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*** Official Raw Discussion Thread - 7th November 2005 ***


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Source: WWE.com

When the smoke cleared at Taboo Tuesday, John Cena was still standing as WWE Champion after pinning Shawn Michaels to win the Triple Threat Match. Where will the champ go from here? Will Kurt Angle have anything to say about it? And how will HBK react?


For the past couple of weeks, Theodore Long and his SmackDown troops have embarrassed Eric Bischoff and his RAW soldiers on their own home turf. At Taboo Tuesday, SmackDown's Rey Mysterio & Matt Hardy defeated Chris Masters & Snitsky, and Batista defeated Coach in a Street Fight. Will Eric Bischoff have anything to say after his brand went 0-for-2 at Taboo Tuesday?


Also at Taboo Tuesday, Ric Flair defeated Triple H in a bloody Steel Cage Match to retain the Intercontinental Championship, Trish Stratus retained the Women's Championship by winning the Fulfill Your Fantasy Diva Battle Royal, and Kane & Big Show overcame Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch to become World Tag Team Champions. Will we find out what's next for RAW's other champions?


Find out all this and more when Monday Night RAW invades Fort Wayne, Indiana, to sort out the fallout from Taboo Tuesday. Don’t miss all the action this Monday night at 9/8 CT on the USA Network.

Spoilers are allowed in this thread.

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Ooooooo, Brick's staying up for this one, Cena might turn heel. Brick thinks the plan was for HBK to turn heel before TT (Holding the title over Cena and looking all HBK-intense at RAW the night before) but after he got a better reaction than Cena, then Cena will be the one turning. But I might be wrong.
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Ooooooo' date=' Brick's staying up for this one, Cena might turn heel. Brick thinks the plan was for HBK to turn heel before TT (Holding the title over Cena and looking all HBK-intense at RAW the night before) but after he got a better reaction than Cena, then Cena will be the one turning. But I might be wrong.[/quote']


I'm staying up to watch it aswell. :)


You have a fair point about John Cena turning heel but i don't think they will turn him while he has the WWE title.


I have a feeling we won't see Cena wrestle for a good few weeks now (which isn't a bad thing :lol ) as that helped him get 'found out' in recent weeks.


I hope RAW pulls it's finger out this week and starts getting a bit of direction.



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It's time for the Rolling Writeup, MrFill style. :)


Show opens with "almost the entire roster" aound the ring - Joey Styles is on commentary, so at least there's one guy with talent. :D

Frosty is coming out, Carlito is in the middle of the shot with his COOL~! t-shirt on - I SO want one of those.

Bisch announces HHH vs Flair in a Last Man Standing, sounds like at Survivor. Plus Kurt vs Cena for the Title.

Who are the 5 for the Survivor match? Kane & Show, HBK is the captain (no surprise there), you just KNOW you want Maria in there. Carlito gets some stick time - no more Cabanas? :cry

Shelty grabs the match, says that the most amazing athlete on RAW should be in the match, and Carlito points to himself. :D

Frosty announces Benjamin vs Carlito for one of the slots.

Murdock gets the stick and he asks for a Hardcore match for the tag titles.

Helms asks for a match with Rosey. Looks like this could be a good RAW already! Helms is looking cooler than he has done for ages.

YAY! Alexis gets the stick and tries to get everybody to cheer for Trish - she is so freaky that it's brilliant. Got to love her!

They announce the tag main event.

Bisch disses Edge and Lita "I forgot you was even here". He gets them into the ring, surprisingly they don't have the case. Replay of the TT promo. Edge is going to SD on "Friday" in a street fight against DAVE~! :D


Carlito vs Shelty is next, after the break...

During the break, most of the starts leave and they start the match - this REALLY shows what they think of Shelton and Carlito.


We're back and Shelton is in control, lots, a nice forward flip neck breaker from the apron - this guy should be in the TNA X-Division. Shelty gets caught with a dropkick to the knee and begins a champion sell job - Carlito works the knee over.

