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whos the best promotion in newcastle ?


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IWF are still going, but best promotion in Newcastle is without a doubt WZW


Well, unless you've been to see both promotions on a regular basis you cant be sure. There's a great deal of talent and a lot to offer from both promotions. IWF boast the likes of High Flying Sensation Pac, possibly the best high flyer in the UK, Assassin, Bobby Jackson and Max Heat who are all fantastic Wrestlers and who's abilitys cannot be knocked. Plus they also have had the likes of Johnny Moss, Cameron Knight, American Dragon along with many Hammerlock, SWA and 3CW talents on their shows in the past. While WZW have the likes of Carbon, Lance Thunder, Iceman and Spitfire who are also incredible Wrestlers. They have also had many great outside talents along with some great production values.


It's impossible to say which promotions better. Go and check them both out and make your own mind up. But you can't say without a doubt that WZW are the best of the two without seeing a lot of both promotions shows first as they both have a lot to offer.

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