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Mike Tyson

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Just thought id post a quick thread on one of my many sporting heroes 'iron' Mike Tyson.


In his prime you could argue that the guy was unbeatable, He combined speed,raw power, skill, heart and intimidation to blow opponents away. The youngest ever heavyweight champ at 20!!! (thats truly amazing) Untill the death of his legendary trainer cus d'amato Tyson was an untouchable monster in the ring but a relatively grounded quiet kid outside of it. When cus died naive Tyson was swindled for millions by numerous parties most notably his wife Robin Givens.


It seems the death of his trainer, best friednd and father figure sent Mike of the rails as it would pretty much anyone. He signed with Don King and seperated from his old crowd, King brought out everything bad in Tyson, late night parties, lax training, drugs, women literally throwing themselves at him wanting a piece of Tyson. This was such a massive change for such a young guy it wasn't long before he started self emploding, he lost to James Buster Douglas in 1990 Douglas was a massive 40/1 underdog!!!


Shortly after he was charged and convicted of raping ms black america competitor Desiree Washington he served 3 years jail time. (btw members of the jury have recently been quoted as saying if the evidence that has come to light since the trial was available back then Mike Tyson would have been found NOT GUILTY). Returning in 95 Tyson looked badder than ever he destroyed peter mcneely in 1 round on is return then quickly regained the WBC crown by butally ending the career of britains very own Frank Bruno.


Unfortunately the jail time combined with kings continual bad influence and his deteriorating ring skills Mike was Koed in 1996 by the incredibly tough Evander Holyfield. In there famous rematch Tyson was disqualified for biting a piece of the real deals ear off! It must be noted Evander had landed 4 blatant headbutts to Tyson before this took place 1 which resulted in a nasty cut above Mikes eye. Tyson was suspended from boxing and had a brief run in the wwf.


Mike returned to boxing in 1999 notching up some quick wins and showing glimpses of the old Tyson. However in 2002 an unmotivated, out of shape, disinterested Tyson was beaten badly by Lennox Lewis this looked like the end. Since the Lewis fight he has scored a 40 second victory over the useless Clifford Etienne followed by 2 losses to talented but underacheiving Danny Williams, and journeyman Kevin Mcbride.


Tyson retired in June of 2005 after losing to Mcbride he said he didnt want to disgrace himself or the sport of boxing by losing to this calibre of fighter which is the most sensible thing Tyson has said and done for years.


Its such a shame that a guy that reached the heights that Tyson did fell so low. Theres no doubt in my mind that - don king and - 3 years in jail Tyson would have ripped a path of destruction through the division and Lennox Lewis and probably retired around 98-99 undefeated.


A true sporting great hopefully he enjoys the rest of his life he is apparently alot more content and happy with life now hes reached 40.


MIKE TYSON :worship

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