Rest Hold time and Joey is already improving the commentating just by sitting there with them.

Even though he's not been on TV for ages, the crowd is majorly behind him - Shelty uses Carlito's HUGE hair to get out of the submission. Carlito Flop after Shelty launches him.

Benjamin back in control and his knee is magically better. Odd sell job as it only gives in occasionally.

Suplex is reversed into what could be a REALLY cool neck breaker, but in stead Benjamin hits a Northern Lights (called correctly by Styles) - Shelton on top, but Carlito moves, catches him with the DDT for 2.

Commentary line so far "Look, Carlito's hair is standing on end".

Shelty remembers the knee after a samoan drop, Dragon Whip is avoided by Carlito who has been watching Joe - he just steps backwards. :D

Carlito tries for a single leg boston crab, but seems to have lost a contact lense as he looks at the canvas - Shelton reverses, but CCC reverses once more, uses the ropes for the pin. Somebody hates Shelton. :P


Women's locker room and Mickie is being hyper with Trish again - women's tag match is coming up - NAC and NAC.


Ad break.

On Unlimited, Carlito is interviewed by Grish - he rips on the SmackDown Survivor team. :)


Back from the break, Trish and Alexis come out, replay of Trish winning at TT.

Their opponents are Victoria and Candice - at least there's 3 wrestlers there - oh wait, they only have 3 active women wrestlers. :P

Joey RULES on commentary.

Victoria and Mickie actually start wrestling, until Candice doesn't manage to pull down the 2nd rope, but Mickie dives through it anyways.

Interesting choke hold from Candice using the ropes, then the wiggle - so, we've her one move then.

Alexis can't get to Trish for the pin, so she comes in and cleans house.

Trish for a HORRIBLY contrived head scissors, Mickie and Victoria mess up a spot. Candice slips Victoria the wand - get your minds out of the gutter. :P

Alexis gets clobered with the wand, Vickie take the pin and the heels almost kiss in celebration.


Replay of the TT with Angle putting Cena through the announce table.


In the ad break, they show the signs - Grish asks "is there really a Chris Masters fan here?". :D

He asks what the crowd think if the commentators are doing a good job - how would they know? They can't hear them.


We're back for some highlights of Taboo Tuesday - Styles says that Coach may not remember most of it. :lol


A very gay segment with the tag champs - they're almost to the Snitsky/Heidy level. Almost, but not quite.


During the break Rosey comes out - Grish interviews him in the ring. Rosey promises to shove his size 15 where the sun don't shine - so under his gut then?

The camera focuses on Lillian - did you know she's well into her 30s?


Back and Helms has his new music - he almost looks like Silvan with the outfit. Replay of the heel turn, just case you missed it online.

Rosey is MAJORLY in control. Sound blanks out via the match just to prove that they're on a few second delay.

Helms gets a cheap heel move to turn it around, but Rosey pushes him off - he goes to the corner, Helms kicks him off - Shining Wizard and that's it. This was 90% Rosey offence, and yet Helms wins. :P


Cade and Murdock are WALKING!!! Fear the WALKING!!!


Another ad break and Grish is on to call out Ashley and Maria to wiggle for the crowd. They decide that Grish should sell his pants since their outfits from Halloween are on sale.

Grish is so cool on the mic - I recommend you watch this segment just for him. :)


Back from the adverts and Kane comes out, followed by Show.

Out come Cade and Murdock - Murdock is SO old school it makes my cheer. By the way, have you noticed that we're onto our fourth match at the end of an hour? Funny how the number of matches have increased? Remember, Big = Good, Small = Bad.

The ex-champs use some good, old fashioned team work to turn it around.. They try some more team offence, but the big guys no-sell and begin a HUGE come-back.

Cade decides to leave, but the tag champs go after him and smack his head into the scenery.

