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HBK's Book - The Chapter - Montreal!!! Oh yeah here it rears its ugly head again!!!


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Shawn Michaels "book"...of lies......


Chapter 23 "Montreal" (the beginning of the chapter, from HBK's book...which has him praying on back cover...)


I was sky-high the night after Bad Blood. I had perhaps the best macth of my career, and Hunter, Chyna, and I were going the christen ourselves D-Generation X (which was Vince Russo's idea) on this evening's Raw. EVen the thought of having to work with Bret in the coming weeks at Survivor Series couldn't bring me down. I wasn't going to let him get to me.


From my perspective, I had won the battle with Bret. I was main-eventing Pay-Per-Views whilehe, as champion, was working Tag Team matches. My confidence was back. There wasn't anything that he was going to do or say that I worried about. People had turned on me because they had heard a lot of untrue stores, many of which were made up by Bret. I never once gave my side, because it seemed so transparent to me, and I was the guy who is talking the loudest and defending himself the most must be hiding something.


Working with Hunter and Chyna was so much fun and I didn't want to ruin that. I also have to give Vince Russo a lot of credit. He came up with some great ideas for us. He helped create a real awesome gimmick where we were doing and saying all the things you want to in real life, but can'tbeause it isn't nice and you'd get in alot of trouble. And we were very popular. As Hunter has said, in the fall of 97, DX was the hottest thing in sports entertainment not named Steve Ausin.


We were in Kansas City-another sellout, by the way-and Hunter and I were doing an in-ring promo. I asked to see footage of my victory from Badd Blood. Instead, video from the "curtain call" came on. This was done to reinforce the insubordinate image of DX. Bret came otu and confronted me, calling me a homeo and a degenerate. (I believe he meant it.) I responded by saying that the only reason Bret was in the main event of Survivor Series was because he was wrestling me. Bret and I were at it again, only this time, our personal animosity towards each other blended perfectly within the storyline we were conducting.


Later that night Hunter beat Bret via countout after I superkicked him while CHyna distracted him. During the match, I started picking my nose with Bret's Candian flag. I really didn't mean to offend anyone. I just figured it would get me extra heat, which it did.


At this point, I really didn't know what the situation with Bret was. My feeling was that Vince wanted to get the title off him. His contract was taxing the company way too much if he wasn't going to be the man. I didnt' know where Steve Austin was in his talks with Vince, I'm sure they already had an idea of where they were going long-range. The ideal situation for Steve was to win the title from a white-hot heel. Breat certainly wasn't one. I, on the other hand, was there. It made sense to me that Vince would want to put the tile on me and have Steve beat me.


All I knew for certain is what I talked about with Vince. I was back into performing and uninterested in the inner workings of what was happening with other guys. I talked to Vince often, but all our discussions concerned created ideas. I was not talking about other guys' business.


A week before Survivor Series I found out Bret was going to WCW. I know Vince suggested Bret go and talk to WCW again. Vince said he would help Bret get a great deal there. Vicne was going to give WCW the impression that he was willing to pay Bret even more money, so WCW would up their offer to him. WCW did, and Bret signed with them.


For the last several months, Hunter and I had been speaking to Vince on the phone every Wednesdy to go over any creative ideas or concerns we might have. Vince valused our opinions and set aside some time to talk to us. The Wednesday before Survivor Series, we were on our weekly conference call. "Shawn, barrring some miraculous change this weekend, we are going to work a DQ. The next night Bret has promised me that he will come out and give up the title. He will go off to WCW< and we can work some sort of tournament or something like that. I'm not comfortable with that, but Bret has given me his work. I feel I can take him at his word. Regardless of the relationship that you and he have, I've always asked him to do business, but he's just not willing to do it for you. I can't change the match with someone else."


I asked Vince why he didn't just have Bret drop the title to someone else the following night on Raw. I recall Vince then saying Bret had creative control over his last thirty ays.


"So it's not really just me, is it? He doesn't want to drop the belt before he leaves?"


"No, he doesn't. It would be one thing if it were in the States, but espically in Canada. He doesn't want to do it."


"All of Canada is his? We're not in Calgary. What if I didn't want to do any jobs in the United States?"


"I know, I know, but that's the situation. He has creative control."


There were a few seconds of silence.


"I know I'm not supposed to be talking here," it was Hunter. "maybe I'm out of line here, but what kind of business is that? Who in the world says, 'I don't want to rop the belt'? You helped him to get a better deal there and he is leaving. That isn't right. That's b.s. HOw in the world can you trust him? This is the same guy who while he was off, after dropping the title to Shawn, went behind yoru back and negotiated a deal with WCW only to come back and renogotiate a twenty-year way-out-of-bounds contract with you. He has not done good business since, and now he is leaving to get even more money, by you giving them the impression that you wanetd to keep nhim. We have people leaving in the middle of the night and taking thier belts and dropping them in trash cans on WCW. [This was in reference to former women's champion Alundra Blayze, who had done that.] We can't afford for that to happen with the World Wrestling Federation Championship!"


"There's nothing we can do about that. My hands are tied. What can we do about that?"

It was my turn to chime in. "I'll do whatever you want. We'll just take it off him. I'll just swerve him or whatever I have to. You tell me what needs to get done. You and this company have put up with so much from me. My loyalty is here with you. I will do whatever you want."


