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Here are some "interesting" wrestling facts


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HHH made his debut in wrestling by beating the Road Dogg.


Val Venis-used to race motocross before joining the WWF.


WWF was the first organization to implement drug testing.


Roddy Piper won the prestigious amateur boxing award, The Golden Gloves, at the age of 15.


A Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt sells every 45 seconds.


D'Lo Brown is a certified accountant.


Chyna Dated Saturn before entering WWF.


Gangrel's wife is Luna Vachon.


Our very own Rocky Maivia is a skilled light tackle salt water fisherman.


Stone Cold Steve Austin was trained by current WCW jobber Chris Adams.


Steve Austin is an antique collector.


Kane (once Issac Yankem) actually did study dentistry for a few months before dropping out.


Debra was once an airline stewardess.


Rick Rude saved Bret Hart's deal with the WCW. Eric Bischoff thought the WWF thing with Vince was a work and was not going to sign Bret. It was Rude who called him, saying he was there and Bret was really screwed.


Ric Flair owns a bar in Charlotte, North Carolina called The South End Brewery.


Scott Norton was once a world champion arm wrestler. He won titles in 7 different countries.


Chyna was once going to teach literacy in Costa Rica for the Peace Corps.


Kane has a teaching degree and has taught as a substitute teacher.


At the first Uncensored card in 1995, Dustin Rennels (Gold Dust) and Blacktop Bully had a "King of the Road" match, waged in the back of a truck. Despite a very strict anti-blood policy being enforced by WCW at the time, Dustin and the Bully both bladed themselves at the behest of booker Mike Graham. All three were fired from WCW in short order, and Dustin showed up in the WWF not long after.


The Disciple has had 12 different identities in his wrestling career. They were "Dizzy" Ed Boulder, Brutus Beefcake, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, Furface, Brother Bruti, The Butcher, The Man with No Name, The Man With No Face, The Zodiac Man, The Clipmaster, the Booty Man and most recently the "Disciple".


Vader was on a Kuwaiti talk show in April of 1997, and when host Bassam Al Otham asked whether or not wrestling was fake, Vader essentially lost control and attacked the host. He was detained in Kuwait briefly following the incident, then was allowed to return to the US pending trial. The end result was a whopping $200 US fine and a proverbial smack on the wrist.


Fonzie, the manager of champions, and of RVD and Sabu and former ECW referee, was a ref in the WWF. His most memorable event would be at Wrestlemania IX when he came down to say their were two "doinks" in his match vs Crush. The ref looked under the ring and found no other Doink and Fonzie looked stupid.


Steve Blackman has one of the most successful Wrestling/Karate schools in the US. Too bad it couldn't do anything for his career.


About two weeks before Summerslam 90, Beefcake and B. Brian Blair were parasailing, and an accident caused Blair to go spinning out of control and hit Beefcake in the face with his knees. Beefcake's entire face was shattered, and it ruined his career. His entire face had to be surgically reconstructed almost from scratch, and he didn't fully recover until 1993.


The name "Big Sexy" was actually a name created by Canadian wrestler Luther Biggs who did several try-out matches with WCW under that name? Former WCW booker and current WWF announcer/booker Terry Taylor watched Biggs wrestle, liked the name, and gave it to Kevin Nash.


The Simpsons is a favorite TV show of such wrestlers as Bret Hart, Scott Hall, and Bad Ass Billy Gunn?


Hogan beat Antonio Inoki on June 2, 1983 to become the first IWGP heavyweight champion, a belt that has only been held by 3 Americans.


Chris Jericho is the son of former National Hockey League star Ted Irvine.


At one point in time in the late 80's almost 75% of the WWF wrestlers admitted to or were found to be using steroids?


The knee brace Stone Cold Steve Austin wears , is the result of an injury two years ago when he got his knee caught in the turnbuckle


In September, 1997 Chris Jericho was inducted into the Canadian Wrestling Hall of Fame.


Hollywood Hogan was "retired" for 39 days.