The big guys then use the Kronik double chokeslam through an announce table, pin and win. Blah.


Erk, I'm really tired, so I'm falling asleep here. I might finish this in the morning. :(

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Well, I must say a good start to Raw, I'm lovin that there's gonna be a hardcore match. YAY! HBK captain of the Raw team. Kurt vs Cena. Ric vs HHH last man standing. CArlito vs Shelton was pretty good. I loved the hair pull and Carlito's face. Great match. Styles is doing a good job of commentating while King and Coach argue. Ok diva match. I don't care. What effect does that wand have? isnt that like plastic or something? They have the "will they get along tonight thing for the tag team match".


Great hardcore match, they used the announcer's table YAY! Crappy trash can broke when Kane big booted it on Murdock.


the night is certainly looking good so far.


Well, cry Angle cry. I wonder if WWE is seriously trying to stop the You Suck chant, but I dont think so. They would just make Kurt a face to do that, even then I don't know if it would stop.


Damn, HBK why did you superkick Masters, you should have superkicked the steel chair into Davari's face.



Prediction here. Angle wins title at SS, faces HBK at Royal Rumble. HBK wins, Cena wins Rumble. HBK vs Cena main event WM 22.

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I thought RAW was good tonight, and i have been very critical about it in recent weeks.


From what i saw tonight the 'a show' seems to have a bit more direction, less vignettes and other 'skits', but most all . . . more wrestling. :)


Even when Triple H's music hit and he came out from behind the curtain not dressed to wrestle he DIDN'T cut a 20 minute promo on how he was kick Ric Flair's ass but he pulled up a chair and watched . . . a match . . . for a championship belt . . . on RAW!


Were my eyes decieving me? :lol


The start of the show with General Manager Eric Bischoff in the ring surrounded by nearly all the Monday night roster was cool and helped show [KAYFABE/] how much the RAW superstars are united in there efforts beat Smackdown! at the Survivor Series in 3 weeks [/KAYFABE].


Getting Edge and Lita off my screen made my night a much happier one, and i was a bit unhappy after running out of cigarettes at 2am.


Surely with it being a hardcore match Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch should have been allowed more offence in their re-match with new World Tag Team Champions Kane and The Big Show.


But no, easily the best tag team on RAW (not that they have TOO much competition :D ) Cade and Murdoch got treated like a couple of jobbers. :roll


Is it just me or does when they not show you a wrestlers entrance along with entrance music before a match take something away from the actual match and the wrestler concerned?


Well they do this a lot on RAW, to cram in as many adverts as possible, and i just thought then that no way would Rob Conway have a chance of winning the match and the Intercontintel title after his entrance was cut.


Maybe that's just me? :D


The Diva tag match was as good as can be expected i suppose and they finally have a diva-based storyline i am interested with Micky James and Trish Stratus.


Okay the storyline has been done before and we all no it will end it James turning on her 'idol' but it will be good when it happens if given enough time to build up.


By the way, i mark-out for Micky's wrestling attire. :eek


I know i'm not doing this in order but who cares? :lol


I was so glad to see two under-used performers of late Carlito and Shelton Benjamin go one-on-one in a match that meant something on the big show.


Both guys needed the win but maybe Carlito did more than Shelton and he got it by using the ropes during an inside cradle which i love to see heels do. :lol


Rosey went one-on-one with Gregory Helms.


God, they could have at least tried to build this up a bit more and end the 'rivalry' (if you can call it that) a few weeks down the line.


Hey, they would on Smackdown! :xyx Now they know how to book a storyline like this. :)


Anyway, predictably Helms won with what i like to call a soccer like 'scissor kick' to his ex-partners head after about 3 minutes, in which Rosey had like 2 minutes and 40 seconds of offence, by the way. :help


Kurt Angle's antics with the crowd of the 'you suck' chants was amusing and i wondered where they were going with it.


