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*** Official Smackdown Discussion Thread - 11th November 2005 ***


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Source WWE.com

A lot of questions need answering as SmackDown prepares to roll into Indianapolis Friday night.


As Friday Night SmackDown went off the air last week, MNM were still the WWE Tag Team Champions. Thanks to some brass knuckles, Mercury and Nitro were able to overcome Eddie Guerrero & World Heavyweight Champion Batista. Will Latino Heat & The Animal come looking for retribution?


Also last week, while “Rowdy” Roddy Piper locked Cowboy Bob Orton in a Sleeper Hold, Randy Orton ran in to save his father. The younger Orton capped off a brutal beating of the Hall of Famer by telling Piper he made him sick, then delivering an RKO. Will the “Rowdy Scot” have anything to say about the events of last Friday night?


We also found out that Theodore Long and Eric Bischoff will go one-on-one at Survivor Series, and have also agreed upon a RAW vs. SmackDown 5-on-5 Classic Survivor Series Match for the event. Will we find out who will represent SmackDown?


Plus, Mr. Kennedy defeated Scotty 2 Hotty and Bobby Lashley defeated Nunzio & Vito to keep their respective undefeated streaks alive. What will be next for these two dominant newcomers?


Be sure to tune in to Friday Night SmackDown next Friday at 8/7 CT to see if the answers to any of these questions are revealed.

Spoilers are allowed in this thread.

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Indianapolis, IN

Conseco Fieldhouse


I would say all the upper deck was tarped off and it is a far cry from the days when the Fieldhouse would be packed. Even with all the tarped off seats there were still a few empty seats scattered. In the 7 years I have been attending events in Indy this was the smallest crowd ever.


Tapings started of with a Wrestlemania 21 Video


We then are told the following matches will be taped for Velocity


Sylvan def Funaki -Crowd was very into this match, tons of heel heat for Sylvan and Funaki was over like neckbone. Sylvan pins Funaki to get the victory


Josh Matthews and Steve Romero enter the Fieldhouse


LOD def Nunzio/Vito - Crowd was into everything the LOD did. Finish came with the Doomsday Device after the match Vito carried Nunzio to the back in a funny moment.


Hardcore Holly def Simon Dean - Dean told Indy how out of shape they were and Holly said he was going to kick the crap out of him. Holly laid in some massive chops to Dean, with the finish the Alabama Slam.


A WWE 24/7 Commercial Airs


Kid Kash def Scotty 2 Hotty - No reaction for Kash at all, kind of upsetting as NOONE knew who he was. Finish came with the jump moonsault Kash used in TNA that he about broke his neck against Sonny Siaki.


London/Spanky def Regal/Burchill - No reaction to London and Spanky at all. A cool move, Burchill did a standing moonsault on I believe London. Spanky set up Burchill for a flatliner while London did a Pele kick on him for the victory


The aprons were then changed followed by the entrances of Michael Cole and Tazz




Smackdown opened with all the Smackdown superstars in Teddy Longs office and he says that he will name Team Smackdown with qualifier matches tonight. He tells Batista to destroy Edge in the street fight.


First match qualifier Rey Mysterio def Randy Orton to join team Smackdown - At the beginning, Orton made fun of Rey's height, back and forth match until Rey went for the West Coast Pop and Bob Orton tripped him up for the DQ. They beat down on Rey until Matt Hardy made the save and ran off the Orton's


Randy Orton then did a backstage interview saying that the RKO is better than the Twist of Fate and basically planting the seeds for a feud.


MNM then came to the ring for an interview, Melina played up her back hurt from Eddie Guerrero last week, they introduce Michelle from Americas Next Top Model and run her down and start to beat her up until the Mexicools make the save and dance with her. Very Boring Segment.


Bobby Lashley def Orlando Jordan


-They showed a graphic which I think had Lashleys pic as a member of Team Smackdown but he basically squashed Jordan with the Dominator. Crowd LOVED Lashley. He will be a star


Edge confronts Long back stage wanting out of the street fight and Long says its cool with him if its cool with Batista.


