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Darkstar's found himself on his back in the gent's toilets again:eek


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Sorry, he told me to put that:P


Anyway Mr.Darkstar won't be back for a while, as he's slipped over in work toilets, and split his head open in 2 places.(:P so i missed out a pretty vital word:P)


I havn't seen him since, and am missing him like crazy, but can't do anything, so everyone send out your biggest hugs or manly handshakes to him.



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How can the same **** happen to the same guy twice?



Mind, at least Im a member of a works union that can sort this out! Damned wet floors, my head is sore as the Green Heels. ;) Compensation, the reward of idiocy!


Thanks for the get wells guys and gals.



EDIT: Just to point out, this is the SECOND time I have fallen over and knocked my head and cut it open in a gents toilets, hence the title. :P

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