Just a thought, it's going to be freakin' hard to turn Angle babyface in the future with the fans (and me too) loving the 'you suck' chants during his entrance?


It's great having Joey Styles on commentary but 3 guys at the table doesn't work, personally i think it's time to give Jerry 'The King' Lawler his p45 as he was good a few years back but now is sooo stale even if he did up his performance after Jim Ross got 'fired'.


I actually think Jonathon Coachman plays the heel colour guy pretty well, as long as he don't keep stepping in the ring. :lol


So the main event, WWE champion John Cena and HBK versus Chris Masters and Kurt Angle with Davairi as the special guest referre after Kurt threw a benny and got Bisch to 'censor' the 'you suck' chants (yeah but we couldn't hear them on the tv at home but he could hear them in the arena . . . and i'm boring myself :D ).


Anyway, the main event was okay.


Cena's offence was terrible as ever and Masters entrance was meet with silence as ever and Micheals and Angle carried the pair as ever.


Davairi (who favoured the heels all match with fast counts and well . . . you know the score) DQ'ed the team of Cena and HBK when he saw Shawn with a chair despite the fact he never used and it was the heels who brought it into the ring.


Not sure what this main event did apart from bring Davairi back in, there was no 'friction' between the babyface team despite what happened at Taboo Tuesday which i was a bit suprised by and it didn't seem to move anything on or put an end to anything.


Compared to previous weeks RAW was very good (which isn't saying too much i know) but they had more matches, less 'amusing' skits and all that stuff plus it seems like they have a bit of direction but i'm not sure how long it will last.



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Sunday night Heat results


Heat Tapings

- Kerwin White, Nick Nemeth defeated The Hearthrobes

(This match was weird because the Hearthrobes were the faces , but the crowd

really didnt know that because it just came out of no where)

(Kerwin also got busted open by a stiff shot by who i believe was Romeo)


-Eugene defeated Colt Cabana after a Rock Bottom


-Matt Striker pinned Tajiri with a school boy with the tights hooked


-Tyson Tomko, Snitsky defeated Val Venis, Viscera when Tomko pinned Val after

a big boot

( they teased a Vis heel turn on Val after the match but val and vis just

shook hands)

Credit-Wrestling observer.

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It took me 16 minutes to watch Raw this week via my sky +. I watched the first segment with Bischoff and the divas match. The rest of the show was totally predictable crap! I also cant believe how Cena is still pushed, his reactions are terrible!


The highlight of the show is a joint award, it was either Lita getting her massive boobs out for Bischoff or Mickie James' fantastic pair, they are very bouncy.

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We start Raw with the voice of The Coach and that automatically makes this a horrible Raw, but then they redeem themselves by introducing Joey F’N Styles. I always like when they bring the whole roster to the ring, its pretty visually impressive, even if it is so business exposing that Bill Watts would have a coronary. Heels shouldn’t be standing side by side with no stinkin’ babyfaces. Bischoff shows up, makes a few matches, then hands the mic to Carlito and that is awesome. Carlito says hes the best wrestler out there, which is actually very nearly right. Carlito is vastly underrated. They announce Benjamin vs. Carlito and maybe Benjamin can beat his previous record by only blowing spots 87 times. TREVOR F’N MURDOCH MOTHERFUNKERS on the mic and this turns into the best Raw in history. Captain Redneck didn’t sweat anyone in his life and Murdoch follows in that surly, grumpy, old sum bitch’s footsteps by challenging Kane/Show to a Hardcore match. Alexis Laree jumps up and down on the apron and this is definitely the best Raw ever, even though I hate fake boobies. Gregory is the worst wrestling name ever and you may as well just go all out and call him Cecil Montgomery III or something. Wrestlers should be able to kick your ass, but who the hell is going to fear a guy called Gregory? Edge is there wearing a condom on his head and I’m sure his head actually fits in Lita too. SNITSKY sings his heart out for your enjoyment and smiles that big, beaming smile that lights up entire cities. Anyway, nice start to Raw, even with Michaels’ constant mugging to the camera. Ah, Shawn and your desperate attention seeking ways.