Second Match Qualifier Ken Kennedy vs Eddie Guerrero - Guerrero got the biggest pop of the night so far. A lot of stalling in the match but at the end the ref gets knocked down and Eddie goes for a chair but the ref is getting up. Eddie then throws the chair to Kennedy and falls like he got hit. The ref DQ's Kennedy and Eddie is on Tm Smackdown. After the match Kennedy whacks Eddie with the chair giving him a concussion


They then shoot shirts into the crowd


Palmer Cannon comes to ringside for commentary


Mini Pierroth vs. Tony ? - I have no idea who the second midget was but he got beat with a flying elbow drop. VERY BORING.


Edge and Lita backstage with Edge leaving to go to talk to Batista and the Boogeyman pops up behind Lita scaring her to death. Boogeyman got a huge pop.


Undertaker return video then aired.


Edge then confronts Batista and Batista said unlike Edge he doesn't back out of matches and its ON!!!!!!!


An interview with the Dicks was then aired saying they will debut next week and basically did a bunch of penis jokes (didn't these guys wrestle on Velocity?)


Third Qualifier JBL vs Chris Benoit -Very good and long match. Halfway through Booker comes down for commentary. Match ends with Benoit locking in the sharpshooter and getting distracted by Booker only to be hit with the clothesline from hell. JBL is on Team Smackdown.


They then play a Divas Video.


Street Fight Main Event Batista vs Edge - Never starts. As the match begins, Eric Bischoff arrives and says he is there to watch the match, meanwhile Chris Masters locks in the Masterlock on Teddy Long. All of team Smackdown chase him off. Masters and Bischoff take off with all of team Smackdown getting in JBL's limo after them. Back in the Ring KANE comes out to face Batista, when he gets to the ring, THE BIG SHOW comes from the crowd and they do a two on one beat down of Batista, with Edge onlooking. Numerous Smackdown jobbers come out but get destroyed by the two. The show ends with Edge, Kane, and Show standing over Batista.


After the show ends Randy Orton comes down and says he was sorry for not helping but he wanted a title match now. Basically Orton beat down on Batista until a spinebuster and Orton was pinned. About a 3 minute match.


They played off that Guerrero had a concussion and could not help Batista.


So Team Smackdown for Survivor Series is Batista/Lashley/JBL/Mysterio/Guerrero


-Hardy may be worked in there somewhere, he may be in Lashley's place but I swear the graphic looked liked Lashley. Not hearing commentary its hard to tell, the Lashley/Jordan match may have been a qualifier. If someone else who was there can clarify it, that would be great but they could be building for a Orton vs Hardy match.


All in all an OK show, the Raw guys got huge pops coming out.

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The extent of DAVE's injuries is thus: it was said that he had torn his latissimus dorsi, a muscle on the upper back that connects under each arm. The muscle was said to have appeared to have rolled up.



Thats what I found.


the word ouch springs to mind


intresting they are setting up a possible Matt Hardy vs Randy feud.. maybe taker won't be coming back for a while then

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Poor show tonight especially after a pretty good one last week.


Locker room speech from Teddy was poor and it had some strange sounding crowd 'pops' for big B...almost as if they were piped :P


What the HELL was that Michelle from Americas Next Top Model seg all about??? You had Melina bragging about MNM winning the tag belts back and then she switches her attention to the booing crowd and she says "Why are you booing? Your like Tyra Banks".......


How on EARTH is the crowd like Tyra Banks??? Either she screwed up her line or that is just the lamest way of introducing someone that has nothing to do with wrestling. It was the most pethetic seg I think ive ever seen.


Rey was ok but I am beginning to hate the 619. On this occasion it is just far to forced the way Orton was hit and then he crawled to the middle rope.


Eddie-Kennedy match was quality - best match of the night.


Lashley was poor against Orlando...but who doesn't look poor Vs OJ? :P


I propose building a dam at either end of Litas clevage - that shytes off the scale!

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Since SD is on now, it's the Rolling Write-up.


What is with having all of the SD stars happily in the same locker room? Ever thought that the feuding heels/faces shouldn't be side by side - ARGH!


Does Randy go everywhere with daddy now? Is this like Chavo Sr & Jr?

Good Gods do I HATE Rey's music! Please go back to "Whose that jumping up the sky". :P

Randy shows his expertise with a HEADLOCK~! Yes, he spends about 2 minutes with a rest hold - at the start of the match.

Rey can do arm drags - that's exciting.

