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TWOstars Xtreme TV 38 - November 10th


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You hear that sound?? No neither do I. That dealt with lets move onto the booking.


If anyone has any issue with their worker being used when they are still on the active list then please inform us bookers, we'd love to know


XTV 38 - November 10th

Staples Center, Los Angeles, California



Twiggie & The Lonely Avenger vs Keith Jaxx & Arkham: Twiggieplex writing.



Black Dragon vs Tom Trash: CVD writing



TV Title Match

Violent Vinnie Vengeance vs Volcom - Telf writing



Tag Team Title Match

The Judge & Jordi Warner vs Barry Gower & Chris Eagles: Bazza writing.



Over the Top Challange

Sickness Vs Brett Banner: DS writing



Steel Cage Match

The Incredible Holt vs Philip Martin Akten - Colin writing


If you can take a match please let me know and either myself or DS will send the booking out.





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Twiggie, i need you to have the lonely avenger do a certain something in the match. therefore, i will inform you of it tonight by PM. cheers! :thumbsup it is one great card like always!


also, still until now i have no feud in TWOstars. Darkie told me he would give me the booking this weekend but i received nothing. just one of the bookers tell me when will i be able to work on my new feud?

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Yikes. Such little time to write the match, and the booking keeps changing! I'll get it up, but it may not be my best work.



Han, if I'm not mistaken Gringo is putting a stop to an ERE invasion before it starts. Making sure where everyone's loyalties lie and what not.

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