We return with Carlito vs. Benjamin and Shelton does the Buff Blockbuster from the ring apron. If he starts wearing a top hat with his face on it and calling himself ‘The Stuff’ he’ll be my new favourite wrestler. Benjamin pulls the hair of Carlito and that should be an automatic DQ and possibly death by rusty, flaming hot pitchfork being inserted in your rectal passage. Nobody messes with the do. So yeah, apparently it is the 27th Survivor Series. Someone needs to take Lawler out back and put him out of his misery. Benjamin misses the Dragon Whip and Carlito dropkicks the bad leg like a good heel should. Cheat to win people, cheat to win. A wise man once said ‘Win if you can, lose if you must, be always cheat.’ If I was a wrestler, I’d definitely cheat.


Mickie James is awesome as the perky stalker, but Trish is just as good as the girl who thought it was kinda cute at first but is getting increasingly annoyed by Mickie’s 800 phone calls a day and her camping in Trish’s backyard. Sooner or later, Trish will snap, we’ll get the old Trish kicking people in the head, then mocking them when they’re down and then all will be right with the world of wrestling again. Candice Michelle is so botoxed up, she’ll look like Joan Rivers in 5 years time. Maybe she should use that magic wand to magic herself a new face. Mickie wrestling in a skirt (well it kinda resembles a skirt anyway) makes me a happy man but Candice in there actually makes me wish for Torrie Wilson and to think we have to stick her until at least Wrestlemania. Is she still milking that stupid, damn dance? Get a new talent, skankasaurus. So yeah Alexis jobs again…to a magic wand?


We recap last weeks ending to the main event as Michaels was his usual heat stealing self. Ah the old ‘partners that might not be able to get along’ routine in the main event. Highly original.


We take a look back at Taboo Tuesday with Joey doing his best shill, brownnosing, ‘I’ve sold my soul to the devil himself’ laugh. That’s it Joey, earn that McMahon signed paycheque. We see Vader (he ate the Big Van) and screw it, I’d rather watch fat, old Vader than Shawn Michaels. So yeah how many times does Flair continue to prove people wrong? He does it again and again and again by pulling great matches out his 56 year old ass.


Kane’s strategy would be pretty full proof against anyone else, but against MURDOCH? Come on now Kane, that guy is too damn surly to feel pain. I smell Kane vs. Show No. 1845. I like Show but I’d rather not see that particular match again. I nearly went blind after watching their KOTR 99 match.


I do like Helms’ entrance music, but why the hell couldn’t he just be Sugar Shane Helms? You know, I don’t think we’re still going to get him mixed up with Shane McMahon. Gregory vs. Rosey might well be the campest sounding wrestling match ever. Rosey is better than Jamal, he’d make a killing in Japan. Styles actually calls Helms’ version of the Shining Wizard, which Jim Ross probably thinks is a brand of bourbon.


I actually think that Cade and MURDOCH is my favourite tag team in WWE history. Cade is awesome as the smirking, smarmy cowboy, but MURDOCH is the greatest thing in wrestling history. I have been watching a lot of UWF Mid South lately and MURDOCH would have been awesome teaming with Dick himself beating the tar out of Jim Duggan or someone. If you’re going to put Show in a tag team, then it should be with a smaller guy who can bump around and sell, while Show stands on the apron looking menacing before getting the hot tag. He was used perfectly in his short lived teams with Spike and Tajiri. Pushing a trolley to the ring isn’t exactly redneck. MURDOCH should be whipping people with his belt, hitting them on the back of the head with his cowboy boot and hanging them over the top rope with a bullrope. Why do people always kindly move the monitors when they’re about to put a guy through a table? Wouldn’t it hurt more to slam him on the monitors as well? That has always bothered me. Joey acts shocked as I wonder whether this was the same guy watched Sandman get crucified and Terry Funk get turned into a human torch in ECW. So yeah the WWE continues to job out the most entertaining people on the roster. Why does this company hate me so much?


