for the lateral press.






Both Boyo and Sickness come in to break up the count before being chased back out by the referee.


Paul: Thank God for that, Sex and Redman winning this match would be a mockery.


Taz: Don’t you mean Sex with Redman?


Paul: No Sex and Redman I refuse to say it the other way.


Jaxx gets back up to his feet where he then helps Warner back up to his and whips him over to the corner being occupied by Arkham and Redman.


Cole: That’s it Kieth, you have him right where you want him.



Jaxx tags Arkham into the ring, which gains a loud pop from the crowd.


Paul: One idiot tags in another. The shouldn’t be called SEX they should be called IOU.


Taz: IOU?


Paul: Idiots our us.


Taz: Shouldn’t it be IAU then?


Paul: No because they are such idiots they wouldn’t even get that right.


Arkham comes into the ring and hits Warner with a HUGE slap across the chest to a “woo” response from the crowd.


Cole: That’s it now stay on top of him.


Paul: We still in Mexico or did we wind up at the Blue Oyster some how?


Arkham pulls Warner out of the corner and hits him with a scop slam before tagging Jaxx back in.


Cole: That’s it keep her light boys, keep her light.


Paul: Shouldn’t that be keep him light?


Taz: Stop right there, Paul.


Paul: You’re right.


Jaxx springboards into the ring dropping an elbow down on to the chest of Warner before he looks for the cover.


Cole: That’s it pin him down to the mat.








Taz: Near fall by Jaxx as Sex almost prevailed.


Paul: You mean Sex with Redman.


Taz: You said it.


Paul: Aww crap.


Jaxx pulls Warner back up to a vertical base when we hear Cole shouting through the patented Dildo mic.


Cole: Take him down, down, down, down.


Taz: You think Cole wants Jaxx to take Warner Down.


Paul: Stop, I have heard enough. Is there no way we can get that mic turned off?


Taz: Unless you go over there yourself.


Paul: I am going nowhere near him.


Jaxx having heard Cole hits Warner with a dropkick, which knocks him back down to the canvas.


Cole: That’s it baby pound him pound his ass.


Paul: PLEASE!!! Turn that mic off.


Taz: I don’t think anyone is listening.


Cole: Now Keith. Bring it out, bring it out.


Paul: Bring it out?


Taz: Sounds disgusting.


Jaxx with a sadistic smile on his face puts his hand up in the air before sticking it into his drunks.


Paul: Oh my you don’t think?


Taz: Dear God I hope not. There could be children watching.


Paul: Who cares about the children, that’s something I don’t want to see.


Cole: YES! YES! Get it out!


Jaxx begins to wiggle his hips as the crowd cheer with excitement.


Taz: This crowd don’t even know why they are cheering.


Paul: I am afraid, very afraid.


Jaxx bring his hand out of his trunks and hold up a Jock Strap to a loud cheer from the crowd.


Taz: What the hell is that.


Paul: It’s a ….


Cole: MR JOCKO!!!!!!!!!!


Paul: Oh my word.


Warner gets back to his feet and turns around facing The Sausage Jockey. JW notices the Jock Strap and quickly runs to his corner and tags both Boyo and Sickness.


Paul: Warner making a wise call there.


Boyo and Sickness look at each other before jumping down off the apron.


Taz: Looks like he is not alone, neither DA member wanted a piece of that ass.


Keith Jaxx decides that he is not going to get to use his Jock Strap and points to each section of the crowd to loud cheering. Jaxx then decides to throw the Jock Strap out to the far end of the ring only for Michael Cole to jump up and catch it before taking a sniff.


Taz: AHH my eyes.


Paul: What, what happened?


Taz: Cole just….


Paul: Actually don’t tell me I don’t want to know.


Jaxx points at both Boyo and Sickness and then does a “come here” motion with is finger and then licking his fingers and rubbing his nipples.


Paul: Oh my.


Taz: You ok there Paul?


Paul: Gonna barf.


Boyo and Sickness again look at each other before turning around and both tagging Warner back in to the ring.


Taz: Neither Boyo or Sickness want to be in the ring with Keith Jaxx.


Paul: Can you blame them?


Taz: True that.


Warner reluctantly steps back into the ring as Jaxx slaps him self in the ass. Seconds later Twiggie comes sprinting down and slide in the ring where he hits Jaxx with a hard right hand. The referee immediately calls for the bell.


Paul: Thank God for that I was ready for throwing up.


The DA enter the ring as do Arkham and Redman with both teams start brawling. The DA slightly get the upper hand but eventually Arkham overcomes Boyo and throws him out of the ring. The Insane One then turns to help Redman take care of Sickness who he lifts up above his head and tosses him out over the top ropes with Boyo catching him only to fall to the ground.


Taz: Arkham cleaning house.


Paul: That’s not fair he is bigger than most guys.


Taz: And Cole would know if that was true.


Twiggie continues beating on Jaxx but Arkham goes over to help his buddie and drags Twiggie up to his feet and holds him there. Jaxx then gets back to his feet and turns around.


Cole: Slap him Keith, Slap him.


Jaxx does indeed that but instead slaps the lips on Twiggie kissing him for around 3-4 seconds before Twiggie wriggles free and scampers out of the ring.


Paul: Oh my, tell me I didn’t just see that.


Taz: See what?


Paul: Exactly.


“Lets talk about sex” hits the speakers as Cole enters the ring to join in with the celebrations.


The crowd start chanting “We love Sex” as TWO Xtreme fades to commercials

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TWO Xtreme comes back from commercials and the camera is outside the back of the arena.


Taz: What’s this all about?


Heyman: Well Taz, I think it’s something that I’ve been looking forward to all night.


Taz: What is it Paul, you can’t keep me in the dark.


Heyman: I have so far Taz and that’s because he didn’t want any complications here tonight.


Taz: He? Whose he?


Just as Taz said that a limousine begins to pull into the loading bay of the arena, the camera quickly moves over to it and gets a good shot of the License plate which reads “ERE 1” seeing this the crowd boos huge.


Taz: Oh you’ve got to be kidding me, he can’t be here Paul.


Heyman: Oh but he can Taz, he can do what he wants.


Taz: He’s not welcome Paul and I’m sure Darkstar will have him removed just like he had him removed two weeks ago.


The driver gets out of the limo and quickly walks the length of the limo and opens the rear door as Deadman steps out, the crowd boo even louder than before as he stands there with a smug smile on his face.


Taz: I can’t believe he’s here, where the hell is security? Get him out of here.


Heyman: Oh please Taz, he might have a ticket.


Taz: Well if that’s the case he should come through the front door like the rest of the fans Paul, but he isn’t a fan. He hates this place and everything about it.


Deadman has now begun to walk away from the limo when masses of security come in and stop him from getting any further.


Security guy: Sorry Sir, we’re going to have to ask you to leave. You’re not welcome here.


Deadman: No **** Einstein, now get the hell out of my way before I knock you out of it.


Deadman carries to walk on some more when the security guards grab hold of him and drag him back as the fans begin to cheer.


Taz: HAHA Yeah get that idiot out of here!


Heyman: This is abuse, those idiots better get their hands off of him or they’ll get their ass sued.


Taz: I’d like to see him try Paul.


Deadman is being dragged back off to his limo when a voice is heard…


?: Guys…… Guys… Stop.


The crowd boo once again as Darkstar now walks towards the limo and Deadman.


Darkstar: Guy’s it’s ok, I’ve invited him here tonight. We’ve got some business to attend to.


Taz: What? He’s invited?


Heyman: HAHAHA, this is going to be interesting Taz.


The security guards now release Deadman who attends to his suit, straightening it out and gives a smug look to the security guard who spoke earlier.


Taz: Oh I want to knock that smug look of his face.


Heyman: You and which army Taz?


Deadman has now pushed the guards out of the way and he heads towards Darkstar with a huge look of disgust oh his face.


Darkstar: Guy’s follow us please, we don’t want any trouble.


Deadman: You know, you’re lucky I didn’t destroy these idiots.


Darkstar: Yeah sure… looks like you were just about to that.


Deadman: Oh shut up, let’s get this sorted so I can get out of this crap hole.


The crowd boos at the comment as Deadman and Darkstar head further into the arena. The scene fades to a “Don’t try this at home promo”

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Ring announcer: The following contest is a triple threat match!!!


Heyman: Alright, looks like we are about to get underway with the three-way dance between Brett Banner, “The New Role Model” Shane Cross, and “The CEO” Michael Howell III.


Tazz: Absolutely right, Paul…should make for an interesting mix. We’ve got two cocky, yet supremely athletic rookies against the battle hardened TWO veteran, “The Brutal” Brett Banner.


***The beginning of “Touched” starts to play with the voices and a light guitar rift. The arena goes dark, the only light coming from the flashing of red, green, and blue lights flashing on the entrance ramp. Some smoke starts to hover above the ground in front of the entrance. As soon as the drums kick in and the rift gets harder a hooded figure emerges from the back and stands on the entrance stage. All lights go out, and then a bright light from behind the figure silhouettes him with both arms down by his side. The light cuts out, and then flashes back on to reveal the figure with both arms outstretched. Again darkness, then the main arena lights showing Shane Cross throw the hood of his vest off of his head. With all the arena lights on now Shane walks methodically to the ring.***


Tazz: Well here comes 50% of the ego in this match…


Paul: Say what you want, but in the ring before you is a performer in peak physical condition; finally a wrestler is thinking about being a good role model…


Tazz: Shut up…


***The fluorescent lights all go green; every Titan Tron screen has an image of money falling while cutting to pictures of the "You're Fired" (finishing move). Stutterfly's 'Gun in Hand' plays. Two spark showers start flowing on either side of the titan tron. Niles comes out and rolls out a long red carpet going pretty far down the entrance ramp. Then Howell comes out onto the red carpet. As he climbs into the ring, Niles takes his place at ringside***


Tazz: And here comes the other 50% of the ego in the match; the conceited Michael Howell and his equalizer the enormous Niles!


Heyman: That’s Michael Howell III ; call him by his proper title!




Tazz: Uh oh! You know what time it is Paul!


***The lights in the arena dim, dry ice seeps out from the entranceway and the ramp is bathed in eerie, deep blue light.

Banner steps out onto the entrance ramp, head bowed and covered by the hood of his blue and red boxing robe. He slowly spins around, arms outstretched, to reveal that the back of the garment is emblazoned with his symbol.

