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HELP: Windows Media Codecs

Dickie Hyde

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I just downloaded Triple H being punk'd from Imesh and when i attempt to play it on Windows Media I get the sound but no picture. It says "searching for codecs... error finding codecs" and just simply plays the sound. As far as I'm aware I have Windows Media 9.0


Can anyone help me please? I'm eager to watch this video!





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G-Spot is handy for this kinda thing, it's an application that lets you know what filetype and codecs/players are needed to play a file. The only problem is the very risqué name and icon of the program, not recommended on a family PC.


VLC Media Player is a good alternative, and also handy for playing DVDs because it allows you to skip the stuff that would normally be unskippable. So if you're tired of seeing the Anti-Piracy stuff every time you put on a movie, VLC Media Player is highly recommended. There also isn't anything racy about a traffic cone.

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