They announce the main event is next, I look at my watch, theres an hour left and I suddenly become worried that I might have to watch Masters, Cena and Michaels for an hour, so I cry like a little girl.


I think ‘You Suck’ signs are both original and highly creative. In fact I’d put them up there with ‘Game Over’ and ‘Just a Big Loser’ in terms of originality. Liked Angle doing the start over thing as it gets the crowd interacting with the show, but all of a sudden after 2 years of never mentioning it, ‘You suck’ suddenly bothers him? Sign says ‘Kurt Angle: Best Booty in WWE’. I dunno, RVD is pretty close. That guy has buns that could crack walnuts. Well I guess his wife leaving him is true. I don’t think the rumours that he knocked up Dawn Marie and had his Olympic Podium slobbered over by Jacqueline exactly helped. Well at least my worries about an hour match involving Masters, Michaels and Cena are over.


But then we get Triple H instead. Absolutely fantastic. Years of being anti establishment and counter culture and now Styles falls into line by having to kiss Trips’ undeserving ass on TV. So has he finally stopped trying to look like Ric Flair then by wearing black jeans straight out of 1994? Like I’ve said before, Triple H walks around and he tries to dress like Ric Flair, he tries to talk like Ric Flair and he tries to act like Ric Flair. He got his little 2nd rate Four Horsemen rip off stable, but the only problem is Triple H will never ever ever ever ever ever, not in a billion years ever be as good as Ric Flair. Ever. Flair is north of 55 and he is STILL better than Triple H. We return with Conway in the ring and I am disappointed at not hearing his entire entrance music. Flair whispers something in Lillian’s ear and I don’t think it was just about him beating Triple H. I swear I overheard the words ‘Room No. 127’ and ‘Space Mountain.’ See now Conway is wrestling an actual legend. When the hell did Koko B. Ware become a legend? KOKO B. FRIGGING WARE. Gimme a break. Conway seems off his game as he is shocked to be in a match with actual crowd reaction. Flair grabs the Con Jewels and has now hit more moves from the top rope this year than in the past 20 years. Trips tries to get involved after the match, but that wily old timer Flair don’t take no crap from anyone, especially no damn Flair impersonator. And not even a good one. Michael Hayes shows up looking as though he ate Vader.


Lita shows up in Bischoff’s office hoping to cross another man off her list. She is like Santa Claus, only slutty. I liked how when Lita opened her top, Bischoff pulled out a pair of binoculars looked at one end of the arena to see her left boob, then the other end to see her right boob. Aside from one no doubt insane girl screaming for Masters, the crowd is so silent I can hear the cockroaches fart. Ah dammit, I hope they don’t bleep ‘suck’ every week, my head hurts already. Why did Angle act like he couldn’t hear it all of sudden? Was the crowd on one giant TV screen that no one at home could see? Shawn Michaels is 40 years old, balding and he is still doing that stupid, gay stripper routine. The guy is as camp as a row of tents and personally that isn’t the sort of guy I want in main events. Hogan, Austin, Bret, Angle, Rock, they all looked like they could kick my ass but my 11 year old sister could take Shawn Michaels. Only by the time Michaels told the story of what happened, it’ll have turned into 50 bodybuilding 11 year olds who shot lasers from their eyes and had guns instead of arms. His desperate craving for attention and fan approval is almost sad to see. DAIVARI MOTHEFUNKERS. HOLY F’N CRAP. BEST RAW EVER, SEE YOU NEXT WEEK FOLKS. Bah, then Lawler nearly ruins it by saying he thought DAIVARI had been deported. Way to bring the racism King. But no matter DAIVARI is on my TV and I am as giddy as a schoolgirl getting Donny Osmonds’ autograph. When the referee is my favourite guy in a match, you know something is wrong. Why is DAIVARI a ‘piece of trash’ King? How does Lawler know DAIVARI wasn’t saying ‘Madam, that is a lovely dress’ or ‘Don’t do drugs kids and stay in school’ when he was ranting on the mic? DAIVARI keeps the cheating Michaels and Cena in line with his brilliant officiating and calls it right down the middle (credit Alfonso, Bill) in the face of these crooked babyfaces. I swear I heard Michaels say something derogatory about DAIVARI’s mother. He prevents that dastardly Shawn Michaels from using a chair and rightfully disqualifies him. Cena then stupidly gets in the way of the chair as DAIVARI was trying to throw it out of the ring.