As he makes his way to the ring he shrugs his shoulders and cracks his neck like a boxer as he psyches himself up for his match.

He steps up onto the ring apron, pauses, and pulls the hood back to reveal his face.

He enters the ring between the top and middle ropes and proceeds to pace like a caged tiger until the match begins.***


Tazz: MY personal favorite to win the match; The Brutal One!


Heyman: Well that may very well be but he has his job won’t be easy. He’s up against two young cruiserweights; it will be their high-flying antics against his battlefield experience.


The three men take their positions in their respective corners…each of them eyes the other with a bestial look. The fighters uneasily coil their legs, ready to pounce at the sound of the ring bell.




Banner and Cross immediately stampede towards Howell’s corner and force him onto the turnbuckle with a hail of punches. As Michael resigns to their aggressive and sudden blows, they begin to stomp away at his midsection.


Tazz: Well here we go; Cross and Banner both going after Howell early. That’s the price you pay for having a big mouth.


The two men continue the assault until The CEO is slumped down, sitting in the corner. Seeing that the assault has proven successful, Cross turns to the side and gives a martial-arts kick to the inside of Banner’s leg, bringing Banner to the mat.


Believing himself to have been successful in his sneak attacks, Cross raises his arms in the air…but Banner is not nearly that hurt. Almost as soon as he hits the mat, Banner grabs onto the ankle of

Cross and drags him out into the middle of the ring; Cross falling on his belly in the process.


Tazz: Brett is trying to lock in one of his submissions early, Shane needs to fight this!


Indeed Shane is squirming like a fish on the mat. Banner tries to step into the leg, but Cross, fearing the technical skills of Banner, wriggles out. He crawls across the ring and grabs the second rope. As he looks back, he gives Brett Banner a “How dare you!” look. Banner is smiling from ear to ear.


Tazz: That’s what makes Brett so dangerous…he picks a strategy…picks a body part and sticks to it. He’s like a human bear trap.


Heyman: …but give credit to The New Role Model. He saw it coming and got out in time!


Shane Cross slowly gets up, wary of Banner this time around…he charges at full speed! Banner tries to catch him, but Shane slides down and goes clear through his legs! Thinking he has the advantage, Shane gets up to strike a blow.


But with cat-like reflexes Banner stops the arm and brings him down, still clutching the wrist karate style.


Still on the attack, Brett brings Shane to a sitting position and locks in a tight top wristlock.


Tazz: Going for the technical fight again…


Heyman: That is what Banner consistently needs to do; slow down the pace of the match and work his holds.


Brett keeps cranking up the hold amid the pained groans of Cross…But Michael finally comes out of the corner and catches Brett on the side if the head with a super-kick! Banner staggers back and falls on his knees, clutching the 3rd rope.


Heyman: Gotta remember; three men in the match!


Michael now picks up where Brett left off. He lifts up Shane Cross and delivers a quick snap suplex, bringing Cross back down to the mat.


Trying to gain momentum, Howell again picks up Shane and sends him into the ropes. As Shane runs back, The CEO bends down for a back body trop…


but Shane, seeing the chance front flips forward, landing in double foot stomp form on the small of the CEO’s back!!!!


Tazz: Oh jeez! Did you see that!?


Heyman: That’s just a small early sample of the new talent the TWO has picked up!


After his phenomenal move, Cross quickly tries a cover.










TW- Kickout!


Tazz: Too early.


Giving up the cover attempt, Shane switches focus to Brett Banner. He runs full speed and launches a massive Yakuza kick…but Banner sidesteps it! Shane Cross hangs his foot in the rope!


As Shane catches his foot, he is still standing…but is soon brought down by a stiff lariat to the neck from the Brutal One, his foot still resting on the 2nd rope as we goes down to his back.


Heyman: This might spell trouble…his foot is exposed.


Banner proceeds to chisel away at the weak point. He delivers a series of crippling stomps to the side of the kneecap as Shane Cross’s foot is hung up.


Tazz: Solid strategy; take out a high flyer at his legs.


Banner continues to relentlessly assault the leg with ferocious stomps. Finally he leaps and hits a

bone-crunching leg-drop, finally dislodging the leg from the ropes. Lifting Shane up and getting him in full-nelson position, he brings him up and slams him in a sit-down full-nelson senton drop (Buh Buh Bomb style).


As Shane’s lower body (and more importantly his leg) comes crashing down with massive impact, Banner does not let go, but locks in a full nelson, sitting down with Shane.


Heyman: Good combination wrestling by Banner. Doesn’t give him time to breathe.


Banner continues to sit and grips in the full nelson…But forgets about Michael! Howell gets up, seeing the situation. He runs forward and front flips over the sitting Cross and Banner!


Catching Cross around the jaw, he flips and brings both Banner and Cross down on his shoulder in a front flip neck-breaker!


Heyman: Oooh! Tremendous move by the rookie, breaking the hold!


Tazz: He flipped clean over both of them.


Not wasting time, The CEO picks up Brett and gets him in t-bone suplex form. He quickly positions Banner and hurls him back-first into the turnbuckle!


Tazz: Oh! Painful maneuver!


Paul: Good choice. He needs to stop Banner’s offense. He may be hoping to flare up old injuries…


Banner collapses down in a heap. Picking up in the idea of a full-nelson, Howell grabs The New Role Model and drives him down into a fierce Tiger Driver, still running on his momentum. The CEO makes the bridge for a pin.














Tazz: That was a nasty tiger drive there!


Heyman: Nonetheless, all of the men still have plenty of juice left.


Retaining his attack, Michael lifts up Shane Cross and, dragging him across the ring positions him neck first on the second rope. Rearing back, Howell gets a running start and jumps into the back of Shane, hopping up and down while chocking him.


Tazz: Ughh! Painful maneuver, cutting of The New Role Model’s air!


Michael incessantly jumps up and down…finally the referee breaks up the maneuver. Lifting Cross’s body against the third rope, The CEO proceeds with a series of stinging chops...
















After the third chop, Michael Howell motions to the audience in triumph, as if expecting cheers...but he makes the mistake of underestimating his opponent.


Cross jumps and goes completely horizontal in the air with the aid of the ropes! He wraps his legs around the neck of the unsuspecting Howell and hurricanranas him clear out of the ring!!! He himself lets of the rope after the initial flip and remains of the inside!


Tazz: Oh my god! What a move! He may have just turned the tide of the match with this one move!!


Howell lays in agony outside the ring. He flew so far back that his spine collided with the steel railing!


Heyman: I told you! I told you!


Picking up the recovering Brett Banner, who had just gotten to his feet, Cross slowly picks up the man, adding in stiff knees to the stomach for good measure. Shane gets banner around the head and sends tries to throw him to the outside, but Banner will have none of it.


Catching himself in the middle of the Irish whip, Brett yanks Shane over to him and drives his knee into Shane’s gut, returning the favor. Trying to rebuild his advantage, Brett runs into the ropes, but Shane ducks and pulls down the ropes, finally sending the brutal one to the outside!


Paul: Both men on the outside, Shane Cross in complete control!


Realizing his position, The New Role Model stretches out his arms, is if to embrace the whole audience. He is met with boos and cat calls.


After an agonizing hiatus, The CEO is finally beginning to show signs of getting up. Banner, only recently making his trip to the concrete, also tries to get to his feet as quickly as the pain will allow.


Finally taking the time out to see the situation outside, Shane gets a twinkle in his eye. He makes an AJ Styles-like pat to the chest and runs into the opposite rope.


Tazz: Uh oh, uh oh!!!


Heyman: He’s gonna take off!


Shane Cross runs forward and palanchas over the third rope! As he flies through the air his body contorts into the twists and turns of a beautiful Spiral Tap! He lands with the effect of an atom bomb, wiping out both men!!!!


Tazz: Holy Cow!!!! Did you see that!!!


Heyman: Running Spiral Tap Palancha! That was incredible! Shane Cross is my new role model!!!


Seeing all three men outside, Niles lifts his meaty hands up as a show to the referee that he is not harming anyone…


The crowd boos Cross, yet applauds the amazing maneuver! All three men lie outside the ring, dizzy and in pain, yet still attempting to rise.


Banner and Cross are the first to get up to their knees.

Both dazed, the men try to face each other…


The New Role Model attempts to quickly launch a karate spinning kick, but Banner ducks!!!! As Cross pivots back around, Brett catches him around the waist and hurls him onto the concrete in a supreme belly-to-belly suplex!


Tazz: Great presence of mind by the Brutal Brett Banner. He almost turned him inside out!


Bent on revenge, Banner continues the attack. Lifting up Shane cross, he grips his head firmly and sends him skull first into the steel steps, the impact reverberating through the metal!

Heyman: This is what the newcomers don’t want to happen; the slow methodical offense.

Satisfied for now, The Brutal One turns back to the CEO.


Hanging him up against the rail, Banner unleashes powerful sidekicks to the exposed stomach of Howell, slamming his gut between his foot and the railing. Michael exhales his wind painfully under the besieging kicks.


Vengefully, Brett Banner lifts up the pained body of MHIII and, lifting him up as high as he can, proceeding to snake eyes him on the protective rail! Howell gives way and falls to the floor.


Tazz: Banner is dominating the action outside the ring. That’s that in ring familiarity showing through.


Heyman: Tazz…they aren’t in the ring.


Tazz: You know what I mean Paul!


Like an unrelenting tiger, Banner now paces back to Shane Cross. Shane, finally trying to get up, is met by the forearm of Banner, bringing him back down to one knee.


Taking aim, Banner rears back and delivers a Taijiri-like side kick to the skull of the New Role

Model, sending his world spinning.


Tazz: He almost put his lights out!


Going back to his plan, Banner now falls back on his strategy. Lifting up the limp frame for Cross, Banner locks in a chicken wing!


Heyman: This is what he does best! And outside the ring there is no rope to grab onto!

Gripping him tightly, Banner applies to hold.


Paul: Not only is he methodical, but he can target any body part! His Gamma Lock targets so many parts of your body, that he can apply any submission and still be setting you up for it!


Still holding him like an animal with his caught prey, Brett holds him and shakes him from side to side, increasing the pain in the maneuver. Then, shifting gears, he lets go and applies an abdominal stretch, re-adjusting the pain center!


Tazz: Re-forming the submission in chain-wrestling fashion. Shane may as well be in a spider web!


Still cranking the painful hold Banner yet again shows off his amazing technical skill. He lets go and jumps up onto Cross’s back and tucking his foot down around Shane’s, converting the abdominal stretch into an octopus stretch!


