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What Matches did you most look forward to?

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Due to the introduction of the internet spoiling the wrestling industry i find it pretty hard to enjoy a feud or match anymore cus i pretty much know how its gonna pan out thanks to the likes of meltzer and co. I think along with the death of wcw the internet is the worst thing that has ever happened to pro wrestling.


But think back to when you were a mark and you could genuinely get excited about a match or event not knowing who was going to win or what was going to happen.


A few of mine are:


Undertaker vs Hulk Hogan (1991) Desperately wanted hulk to win and was gutted when he lost. Taker was built brilliantly going into this match and you i genuinely believed he was unstopable (more to do with my age than anything)


Ultimate Warrior vs Randy Savage (1992) really couldn't pick a winner hear it was unusual to have to faces squaring off and the teasing of a Warrior heel turn with Flairs involvement was great.


Outsiders vs sting/Luger/Savage (1996) Probably the biggest shock in wrestling history, this was so well worked it was untrue! The Hogan heel turn is still one of the greatest moments in wrestling industry.


Crush vs doink (1993) Doink scared me and i really wanted crush to kick his ass.


Summerslam 98- Was the last ppv i was mega pumped up for. Partly cus the taker vs austin main event and also due to the fact that the wwf was on an incredible hot streak at the time and pretty much everything they were doing was entertaining but this just sticks out for some reason.

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Due to the introduction of the internet spoiling the wrestling industry i find it pretty hard to enjoy a feud or match anymore cus i pretty much know how its gonna pan out thanks to the likes of meltzer and co. I think along with the death of wcw the internet is the worst thing that has ever happened to pro wrestling.



You know you don't have to read Meltzer if you don't want your matches spoiled, I know that is harder than it sounds but you shouldn't blame them for it.


Anyhoo, I looked forward most to, most Piper matches believe it or not, don't worry I don't anymore. Bret vs HBK at mania 12 had me most hyped I think ever in my life for a match. It didn't disappoint me either, even though Bret lost. Bret and Austins fued had me going crazy too. The first woulf have been the IC tournament that Mr. Perfect won as Piper was in it against Martel I think.

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The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin - Wrestlemania X7

The build up for this was big. I really wanted Rock to win, but we got the biggest heel turn in history, with Rock still coming out looking good.Unfortunatly, Rock left after this for about 5 months to do his 2 minute part in 'The Mummy Returns'.

Still, I enjoyed the build up to this match, and of course Rock would go on to avenge this lose in beating Austin at Wrestlemania XIX :xyx


The Rock vs Hulk Hogan - Wrestlemania X8

A match for the ages. The best from the past against the best from the present. Again, I wanted the rock to win. I disagreed with the build up to this match though. You don't need Hogan driving a truck into an ambulance to get people interested in this match. Thankfully though, it didn't go further then that and The Peoples Champ came out victorious.

The crowd made the match but the wrestlers put on a great show too.


Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Eric Bischoff - No Way Out 2003

Ok, it wasn't the match itself I was looking forward to. I just wanted to see Austin back. Raw was the Triple H show and one of the best ever coming back was worth sitting through HHH vs Steiner.

Didn't expect anything other than a squash, but great to see ol' Stone Cold back. And of course it led to The Rock pulling one back on his Wrestlemania record vs Austin.


The Rock vs Hulk Hogan - No Way Out

Here we go again. This time The Rock played heel although he was funny as hell doing it. I thought Hogan would win because Rock got the nod at Mania.

Thankfully though, after Hogan's leg drop, the lights went out. The next thing we saw was The rock standing tall (or walking tall if you will) with an unmatched 2-0 record against The Hulkster.