"What are we talking about, Shawn?"


"Whatever it takes. If we have to do a fast count or get him in a hold and tell someone to ring the bell, I'll do whatever you want me to do."


"That's pretty serious. That has to be a last resort. I still have until Satruday to talk with Bret. That may have to be a real option. This cannot be discussed with anyone. Pat can't know, nobody can know about this but the three of us right now. It's something we will have to talk about."


Hunter and I talked when Vince hung up. We both felt that Vince was already thinking about a possible swever, but he couldn't ask me to do that. I needed to volunteer.


All I can say is......... BulllSH**

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For all of us, and this is probably Vince McMahons incredible timing, Bret the "Friggin" Hitman Hart will appear on Dave Meltzers Wrestling Observer live tommorow night, and Dave or Brian Alverez will be reading extracts from HBK's "book" to Bret live, and Bret will be there to react to it as he see's fit!


It starts at 1 am in the UK and at about 8 eastern (for Craig) at this address!!!





Copy the mms:// into ur windows media player URL thingy to hear it. Or just go to Wrestlingobserver.com and click the "listen now" buton.............brother!!!

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Now that is going to be interesting no doubt. But again, for my previous post, I wasn't supporting Shawn. I was just explaining that this is the side he chooses to tell of the story. Like I said, Bret had his, Shawn has his. But no doubt, Bret responding to it will be a great thing to hear.


But really, with the whole Montreal Incident, it is kind of hard now to tell exactly what did happen. I mean, is it a work, was it real, was it Shawn's idea? Briscoe's? Vince's? It still all kind of boils down to whom you believe in this situation. After talking to Dave on MSN, I know a little bit more about it, and I'd believe Bret's side. Still some people may believe Michaels.


I don't know though, maybe I'm just talking nonsense in my poor attempt at trying to sound smart. (which has failed, I think)

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To me it is very badly written, but to be fair the amount of typos can be forgiven, its the weird grammer and prose that is terrible, but I swear its legit,, Bret listening to that CRAP on the observer tomorrow will be a lot of fun, especially now that Bret is linked with TNA...


It gets better....

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Seems interesting Dave' date=' and thanks for the url,im gonna do everything possible to hear Brett :)[/quote']


I'll be there too, even though TNA Genesis is on at the same time, I reckon Brets reaction will be a lot cooler, still Genesis will be unbelievable too.

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Tomorrow I believe. I have it on pre-order and it says it's out on the 14th.


May I add, if this is the genuine article the typo's can probably be put down to the lazy incompetence of the person who typed it out. I've read ALOT of wrestling books and the WWE published one's are very good with the grammer and spelling.



EDIT: Tuesday 15th November is the actual release date.

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For me, this whole thing seems to boil down to if you are an HBK fan or a Bret Hart fan. I was never a huge fan of Bret Hart but after watching Wrestling With Shadow I was totally taken by how much of a moaning, whining bitch he and his family are. I have no time for the man. Sure Mr Michaels is a bit of a chancer but so what. Bret Hart is still going on and on and on about this sh#t, get over it MATE.


That SS was actually my second ppv since getting back into the great sport (mainly as i got sky installed the month beforehand) so at the time I was ultra confused and ultra intrigued. It was actuallly the event that inspired me to use the internet for something other than looking at ladies so it was a pretty important part of my wrestling memories and life. I think i will read, and enjoy, this book as fact or fiction it will be entertaining and that is most defintely a FACT!

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Well it was an intereseting show with Meltzer.


He talked about Eddies dead with Bryan Alvarez.Then talked to Superstar Billy Grahm about Eddie passing away.


After the first half hour Brett phoned in,started talking about the DVD wich comes out this tuesday.


Then Meltzer read Montreals part of Michaels book.And Brett basically said the same thing he always says,how he would have never done that do Shawn,how Hunter also was in it,how Shawn and Hunter are bad people.


Show ended with Meltzer reminding everyone that the DVD comes out on Tuesday.


Next week he's gonna have GOLDBERG~!

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Interesting' date=' regardless of whether you believe this is accurate or whatever, one thing you can say is what HHH was quoted as saying is spot on.[/quote']

So, what you're saying is that even though Vince gave Bret creative control during his last month while he had the belt, that Bret was "in the wrong" for wanting to use that creative control?


It's Vince's fault for giving it to him in the first place, and if you believe that it was Bret's fault for not wanting to drop the strat during that creative control period, then you need to take your head out from where the sun doesn't shine. :D

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well im a fan of both and you know who side im on? neither one of them.. i dont believe any one of these guys on what happend.. if the truth ever came out it would show that both of these guys where at fault... first why should bret leave the wwe without dropping the belt to another wrestler.. if bret would have left still on top it would make the wwe look like a joke and i think if he would have left still on top we would all be watching WCW not WWE today.. i mean come on vince got bret a good deal for wcw the least bret could have done was to loose the belt.. now what shawn did was wrong and i think he did it just for himself.. what vince and shawn did turned out to be the best thing for the WWE... bret needs to stop acting like a little girl and stop living in the past.. i used to love bret and now im starting no not like him because i hate people that cry all the time about the past.. he could come back at any time but he wont because he is to bussy crying about the past
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