Heyman: An absolutely beautiful piece of wrestling by The Brutal One.


….but wait! Banner forgets about the CEO!!!

By this time, Michael has limped and crawled to his feet. Seeing Banner’s assault, he springs into action!!!


Running forward he leaps onto the apron, out of view of Banner! In what seems like split seconds he hops up again onto the turnbuckle! Before Banner can move, he moonsaults backwards into a contorted corkscrew senton smashing both men down again!!!


Tazz: What???!!! Unbelievable!!!! A double hop!


Paul: In Chris Daniels “Best Moonsault Ever” fashion, The Million Dollar Madman double hops from the apron onto the turnbuckle then nails a moonsault corkscrew senton!!!! What an extraordinary move!!! I’ll bet they taught him that one in Harvard!!


Tazz: Wonder what kind of classes he took there if they teach him things like that!


Heyman: I was kidding….


All three competitors find themselves in a heap again…each one wiggling about trying to find some way up. After much anguish, the New Role Model finds his way to the apron and starts getting up. The CEO is next, crawling over the ring steps. He also begins to get up.


After stumbling around, the two men find each other. Both open up with fierce chops to the chest, refusing to back down. Michael sends a sizzling chop across the chest of Shane Cross. But the New Role Model answers blow for blow. Finally, Shane grabs Michael’s head and slams it against the apron, ending the chop-fest.


Sliding him back into the ring, Shane gets onto the apron and motions to the crowd. Unsurprisingly, the reaction is less than warm.


As The CEO staggers up, Shane is there to meet him! he springboards off the 3rd rope and leaps forward with staggering accuracy, landing a rigid shining wizard to the cheek of the lightheaded Howell!!!


Tazz: Oh what a shot! What a move! That may be it!


But Shane does not go for the cover! Instead he lifts the shaky millionaire up, wasting as little time as possible. He lifts him onto his back in a position reminiscent of Scott Hall’s Outsiders Edge!


Heyman: Huh? Is he actually going for the nWo trademark move???!!!


With a big grin on his face, Shane Cross proves Paul wrong! Instead of bringing Michael Howell III forward into a powerbomb, he lets go of his arms and sits down, converting the move into a sit-out neckbreaker!!!


Tazz: Oh my! Absolutely bone crunching!!


Heyman: If the Shining Wizard didn’t do it, then that most certainly did!!!

























TH-Broken up by Banner!!!


Heyman: That was definitely a close one!


Banner finally comes back into the action, breaking up the pin, with his legs still a little unsure.

He slowly gets up from the double axe-handle that broke up the pin, and pulls up The New Role Model with him.


Wrapping his arm around Shane’s throat, the picks him up and takes him 180 degrees around into a determined sambo suplex.


Making up for lost time, he quickly converts the suplex into an arm grapevine, persisting with his game-plan.


Cross struggles and kicks, trying to roll away. But Brett’s grapevine is like the maw of a beast; he pulls and tugs at his shoulder with unbelievable ferocity!


Finally, Shane manages to shimmy over to the ropes and grab on. Still Banner refuses to let go!


Heyman: And look at the tenacity of Banner!


Tazz: He’s gonna yank his arm off!


After much cajoling, Brett is finally forced to break the hold.


Brett gets up, seething about having to break his hold. Taking out his frustrations he yanks up Howell to his knees. Howell launches shots to Banners stomach, brining Banner to a seeming stop, but Brett answers with a double axe-handle to the back, ending the resilience.


Picking up the millionaire in his shoulder he motions to the audience and screams “HAAA!!” in conquest. As Michael lies on his right shoulder, Banner swings Howell’s legs around with his right hand and……


Tazz: Gamma Slam!!! He nailed it!


Heyman: An authoritative Gamma Slam indeed, planting him onto the mat. He may have him after all…
























TH- Michael barely gets the shoulder up!!!!


Tazz: An amazing show of resilience by both of the newcomers!


Banner gets up, frustrated. He makes the “one-two-three” motion to the referee but the ref just shrugs.


Resignedly he keeps the flow of the match and targets the New Role Model. Catching Shane mid clothesline he grabs him by the arm and proceeds to launch shoulder blocks to the shoulder that he just worked on! He holds on to the arm and brings Cross up for more shoulder blocks this time!!


Tazz: He’s in a bad way…he may be caught!


Banner shoulders him again!....









And Again!!.....










And Again!!!!


Setting up for the finale, Banner jerks Shane upwards into a Rock-Bottom shoulder-like position and points to the audience!! The respond with cheers in anticipation of the move!!



But no!!! Shane sees the impact coming and elbows Brett in the hip! Getting him into a Rock-Bottom stance of his own! Shane lifts him up and spins him wildly in Catatonic position….but just as the time to slam comes Cross keeps rotating!! He waits until Banner crosses him laterally and drops to his knees!


Tazz: A Catatonic backbreaker in desperation there! But a majorly impressive move! He almost snapped him in two!


Heyman: Desperation nothing! He had it planned!


But Shane Cross is not finished! Seizing the opportunity, he stands perfectly still and motions to the audience….and…. standing shooting star !!!!!!


Tazz: Holy cow! He pulled it off completely standing!


Heyman: The New Role Model may be on his way to a new winning streak!



























TH- No!!! No!!! Banner kicks out!!!


Tazz: What resilience! What heart shown by The Brutal One Brett Banner!


Heyman: I can’t believe he got out of that.


Shane Cross lets out a long groan, annoyed that he didn’t get the pinfall.

Making his way over to Michael Howell III Shane hammers him down and turns him over onto his belly. Stepping over around the foot he locks in the familiar.


Tazz: STF!! He locked it in!!! Center of the ring!!!


Indeed The CEO has nowhere to go!!! The STF slowly drains the life out of him…but he still continues!! Clawing at the hands of Shane Cross, he tries to get out of his precarious vice!


Heyman: It may be over! He may tap!!!


Shane continues applying the hold, and the millionaire tries desperately to roll over or get at Shane with his hands…anything to break the painful maneuver!


Tazz: Any minute now….


Finally losing patience…Shane rolls over onto his back locking in the FTS!!!!!!


Tazz: Oh no!!! Oh no!!! He has the FTS now!!! How is Howell going to find his way out of this one!??


Heyman: And look at how he locked it in! “Perfect!!!” Just like he always claims!


In a searing second, the pain of the hold multiplies tenfold! Michael’s screams go from loud to just plain banshee-like!!


The pressure intensifies…..but there is finally a weakness!!! Michael gets his elbows free and lunges backwards, repeatedly hitting Shane Cross in the chest!!!


Initially, Shane stubbornly refuses…but as Michael knocks the wind out of him, The New Role Model is forced to release to hold….


Tazz: Well he got out of it…but the damage may be done!


Heyman: And remember…with every submission he softens him up inadvertently for Banner’s Gamma Lock!!!!!


Running on frustrated energy…Cross is furious!!! He makes his way to his feet and lifts The CEO by the head….but before he can do any moves Michael grabs his right leg and crosses it around the front of the other!!!


Confused Shane hops on one foot and tries to wriggle out of it….picking his target he awkwardly tries to enziguri…but Howell ducks it and still holds on to the leg!!! Bringing Shane up, crossed leg and all, Michael lifts him up and quickly drops him into a cross-legged brainbuster


Tazz: Oooh! A unique and painful move by MHIII!


Heyman: A brainbuster reminiscent of Alex Shelley…I can decide who to root for!


Tazz: Banner maybe??


Heyman: I don’t know…looks like Howell may have put Shane away!


Michael hooks the leg….

























THR- Shoulder up!!! Shoulder up!!!


Shane’s head kisses the mat with a bone-crunching noise! Carrying the entire match’s weariness on his bones, Michael gets up…and is clutched around the back by a rested Banner!!!!

Finally catching his prey…Brett Banner tosses him over into a German suplex…..but the CEO lands on his feet behind him!!!!!


Howell rolls him into a schoolboy!!!













TWO – Banner is kicking and flailing wildly!












THRE- Kickout!!!!



Tazz: He almost had him! Using the sneaky maneuver there!


Heyman: Almost doesn’t quite count!!


Michael dejectedly gets to his feet, his weariness taking him quite a while…

The two men face each other, Banner clearly angry at the cheap tactic!

They make a lunging motion and…….


No!!! Shane Cross, who is behind The CEO leapfrogs over his shoulders and lands in hurricanrana position on the shoulders of Banner!!!!


Heyman: Oh my…can he hit it from that angle…


Shane pulls back…. But Brett has caught him!!! Moving over to the 3rd rope, Banner tosses out Shane in powerbomb form!! Cross goes tumbling to the outside!!!


Tazz: He caught him! He caught him! Shane Cross hitting the concrete!


The crowd cheers for Brett’s prowess….but not for long!! The CEO uses Brett’s distraction!! He lifts him over onto his shoulders…and sends him spinning into a samoan neckbreaker .


Tazz: He got him!! He got him as he threw the New Role Model out!


Heyman: That may be all she wrote!!! I thought I heard his neck snap!!


Michael gets on top….




























Heyman: What? I can’t believe it!!!


Tazz: He kicked out!!! He kicked out!!! It ain’t over!


The CEO gets up groggily and is on the verge and tearing his hair out. He lets out a scream of frustration towards the audience…who boo him in response!

Trying to make something…anything happen, MHIII sends Banner into the ropes…


Tazz: He needs to put him away right now…maybe he’s setting up for something big!


The Brutal One comes back charging at full speed…. The CEO flips him over in a back body drop….


But Brett lands on his feet!!!!


In a lighting quick move he takes Michael down on his stomach and tries to get him into the initial half crab for the Gamma Lock!!!!


Tazz: He’s going for it!!! He’s going for it!!!!


……But the CEO knows the pain that’s coming!!! He flails and crawls around the ring wildly as the veteran tries to keep his legs still and reach back!!!!


Heyman: If he locks it in its all over!!!


Michael creeps all around the ring…finally stopping in front of the rope…but still just short!!! Running out of the energy to crawl he still tries to fight it in place as Banner tries to lock his devastating hold in place!!


Tazz: He’s not crawling anymore…is it just a matter of time??!!!


The millionaire continues to resist the hold, waving his arms and wiggling his legs!!!!

Brett is still trying to enforce the submission…..and is coming ever closer!!!!


