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The Rise and Fall of the Extreme Revolution - A preview


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This was put on hold while the whole Work thing was going on because we didn't want emotions from that running into this "DVD" type show. It's now back being worked on and what follows is the first small preview of "The Rise and Fall of the Extreme Revolution" People who were apart of the Ex-Rev will notice most of this as Extreme Revolution Uncut, but it's going to go futher than that and has been changed slightly.


The full "DVD" along with any others will be put up on a special website which Mr. Fill is sorting out. So here goes, let me know what you think.



The Rise and Fall of the Extreme Revolution - A preview


A video montage of Extreme Revolution moments play as the Narrator talks.


Narrator: For Four years, The Extreme Revolution dominated the world of E-fed Wrestling but on June 26th 2005, that all came to an end. What follows is an in depth look into the federation from it’s rise to glory in 2001 to it’s ultimate demise in 2005. This is an unedited and uncut look at Extreme Revolution as told by the people who lived it…. This is the Rise and Fall of the Extreme Revolution.


The video montage fades out and we are taken to the Extreme Revolution studio’s where Paul Heyman is sat on a stool looking through what looks like a script.


Heyman: Stuff this, I’m not going off any script. This is the Rise and Fall of the Extreme Revolution, we didn’t need scripts then and we damn sure don’t need scripts now. This is going to be told as it was by the people who were there not some stupid Hollywood writer.


Heyman now looks towards the camera and gives off his evil grin.


Heyman: So let’s get this thing started huh? And what better place to start than March 19th 2001 the day it all began in a little thread entitled ‘I leave you lot alone for five minutes’


Scene fades from Heyman to a clip….

Elbow reacting To Sam's comment about Ed running the place....


"and Ed's now running the place?? DUDE - This is *my* yard! "


WK>>>>HEY! I kinda run this board too... so if ed wants to step up it will be a handicap match <<<<


Handicap match, eh...damn right! [Dramatic turn of events at Raw]


Back from the clip and the camera is on Elbow.


Elbow: Thinking back to that period of our community, the board was a garish tree-thread format with a black background and yellow text (if I remember correctly). It was a free-host set up and summed up the 'hippie' feel that was WWF-UK.


It was a time when I was able to post lots. For some reason, I wasn't able to visit/post at the board for a day or two. On my return, I found Sam and Ed striving to better the board with their fancy games and e-Fed's. BETTERING THE BOARD! THAT WAS MY ROLE!


To wit - "I leave you lot alone for 5 minutes" was started to put people in their place. If I'd have known it was the single best thing to happen to the board, I'd have never posted it


And look at us now.


We should give ourselves a pat on the back for how far it came.


Hosted and supported by Erika and Fill, continuing content accuracy by Lee and a growing base of fresh faces that don't know what role Elbow had duwing da woar...


The scene fades from Elbow to that of Kessler.


Kessler: It was such a fun time. We were all so new to it, fresh and full of enthusiasm. Okay, so it was totally unorganised, the angles were ridiculous, the characters ludicrous, the matches pathetic, the storylines had bigger holes than Abi Titmuss and none of it made much sense....but that was the beauty of it. It was such a blast, it's impossible to ever recreate that time because we've all come on so much but a part of me will always treasure the inhibited early days when it was 100% about the fun, you can just never recreate it - never. At first I thought we were all a bit insane but I tell you what, if I could go back I’d not change a thing about it.


The scene fades from Kessler to Andrew


Andrew: Those times were crazy, pure pandemonium really. You’d post something on the board and you’d be eager to get back and see what has come of it, was great, great fun. Like I said though it was crazy and I remember at the beginning the World Championship belt was handed around so much it was a bit of a joke, the way I saw it, was that in order to move forward we needed stability.


The scene fades from Andrew to Sam.


Sam: The start of it all! Elbow still thinks he gets the credit for kicking it all off, but It was ME who got the first feud going with a very innocent - yet now legendary - remark: "I thought Ed was running this place now?" oooohhhhh did I ever realise what would come from that line?! Wow. I’m honoured. But to be honest, an e-fed had been discussed before that and I am sure it would be underway regardless by now.


The scene now fades from Sam to Fill.