Originally the WWF was called WWWF, Then in mid 1979 Vince McMahon Sr. changed the name to just the WWF.


Buddy Rogers, who is recognized as the first ever WWF champ, never won the belt. Instead, Rogers was awarded the WWWF title (The WWF title but it was called WWWF at the time) in mid-April 1963, with the explanation that he has won a (fictitious) tournament in Rio de Janeiro. Buddy was the NWA champ and lost the belt before this to Lou Thesz but neither were reconized as WWF champ yet.


The first ever Wrestlemania was March 31, 1985 in Madison Square Garden.


The 1-2-3 Kid (X-pac) and Bob Holly were tag champs. They beat Diesel and Shawn Michaels.


Former WWF manager Mr Fuji is a 5 time former WWF tag team champ.


No WWF tag team has won the tag title more than three times. Certain wrestlers have done it but never any teams.


Bill Goldberg was an 11th round draft pick of the Rams in 1990.


Goldberg, who was out of football, was drafted by the Carolina Panthers 1995 expansion draft. 33rd of 35 picks for Panthers.


Duane (The Rock) played for the Calgary Stampeders for three years.


At the 1990 SummerSlam in his match against earthquake, Hulk Hogan performed a combined 5 moves (excluding the punch). His moves included: big boot, shoulder block, atomic leg drop, body slam, clothesline.


Harlem Heat are the most decorated WCW tag team. They have been Tag Champs seven times. The Steiners are just behind with six.


Edge was trained at Sully's Gym by Ron Hutchison and Sweet Daddy Siki after winning a 1992 essay contest on "Why I Wanted To Be A Pro Wrestler" conducted by the Toronto Star newspaper.


HHH in his first match with WCW in 1994 faced Brian Armstrong, now Road Dogg Jesse James, and defeated him.


Yokozuna was not the largest man ever to wrestle in WWF or WCW, The largest was LOCH NESS MONSTER, a former member of the dungeon of Doom, and weighed far over 600 lbs when he was wrestling.


Chyna studied wrestling under the legendary Killer Kowalski, he is the same man that trained HHH.


The gimmick of Gangrel was taken from a comic series, where the character is a vampire warrior.


Shawn Michaels once entered the Royal Rumble as #1 and won it.


Brian Pillman was involved in one of the silliest angles this decade, the Yellow Dog. While engaged in a feud with Barry Windham, Pillman lost a loser-leaves match to him. Since Pillman was not allowed back, Brian donned yellow tights and a mask and masqeraded as the Yellow Dog. Everyone knew who the Yellow Dog was, but Barry Windham could not prove it. Eventually, Windham requested that Pillman be re-instated.


Jimmy "Super Fly" Snuka held the T.V. title in ECW yet he never held a belt in the WWF.


The original name for Scott Hall's Outsider's edge was the Diamond Death Drop, created when he was in WCW as the Diamond Studd.


WCW paid Ric Flair $25,000 to give back the WCW title after he had departed to the WWF in 1991.


Ahmed Johnson played in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys.


Road Dog Jesse James fought in Operation Desert Storm.


Larry Z... is a licensed pilot and often flies Hulk Hogan in for pay-per-views and episodes of Monday Nitro.


Jake "The Snake" Roberts' father, brother and sister all wrestle. Respectively, they worked as Grizzly Smith, Sam Houston and Rockin' Robin.


In 1995, Marcus Buff Bagwell had calf implants which later leaked and had to be removed.


Junior Heavyweight great Danny Hodge, not Hulk Hogan, was the first wrestler to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. The date was April 1st, 1957. Hulk Hogan appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated, next to the swimsuit issue, on April 29th, 1985. That magazine was the years best seller.


Back in the 1980's Hulk Hogan's opponents were banned from mentioning his receding hair line in interviews.


Hulk Hogan defeated Flair in a retirement match at Halloween Havoc on October 24, 1994? Later Hogan lobbied to have Flair reinstated, and he was.


During one drinking session, Andre The Giant downed 119 bottles of beer.