……but wait!!! Niles begins to yell at the referee!! The brutish butler suddenly loses his composure and with a wild look on his face starts yelling and almost getting up on the apron, tugging on the ref’s shirt!!!


Tazz: Dammit get the Brit out of here!


Banner, finally realizing he needs to address the other problem first, breaks the hold and delivers a stiff forearm, knocking Niles off of the apron! As the British beast tumbles down, Banner points his finger at him and yells something to the equivalent of “stay out!”


Tazz: Come on Brett get back there and lock it in!!!


Brett turns around……


Time seems to warp down during the next sequence of movements…As The Brutal One prepares to reapply the pressure, Michael Howell, who has caught his wind temporarily, bolts to his feet and stands tall enough to wraps his arm around Banner’s throat and put Brett’s arm on his own shoulder!! In what seems like a split-second, The Million Dollar Madman then executes a backflip, taking Brett over in what looks like a MOONSAULT ROCK BOTTOM


Tazz: Oh my God??!! Oh man?!!! What??!!! What was that?!!!


Heyman: In all my years I have never seen any move like that in any company!!!! It looked like he hit a moonsault rock bottom…but he was standing straight just a second ago?!!! God almighty!! We’ve got word that he calls it the Ten Karat Slam!!!


Howell hooks the leg….




























Tazz: It’s over! Just like that it’s over!! I can’t believe it!! He cheated! He ruined an amazing match!


Heyman: No he didn’t! Niles never hurt anyone…he was genuinely concerned about his master! But what a move! You gotta wonder who can kick out of that! The CEO starts off on the right foot…with a win!


Tazz: A great show put on by both of newcomers! You gotta believe they will go far in TWO!! An amazing match! And we aren’t done! The Lucha Libre Rules match is still coming up!!


The last camera shot is of Niles and Michael Howell III walking down the ramp and gloating as the audience boos!!


Tazz: We’ve got plenty more! We’ll be right back!!

***Camera cuts to ***

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The light goes out of the TWO arena as the intro "Lonely World" by Limp Bizkit starts playing.

A glowing green mask rises from the ground. The Lonely Avenger continues his ascendance, head bowed down, hands crossed over his shoulders, until he arrives to ground level.


Few seconds pass before he raises his hands suddenly, green flames growing from both sides as the chorus of Lonely World echoes loudly in the arena.


As his hands go down, the flames die while a green circle of light lights the entrance.


The Masked Truth walks to the ring and slides in from the bottom rope towards the center of the ring.


He stands there while slowly raising his hands, to brutally lower them once they are up. green flames explode from all four turnbuckles as the lights come back to the TWO arena and the music fades away.


TC: From the Lonely Valley, weighing 250 Pounds The Lonely Avenger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tazz: One of the most mysterious men I ever seen and one of the top wrestlers in TWO Stars


PE: Absolutely Tazz, people have talked about Black Dragon’s amazing speed and agility, I’ll tell you for a 250 Pounds he has tremendous agility


The lights fade and "My Friend Of Misery", plays loud out of the speakers, and a green lasers flash on the stage and Black Dragon comes out and on to the stage, he rush to one side and salutes the crowd, and then rushes to the other side to salute the crowd. Black Dragon jogs down the ramp and climbs the top rope, where he lifts his arms and a big explosion goes off above the ring and Black Dragons jumps in the ring, ready for battle. The music fades


TC: And his opponent from San Diego, California weighing 187 Pounds Black Dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Tazz: Now 2 weeks ago Black Dragon debuted as Gringo’s partner beating the future, last week we thought he would be put to the singles test for the first time however his opponent Tom Trash was in a terrible drunken state, thankfully, The Lonely Avenger will be more than credible competition


Both athletes pace around a the ring, and slowly go into a wrist lock


PE: I’m not sure this is a good idea by Black Dragon, he clearly isn’t as strong as Avenger


The men begin a knuckle lock battle which Avenger is clearly, realising he cant out power his larger opponent, Dragon drops to his knees and them rolls out of the hold


Tazz: Black Dragon showing ring smarts by getting away from the predicament


The wrestlers then tie up, Black Dragon goes behind TLA, and then takes him down by his legs and he slaps on a head lock

PE: Black Dragon with a head lock on


Black Dragon keeps on the head lock but Lonely Avenger is able to make it half way to his feet until Dragon again drops to the ground and clamps the head lock back on


Tazz: The Lonely Avenger trying to escape there but to no effect Black Dragon keeps on the head lock, a very smart move, Black Dragon isn’t using much energy but he’s doing his damage


Dragon keeps on the head lock for a few seconds but Avenger finds the strength the slowly raise to his feet, this time he is able to get all the way up and take off the head lock and turn it into a top wrist lock and begins pushing down to send Black Dragon in a bridge


PE: What a counter by Avenger, he was in trouble but now it’s Black Dragon who is in trouble


Black Dragon attempts to lift but is only able to get a quarter of the way up. Avenger pushes him down to the mat and puts on an arm bar instead


Tazz: That’s a demonstration of the superior power of Lonely Avenger, in my view Black Dragon needs to try and up the speed


Black Dragon does a backwards roll in an attempt to get out the hold, it doesn’t release but it does relieve the pressure and gets Dragon in a position to able to raise to his feet, Avenger comes up with him but still has the arm bar on in a standing position, in an attempt to get out Dragon nails Avenger with a stiff elbow with his other arm


PE: What a shot


The first stuns Avenger but it takes two more hard elbows to release the hold, Dragon then knocks him down with a drop kick, then comes off with a high leg drop


Tazz: Wow impressive height on that leg drop, he then goes for what looks like a boston crab but Avenger kicks him away, Black Dragon gets up and hits Avenger who is on his knees with a double front kick


Tazz: What a shot, that may have knocked him out











PE: Oh no, it’s not done yet

Lonely Avenger gets back to his feet but is knocked back down with an arm drag from Dragon, Avenger quickly bounces but is again took down with an arm drag, Avenger gets back to his feet and is taken down with a third arm drag, at that point, he gets out the ring


Tazz: Avenger getting frustrated right now, it seems as if Black Dragon is mentally trying to throw Lonely Avenger off his game


Lonely Avenger makes the mistake of turning his back on Black Dragon who nails him with a baseball slide-causing Avenger to hit the floor, Dragon climbs the top rope


PE: He’s going up


Black Dragon waits for Lonely Avenger to get to his feet, as he is he notices Dragon on the top rope and slides back in the ring


Tazz: Avenger outsmarting Black Dragon there, spotting Black Dragon on the top, so he came back in the ring


Avenger comes running at Black Dragon but as he gets close Black Dragon jumps off over his head and lands on his feet, then leap frogs from behind, he then ducks an attempt clothesline and runs off the ropes, he comes back and further confuses Avenger by sliding under his legs, he then knocks him down with a drop sault


PE: Black Dragon upping the tempo here


Avenger staggers back into the corner, Black Dragon comes towards him but Avenger nails him with a hard right hand, then stuns him with a stiff clothesline knocking him down, he then drags him in the corner where he begins stomping the hell out of him


Tazz: Avenger using smart tactics, backing off in the corner to give himself a chance


Lonely Avenger irish whip Black Dragon into the opposite corner, the impact causes Dragon to bounce out the corner hitting the mat face first


Tazz: Good grief, the impact on that


Avenger picks Black Dragon up and sets him up in a suplex position, Dragon blocks the off and tries for a suplex of his own but is only able to get Avenger half way, both men jockey for position but Avenger is then able to pick Black Dragon however he loses his footing which sends both men over the top rope


PE: Oh no! This could be bad Tazz; I mean both men just smacked the floor


Tazz: Lonely Avenger losing his footing there and both men going off the concrete


The referee starts his 10 count






PE: Can either man make the tag








Lonely Avenger begins to show signs of movement




Black Dragon begins to stir but Lonely Avenger is slowly getting on the apron


Tazz: Avenger will make it, will Dragon?





Avenger gets on the apron but Black Dragon grabs his foot and uses it to pull himself on the apron beside Lonely Avenger


PE: Both men on the apron


Black Dragon & Lonely Avenger exchange blows on the apron


Avenger launches Dragon off the apron and his head hits the guard rail


Tazz: Oh my god! Black Dragon is dead


PE: Hey stop stealing Joey Styles lines, and you’re right Dragon is dead


Avenger jumps down on the floor, he picks a prone Dragon up and hoists him on his shoulders and rolls him back in the ring


Tazz: Black Dragon is out of it


Avenger goes for the pin










Black Dragon barely gets a shoulder up

Tazz: How did he kick out?


PE: He doesn’t seem to know where he is though Tazz, this should be a matter of time


Black Dragon tries to get on his feet but falls back down, Avenger calmly walks over and just kicks him in the face, he gives him a second kick and a third one


Tazz: Oh no, Avenger just having his way with Black Dragon now


Black Dragon starts crawling away and pulls himself up with the ropes but is knocked back down with a clothesline to the back of the head by Avenger, he then sits on Dragon’s back and pulls his head back


PE: This is getting brutal now


Black Dragon screams in agony but he manages to reach out his hand and grab the ropes forcing Avenger to break the hold


Lonely Avenger climbs the top rope


Tazz: Avenger going up, a page out of Black Dragon’s book


Lonely Avenger goes for a flying clothesline but Dragon just barely moves out the way, however Avenger quickly gets up and hits Dragon with a knee drop


PE: They could have been a bit of hope for Dragon there but Avenger quickly regaining the advantage


Black Dragon gets to his feet but Avenger grabs him by the tights and shoots him into the corner shoulder first, he then slumps out the ring


Tazz: Black Dragon in deep trouble right now, he needs to find a way to get back in this one


While Lonely Avenger is arguing with the referee Black Dragon slides underneath the ring


PE: Ha! Look at that Tazz, Black Dragon is hiding


Tazz: I’m not sure Paul; I think he has a plan


Lonely Avenger goes to the outside only to find Black Dragon isn’t there, a clearly confused Avenger looks over the guardrail but doesn’t him, as his back is turned Black Dragon returns from under the ring and grabs Avenger and throws him in the ring post


Tazz: Here is his chance


Black Dragon gets back in the ring to give himself a chance to recover while Avenger is out on the floor, the ref starts to count













Avenger gets back on the apron, but Black Dragon runs at Avenger and knocks him off the top


Tazz: Dragon, knocking Avenger off the apron, I guess he needs more time


Black Dragon runs off the top ropes, then jumps on the top rope, balances himself and comes of with a somersault plancha


PE: Oh no, he wasn’t resting he was preparing to take a chance


Black Dragon brings Lonely Avenger back in the ring, Dragon climbs on the apron he then springboards over the top rope and hits a leg drop, he goes for a pin









Avenger powers out, Black Dragon once again goes to the top rope and comes off with a cross body block but Avenger catches


PE: Oh look at that, Lonely Avenger catching Black Dragon


Avenger hits a back breaker, followed by a leg drop and then a chin lock


Tazz: Avenger has Black Dragon right where he wants him here


Lonely Avenger clamps on the chin lock and Black Dragon begins to fade


PE: Black Dragon beginning to fade here


Black Dragon starts kicking out in an attempt to reach the ropes but is too far away, he then slowly fades, “drop the arm” shouts Lonely Avenger, the ref complies with Avenger’s request and drops the arm on Black Dragon, he then drops it a second time


Tazz: One more drop and this match is over and done

The ref drops Black Dragon’s arm a third time but he is able to keep it up to the roar of the crowd


Tazz: No he isn’t done yet


Black Dragon slowly starts getting to his feet, he elbows Avenger in the gut but Avenger is able to keep the hold on, it takes two more shots to release the hold, however Avenger soon knocks Black Dragon back down to size with a big boot


PE: Oh my, did you see the power in that big boot?


