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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter #124: The best Christian thing to do?


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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter

Issue # 124 - 6th November 2005



Howdy and welcome to another issue of the Inno fanzine. In this issue we will be mostly realizing how Godlike our resident Smasher in fact is.


Or maybe we will just go and watch Scooby Doo, its more interesting than Inno really.......



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Yeeeha! How about we all scuttle on down to the TWO Chatrooms where Sherrif Russ and Deputy Colin will uphold the law and stop those desperados Miss T and TGO! Damn rustlers!



Talk Wrestling Online Member of the Week / Heel of the Week





Wyndorf and Telf are joint winners for me this week. Both are excellent posters and have brought a lot to the table this week. Well done guys.




Christof, posting a picture of a spider in my birthday thread! Evil bleeder! :P



Forum Threads of the Week





How Can TNA compete with WWE? by Carlito is Cool. An interesting thread with a loot of debate going back and forth!




What are people doing 4 fireworks night? by Kate. Despite the slightly txt tlk title which nearly exploded Fills head I'm happy to find I wasnt the only person who staye din....I had to babysit.



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Forums In Focus

- By Darkstar



OK as you all know by now Christian has quit WWE! Lets see what you all thought about it.

Christian Quits WWE thread by HulkfearsAustin.


NOOOOOOOO i read the title and literally shout "NO" this is terrible news!: someone should stop Mr Perfect from reading Hulk Hogans autobiography.


I think it's a work.: oooooh, the cynical Jack strikes again.


How can we move on now with the leader of the peeps gone.: I dont know, get a girlfriend maybe y2kwrestlingfan. ;)


And if Christian leaves to become a huge success in TNA, can you imagine how many other WWE midcarders will be thinking of asking for their release?: who hoooo, Rhino for TNA champ Russ. What do you mean, of COURSE I read the threads in my forum.........


Looks like i might have another reason to watch TNA.: Kaedon is a Trinity mark you see. ;)



Member Spotlight







WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Well, all my friends call me Twiggie, and seeing as how this is a wrestling site I thought I'd incorporate it into a wrestling term... Also for a short period of time it was the name of my finisher in TWOstars, now known as the Twiggaludo Frosion.


FIRST THING YOU POSTED ON THE FORUM: Hmm, I can't say for sure, but it was probably anit-Hogan.




FIRST WRESTLER YOU BOOOOOOOOOED: I can't remember, so let's just go with The Rock.




CURRENT MOST HATED WRESTLER, AND WHY? Rick Flair, say what you want about all that he's done for wrestling, but I can't say I've ever been impressed by him. Even way back in the day, when I was cheering for Hillbilly Jim, I still thought Rick Flair was a tool.


FAVOURITE WWE BRAND: RAW, although I'm starting to lean towards Smackdown.




NEXT BIG STAR: Funaki's about to make a breakthrough.. he's getting pretty over.




BEETHOVEN OR EMINEM: Beethoven, Eminem is only good when he's funny.


FAVOURITE MATCH: Brett Banner vs Twiggie at No Mercy


FAVOURITE THEME MUSIC EVER: Raven's Come Out And Play by Offspring


IF YOU COULD CHOOSE ANYONE TO BE WORLD CHAMPION, WHO WOULD IT BE: Ken Kennedy, he's got presence, a good voice, and... well that's all you really need.


MONTREAL: WHO WAS RIGHT, BRET OR VINCE: Whenever Vince's judgment is called into question it's always for a good reason... Bret was right.


WHAT WAS THE FIRST WRESTLING SHOW YOU REMEMBER: Hmm... It's not an entire show, but the earliest wrestling memory I have is of Hillbilly Jim standing in front of a whole bunch of TV monitors talking about an upcoming PPV that I never saw.


BATMAN OR SPIDER-MAN? Batman, even though his super power is money, he's still the Dark Knight.


FAVOURITE FINISHER: Little Spike Dudley's Acid Drop... the Dudley Dog can bite my testicles.






FAVOURITE DIVA / WOMEN'S WRESTLER: Nearly all the female Japanese wrestlers, they put our US skanks to shame.


WHAT'S YOUR DESKTOP WALLPAPER: Me and a friend of mine when she had dreadlocks posing with a great dane.


WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE SNACK: onion rings and champagne (try it!!!)


OUTSIDE OF TWO, WHAT DO YOU ACTUALLY DO? I go to culinary school, cook, play drums, consume illegal substances.




