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The B-Man Vs Moobio


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So you changed your name from moobio to moobs

Does that mean you got a sex change and have a set of boobs?


I was looking forward to going up against Moobio

Theroretically this could be called a no show


You put out people like AC and Redman

I will kick your ass so hard you will think you got laid man


Spiral Tap thought I'd go out real early

That don't matter cause your still girly


You sit there at your computer with your wacky black hair

But I'm the B-Man bitch you better beware

Edited by The B-Man
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You’re calling my hair wacky, well post a pic of yours,

You’re probably too embarrassed, since your face is full of sores.


You say your twenty one, but you rap like you’re eleven,

When I’m done with this rap, you’ll be on the staircase to heaven.


You strut around these forums like you own the place,

But everyone knows you’re a freaking disgrace,


Everyone laughs and talks about you when you turn away,

They discus your sexuality and spread rumors that your gay.


It’s obvious I’ve won this, and I’m into the final round,

As I said in my last rap, I’m Hall Of Fame Bound.



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