Fill: The most chaotic time for the fed - it was fun just writing stuff off the cuff, but with no real booking the belts changed hands more times than people change their undies!


The scene fades from Fill and has now cut back to Heyman back in the studio,


Heyman: It was a lot of fun at the start but Fill was right, things weren’t very controlled, things needed structure and on July 22nd and 23rd respectively the WWF UK Extreme became The Extreme Revolution and Andrew took control.


July 22nd 2001 – Fully Loaded


Deadman then begins to stalk down Fill chair in hand, he raises the chair high above his head and swings changing direction at the last second and cracking Pabster straight over the head busting him open straight away. The crowd begins to boo and Fill and Deadman begin to laugh.


JR: What in the Hell is going on? Don’t tell me Deadman has turned his back on WWF (UK) Extreme to join the Extreme Revolution.


Deadman turns and blast Pabster once again right in the face, which causes him to become unhooked. Pabster falls to the mat a bloodied mess, Fill drags him into the middle of the ring and goes for a cover.






JR: Kick out Dammit


THRE…Kick out by Pabster {Huge Pop from the crowd}


JR: Yes Pabster kicked out c’mon we can do this.


Fill is visibly pissed of as is Deadman and so Deadman tells JJKM to hand him a chair. Deadman picks Pabster up and grabs the other chair and hands it to Fill. Deadman bounce the ends of the chairs on the mat three times before swinging them together squashing Pabster’s head.


JR: Dammit a con-chairto, but why has Deadman turned his back on the UKEnforcers and WWF (UK) Extreme?


Fill covers Pabster and Deadman stands counts along with the referee.












Fink: Here is your winner and new WWF (UK) EXTREME CHAMPION…. FILL


The Extreme Revolution enters the ring while Deadman helps Paul E to his feet the two shake hands and then hug.


JR: What, WHY, this isn’t happening it can’t be.


The Extreme Revolution Stand in the middle of the ring with Fill in the middle holding his newly won Title over his head to huge heat from the crowd. The camera pans around the ring to see the destruction caused by the Extreme Revolution before refocusing on the group.


JR: Christ almighty they did they have taken over WWF (UK) EXTREME, they have all the gold and things WILL NEVER EVER BE THE SAME AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNN!


The first Extreme Revolution RAW July 23rd 2001


Elbow signs the last page and turns the documents around and the mystery person signs followed by the lawyer. The camera pans up to see Deadman with a huge smile on his face and then the Titantron flickers back off.


{Crowd boo like mad}


JR: What the hell is that about, don’t tell me that Son of a Bitch turned his back on WWF (UK) Extreme just to get the company that made him.


Paul E: It shocked you all last night and by the gasps I heard a moment a go it sounds like you were shocked once again. But now Ladies and Gentlemen rise to your feet as we welcome the Owner of The Extreme Revolution… DEADMANNNNNNNNNNNNN!


Hell raiser from Disturbed hits and the crowd boo as Deadman wearing a suit heads down the ramp.


JR: God he’s even gone corporate the no good son of a bitch.


Deadman gets in the ring and shakes Paul’s hand and gets the mic from him. Deadman looks out into the crowd with a smug smile on his face and the crowd begins a huge ass hole chant.


DM: That’s right I now own this very company, the company I worked my ass off for and what did I get for it? I can tell you what…Absolutely nothing.


JR: That’s crap Deadman is a former 2 time WWF (UK) Champion.


DM: So Paul E. and myself devised a plan in which we would take over this company with help from these guys here. Deadman shows of The Extreme Revolution and the crowd boos. The Revolution was in my eyes the most talented guys this company has but yet they did not get the recognition they deserved. Fill was the WWF (UK) Champion for 24 hours before this company screwed him out of it and he never received a title shot again. So we devised the plan and brought in the best guys the company had to offer so we could over turn that Idiot Elbow.


The scene fades out and the camera is on Fill.


Fill: This was probably the best thing that could have happened to the e-fed - making it into a REAL fed with some intelligent booking, although there was still too much strange stuff going on.


The scene fades from Fill to Sam.


Sam: Well this was a positive thing as the e-fed needed direction and stability, and Andrew was the only person who could have been it, as he proved for all these years. The perfect fit. It was just a bit of silly fun before this, complete with bombs dropping on Afghan hotels! Even Russo couldn't dream it up. Deadman brought some realism to the joint.