Tazz: I sure did Paul



A stunned Black Dragon retreats to the corner where Avenger follows him, Black Dragon hits Avenger with a weak kick, as Dragon is just getting up Avenger hits Dragon with a running splash


PE: A running splash, Dragon is in real trouble here


Avenger hoists Dragon up and plants him with a brain buster


Tazz: A brain buster, that’s it













Black Dragon gets a shoulder up


Tazz: He kicked out


Lonely Avenger waits for Black Dragon to get to his feet, when Dragon does get up, he is put in the Capitol Suffocation


PE: Oh no, he’s in the Capitol Suffocation


Black Dragon starts biting Avenger in a rash attempt to get out, Avenger breaks the hold, he then pounds Avenger with stiff forearms, which eventually knocks him down to his knees, and Black Dragon hits a shining wizard


Tazz: Oh a knock out shot!


Black Dragon goes for a lion sault but Avenger gets the knees up


PE: He got the knees up, had he not this one could have been done


As Black Dragon is up clutching his gut Lonely Avenger goes behind and gets Black Dragon in the sleeping choke


Tazz: Oh no, he’s got the sleeping choke on


With nowhere to go Black Dragon frantically tries to fight out but Avenger has it all under control, Black Dragon attempts to roll out but the superior weight of Avenger is too much to move


PE: Black Dragon has nowhere to go


Black Dragon starts turning blue, as he obviously starts losing strength but in one last gap effort Black Dragon manages to grab onto Avenger’s left foot and starts pulling on it


Tazz: Dragon has Avenger’s foot


Black Dragon clamps up the pressure until Avenger lets go the choke hold


PE: Black Dragon free but the damage may have already been done


Black Dragon rolls to the outside followed by Avenger, he brings Black Dragon back in the ring, he turns around to the crowd and begins taunting his opponent


Tazz: Lonely Avenger very confident here


PE: You know Tazz, both of these guys want the US Title, this match could go a long way in impressing TWO Stars officials to gave the winner a shot


Tazz: No doubt Paul, either of these would be a worthy contender to Keith Jaxx the current title holder


Lonely Avenger picks Black Dragon up in a power bomb position but before he plants him Black Dragon begins striking him causing Avenger to fall down and Dragon to land on him in a pinning situation











PE: Oh, almost

Black Dragon climbs to the second rope and comes off catching Avenger with a hurricanerana



Tazz: Black Dragon scoring with that move, he needs to capitalize


Black Dragon gets up clutching his chest, due to his slow getting up this gives Avenger the chance to grab him by the neck then picks him up and plants him with a choke slam













Black Dragon just gets his foot on the rope


PE: So, so close


Lonely Avenger begins climbing the top rope


Tazz: Avenger going up


Avenger comes off with the Lonely Splash but Black Dragon moves out of the way


PE: Dragon moves out the way, he moved, this is a big chance now


Black Dragon goes over to his opponent and puts on the Dragon Clutch


Tazz: Oh no the Dragon Clutch, this is the move he beat Darkstar with


Black Dragon has the Dragon Clutch synched in, Lonely Avenger is able to move himself so that his leg reaches the ropes to break the hold


PE: He got to the ropes Tazz; if he had him in a better ring position this one would be done



Tazz: Your right Paul, Black Dragon so close, yet so far away


Black Dragon climbs the top rope


PE: He’s going up, he’s taking a chance


Lonely Avenger his enough to push the rope, causing Black Dragon to fall on the top turnbuckle on his nuts


Tazz: Oh, that landing was not good


Lonely Avenger climbs up the ropes and hooks up Black Dragon for a superplex


PE: If he hits this it’ll be over


Before Avenger can get Dragon up Dragon begins hitting him releasing the suplex, he then pushes Lonely Avenger off the top rope, he then comes off with a Sky Twister Press


Tazz: Sky Twister Press, this one is done















TC: And the winner of this match! Black Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tazz: It’s over, a Sky Twister Press to end a hell of a match


PE: An incredible effort by both athletes


“Replay of the finish”


Black Dragon walks back up the ramp slapping the hands of the fan as we fade to a Survivor Series advert

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We return from the Survivor Series advert and we’re inside Darkstar’s office, the crowd boos loudly at the site of Deadman and Darkstar sat opposite each other at a desk.


Darkstar: So do we have a deal?


DM: You agree to my terms and we’ll have a deal.


Darkstar smiles and nods, we have a deal.


DM: HAHA Good, but I’m not making this thing official till next week on this show, I want it in the ring and I want him there as well.


Darkstar: Oh I don’t think that’s going to be a problem Deadman, he wants you just as much as you want him.


DM: Oh I doubt that very much, very, very much. He’s going to face the consequences for what he did to the Extreme Revolution Championship. Gower is going to pay the price, just make sure he shows up or the deal is off.


Darkstar: Oh he’ll be there man, I promise you.


DM: Excellent, now I’m going to get the hell out of here before I catch anything in this disgusting place.


The crowd boos huge as Deadman gets up and heads for the door.


DM: I’ll see you next week..


Darkstar: You sure will.


Deadman turns to the door and opens it and standing there is Gower, the crowd gives out a slight pop as the two go face to face.


Gower: You sonuvabitch I should kick your ass right here.


DM: Well you could certainly try pal, but just like you winning the Extreme Revolution Championship, it’s just not gonna happen HAHAHA


Gower takes a swing for Deadman but he is quickly pulled away by the security guards causing the crowd to boo.


DM: HAHAHA Not so big now huh?


Gower: You’re dead.


DM: I don’t think so Gower, but I’ll tell you something Barry. I’ll see you next week.


Deadman gives Gower a playful slap on the side of his face causing Gower to try and lunge at him but the security keeps him held back.


Deadman leaves the office and walks away, the camera is now focused on Gower who is looking irate and breathing heavily as Xtreme TV fades to commercials.

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Back from the commercials


Ding Ding Ding


We cut to the arena where all of the TWO Locker room is standing out on the stage forming an arc.


TC: Ladies and Gentlemen this next contest is an Eddie Guerrero tribute match and will be fought under Lucha Libre rules.


MONSTER pop from the crowd.


“Ride the lightning” hits the speakers to a mixed reaction from the crowd.


TC: Introducing first weighing in at 285lbs from Belfast, Northern Ireland, “The Future of the Business” Barry Gower!!!


Taz: Well what a match this should be, Paul both men know each other so well having fought each other a couple of times before and under lucha libre rules it’s the first man to come away with 2 victories in the match.


Heyman: No doubt in my mind this match will be one of the best matches in TWO history as these two set to do battle in honor of the late Eddie Guerrero.


Gower makes it down to the ring where he jumps up onto the apron as a LOUD pyro is shot off. The Future of the Business then steps through the ropes before turning back around to face the Entrance ramp as he skips from side to side.


Taz: And Gower as usual looking focused, Paul.


Heyman: Well you have to be focused for every match no matter what the occasion.


Taz: And he certainly is that.


“Ride the Lightning” fades out as the lights dim and “Not Listening” hits the speakers to a LOUD pop.


TC: And his opponent hailing from Manchester, England, weighing in at 200lbs he is a former TWO World Heavyweight Champion, Evil Gringo!!!!


Taz: The Mexican Sensation now making his way to the ring and he gives away 85lbs of weight to Gower.


Heyman: What Gringo lacks in weight he makes up for with speed, but Gower knows that, Taz.


Gringo makes it down to the ring and steps up onto the apron before holding on to the ropes and jumping over the top rope into the ring.


Taz: Both men now in the ring.


Tony Chimmel leaves the ring as “Not Listening” fades out and the referee brings the two men to the centre of the ring to quickly go over the rules.


Taz: The referee just letting both men know what the can and can’t do during this match.


Heyman: Well both men normally don’t pay too much attention to the rules so it will be interesting to see what happens here.


The referee signals for the bell, which dually gets rung. Both men square of and begin trash talking to each other before stepping back slightly and shaking each others hand.


Taz: Both men showing their respect for each other and for Eddie Guerrero.


Heyman: And it’s good to see that these two men can set aside their differences for this kind of a match.


Both men back of and circle around the ring as the look for an opening.


Taz: Both men taking it slowly here as they look for an opening.


Heyman: Well with it being a 2 out of falls match, Taz you don’t want to make any silly mistakes in the early going.


Taz: No doubt about, Paul, but if any two men know what they are doing inside that squared circle it’s these two men.


Gringo puts his hand out as he look to draw Gower in. The Future of the Business obliges and grabs the hand of The Mexican Sensation before switching to the back taking the former TWO Champion into a waistlock. The Mexican Sensation quickly reverses the rolls and it is now he who has The Master of Pain in a waistlock, which he uses to take Gower down to the canvas.


Taz: Gringo with a waistlock take down on Gower.


Heyman: And as I said both men know each other so well this is going to be a case of having to dig deep to find something special to gain a point in this match.


Taz: I agree, Paul.


Gringo looks to switch the move into a headlock but Gower quickly gets back up to his feet only to be followed by The Mexican Sensation. EG runs toward Gower and is taken down to the canvas via the use of a deep arm drag.


Taz: Gower with a text book arm drag on The Mexican Sensation.


