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Win or Bust


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It's been a long time since I was this jacked up for an Old Firm game, but this one, I believe, will be something else.


Being a Celtic fan, I've never been a big Alex McLeish fan, however, I do think that if he doesn't get anything out of these up-coming Old Firm games, it will be out with him. Perhaps the CL could save his job, but that is also just two more games for him, so how long, if ever, do you think that Big 'Eck will keep his job?

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I'd say the League game and the game against Porto in a few weeks are far more important than the game tommorow night. Although the game is very importnant for the fans, and a loss for rangers will just give more ammunation for the Ibrox crowd who are already calling for McLeishs head.
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I'm not looking forward to the game tonight. The only crumb of comfort is that Rangers haven't actually been playing really badly. We are due a bit of luck and maybe that can start tonight. We've no reason to fear Celtic tonight and I hope we don't play defensively. We still got the nucleus of the squad that won the league last year and if they have belief then they can turn the corner.


It's a vital month for us and it's difficult on current form to see where our next win is coming from. We've Celtic away in the cup, Celtic away in the league, Porto away in the Champions League, Inter at home in Champions League, Hibernian away in the league. It doesn't get too much tougher than that. But the players should be excited about playing in these games and they should raise themselves. If you can't raise yourself for games like this then you shouldn't be at Rangers Football Club. Simple as that.


I still think we've to stick with McLeish because what else can we do? If Rangers sack him then they'll have to pay him money, they'll then have to bring in a new manager, pay him and he'll be expecting money (which Rangers don't have) to buy his own players. Maybe Rangers should take stock at the end of this difficult month. Give McLeish until after the Hibs game and review it. There is little point firing him tomorrow if we get beat 3-0 tonight then running around like headless chickens panicking about who we are going to replace him with. It's best to have a bit of unity at the minute, firing him would just cause even more unrest in what is a vital, vital time for the football club.

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woo hoo got to watch the match,its only the 4th Celtic match I have gotten to see this season.Well in terms of quality it was rubbish but the result went Celtics way and well I think Celtic deserved to win it overall.What did yous make of Sotirios Kyrgiakos sending off??What did he think was gonna happen when he clapped??regardless of who he was actually clapping at he should known better,ive heard he is supposed to be a good defender to me he looked like a donkey a Gary Doherty if you will.Stefan Klos made two mistakes which cost Rangers two goals although Shaun Maloneys strike was a good one but the second cross come shot which went under Klos was shocking,

anyways 2-0 :worship

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Ferguson can't see way out



Rangers captain Barry Ferguson admits he cannot see a way out of the "rut" the team are in.


The Light Blues have won just twice in their last 11 matches and were knocked out of the CIS Insurance Cup in a 2-0 defeat at Celtic on Wednesday night.


The future of Ibrox manager Alex McLeish is now under serious threat after a disappointing display at Celtic Park, where Shaun Maloney's 30-yard strike and a Stefan Klos own goal sealed the Hoops' win.


Rangers are also currently 12 points behind their arch-rivals and Hearts in the SPL.


And the Ibrox skipper concedes time is "running out" for the reigning champions.


Ferguson said: "The manager gets it, I get it but we should be getting it because these fans pay good money and are entitled to their opinion.


"We have not been doing it on the pitch but, from my side, it is not for a lack of trying.


"Maybe I haven't been playing the way I can but I have always given the gaffer 110% and I like to think everyone else has.


"He is going through a hard time like the rest of us.


"We have said before it is a results-driven business and time looks as if it is running out on us, doesn't it?"


Ferguson added on BBC Scotland: "We are just bitterly disappointed with the way things are going - where we are in the league, and then we came here and didn't play well.


"We are stuck in a rut and God knows how we are going to get out of it."


The 27-year-old admitted Maloney's goal had been like "a knife in the back" in the 26th minute.


Ferguson said: "It was 100 miles-an-hour and we limited Celtic to a couple of chances.


"Then Shaun Maloney hits a wonder strike and it is like a knife getting stuck in your back.


"But we have got to be stronger than that and come back and be more resilient."


He added: "It was a disappointed dressing room.


"I will have a nightmare 10 days and I hope everybody is hurting because I certainly am. Come the next game, hopefully, we will get the right result."


From Teamtalk.com

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That was a woeful performance from Rangers. I've seen some bad ones in my time but last night was absolutely dreadful. We couldn't even do the basics and the team is absolutely devoid of confidence. Barry Ferguson worked hard and didn't shy away but unfortunately he was about the only one that didn't hide. Even Prso looked off. We can blame injuries all we like but the players out there should be doing better. I'm not going to be too hard on Stefan Klos. He shouldn't have conceded either goal but for 7 years he's been absolutely immense at Rangers and he's one of the best keepers in Britain.


I was very angry with Kyrgiakos. He's a good defender and I like him but what he did last night was foolish in the extreme.


It's hard to see McLeish coming out of this month with his job intact but I hope he does because then we'll have hopefully picked up some good results. I'm really not looking forward to the next game at Celtic Park though if last night was anything to go by.

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It was a poor performance by Rangers, but, in their defence, how could you stop that Maloney strike? Maybe Klos was off his line, but still.


Delighted with the result though, I have to say, but I do think that the second goal belonged to Nakamura, and that it would be cruel to blame Stefan Klos on the performance.


Beating your rivals in a cup is always crutical, it means that they can no longer do the treble.


Kyrgiakos' sending off was perhaps a bit unlucky, but after seeing Rooney and Perrin doing a very similar thing very recently, he should have known.


All-in-all I would say I was disappointed a little with match standard, but do think that Celtic were the better team and deserved to go through to the semi's.


By the way, Who are Celtic going to meet in the SF?

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It was a poor performance by Rangers, but, in their defence, how could you stop that Maloney strike? Maybe Klos was off his line, but still.


It wasnt really that he was off his line, more his positioning was wrong and he was too far across to the opposite side of the goals that the ball went into, and with better positioning it was a saveable shot.


Still, that and the first booking for Kyriagkos(which was a joke) was all I seen from the game on the highlights after it(missed the game due to football training) and from everything I hear I was lucky I didn't see it. Hopefully we'll play better in the league game coming up.

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