Yes, for it's time I sling the baskets off this overburdened horse. Sink my toes into the ground and set a different course. Cause if I were here and you were there. I'd meet you in between, and not until my dying day, confess what I have seen. My glance is always darting, when I stroll the avenue. Avoiding all the obstacles that terrorize my view. If you are here with me, I trust you to lead the way. When you're not I follow you, and always go astray. You're silent in the morning, suspended in the trees. Lunch time comes you've found your voice, it brings me to my knees. The volume just increases, Tthe resounding echoes grow. Till once again I bask in morning stillness, I love so. The target that I shoot for seems to move with every breath. I tighten all my arteries and make one last request. Divine creation hears me, and he squashes me with fear. I think that this exact thing happened to me, just last year...

Silent in the morning

You found your voice that brings me to

Silent in the morning

You found your voice that brings me to

Silent in the morning

You found your voice that brings me to my knees

I will not dismiss you, shelter you, speak with you

Smile at you, trust in me, He'd like to brush you off, and I'd agree... .... ..... Where am I? Who are you!? How did you get in here!? This interview is OVER!!!



Community Poll



With Christmas coming up which of the new game systems would you want? the XBox 360 or the PS3? Cast your votes and make anny comments here.


Last weeks results

Taboo Tuesday: Are YOU watching It?


Im stopping up: 8

Im taping it: 19

No way!: 3



Christof probes Ahsatan



Christof - Ok so are you ready to be probed???


Ahsatan - says as ready as I'll ever be!


Christof - excellent, well first things first welcome to the probe *hands the probe over*


Ahsatan - says thank you.


Christof -So, who are you, I suppose that's a good start


Ahsatan - I'm Ahsatan, the infamous Wyndorf's other, or better, half.


Christof -Well this should be self explanatory but, how did you find yourself at TWO?


Ahsatan - I followed Wyndy, he spent loads of time on here, so I figured there must be

some sort of attraction and I joined.


Christof -Turns out he was wrong huh?


Ahsatan - well, I'm still looking for it... Nah, I like it here really.


Christof -So what attracts you to TWO, what keeps you posting / reading?


Ahsatan - hmm, that's a hard one. I'm not sure, really. Maybe I just want to see where I've come in the drawing competition.


Christof -Ah yes the drawing competition


Ahsatan - did you not see my leprechaun?


Christof -I did indeed *goes to check*; So how does Wyndy cope with you being more talented?


Ahsatan - he's used to it. He's completely resigned to being the inferior member of our duo.


Christof -Ah so you aren't going to do the honourable thing and admit that Wyndy draws everything for you


Ahsatan - no, because he doesn't! why do you all think I have no talent. I'm left handed and I drew it with my right, now come on, vote for me!


Christof -Ok, VOTE FOR AHSATAN that should help you next week


Ahsatan - thank you. although I did win it once anyway.


Christof -ok so off paint competitions and onto wrestling. Are you actually a wrestling fan?


Ahsatan - yes, but I don't post much in the wrestling forums, for fear of looking silly.


Christof -It's not that hard, all you have to do is post OMG111!!! Cena suckz alot to please the majority


Ahsatan - well, Cena does suck. I think he looks like a toddler that has been enlarged.


Christof -Well he was a former midget wrestler


Ahsatan - but he was too tall, right?


Christof -Something like that, now from reading other probes I guess I should ask real questions


Ahsatan - now I'm scared...


Ahsatan - This is the first time a probe has felt like this...


Christof -Hmmmmm, I have nothing to say to that#


Ahsatan - I'm sure you do, you just better not!


Christof -Other than being a midget wrestler hating, MS Paint master what do you do in the real world?


Ahsatan - I'm a factory supervisor type fore(wo)man. I tell people what to do, it rocks on occasion!


Christof -So you supervise a factory, sounds pretty easy, I mean anyone can watch a building, is there anything else you do other than being a "supervisor" (read Security Guard)?


Ahsatan - Like hobbies? Doesn’t that involve "spare time"? We just bought a house a few months back, so we're doing that up. Other than that, I like going to gigs, music, and being mummy to my five cats and three bunnies.


Christof -You’re a mum to five cats? I knew Sussex was weird but....


Ahsatan - yeah, I don't remember the births, but it's probably for the best.


Christof -So from reading other probes it seems fitting that i ask a question about Spiritchaser. Do you have any idea why people are obsessed with him?


