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why don't terrisal tv show british wrestling anymore?


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why don't terrisal tv show british wrestling anymore? can anyone tell me why please


Because there are no indications that it could draw good enough viewing figures.British Pro-Wrestling was looked upon as somewhat of a joke in its dieing days on ITV in the late 80s. And although ITV showed WCW for a while back in 92-93 that was also rather unsuccessful. Bottom line is although there would be alot of people for it i dont think theres quite enough interest there.

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World of Sport was killed off by Greg Dyke.


British wrestling took a backstage which allowed American wrestling to creep in and take the potential fan base.


ECW Came along and drew interest from the psychotic fanbase.


In the end American "Attitude" has surpassed the British "Sporting bout" and we basially suck at emulating it, so cannot find its own niche.


And unfotunately the thing about women producers is sadly right, Michael Burke wrote and article in a newspaper about how women now control the content on TV.


Yes it's all about Post Feminism and lack of pride in a British product!


Wow, how did I get there?



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Some ITV regions (Meridian' date=' Anglia, HTV West and HTV Wales I think?) showed Transatlantic Wrestling Challenge around 2000-2001 for 6 weeks, which was produced by NWA Hammerlock and had UK and US stars (including UK's Majik and US's David Young if I remember rightly) in a points tournament.[/quote']

And it was absolutely horrible. Just a shambles beyond all imagination.


No wonder terrestrial TV won't touch wrestling.

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