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Look-a-like Titles


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yeh i realised that, the ECW tag titles (WWE IC) were silver, and i think the ECW TV Title was the WWE world title, not the ECW world title.




Taz defended the title against all comers. He defeated Chris Candido at Hardcore Heaven 1997. He fought a few more matches with Sabu' date=' all of which ended with time limit draws. He developed a rivalry with former Hype Central correspondent turned pro-WWF aficionado. He slapped him in the Tazmission, and later on, Tazplexed him through a table. He then feuded with the Pit Bulls, who had joined Wright, and went on to defeat Pit Bull #2 at November to Remember 1997. He was then confronted with the mammoth Brakus, Wright's personal bodyguard, who interfered in Taz's matches until he tapped out at Cyberslam 1998. He even shared a match with former rival 2 Cold Scorpio at House Party 1998. He then feuded with former rival Bam Bam Bigelow, and dropped the TV Title to him at Living Dangerously when the two plunged through the ring. But despite the loss, the Path of Rage has continued to plow through ECW.[/quote']
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