Yeah pretty ok Raw this week for the first time in ages. Liked the opening segment, SNITSKY singing, Alexis Laree in a belt, Flair, Cade/MURDOCH, not having to hear Trips speak and DAI F’N VARI returns to be the new saviour of wrestling. But Chris Masters main events, while Venis and Tajiri languish on an internet show? ‘Theres not much justice in the world’. You know what ‘philosopher’ said that? Lemar…and everyone says hes just a big pair of tits.

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From the videos on wwe.com and from what i've read, it sounded like one of the best RAWs for along while. Glad to see more wrestling and less promos etc. Joey rocks, Coach should be dropped not King. Seemed like Masters had a good match and sold the sweert chin music quite well. Daivari was a major shock but good to see him back. Hope Edge gets battered on SD lol
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Very good RAW, even with the wrestling heavy show this week it was still very enjoyable.


Each match served a purpose, and werent just thrown together for the sake of it. People seem to think i hate wrestling matches on the shows, i dont. I hate matches with no build up or where the winner doesnt really matter. And thats why i dont like 90% of TV matches.

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Styles' commentary in the main event was all kinds of awesome. For someone who's been with the company for a week, the amount of enthusiasm and emotion he managed to portray just shows how good he is. JR could only muster up that kind of emotion for Austin or against HHH.
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Colt Cabana on RAW could be would be........amazing to be honest. Mic skills like The Rock, certainly no worse delivery and confidence, and can actually wrestle a very good comedy, or straight up match. His Austin aries cage match, is unbelievably good really, so he could go far.


Second City Saints in WWE :worship

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Cabana is on Heat as a nameless, faceless jobber. It might have even been done as a favour to Punk to give his best friend some exposure and a payday. I can't see it being any different to when Nigel McGuinness was squashed by Tomko or when Punk teamed up with another jobber to lose within a couple of minutes some while back. I doubt it's a case of Colt being ready to make it on Raw, although I'm sure if he impressed he could go a long way towards helping his chances of getting a development deal.
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Cabana is on Heat as a nameless' date=' faceless jobber. It might have even been done as a favour to Punk to give his best friend some exposure and a payday. I can't see it being any different to when Nigel McGuinness was squashed by Tomko or when Punk teamed up with another jobber to lose within a couple of minutes some while back. I doubt it's a case of Colt being ready to make it on Raw, although I'm sure if he impressed he could go a long way towards helping his chances of getting a development deal.[/quote']

True, but it's definetly a start for him, and it shows WWE are smei-interested at least. I'm sure if he impressess them, he could get given another chance, like Punk, or maybe not. He is very suitable for the main stream audience though, so it wouldn't suprise me if WWE did try and sign him.


And even if they don't, it's exposure, and gives him a chance to work in such a powerful comapny, and work in front of a live crowd. It's not going to make much difference, but expeciance is a good thing surely.

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greaty performance by Shelty B.. by why are they jobbing him otu again?? grrr... h e could do well in the surivivor series amtch... let carlito commentate in that match of sometinG :p


did kurt's wife really leave him??


nice to see DAvari back and cena's pop decrease evermore :lol....


main event was ok.. but please no more cena matches.. its abismal

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