Ahsatan - nope. to be honest, I haven't had much to do with him. I think I joined around the time he "left". I've seen posts by him, but haven't really paid much attention as it seems to go further than I know anything about!


Christof -Good good, we can move on then *note - please make this the last SC related probe question - EVER*; A couple more questions then we'll move onto some word association, hmmmmmmmmkay?


Ahsatan - mmmmmmmmmkay.


Christof -Other than Wyndy, any other friends on TWO that you dare admit to?


Ahsatan - I have a couple on my msn that I occasionally chat to. Mostly Darkstar, Gem and Miss T. There are people I've always thought seem cool, but I never add anyone to my msn before they say I can. I fear rejection!


Christof -Anyone from TWO you'd be willing to meet in the real world?


Ahsatan - yeah, I guess so. I'd possibly go to a meet, I'd meet anyone. They're usually too far away though. Maybe Wyndy and I could host one at some point, for all the southerners.


Christof -Cool, so we'll pencil you in for the Royal Rumble then?


Ahsatan - maybe...


Christof -excellent, moving onto Word Association now, type the first thing that comes into your head on the following


Ahsatan - ok... go...


Christof -TWO


Ahsatan - wrestling


Christof -Wrestlers


Ahsatan - big men........


Christof -I can see where this is going, so change of subject; Champagne Room


Ahsatan - resurrected!


Christof -Tumbleweed


Ahsatan - champagne room


Christof -Ready Brek


Ahsatan - glowing (ready brek?!)


Christof -Cheese


Ahsatan - yellow. I drew a complete blank on cheese!


Christof -Ok now for some easier ones; Darkstar


Ahsatan - Pigstar; that's not my fault, damn avatar!


Christof -Miss T


Ahsatan - controversial.


Christof -Mr Perfect


Ahsatan - improved


Christof -It wasn't my Woooooooo!


Ahsatan - great name!


Christof -Russ


Ahsatan - Chatroom howdy man


Christof -and Finally, Kam


Ahsatan - invisible


Christof -Ok Ahsatan, thank you very much for allowing yourself to be probed, I hope you enjoyed it


Ahsatan - it was an experience, Christof. I hope you too enjoyed probing me. Thank you.


Christof -Good bye


Ahsatan - Ta ta.



TWOStars Update

- By Darkstar



Full results from Xtreme TV 36


Jimmy Redman, The Judge, Brett Banner & Philip Martin Atken beat The Incredible Holt, Tom "The Disciple" Trash, Violent Vinnie Vengeance & The Lonely Avenger in a tag team elimination bout. The survivors were Brett Bannor and PMA.


Tommy Dreamermark (Retromark) beat Dustymark for the 'Mark Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Belt'.


Chris Eagles pins Benjamin Black (despite the match being Black Vs William Kane) with a Bounced Cheque (Rock Bottom).


Kieth Jaxx pins Rikishi to retain the US Title belt.


The team of Twiggi and the Dark Alliance (Sickness and Boyo) beat Arkham, Tommy Dreamermark (Retromark) and Dante. Twiggi got the pin on Dreamermark after Sickness hit him with a Dimond Dust.


Evil Gringo Vs Barry Gower ends in a no contest when the referee (The Incredible Holt) attacks both men. The show ends with Gower stood triumphant over both men.


Full Results from TWOStars No Mercy.


The Lonely Avenger pins Tom Trash using a Tombstone Pilvedriver to earn a shot at the United States Title belt.


In a triple threat tag team match The Judge and Jordi warner win the belts. the other teams involved were The Dark Alliance and Arkham and Retromark.


The Chav beats Darkstar.


Brett Banner beats Twiggi by submission in a hardcore match.


V3 beat Dante in a First Blood match to retain the TV Title.


Chris Eagles beat Mikhail Mills following a Bounced Cheque (Rock Bottom)


In a Three Way Dance for the TWOStars Heavyweight Championship The Incredible Holt retains against Barry Gower and Evil Gringo after Deadman returned and attacked Gower.



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This week in Wrestling History



November 6th

1983 - Jake Roberts defeated Ron Garvin to win the NWA National TV Title in Atlanta, GA

1990 - Koji Kanemoto and Hiroyoshi Tenzan of New Japan Pro Wrestling make their pro debuts in a 22-man battle royal.