Orton is bigger than Rey in case you didn't notice, then again, everybody apart from the Juniors is bigger than Rey. :P Orton even has to kneel to hit a European uppercut.

More HEADLOCK~! time - is he blown up this quickly?

How exactly do low bridges work? The rope is lowered by 2 inches, but it's enough for the wrestler to go flying over?

Rey with a head scissor HEADLOCK~! Orton must be REALLY out of shape.

Randy manages to send Rey face first into the turnbuckle, and he's that short that he actually hits it face first.

More rest holds, especially the HEADLOCK~! he even tries the MasterHeadLock by shaking Rey about.

Randy is breathing REAL hard - he is really out of shape - at least he only has to fight Taker at SS, so it'll be in slow motion.

Rey "ducks" a clothesline, but in reality he could have just stood there.

More speed from Rey, and a horrible crucifix where Randy's shoulders aren't even on the mat.

I HATE Rey's horribly contrived reversals, and the 619 setups just get worse and worse!

Beat down on Rey, but Matt F'N Hardy makes the saves, swinging his "roundhouse" punches. Twist to Randy and he's out.

Rey is the first SD member of the Survivor match.


Randy is WALKING~! he says to Josh that the RKO is more powerful than the Twist, oooh, harsh words.

Matt messed with the wrong blown-up guy who needs his father to help him walk. :D


MNM are coming out - the BEST ring-entrance in the history of history. Although I'm still waiting for the cameraman "slip". :P

Melina is still sore from the 5* frog splash, so she can't do her entrance. Nasty Eddie. :(

MNM should retain, no matter how long for, just for the way they carry the belts!

The crowd are apparently booing that they pinned clown-face. But Melina makes some obscure reference to Tyra Banks. Do UPN have a new season of Next Top Model coming out soon?

Oh look, a useless bimbo is coming out - get some sun love. Silly bimbo plays along with the heel bits, but it's a SLAP~! and Melina goes mental until the Mexicools come out (slowly) on their mowers.

Juvi is the Cruiserweight Champion, in case you blinked and missed that.

Three on two, they're such men. :P Psychosis with the UGLY leg drop and Super Crazy with a moonsault (which wasn't ugly).

Silly Bimbo TRIES to dance, but, well, she can't.


Ad break and apparently Lashley is facing Jordan next.

Lashley was good in the Matrix, wasn't he?


"Already in the ring, Orlando Jordan" - he doesn't even get an entrance on TV now - yup, he's a jobber. :P

Lashley DESTROYS Jordan, takes him completely apart.

Welcome Lashley to the SS match.


Edge is with Teddy - you REALLY can park a truck between Lita's boobs.

Edge tries to talk Tedster out of the streetfight, as long as DAVE~! doesn't have a problem, then the street fight is off - but Edge has to ask him. :P


By the way, DAVE~! is meant to be the captain of the SD team. Oh well, so much for that.


Ken Kennedy is coming out, so the show just improved no end! Chimmel has to leave while Kennedy gets his mic. This guy's entrance is fantastic. :D He now weighs in at 246lbs... Kennedy!

Nice bit of cheating from both men, Kennedy is improving all the time and I'm sure he'll be a big star, when they decide to push more new talent.

Kennedy has been watching Joe by the looks of it. :D

Eddie goes for the Three Amigos, but only manages 2 with a Kennedy reversal - contrived ref bump and Eddie goes for the chair.

They're protecting Kennedy, so Eddie cheats with the chair to get a DQ win - second one this show - is Dusty booking SD now? Oh, wait. :D

Kennedy WAFFLES~! Eddie with the chair after the match to get his own back.

Eddie is wobbly after the match - Angry Eddie.


Eddie might be concussed, and DAVE~! is concerned.


Oh joy - it's a Junoirs match, and they've got a HORRIBLE new logo. YAWN!

The 2nd guy can't even reach the hands to slap them on the entrance, tripping on the lights. He seems to have REALLY short legs.

If this was funny, it might be watchable, but it's just a complete waste of time.


I hear a beeping noise - it's the truck trying to reverse in-between Lita's boobs.

Boogeyman even has his own lighting now, and he scares away Lita - so he's my new hero for getting her off of the screen. :D


Ooooh, an Undertaker promo - November 27th apparently he'll return, yes he will. I'm shocked, are you shocked? I am, no, really, I am.


