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Misplaced...Perfectly placed!


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Looking at the WWE these days, i see many wrestlers on both shows that are misplaced and should be in another spot or on the other show, and others that fit exactly in the role they were given and the show they are on.


1) Misplaced: The Coach. JR should be back and that lame announcer in the back cleaning the floor!


2) Perfectly Placed Wrestlers: MNM because they have been playing the perfect Tag Team in the wwe right now. they are really nasty heels with great gimmicks and they push people to really hate them, and that is what they should do. as much as i loathe them, i apreciate the work they are giving, and they are the best tag team in the wwe right now.

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Hulk Hogan should be in the mid-card making stars out of Orton' date=' Edge, Masters, and The Coach. Instead, he's constantly main eventing and squashing all the up and coming talent.[/quote']


Erm the Coach, now i am not a huge Hogan fan, but i will never want to see Hogan put over Coach, that will be the worst thing the WWE has ever done, and if Austin won't then Hogan won't.

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