Heyman: But Pingu is right back to his feet.


Taz: Pingu?


Heyman: Everybody calls him that.


Gringo and Gower both get back to their feet with The Mexican Sensation once again running toward The Master of Pain. Gower looks to hit Gringo with another arm drag only for the former Champ to block it off and grab Gower’s other arm hitting him with a hiptoss.


Taz: Gringo blocking off Gower’s attempt at an arm drag and hitting Gower with a move his own.


Heyman: That is the sort of thing that Gower needs to watch out for, there is no DiBiase or Eagles out there with him tonight.


Taz: Gringo has no Mamacita either, Paul and that’s why I think this match is going to be so damn good.


Gower gets back up to his feet where he quickly grabs the leg of Gringo and swipes him off of his feet and looks to follow it up with an elbow drop only for The Mexican Sensation to roll out of the way and get back up to a vertical base. Gower looks to get back up to his feet only to be rolled up into a small package by Gringo.


Taz: Gringo with the small package.







Gower reverse the small package by using his strength to switch the weight positioning.


Heyman: Gower now has Gringo in the small package.








Gringo kicks out and both men get back up to their feet and look at each other to clapping and cheering from the crowd.


Taz: Listen to the crowd show their respect for these two men.


Heyman: Both men so evenly matched, Taz that they are struggling to find a way to hit that killer move.


Gower puts his hand up in the air to offer The Mexican Sensation a test of strength to which Evil Gringo accepts. As Gringo puts his hand up in the air he is meet with a thumb to the eye, which causes the crowd to cheer


Taz: Classic Eddie Guerrero right there.


Heyman: Gringo wasn’t expecting that and I think that is the first time I have heard such a loud cheer for a thumb to the eye.


Taz: These fans appreciating that Eddie Guerrero did that and that’s all there is to it.


Gower grabs a hold of Gringo and takes him into a front face lock before looking to suplex. The Future of the Business picks Gringo up in the air only for The Mexican Sensation to slide down the back of Gower and grab him around the waist. Gringo pushes Gower toward the ropes at the right had side of the ring and looks to role up Gower up only for the Master of Pain to grab the top rope to prevent him being taken down to the canvas.


Heyman: Gower aware of exactly what Gringo was trying to do their and grabs on to the top rope.


Taz: As you said both men know each other so well.


The former United States Champion turns around to an on coming Evil Gringo only to grab The Mexican Sensation and take him up an over his head with the former TWO Champion landing feet first on the apron.


Taz: What agility by Evil Gringo.


Gringo grabs Gower and turns him around hitting him with a hard elbow to the face knocking him back a few paces. The Mexican Sensation jumps up onto the top rope and springboards off hitting Gower straight to the chest with a well executed dropkick.


Taz: Dropkick connecting and Gringo looks for the cover.








Gower gets his shoulder up off the canvas.


Heyman: Not enough to gain a fall though, Taz.


Taz: Indeed it wasn’t but Gringo is just softening The Master of Pain up.


Gower gets back to his feet and is grabbed by Gringo who sends him off the ropes. The Future of the Business comes back off the ropes with Gringo laying down on the mat. Gower jumps over The Mexican Sensation and continues him momentum toward the opposite ropes. The former TWO Champion gets back to his feet and look to hit a dropkick to Gower only for him to miss due to Gower having stopped his momentum by grabbing on to the top rope.


Taz: Gringo looking to hit another dropkick to Gower but misses.


Heyman: Gower too smart for that, Taz.


Taz: Indeed he was, Paul.


The former ERE man runs toward Gringo only to be taken down to the canvas via the use of a drop toe hold. On the ground Gringo slaps Gower a couple of times on the face before getting back up to his face.


Heyman: I wouldn’t call that respectful.


Taz: Gringo just letting Gower know he is there.


Both men get back up to their feet where the start trading punch for punch.


Taz: I don’t think this is a smart move by Gringo.


Heyman: I have to agree, Gower definitely has the strength advantage.


Gower blocks of a Gringo attempt at a punch before driving a knee straight into the gut of The Mexican Sensation. The 2 time ERE Intercontinental Champion grabs Gringo around the gut before pulling of a text book gut wrench suplex.


Taz: Gower with a well executed Gut Wrench suplex on The Mexican Sensation.


Heyman: No one in this business hits suplexes better than Gower does.


Taz: Well he is almost as good as me.


Heyman: Hahaha. You’re funny.


Gower gets back up to his feet where he walks over to Gringo and begins kicking away at the grounded ex-champion.


Taz: Gower unleashing fury on Gringo.


Heyman: This is the kind of Gower we need to see, Taz.


Taz: And he’s not holding anything back with those stomps.


Heyman: One might say he is stomping a mudhole.


Gower stands momentarily on the face of Gringo with him spinning around.


Taz: Classic Guerrero with the spinning boot scrape.


Heyman: May not be the picture perfect move but it damn sure isn’t going to split Gringos sides with laughter.


Gower looks to grab Gringo back up to his feet but The Mexican Sensation grabs a hold of the front of Gower’s tight causing him to fall face first into the second turnbuckle to the right hand side of the screen.


Heyman: Gringo managing to catch Gower and The Future of the Business can’t be caught out by things like that.


Taz: Not is he wants to take the early advantage and win the first fall.


Gringo hits Gower with a couple of punches to the kidney area before pulling him up to his feet and placing him in the corner. The Mexican Sensation pulls his hand close to his chest before hitting The Future of the Business with a vicious knife-edge chop.


Heyman: Man, some people never learn.


Taz: What’s that?


Heyman: Well you just DON’T chop Gower.


Taz: I hear you.


Gringo hits Gower with another knife-edge chop hard across the chest before The Master of Pain grabs a hold of The Mexican Sensation and places him in the corner where he delivers two ferocious knife-edge chops across the former champ’s chest.


Taz: Damn that is going to hurt.


Heyman: Told you. You just DON’T chop Gower it is that simple.


Gringo grabs Gower back and places him in the corner only to look for an Irish Whip on the former ERE Intercontinental Champion. The Future of the Business manages to reverse the Irish Whip sending Gringo toward the corner. The Mexicutioner uses his agility and jumps up onto the top turnbuckle before coming back off with a reverse crossbody taking Gower down to the mat. The Master of Pain manages to reverse the move into a roll up prompting the referee to go to the canvas and call the cover.










Heyman: Man I thought he had him right there.


Taz: Me too, that was almost 1-0 to Gower right there and that would be tough to come back from.


Gower looks to help Evil Gringo back up to his feet but as he does he is meet with a European Uppercut, which sets him back a few paces and allows The Mexicutioner to get back up to a vertical base.


Taz: More shades of the late Eddie Guerrero with that European Style Uppercut.


Gower comes back toward Evil Gringo only to be hit with another European Uppercut this time causing him to fall to the canvas. The Mexican Sensation wiggles his hips to a LOUD pop from the crowd before grabbing Gower into a front face lock as he was looking to get back to his feet.


Taz: Gringo perhaps looking for the three Amigos here?


Heyman: You could be right, Taz.


Gower quickly reverses out of the front face lock and takes the former TWO Champion into a hammerlock position from where he takes Gringo up an over his head with a hammerlock suplex, which he keeps bridged for the pin.


Taz: What a counter by Gower.








Th…, Gringo again gets his shoulder up off the canvas to clapping and cheering from the crowd.


Heyman: Gower almost catching Gringo with that Hammerlock suplex, which he refers to as the claw hammer.


Taz: A very difficult suplex to pull off but Gower sure as hell has the ability, Paul.


Heyman: Indeed he does and it’s only a matter of time before he becomes TWO Champion, but tonight’s not about that, tonight is all about Eddie Guerrero.


The last ERE Intercontinental Champion brings Gringo back up to his feet and places him in position to lift him up for a powerbomb. As The Master of Pain lifts Gringo up in the air The Mexican Sensation goes up over the top of his opponent and rolls him up for a pin.


Taz: What a reversal, Sunset flip and….








Th.., Gower kicks out and both men get back up to a vertical base where The Future of the Business is on the receiving end of a dropkick.


Taz: Near fall by Gower who is then met with a dropkick straight to the face.


Heyman: Gringo with a great vertical leap hitting Gower right in the kisser.


Gower gets back to his feet only to be taken down to the canvas with yet another dropkick by The Mexicutioner.


Taz: And another one curtsey of The Mexican Sensation.


The Master of Pain gets back to his feet where he has his arm grabbed by Gringo who looks for an Irish Whip. Gower reverses the Irish Whip sending Gringo off the near ropes. As the former TWO Champion comes back off the ropes he is grabbed by Gower who snaps off a powerslam.


Heyman: What a powerslam by Gower just driving Gringo’s body hard into that canvas.


Taz: Gower with the cover!!!








Th…, Gringo again gets his shoulder up off the canvas to applauding from the crowd.


Taz: Still not enough to put Gringo away.


Heyman: Both of these men are as tough as the come and they are showing that here tonight.


Gower begins hitting the mat with his fist in frustration before arguing with the ref, but the ref shows him 2 fingers to indicate it was only a two count. Gower looks to turn his attention back to Gringo and as he does he is rolled up into a small package.


Taz: Gringo with the roll up.








Th…, Gower manages to kick out and both men get back to their feet where Gringo hits The Future of the Business with a hard knee to the stomach before grabbing the former Intercontinental Champions head and driving it down into the canvas.


Heyman: Gringo just driving the cranium of Gower down into the mat.


Taz: I think Gower could do with a couple of aspirin after that.


Heyman: I think you’re right, Taz.


Gringo grabs on to the top rope at the right hand side of the screen and uses it to jump up onto the second ropes where he springboards backward hitting Gower with a moonsault as he lands across his chest/gut.


Taz: What a move by Gringo.








Th…., Gower still manages to get his shoulder up off the canvas to yet more applauding from the crowd.


Heyman: Gower manages to get his shoulder up off the canvas and listen to the respect being shown by the crowd.


Gringo awaits Gower to get back to his where he then grabs the right arm of Gower and sends him across to the left hand side of the ring. The Future of the Business comes back off the ropes running straight into a superkick by Gringo.


Taz: Man what a kick straight to the face of The Future.


Heyman: And I think Gower might need to book an appointment with the Dentist to go along with that aspirin.


Taz: No Doubt about, Paul. Gower may have indeed lost a couple of teeth after that.


The screen splits in two as a replay is shown of the superkick with the right hand side showing Gringo slapping his chest before pointing to the top rope.