Why does it sound wrong when people say "we're going to have a street fight, I'll see you in the ring". DAVE~! still wants to fight Edge.


The Dicks are with Steve something - they're oiling themselves up, oh, and each other too. It's not gay at all, no, not gay, really.


JBL comes out with the best intro music - if only for the "Mooooo". Jillian is still with him - I don't know why, because if I was him, I would have fired her for the disgusting job she's done so far.


After the break Benny comes out and we're on... his "name" tights should be dropped - they just look wrong on him.

Benoit starts the chops and JBL stupidly tries to chop back, so Benoit ignores it. Big Boot turns it around though.

Two minutes in and he's already broken his move count from last week's match. Maybe it's just tag matches he cuts down his moves on.

Time for a rest hold and JBL tries to "Spoon" the Wolverine. Benny doesn't like the fun sized Mars Bar in his back, so he breaks out of it.

Rolling Germans to show JBL not to try cuddling Benny, he's up top and Booker make an entrance - Sharmell has some INSANE tiara on her head.

And we go to another ad break.


Some idiot decided that Sharmell with a mic was a good idea, we don't know who it is, but whoever it is should be shot. At least he'll be hated so much because of her.

JBL stays in control for a while, he puts Benoit up on top but Benny comes off with a SUPER POOOOUNCE~! Period.

Benny clibms up and hits AIR CANADA~! half way across the ring. Jillian tries to interfere to break up the pin, but isn't needed. She's so damn useful.

Brooker T must be blind as he thinks he has the lovliest Diva.

Benoit with a LOVELY little suplex which looks like he's going to dump JBL on his head, but snaps him over.

JBL uses the THUMB TO THE EYE~! to stop the SharpShooter.

Benoit does the best reversal ever for the Clothesline from Heck by dropping JBL with a CrossFace!!!

JBL goes for the "cigar into the back" powerbomb, but Benny reverses, into the sharpshooter, but Book-Man comes up to interfere. A nice bit from Jillian as she tries to push the ropes to JBL.

INSANE timing as Benoit releases the hold just as JBL taps, just as Benny beats the snot out of Booker he gets caught from behind with the CfH.

Poor Benoit. :(


Edge comes out, the camera has to go into widescreen to fit both of Lita's boobs into view, OK, so it didn't, but you get the idea.

DAVE~! comes out, but Frosty has arrived - Cole has to tell us that it's Chris Masters as you can't recognise him - the SD SS team runs out to save Tedster - they pile into JBL's limo to chase after Masters & Bisch.

OH MY GOD, it's Kane, he's come to botch up a sidewalk slam. :P Oh no, and the Big Show - it's OK DAVE~! you've got about 10 minutes as Show slowly makes his way to ring-side.

The 2 Face Tag Champs are working with a Heel Edge, they jump the Face World Champ. That makes sense.

The procession of Jobbers begins with Funaki, Scotty, Spanky, Paul London, Holly receives a GORE~! from Show, Clown Face is next, then Animal waddles in for a double big boot.

Team Velocity gone, who is next?

The Kronik double choke-slam (that injured the arm of DAVE~!) is used - it's not botched, just an unlucky landing.

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After seeing JBL almost land on his head, then seeing Batista getting hit with the simple Double Chokeslam, it makes you realize how little it takes to injure someone.


But, did anyone else see the ad after the show? I don't think it's classified as spoilers in this thread, but better safe then sorry.



They advertised, after the show went off the air, Batista vs Eddie vs Orton in a Triple Threat for the World Title. I'm thinking that Dave made his decision, and either Eddie will win the belt, and become the captain at SS, thus slowly turning heel, or Batista retains with Eddie "injuring" him even more in the Triple Threat, with him showing no remorse, and on Smackdown leading up to Armageddon, Batista confronts Eddie (in a pink suit no doubt) and then Eddie makes excuses like only he can, and eventually turns on Big Dave by hitting him with a rusted tire rim from the lowrider he used at WrestleMania XX


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It took me 8 minutes to watch via my sky + this week. Everything was terrible apart from two segments. I liked the segment with Lita and Edge in Theodore Longs office because I enjoyed looking at Litas chest.


