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Newsletter Poll: Garlic Bread? with Cheese?


Garlic Bread with or without cheese?  

35 members have voted

  1. 1. Garlic Bread with or without cheese?

    • Plain
    • With Cheese
    • With other toppings
    • DS is running out of ideas for the poll then. Best PM him some

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Garlic Bread with cheese is good, but I don't have it very often.


Talking about garlic bread, there's a restaraunt on the Isle of Wight where we ordered some garlic bread - it seemed like they had put a whole bulb on each slice instead of a clove.

They could have called it:

GARLIC bread.

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I work in an Itallian restaurant and have perfected the garlic bread. You start it off with sliced pepperonchini peppers and grated parmesean. After it's about half cooked you add a quarter slice of provolone cheese. Something else that's really good is with parmesean topped with bruschetta tomatoes after it's been toasted.


So to anbsewer the poll... cheese with other toppings. However, since I feel the cheese adds more than the other toppings I will vote for cheese.

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Trash that sounds gorgeous!


Cheesy garlic bread for me, although i may have to get some tomatoes and onions, just so i can try Trash's suggestion out.........mmmmmmmmm........



Although may add cheese also for the extra calorific boost.



Damn straight. I've only ever had this twice. The first time was at an Italian I ate at this year in the Summer. A week later my mum went and cooked it because she was so impressed. She did a good job of it too.



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I went through a stage of not liking garlic, it was so odd. Any time i smelt garlic i was ready to hurl.


Even went to mcdonalds and had a quorn premier (which i love) and for the first time ever realised they used garlic in there sauce. I could only have a bite. luckily now im back to my old garlic loving self, and can't live without the stuff.

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