The scene has now faded from Sam to Kessler


Kessler: I wasn't sure what to make of it at first. It took a bit of adjusting to be honest, going from a place where we all did our own thing and made our own decisions to a place where one of us was now a leader and we had to run certain things through him. I think, in hindsight, it was a great move though and we certainly got the right man for the job, you can't even imagine the dedication Andrew's shown in the last few years.


The scene has now faded from Kessler to Andrew.


Andrew: What can I say about this really? I was kind of unofficially running the place a few months before hand when I started taking control of PPV’s and fully writing them by my own, I know this raised a few eyebrows but hey look where we are now. I remember talking to Pabster the night of the Fully Loaded event and he said to me, I guess that makes it official now and it did. There was one person in charge one leader as it were. I didn’t ask anyone else about it I just hot shotted myself into that position, did that annoy anyone? I’m not really sure, nobody has ever said anything to me about it but right now I don’t really care because I think I’ve proved my self.


The scene now fades back to Heyman in the studio.


Heyman: It was a great moment that’s for sure and the Extreme Revolution now had a leader which brought stability to the federation, but the company needed new talent, Pabster having his feet in the door at TWO knew of The Original TWOStars and talks began to bring HBK, Skullmonkey, KJ and Hunter into the Extreme Revolution and on August 19th 2001 History was made as HBK and Skullmonkey debuted at Extreme Revolution SummerSlam


The scene fades from Heyman to SummerSlam 2001


August 19th 2001 – SummerSlam


Pabster's music hits the crowd pop big time


Pabster comes out with a mic and makes his way down the isle, he stops halfway


Paul E: Oh look who it is... "Commissioner" Pabster


Pabster 's music fades out, the crowd is still cheering but they die down in anticipation of Pabster's mystery tag team.


Pabster: Well the time for hyping is over {the crowd cheer}


Paul E: Thank God


Pabster: It's now time to fight (The crowd cheer a bit louder}


Fill and Whizz Kidd are nodding in the ring


Paul E: You're damn right it is


Pabster: I promised you a big surprise and a big surprise I have, I promised you two big name players and two big name players I have.


JR: Who is it?


Pabster: So Without further ado - your mystery opponents - first.....


An eerie music hits and fireworks go off


Followed by a large figure stepping from behind the apron who then walks and stands at the start of the isle.


{The crowd goes mad}


Paul E: OH MY GOD! Is that who I think it is!!!!

JR: THAT'S SKULLMONKEY, Paul!!! Pabster has signed arguably the sickest man in this business today

Paul E: SHUT UP JR...


Fill and Whizz Kidd look on nonchalantly; Whizz Kidd turns to Fill and makes a "pfffft..." kind of gesture


MC: Pabster has shocked the World by bringing in a man world renowned for his evil sick style


The 7-foot Skullmonkey makes his way to where Pabster is


JR: You've just gotta wonder who the hell has Pabster brought in as his partner?


Paul E: Well it can't get any worse; Skullmonkey is way to sick... Even for The Extreme Revolution's liking. He's a one man wrecking crew...


Pabster and now, his tag team partner....


A very familiar music hits and the crowd ERUPT


Paul E: It's worse... I can't believe this...


Another strange figure comes dancing out from behind the curtain.



MC: Pabster has brought in one of the greatest athletes in the history of this business

JR: Good luck Paul, I think your boys are gonna need it..

Paul E: Shut it JR, they have never faced the 2001 KotR Whizz Kidd nor have they ever faced the Extreme Revolution Champion Fill, we're gonna see exactly what HBK and Skull have got and if the reports about these two are false... They are in for one hell of an ass kicking at the hands of the champs


HBK has danced his way to a huge ovation to where Skull and Pabster are standing


Pabster hands the mic to HBK


The shock entrance of Skullmonkey and HBK hypes the crowd up.


HBK: Ok cut the music, cut the music


{HBK's music stops}


HBK: We've had our eyes on this federation for a long time now, watching you two beat people up time and time again. So when Pabster phoned we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to come here and kick your ass


The crowd pops big time and start chanting HBK, HBK, HBK.