Suprisingly I really enjoyed the end of the show, when Batista was in the ring and the Smackdown superstars left the arena to catch Chris Masters. I marked when Big Show and Kane surrounded the ring, they were monsters, and thats the way they should be pushed all the time. If wrestling was like the last segment on Smackdown this week all the time then I would never stop watching wrestling! However it is NOT like that and the majority of WWE tv is terrible still.

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It took me 8 minutes to watch via my sky + this week. Everything was terrible apart from two segments.


How do you know? You only watched 8 mins of the show....and that was mostly in fast forward.

Have your opinions, but at least dont treat us like fools, you didnt watch the show so how can you have known it was terrible?

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Missed the start of the Mysterio vs. Orton match, but tuned in on time to see Orton do an Atomic Drop straight out of 1983. If he starts doing an Airplane Spin, I might actually start liking him. Ok, maybe not. Randy has the whole Ben Stiller thing going on. His dad was/is/will forever be awesome, but he makes me want to beat myself to death with my bare hands. Jerry Stiller was/is/will forever be awesome, but Ben Stiller makes me want to find a way to bring myself back to life just so I could beat myself to death again. We return from the break with Randy having a mans legs wrapped round his head, which I don’t think is a new experience for him. Cowboy Bob is old school and even at his age doesn’t mind taking a Dropkick to the face. His delighted smile turning to frustration at the DQ decision, then to anger is fantastic. The creepiest babyface ever runs down and I hate him even more now that he is going out with the future Mrs. Naitch. Bob takes some forearms and sells them like a punch drunk boxer. Matt teaching Rey how to the V1 hand signal is so gosh darn sweet. Rey is adorable.


MNM make their entrance with Mercury automatically winning me over by wearing some amazing retro 1980s sunglasses. Melina sells the back which automatically makes her better than Shawn Michaels, only Michaels is a bigger diva. But Melina would beat him in a catfight. Melina is a really great, bitchy, stuck up valet. Why the hell are they promoting some model show? I’ve never really gotten the appeal of supermodels. Some fugly chick who needs to take less heroin and more hamburgers walks down an aisle coked out of her mind modelling clothes no one in their right minds will ever wear and gets paid like a zillion dollars for it. GARY F’N COLEMAN gets a mention on WWE TV and I am tempted to do the crappy ‘What you talkin’ bout Melina?’ joke, but I refrain. It gets even better as THE MEXICOOLS BABY interrupt complete with the REAL America’s next top model, the beautiful Juventud. THE MEXICOOLS party hardy with the model and Psichosis is awesome doing his best sleazy grinding. You know THE MEXICOOLS had a model sandwich after that show.


They do a video package for Vince’s walking wet dream, Lashley, but you can pretty much guarantee that he’ll never be World Champion. I’ll let you guess why.


Orlando Jordan doesn’t even get an entrance and this is great. They should seriously just put this guy out of his misery already. Lashley’s entrance music is incredibly dull. Brock Lesnar had music that made you sit up because you knew when that little screeching thing hit, someone was going to get clobbered. Lashley murdered Jordan with a Clothesline and then hits the Dominator and that is that.


Lita and Edge enter Teddy’s office and when Teddy Long is prettier than you Lita, you know its time to give up. See if they took Teddy’s head and put it in the no mans land that is the space between Lita’s hideous boobs, then the problem would be solved.


MR. F’N KENNEDY…F’N…KENNEDY. On the first day God created Mr. Kennedy…Kennedy and on the remaining days God build everything else around Mr. Kennedy…Kennedy. My head starts to hurt as I try to decide who I like more in this match. The crowd clearly loves Eddie more, however soon Mr. Kennedy…Kennedy will have the crowd loving him as more than ‘little teeny boppers in their training bras’ (credit Flair, Ric) loved Ricky Morton in the 80s. A ref bump? A REF BUMP? In a WWE MATCH? I am shocked, truly, truly shocked. Lil’ Naitch actually bought Mr. Kennedy…Kennedy cheating? He is a man amongst men, a virtuous, noble, hero who is a role model to millions. He would never, ever cheat. Eddie clumsily hits Mr. Kennedy…Kennedy’s chair with his head after the match, as Kennedy…Kennedy was innocently trying to throw it out of the ring. Mr. Kennedy…Kennedy, if you’re reading this: Will you marry me? I know you wouldn’t exactly be into guys, but if I shaved my legs, wore a dress and you squinted real hard, I’d make a pretty hot wife. Just think about it Ken and get back to me.