Taz: What’s Gringo got in mind here?


The screen goes back to normal viewing and the crowd is on their feet as Gringo makes his way over to the far right hand turnbuckle.


Heyman: You can just feel the electricity from this crowd.


Taz: Gringo opting to go up top instead of going for the cover and this could be a mistake from the Mexican Sensation.


Gringo ascends up to the second turnbuckle as Gower suddenly gets back to his feet and moves quickly toward the corner where he hits Gringo wit a hard elbow to the back causing him to stop his quest to get to the top rope.


Taz: I told you it was a bad idea, Paul.


Heyman: And you were right as Gower hit him with a clubbing blow to the kidneys to cut him off.


Gower grabs the arms off Gringo and brings him crashing down to the mat with a crucifix powerbomb to a HUGE pop from the crowd.


Gower keeps the powerbomb bridged for the cover and the referee goes to ground for the count.












Ding Ding Ding


TC: And the winner of the first fall, The Future of the Business, Barry Gower!!!!


Gower gets a huge ovation from the crowd as we count down the 30 second rest period between the falls.

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Taz: Gower taking the first fall, Paul.


The referee asks Gower to move away from Gringo, which he does as a show of respect to the Lucha Libre rules.


Heyman: Indeed Taz, Gower 1-0 to the good and he won that fall using shades of Eddie Guerrero’s Japaneese character The Black Tiger.


Taz: That he did, Paul. Gower using that crucifix powerbomb a move Eddie Guerrero used in Japan as you said under the name of The Black Tiger.


Heyman: Well Taz you have to believe if this match wasn’t a tribute to Eddie Guerrero, that Gower would be on top of Gringo right now.


Taz: I fully agree, Paul but Gower is showing his respect and you have to admire that.


The referee signals for the bell to indicate the start of the second fall.


Ding Ding Ding


Gringo gets back up to one knee where he is immediately grabbed by Gower and whipped off the far ropes. The Mexican Sensation comes back off the ropes where he is taken overhead with an overhead belly to belly suplex curtsey of The Future of the Business.


Taz: Gower wasting no time whatsoever in attacking Evil Gringo.


Heyman: Damn right as soon as that bell sounded to indicate the rest period was over Gower pounced on him quicker than a Chris Benoit and Orlando Jordan match.


Gower drags The Mexicautioner back up to his feet and places him in position to hit a powerbomb.


Taz: Gower looking for a powerbomb and if he hits this we could very well see a 2-0 victory.


Heyman: I agree this could be the end for Evil Gringo.


Gower lifts Gringo up in the air as he looks to deliver a powerbomb to the former TWO Champion but instead The Mexican Sensation reverses the move and drive the head of Gower down into the canvas via the use of a DDT.


Taz: What a vicious DDT by the Mexican Sensation.


Heyman: Can he follow it up with the cover?


Gringo crawls is way over and throws his hand over the chest of Gower in hope of gaining the cover.








Th…, Gower raises his right shoulder up off the canvas.


Taz: Gringo managed to follow it up, Paul but with no hook of the leg it made it easier for Gower to get his shoulder up.


Heyman: That it did, Taz. Gower is just about as tough as anyone I have ever seen in the squared circle.


Taz: He is one tough son of a bitch that’s for sure but Gringo is definitely no push over and Gower knows it.


Both men slowly get back up to their feet with Gringo slightly ahead of The Future. Gower looks to hit Gringo with a right hand punch but The Mexicutioner blocks it off and delivers a punch of his own.


Taz: Gringo blocking off Gower’s attempt at a punch.


Heyman: Can he now take advantage?


Gringo looks to hit Gower with an Irish Whip only to have it reversed sending him tward the right hand side of the ring. The Future of the Business puts his head down as Gringo comes back as he looks to hit a back body drop. The Mexican Sensation however has other plans as he grabs on to the waist of Gower and flips over taking The Future of the Business into a pin.


Taz: Sunset flip.








Th…., Gower kicks out and Gringo gets back to his feet with an irate look on his face.


Heyman: Gringo looking more than displeased as he is wondering what to do to get a pin fall over The Future of the Business.


Taz: It’s going to take something special.


Gringo takes a quick look at the former United States Champion before running toward the right hand ropes. The Mexican Sensation comes back off the ropes but hitting Gower with a running clothesline that takes both he and his opponent out to the floor.


Taz: What a clothesline taking both men over the top.


Heyman: This could be about to get as ugly as Michael Cole.


Taz: Ouch if it gets that ugly we best call the plastic surgeons.


Gringo is first to get back to his feet and he helps Gower back up to his. The Mexican Sensation hits Gower with a hard knife-edge chop right across the chest.


Heyman: I see Gringo still hasn’t learnt his lesson then.


Taz: It would appear that way, Paul.


Gower responds to the chop by hitting Gringo with one of his own that can be heard through out the stadium.


Heyman: That looked nasty.


Taz: Sounded nasty as well.


Heyman: And for Gringo I bet it felt Nasty.


Taz: No Doubt about it.


Gringo bares the pain of the chop previously received and responds with a hard chop of his own before grabbing the right arm of The Future and whipping him back first into the apron.


Heyman: Gringo driving the small of Gower’s back right into the ring apron and I don’t care who you are that is not going to have you rolling around the floor laughing your nuts off.


Taz: Damn straight.


The Mexican Sensation runs toward Gower and is grabbed by the Master of Pain and Elevated up on to the apron. Gringo quickly takes a look back to see where Gower is standing before jumping up to the second rope and springboarding off and hitting The Future with a moonsault.


Taz: Gringo with an Asai Moonsault out of nowhere.


Heyman: Credit where credit is due, Gower was just not expecting that move.


The Mexican Sensation gets back up to his feet and picks Gower back up to his before whipping him straight into the steel steps where Gower takes a Foley like bump.


Heyman: Man that’s going to hurt.


Taz: Gringo holding nothing back with the velocity of that Irish Whip and Gower just goes crashing right into the ring steps.


The referee leaves the ring and has a work with Gringo telling him to get the action back into the ring.


Taz: The referee doesn’t want to count either man out due to the meaning of this match and is asking Gringo to take the action back to the ring.


Heyman: Well I think that’s a good thing but Gower isn’t going to be 100% after that bump he just took.


Taz: You got that right.


The Mexicutioner pulls The Master of Pain up off the ground and rolls him up into the ring as he then climbs up on to the apron. Gringo raises his hand in tribute to Eddie Guerrero, which gains a loud pop from the crowd before he slingshots into the ring dropping his back down across the chest of the former 2 time ERE Intercontinental Champion.


Heyman: Damn, Gringo with the Sligshot Hilo.


Taz: Tribute to Eddie Guerrero, can he capitalize?


Gringo moves back across the canvas and uses the Lateral Press to look for the cover on the form Untied States Champion.








Thr……, Gower manages to grab the bottom rope to break up the count.


Taz: Somehow Gower manages to reach out and grab that bottom rope to save himself from being tied at 1-1.


Heyman: As any wrestler of his quality should be able to do, he was aware of exactly where he was in the ring and was able to grab the bottom rope to stop the count.


Taz: And Gringo doesn’t look too pleased about it.


Gringo begins to stop away at the legs and body of Gower in an attempt weaken him up more. The referee steps in between victim and punisher to break it up as Gower is still holding on to the bottom rope.


Taz: The referee trying to separate Gringo away from Gower but Gringo seems to be having none of it.


Heyman: Come on damn it.


Gringo pulls Gower away from the ropes and into the centre of the ring where he begins stomping at the back of The Master of Pains legs.


Taz: Gringo working on the hamstrings of Gower and that will cause him to be less mobile.


The Mexcian Sensation grabs Gower turning him over onto his stomach where he then crosses the legs of Gower over and pulls back on the foot locking in the submission.


Taz: Gringo with the El Paso on Gower.


Heyman: The Submission move uses by the late Eddie Guerrero.


Taz: Well there is no tapping out in this match but could we see Gower say the words I Quit?


Heyman: No one has managed that in the 2 years Gower has been in this Business.


Taz: There is a first time for everything, Paul.


Heyman: True that and Gower is still hurt after being rammed into those steel steps.


The fans break into an “Eddie” chant as Gringo keeps the move locked in.


Taz: Gower trying to fight through the pain but it may become too much to bare.


Heyman: I hope you are wrong.


The referee asks Gower is he wants to get up but receives no response, this causes the referee to check on the arms of Gower.


Taz: Well Gower has three chance to respond and if he doesn’t we are tied at one a piece.


The referee lifts up the arm of Gower only for it to fall back down to the canvas.


Taz: That’s one time to answer the call and he didn’t, two more chances left Paul.


Heyman: He can do it. I know he can.


The referee again lifts up the arm of The Master of Pain and for the second time his arm falls back down to the canvas.


Taz: Gower has one last chance to answer or we will be going in to the third and final fall of the match.


Heyman: Come on Gower.


The referee again lifts up the arm of Gower only for it to …………………




Stay up to a mixed reaction from the crowd.


Heyman: He did it.


Taz: Can he somehow break the hold though, Paul?


Heyman: Yes, come on Gower.


The camera cuts to the front row of the crowd where we see Rob Schneider shouting “YOU CAN DO IT!!!”


Gower manages to fight his way to the near ropes, which he grabs onto only for Gringo to keep the move locked in.


Heyman: Come on break the damn hold.


Taz: Gower managing to get to the ropes but Gringo refusing to break the hold.


The referee asks Gringo to break the hold but he doesn’t causing the referee to count.










Gringo breaks the hold before the count of five.


Taz: Gringo finally breaking the hold, but you have to feel that the damage has already been down.


Heyman: Gringo taking full advantage of the count to inflict more damage to Gower and as you said Taz, you have to feel that the damage gas already been done.


Gringo drags Gower away from the ropes and pulls him back up to his feet before whipping him back first into the far right hand corner of the ring. The Mexcian Sensation moves across to the far corner where he looks to grab Gower but is instead grabbed himself as Gower gets a sudden burst of Energy.


Taz: Gower getting energy from somewhere.


Heyman: Maybe he got it from the Future.


Taz: That was bad, especially for you Paul.


Gower grabs Gringo turning him round and placing him up onto the top turnbuckle before stepping up onto the second ropes himself. The Mexicutioner fights Gower off but hitting him with hard punches to the head, back and ribs of the fromer TWO Untied States Champion.