Kevin Nash wrestled at the first ever SuperBrawl. He beat Tim Parker in 26 seconds.


The main event for the first SuperBrawl was Ric Flair vs Tatsumi Fuginami. Flair won the match.


Before DX formed, Shawn Michaels and HHH were told by Kevin Nash to form nWo WWF. Shawn Michales and HHH thought it would be a good idea plus Kevin Nash said its cool with Hogan and if Eric Bischoff sues that he will cover them.


Kane and Undertaker have fought each other one on one 23 times.


Scott Hall is the only 4 time WWF I C champ.


Barry Windham brought Scott Hall into wrestling.


Randy Savage has played minor league baseball for the White Sox, Reds, & Cardinals.


Arn and Ole Anderson are not even related. WCW/NWA always played them out as brothers but in real life they are not related.


Sid once backed down from a fight with Brian Pillman in a hotel bar. He retreated to his car to arm himself with a weapon with which to defend himself and returned clutching a squeegee!


The Rock won the WWF Title 15 years to the day that his father and Tony Atlas won the WWF Tag Titles.


Edge is currently dating Val Venis's sister. They are now rumored to be engaged.


When Michael Cole calls X-Pac "the martial arts expert" he isn't exaggerating. He has a Black Belt in Judo.


Kevin Nash is the Godfather to Rick Steiner's first son.


Andre the Giant once fell asleep during a match with Big John Studd.


Chris Jericho has a degree in journalism.


Ernest Miller is Eric Biscoff's son's karate teacher.


Undertaker has a win/loss record of 7 wins and 0 losses at Wrestlemanias.


The WWF Title was changed 43 times and counting.


Undertaker has a 76% win percentage at WWF PPV's.


Terry Funk made his Pro Wrestling Debut in 1965.


The Tallest Ladder used in a ladder match was 25 feet tall. It was used in a match with Al Snow and Sabu for the NWA independent title.


Mick Foley and Shane Douglas were both trained by Dominic DeNucci.


New Jack once hit one of his patent balcony jumps from the 3rd story of a building not the usual second. It is reported he broke a few ribs doing this.


Hack (Sandman, James Fullington or whatever) was once the quaterback for Syracuse Orangeman.


No wrestler currently wrestling today for either WWF or WCW has wrestled more matches in WWF or WCW combined than Barry Horiwitz. That includes 20 year veterans like Funk and Flair.


Nash was the one who hooked Hall up with his former wife and now it appears he has hooked HBK up with his soon to be wife. Look out Chuck Woolery!


Chris Jericho onced wrestled 3 back to back matches in Japan which took a total of about 1 hour 7 minutes to complete.


The stunt men for the WWF Attitude commercial studied Mankind's falls in the historic King of the Ring match.


Bill Goldberg was the first person ever cut from the Carolina Panthers.


The WWF and Honky Tonk Man wanted The Disco Inferno to be his IC protege, when they could not get him from WCW they settled for Rockabilly.


The mentor for Taz was Kevin Sullivan? They had a few tag matches in ECW.


Vince McMahon's dream was to be a wrestler but his father Vince Sr strictly forbade it.


Chyna is fluent in 3 foreign languages. Wonder if chinese is one of them?


Before Austin was rich and famous in the WWF, Steve Austin used to be so poor that he once ate raw potatoes for three days straight while awaiting his next $100 a week paycheck.


George "The Animal" Steele was a teacher in Detroit before returning to the WWF.

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Please Fill close this....


Because the list should have been checked by the poster before hand and not just put up here 'for our benefit' and also because as you pointed out... ITS 5 YEARS OUT OF DATE!


Correction, four years, three hundred and fifty four days out of date.

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Please Fill close this....


Because the list should have been checked by the poster before hand and not just put up here 'for our benefit' and also because as you pointed out... ITS 5 YEARS OUT OF DATE!

Closed, purely because we must have seen this list at least 20 times.


4 years, 354 days is near enough 5 years.


And the poster can't even get the humour of it.

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