Just when I thought the Junior Division was all a bad dream we have Pierrohito vs. Todd Stone. Stone does a Dropkick that is even better than the immortal picture perfect Dropkick executed by Erik Watts. Taz is great telling Cole to shut up. Pierrohito drops an Elbow that is even better than Michaels’. They need to beg Lesnar to come back just so he can start killing midgets two at a time, preferably in front of their momma.


Lita sees The Boogeyman and acts all scared and I wonder if she has actually seen her own reflection lately.


I still like that Batista, unlike every other roided up lug, doesn’t rant and rave. A smirk and a cool, calm, collected promo is a lot more intimidating than a guy shouting a lot about how he is going to kick a guys ass. Jake Roberts looked like a hobo, but he used to scare the crap out of me on the mic.


The Dicks (Get it, DICKS!!!) and do a bunch of hilarious innuendo. See they’re called DICKS and they’re ‘rock hard’! They’re going to ‘pummel’ their opponents!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Vince is a genius.


The Benoit vs. JBL matches since Benoit came to Smackdown have all been fun and this one as no different because they are two manly man who aren’t afraid to stiff the crap out of each other. Everything Benoit does, from a simple stomp to the gut to ramming a guys head into the turnbuckle looks so damn vicious and believable and that is one of the many reasons why Benoit is STILL the best wrestler in the WWE (even though apparently AJ Styles and Alex Shelly are better than him. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I do apologise for that little out burst but that still splits my sides). Jillian is good on the outside, but why the hell do they still have her wearing that turd on her face? Why hasn’t the person who thought that was a good idea been fired? Sharmell LaTequa LaTonya LaPDiddyPops Dashiki Rashonda J. Blige Sullivan wearing the crown is a nice touch and Booker T looks dashing in his suit. The Booker/Sharmell heel couple is starting to grow on me. Booker channels the spirit of Malcolm X with his ‘By any means necessary’ line. I do hate when someone is on commentary and they focus more on him than what is happening in, you know, the wrestling ring. Taz is indeed a very wise man, but not as wise as Tie-jiri. I miss 2001 Steve Austin. Benoit does the Flying Headbutt and it still makes me cringe. Remember when Benoit returned from neck surgery and said he’d never do the Headbutt again? Benoit will kill himself in that ring for our enjoyment. Love Benoit reversing the Clothesline into the Crossface. Benoit of course releases the hold when Booker gets in the ring costing himself a victory. WWE babyfaces are morons.


Doesn’t Kane hate Edge or what? Or are we supposed to remember that whole feud? Why the hell is Kane walking past Edge and standing in the ring with Edge and Lita without even glancing sideways at them? Lita at least tries to look scared, but that isn't enough. Kayfabe is well and truly dead. Long live kayfabe. So we do the old WWE bait and switch routine and Kane/Show do the MURDERDEATHKILL DOUBLE CHOKESLAM FROM THE DEPTHS OF HELL ITSELF to leave Batista injured and us with a possible new Champion who could possibly be Randy Orton. The end is nigh.


Yeah Smackdown was ok this week, if just a little forgettable. Still remains better than Raw though. And remember kids, Mr. Kennedy…Kennedy is for life, not just for Christmas.

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How sad is it that they're doing the RAW vs Smackdown feud that is nearly four years in the making and it's not even getting over? That was the one advantage to keeping the brands separate, and even that isn't working. I think the big reason is that it SD looks far too second rate when their world champ is involved in all of this, while HHH, Flair, Michaels, Angle and Cena -- the four top stars on RAW -- can't be bothered.
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I don't think its because the top 4 or 5 stars on Raw can't be "bothered", they are involved in other angles at the moment that can't just be put on hold. If the Raw vs Smackdown feud continues for the forseeable future, I;m sure those guys will get involved as time goes on.
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How do you know? You only watched 8 mins of the show....and that was mostly in fast forward.

Have your opinions, but at least dont treat us like fools, you didnt watch the show so how can you have known it was terrible?


I can see what is happening and know what is going to happen, i.e i didnt need to watch benoits match all the way through to know booker t was going to get involved, or i didnt need to watch lashley vs jordan because it was going to be a generic and predictable squash.


It was terrible because it was so predictable.

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