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TWO Wrestling Survivor: N - Round V



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I am a big fan of Nova.....and don't try the 'meh hes new' crap either Jack! :P

I dont need to have seen someone in the last few years to rate them, plus its about FAVORITE not best, so it should make no difference if we have poeple who are fairly new to wrestling as it makes an accurate representation of the members of TWO.

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Nova joins the finalists, Koloff joins the runners-up. What a close final.



AJ Styles

Bret Hart

Chris Benoit

Dynamite Kid

Eddie Guerrero

Freddie Blassie

The Giant

Harley Race

Iron Sheik

Jerry Lynn

Kurt Angle

Lance Storm






Brock Lesnar


Dean Malenko

Eric Bischoff


Greg Valentine


Ivan Koloff

Jimmy Snuka

Ken Shamrock

Low Ki

Matt Hardy

Nikita Koloff

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It's randomish. It depends when I get on my computer the day after, if it's less than 24 hours after it's started, I'll wait until it's around 24 hours. If it's after 24 hours it's completely dependant on when I can get on.


As I get the feeling there will be some kind of mutiny brewing, the poll is re-opened at 15-15.

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