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best wrestler of all time

2 hottie

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hbk can talk' date='wrestle and have a hell of a good match every week on raw ric flair is probley the second best as for austen he is good at cutting an interview but is not so good at haveing a match[/quote']


Funny how I would put Steve Austin's best matches ahead of any match Shawn Michaels has ever had.

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shawn is the best no other wrestler can hold a key two him maby flair buts thats pushing it a bit


No it's not.


Christ, Flair vs Steamboat (Any of them), makes Shawn Michaels look like Tyson Tomko. Flair is so much better than Michaels.


Not to mention people like Steamboat, who are also miles better than him. then you have Japanese wrestlers like Kobashi, who piss all over him.


No way is Michaels the best ever.

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Yeah, but you have deleted my post and not Dantes.... :P


My post still stands..ill repost with the 'Can you delete this post bit out'.


I see...adding 'can you delete this' at the bottom of a post made me think you wanted that post deleting! :lol

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