Taz: Gringo fighting off the jaded Gower.


EG grabs a hold around the body of Gower before flipping over The Master of Pain hitting him with a sunset flip into a powerbomb.


Taz: Gringo hitting Gower with a MDK powerbomb and that could be enough right there.


Gringo looks for the cover on The Future of the Business as he puts his legs up on the ropes.












Ding Ding Ding


TC: And the winner of the second fall, Evil Gringo.


Taz: And now they are tied at one all.


Heyman: Gringo cheated there, Taz.


Taz: Eddie would be proud.


Gringo gets back up to his feet but is being kept back by the referee as both men mus once again respect the rest period rules.

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Taz: Gringo having to respect the 30 second rest period.


Heyman: I don’t think Gower has much of a choice if he wants to respect it or not this time.


Taz: You’re right, Paul. Gower could do with a longer period of time that’s for sure and we could indeed see a really quick third fall.


Heyman: I hope that’s not the case, Taz.


The referee calls for the bell, which dually rings to indicate the start of the third and final fall.


-Start of Fall 3-


Heyman: I don’t think Gower is ready.


Taz: I don’t think that matters, Paul the thirty second rest period is up and that is enough.


Heyman: That’s not fair.


Taz: It’s in the rules.


Heyman: Rules are made to be broken.


Gringo moves toward Gower but the Master of Pain manages to roll out of the ring where he slowly walks off.


Heyman: Now that’s smart.


Gringo rolls out of the ring in and goes after Gower grabbing him from behind and turning him around quickly hitting him with a double arm DDT to the outside.


Taz: Oh my God.


The crowd break in to a bit of a “Holy Sh1t” chant as a replay is shown of Gringo driving Gowers head into the floor on the outside of the ring. As we come back to full view we see Gringo rolling Gower back up into the ring.


Taz: This could be the end of the match right here, Paul.


Heyman: I have a feeling you could be right.


Gringo rolls back into the ring where he hooks the leg of Gower as he goes for the cover.


Taz: Hook of the leg.












Thre…., Gower just manages to get his shoulder up off the canvas before the count of three, which gains a huge pop from the crowd.


Heyman: He kicked out I can’t believe it.


Taz: You, me and a lot of others, but especially Gringo. Just look at the sheer disbelief on the former Champions face.


Gringo gets back to his feet where he pulls Gower back up to his feet before taking him back down with a snapmere and delivering a dropkick into his back.


Taz: Gringo with a nice combination move as he continues to weaken the body of Gower.


Heyman: But is it enough to put the former United States Champion to rest?


Gringo once again looks for the cover on The Master Pain, causing the referee to go to the mat and call the count.








Thre…, Again Gower manages to get his shoulder up off the canvas.


Taz: Still not enough to put The Master of Pain away.


Heyman: That’s why he is The Master of Pain.


Taz: No doubt about it.


Gringo pulls Gower up to his backside before bouncing off the ropes. The Mexicutioner comes back off the ropes and is caught by Gower who quickly lifts The former Champ up onto his shoulders hitting him with a samaon drop.


Heyman: Samaon drop and I don’t think I have ever seen Gower use that move before.


Taz: Perhaps a desperation move by The Future of the Business.


The referee takes a look at both men and begins to utilise the double count.






Taz: It would be a shame if the match ended like this.


Heyman: That is would, Taz.




4 – Gringo begins getting back to his feet.




6 – Gringo gets back up to a vertical base with Gower know beginning to get back up to his knees.


Taz: Well thankfully that’s not how it is going to end, Paul.


Heyman: Thankfully indeed.


Gringo grabs Gower and brings up of his knees only to be thanked with a hard right hand to the side of the face. The Mexican Sensation looks to respond with a punch of his own but Gower manages to move out of the way causing Gringo to hit the referee and knock him down to the canvas.


Taz: Gringo just lumped the referee.


Heyman: That means Gower wins via DQ doesn’t it?


Taz: I think it was an accident, Paul.


Gower leaves the ring at the far side and begins looking underneath the ring.


Taz: What is Gower doing?


Gringo takes a look down at the referee before looking up with a cheeky smile on his face.


Heyman: I think Gringo has something in mind also.


Gringo leaves the ring and goes over to the announcer position where he takes a chair. Over at the far side of the ring Gower comes back into the ring with a chair of his own to a loud pop from the crowd.


Taz: HAHA, both men going for the Cheating Lie that Eddie used to pull out.


The referee begins to come around and Gringo and Gower just look at each other before they both hit the canvas with the chairs and throw them at each other only for them to hit one another in the centre of the ring. Gower and Gringo looked somewhat confused but both decide to fall to the mat before the referee turns around.


Heyman: Classic stuff.


The referee takes a look at the canvas and the two chairs laying in the middle of the ring to a very confused look on his face.


Taz: The referee doesn’t know what has transpired here.


Heyman: Can you blame him?


Taz: Well I guess not.


The referee begins to count both men down and out.












6 – Both men look over at each other and just laugh before getting back up to their feet.


Taz: I bet that little rest benefited Gower the most.


Heyman: Gringos fault for trying to be funny then.


Gower looks to attack Gringo with a punch to the head but it is blocked off by The Mexican Sensation who then grabs the right arm and sends The Future of the Business hard into the far left hand corner of the ring.


Taz: Gower not in the best of positions right now.


Heyman: To right although it be worse if he was facing the other way and Keith Jaxx was in the ring.


Taz: And you will get no arguments from me there.


Gringo moves over to the corner moving up onto the second turnbuckle where he begins to unload punches to the forehead of The Future.


Crowd: UNO


Crowd: DOS


Taz: Listen to these fans as the count in Spanish.


Heyman: A show of respect to Eddie Guerrero.


Crowd: TRES




Heyman: Quatro? But Bono says it’s Catorce.


Taz: He would say anything for those Starvin Children.


Crowd: CINCO


Crowd: SEIS


Crowd: SIETE


Crowd: OCHO


Crowd: NUEVE


Crowd: DIES


Taz: That’s the full ten, Paul and this doesn’t fare well for The Master of Pain.


Heyman: No it doesn’t.


Gower flops out of the corner turning on to his back. Gringo takes a look at the grounded challenger before ascending up to the top turnbuckle.


Taz: Gringo going up top now.


Heyman: This could be a bad idea or a good idea.


Taz: That’s why it’s called high risk.


Gringo perched up on the top comes flying off looking to hit a diving headbutt only or Gower to roll out of the way causing Gringos face to meet nothing but canvas.


Heyman: Haha he missed.


Taz: The Mexican Eagle does not pay off for, Gringo.


Heyman: This gives Gower time to get recomposed.


The referee begins counting both men down.








4 – Gower begins getting back to his feet as does Evil Gringo.




Both men get back to a vertical base where Gower drives a knee into the gut of Evil Gringo before hooking him up with a front face lock, which he uses to lift Gringo up in the air prior to driving his head down into the canvas with a brainbuster.


Taz: Gower with a Brainbuster and by gawd is that going to hurt.


Heyman: Well it aint called a brainbuster because it tickles you.


Gower lifts Gringo up over his shoulders placing him up over his back with The Former TWO Champions upper back is being across The Futures shoulders. The former United States Champion tucks Gringo’s legs around his hips before applying a chinlock to the Mexican Sensation. Gower spins around in a circle releasing The Mexicutioners legs. The Future of the Business throws out his legs and sits down, impacting the Grino's neck on to his shoulder.


Taz: Gower with the Gory Special. A Move made famous by the Guerrero family.


Heyman: Can this be the end for Evil Gringo?


Taz: It could well be, Paul.


The Future of the Business rolls Gringo over onto his back as he uses the lateral press and hook of the leg as he goes for the pin.










Thr…, Gringo gets the shoulder up off the mat to a loud pop from the crowd.


Taz: Not enough to put Gringo away and I have to believe weaker mean would have been pinned after that.


Heyman: I agree.


Gower angrily awaits Gringo to get back to his feet and as he does he grabs The Mexican Sensation as he turns around and quickly takes him into a front face lock. The Master of Pain elevates Gringo up in the air bring him crashing down to the mat holding on to the grip.


Taz: That’s one Vertical Suplex and are we going to see the Path to the Future?


Heyman: I think we are Taz and this could be the beginning of the head for Evil Gringo.


The Master of Pain brings the former TWO Champion back up to a vertical base where he executes another vertical suplex.


Taz: That’s two and I think we are about to see a third.


Heyman: I think you are right, Taz.


Gower once again brings Gringo back up to his feet where he looks to hit his third and final vertical suplex. The Mexican Sensation blocks off The Future of the Business’s attempt at a third suplex and reverses it into one of his own.


Taz: Gringo with the reversal on Gower and this could mean trouble.


Gringo hols on to the grip and wiggles his hips brining The Master of Pain back up to his feet hitting him with a second vertical suplex.


Taz: That’s two and he is hitting them just like the late Eddie Guerrero.


Heyman: Not the position that Gower wants to be in.


Taz: It sure isn’t.


Gringo again pops the hips and brings The Future the Business where he hits a third and final vertical suplex to a HUGE pop from the crowd.


Taz: And that’s the Three Amigos in Tribute to Eddie Guerrero.


Heyman: Not good for Gower.


Gringo back up to his feet points over the far right hand corner of the ring to another loud pop from the crowd.


Heyman: Is he going to do what I think he is going to do?


Taz: If I think I know what you think he is going to do then I think he is.


Gringo climbs up to the top turnbuckle where he slaps himself across the chest to another pop from the crowd before flying up into the air and landing down across the body of Gower with a …………..


Taz: FROG SPLASH!!!! The Frog Splash connection, Gringo with the cover.





Taz: ODE to Guerrero











Taz: Gringo did it Paul. He beat Gower in a two out of three falls match and I believe that is a first.


Heyman: Indeed it is but what a great match.




TC: Here is your winner, Evil Gringo.


Gringo helps Gower back up to his feet where the two men shake hands before hugging in the centre of the ring.


Taz: And a great show of respect from these two men and what a match.


“Viva La Raza” hits the speakers to a MASSIVE pop from the crowd


Heyman: What a great match indeed Taz and what a great show of emotion from these two men.


Gringo leaves the ring and grabs an Eddie poster of a guy in the front row before enter the ring and leaving it to rest.


Taz: What a great show of respect to both men and to Eddie Guerrero, I’m Taz along with Paul Heyman saying goodnight.


The Fans chant “Eddie” as the show fades out….




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