JR: Oh hell yeah


{The crowd die down}


HBK cont: Tonight, Skullmonkey and yours truly the Heartbreak Kid are gonna show you two what it's really like in a man's world... Boys!


The crowd pop again, Fill and Whizz Kidd look mad


HBK: So Skull, lets go and show these two nimrods what it's like to dance to the tune of Sweet chin Music


HBK drops the mic, the crowd begin to cheer as HBK and Skull run towards the ring, Fill and Whizz Kidd have regrouped and are ready to fight as Pabster makes his way to the back


JR: Here we go

MC: Game on Paul...


HBK and Skull slide under the ring and start punches back and forth... Fill and HBK, Whizz Kidd and Skull


HBK and Skull both start to get the better of Fill and Whizz Kidd, the crowd cheers, HBK clotheslines Fill over the top rope, Skull clotheslines Whizz Kidd over the top rope, both fall to the floor


JR: HBK and Skull with an early advantage, what do you think of that Paul E?

Paul E: Early days yet JR


Fill and Whizz Kidd both start to get up off the floor


HBK stands in the ring above Fill and Whizz Kidd does a DX Crotch Chop to them



Later in the match

In the ring Whizz Kidd slings HBK into the opposite corner and tries to follow up with a running clothesline but HBK moves out of the way, Whizz Kidd runs headfirst into the corner and is now dazed, HBK starts to tap his foot on the mat again and the crowd start to cheer again as HBK connects with Sweet Chin Music and The crowd goes absolutely Bananas.




Skull slides under the bottom rope as HBK covers Whizz Kidd, the crowd and JR all count with the referee.




Paul E: NO




Paul E: NO






The ring bell goes and HBK music hits




Fink: Ladies and gentlemen the winners and..... NEW Extreme Revolution Tag Team Champions, Skullmonkey and The Heartbreak Kid Andy G


The referee hands HBK and Skull the Tag Team Championship belts, as they celebrate in the ring Whizz Kidd is laid out on the canvas and Fill lies motionless on the remains of the announcer's table


The scene fades from that to HBK sat on huge leather sofa with a huge smile on his face.


HBK: Wow, what a time, it's what kicked it all off. I remember being the guy who was negotiating for us with Pabster and DM on MSN and also WK and Fill were involved as the main thing I kept saying was impact, we wanted to make an impact and what better way to do that than by beating the then seemingly unbeatable, Fill and WK. So there it was, the week later TGX were formed and what a time it was for the Ex-Rev. Things had gone a little bit stale, interest was down and suddenly we came in a blew the roof off, everyone was posting and were in a great feud with the Ex-Rev - personally that was my favourite time ever in the ERE.


The scene fades from HBK to that of Fill


Fill: The fed needed some new blood as it was starting to stagnate a little, the same people after the belts, although it was fun to write, when these 4 joined it was really necessary - when Skull joined it truly became the "Land of the Giants" with most of the wrestlers being over 6'8" tall and about 5 guys around 7' - this era produced some of the best stuff up to that point - it frustrated some of us that people could walk in and get straps while we worked our butts off to keep it going, but that's life.


We cut from Fill to Sam


Sam: Again another positive for the e-fed, which was by now taking off big time. We needed more people and new blood, which we got. The attitude was there, the effort, the energy and more. I wanted in, and I got in. Sadly we lost Skullmonkey pretty soon afterwards but I was happy to take his place in TGX. HIT THE MUSIC!!!


From Sam we move onto Andrew


Andrew: Well to say we needed the talent would be an understatement and from Paul’s (Pabster) involvement with TWO we were able to talk to HBK, Skull, KJ and Hunter pretty easily and after we sorted out a few demands… Yeah demands, can you believe that? Well we sorted out their terms which basically was to make the impact on the debut which they did and we haven’t really looked back since. It was a good thing for the place and definitely what we needed to keep the place going, I don’t say it a lot but I do have a lot of respect for Andy and the work he has created since he started here.


We now fade from Andrew to KJ


KJ: I can't say I wasn't at all apprehensive about joining, we'd only been doing the TWO thing for a couple of months and it seemed to be going great, but I knew we were joining a great up and coming federation with some great talent. The whole TGX introduction was played out superbly and the fans seemed to get right into it from the start.


The scene fades from KJ to black.

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