2002 - Jerry Lynn defeated AJ Stylas for the NWA-TNA X title

2002 - The Damaja defeated Nova for the Ohio Valley Heavyweight title

2003 - Died - Mike "Crash Holly" Lockwood at 32



November 7th

1979 - Harley Race defeated Shohei Baba for the NWA Heavyweight Wrestling title

2000 - The WWF agreed to pay $18 million to the Hart family as settlement of the Owen Hart wrongful death suit

2001 - Jason Lee & Derrick King defeated Shelton Benjamin & Brock Lesnar for the Ohio Valley Southern Heavyweight Tag Title


November 8th

1975 - Nick Bockwinkel defeated Verne Gagne for the AWA Heavyweight title

1999 - The New Age Outlaws defeated Mankind & Al Snow for the WWF Tag Team title

1999 - Scott Hall defeated Bret Hart, Sid Vicious & Goldberg for the WCW US Heavyweight title


November 9th

1986 - One Man Gang defeated Terry Gordy by forfeit for the UWF Heavyweight title

1997 - Shawn Michaels defeated Bret Hart for the WWF Heavyweight title

1997 - Earl Hebner, under orders from Vince McMahon, declared that Bret Hart submitted to Shawn Michaels, when he did not

1997 - Steve Austin defeated Owen Hart for the WWF Intercontinental title

1945 - Born - "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes (Virgil Runnels)

1968 - Born - Kurt Angle


November 10th

1997 - Eddy Guerrero defeated Rey Misterio, Jr. for the WCW Cruiserweight title

2000 - Lance Storm defeated Gen. Rection for the WCW US Heavyweight title


November 11th

1965 - Mad Dog Vachon defeated the Crusher for the AWA Heavyweight title


November 12th

2001 - Edge defeated Kurt Angle for the WCW U.S. Heavyweight title



Wrestling 101 Info Centre



Latest Wrestling 101 Articles:


- Hard Knocks: The Chris Benoit Story UMD Review


- UK Scene #197



The Main Event



Is it the best Christian thing to do?


So another top WWE star has left the fold but in all truth was Christian really a top WWE star? Now I know there are lots of you out there who absolutely love this guy and who have probably declared a week of mourning but what did this guy really do in the company and why wasn’t he allowed to do more, or could he have done more?


Christian enjoyed his greatest success in WWE in tag team wrestling. Edge and Christian (see whose name comes first and then look at how their careers progressed, then again look where Gangrel is now) In time as Edge started getting his singles push, problems began between Edge and Christian who at the time were supposed to be brothers, now they’re just buddies – families eh! Christian eventually turned heel on Edge and a great feud looked likely. It didn’t turn out that way, even though Christian eventually won the IC Title, the feud wasn’t anywhere near what was expected and that’s where I think Christian’s problems began.


Christian was given a dodgy operatic intro but he was destined to stay in the mid-card or end up in tag teams like the Un-Americans, again being successful this time around with Lance Storm. One thing was certain and that was that Christian was good on the mic so in time he was given his own chat show, ‘The Peep Show’, just a way of setting up feuds either for himself or mainly others.


Christian continued to be ignored when it came to the big matches. Sure he’s had a few matches against John Cena including headlining a PPV but it’s been downhill for him ever since. Suddenly he ended up on Smackdown and jobbing left,right and centre to Batista and even being attacked by the Mexicools in a storyline that went nowhere.


So why was this happening? Christian appears to be another of those wrestlers who just lacks something that makes them the true superstar. He could work on the mic but his singles feuds never really set the world alight. Perhaps he should have stayed in the tag divisions that so needed an expert performer.


He’s left the company on good terms so he could be back one day. What next though? Is it just too easy for him to go into TNA and most likely get a big push? Jeff Hardy is waiting for him there, so are Rhino, Jarrett and Raven. Christian could yet be the big main eventer but only time will tell.



Final Thoughts



As you all know guys I'm leaving the position of Newsletter Editor soon, anyone who is interested in taking up the position please PM Kam.

Thanks for reading!



Newsletter Editor





With thanks to our contributors for this issue:


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Mr Perfect




thanks Ahsatan for your kind words, you seem to be the only one that thinks so though :)


2003 - Died - Mike "Crash Holly" Lockwood at 32


it was a sad sad day in the life of Michael Lockwoods fans and his family :cry



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Howdy and welcome to another issue of the Inno fanzine. In this issue we will be mostly realizing how Godlike our resident Smasher in fact is.


Or maybe we will just go and watch Scooby Doo, its more interesting than Inno really.......


Not my fault I'm good. Actually... Scooby Doo *IS* interesting.

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