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Hulk Hogan vs The Ultmate Warrior - Wrestlemania VI


This was the first real match I couldn't wait to see. Hogan's Ultimate Challenge. The build up from the Royal Rumble was superb with neither man actually turning heel even though Warrior was teasing some dark forces stuff for a "heel turn". Both guys wanted to defend their titles at Wrestlemania VI. The match itself didn't disappoint IMO and was probably the best match of Warrior's career. I was so excited to see it and when Hogan lost, I jumped up and down at stupid-o'clock in the morning and woke up most of my household, which made me really popular. But I didn't care, Warrior won and then Hogan handing Warrior the title topped off what was one of Wrestlemania's best confrontations IMO.

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Triple H vs HBK at HBK's comeback Summerslam


I thought it lived up to the hype, and I loved it that Michaels won.



1st ever Elimination Chamber


Well, I just wanted Shawn to win, and he did, so YAY!



Hogan vs Rock


I wanted Hogan to win, o well, it did live up to the hype though


Hogan vs HBK


This match dissapointed me. Ugh, Hogan beats HBK, CRAP!



Goldberg vs Lesnar


Another dissapointment, I was chanting boring at home. At least Goldberg won.

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I think it was the ECW ppv, i have never been that hyped up and it was something to look forword to because there was hardly anything else going on in WWE and it easily reminded me of ECW, also i loved the Raw and Smackdown before with ECW invading.
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Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior. Nothing has ever meant as much to me as that match, it was the greatest match in the history of pro wrestling, for me, in every single way. Perfect.


Hogan vs Andre too, I legit thought Hogan was finished if he got in there with the Giant. I was 8 years old, and my heart was beating from beginning to end.

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WWE has the the monopoly on the U.S market theres little in the way of major feuds to currently look forward to,Kawada v Benoit,Muta V benjamin,Chono V michaels superb they`d be but no-one is going to sell out like a HoganvAndre.I think with Wrestlemania not too far away now we could see Ric Flair V fOLEY,hey if Meanie can face JBL then why not? the only reason i could have seen Austin v Hogan working is if Austin had continued to annhilate the Mcmahons and there hired hands whilst the JR angle was still going and Hogan was brought in as a semi-heel to protect Vince
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Taker Vs Kane

Just for the builup and the return of the deadman.The match was awful though


Taker Vs Austin-Fully loaded 99

Possibly the greatest buildup to a match and it was the stipulation that made it one of the matches i looked forward to the most.

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Taker vs Kane at WM XX


I was looking forward to seing Taker as the Old School Deadman,but instead it was a mix between the Deadman and Biker Taker.I was looking forward to it but it dissapointed me.


Austin vs Rock WM 17


Everything from start to finish had me waiting anxious for the match.The build up promo video with Limp Bizkits ''My Way'' also added to the build up.And the match didn't dissapoint either.

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Chris Benoit vs Triple H vs Shawn Michaels, WrestleMania XX - Never before had I looked forward to a match so much. I couldn't wait until it happened, as at that time, I wasn't sure if Benoit would win or if HHH would win. The ending that night made me cry, I'll admit.


Batista vs Triple H, Hell in a Cell, Vengeance 2005 - I had an idea DAVE~ would win, but I couldn't be certain, as this was a match that Trips had never lost. It kept me guessing through all the build up and everything.

John Cena vs Chris Jericho, SummerSlam 2005 - Just a match that I couldn't wait for. Don't know why, either.


Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho, WrestleMania X9 - I knew this match would be great, and I couldn't wait until it happened. It didn't dissapoint, either.

Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio & Edge, No Mercy 2002 - Throughout the whole Tag Team Tournament, I had been hoping these 2 teams would win. Thankfully they did, and a classic match was born.

The Rock vs Hulk Hogan, WrestleMania X8 - Just a match that people had wanted to see. A true Dream Match that I couldn't wait for.


Eddie Guerrero vs Brock Lesnar, No Way Out 2004 - Since Eddie won the match that gave him the title shot, I knew the belt was changing hands, and I could not wait for Eddie to finally win a World Title.

Jeff Jarrett vs AJ Styles, Hard Justice - My first TNA PPV, and with a main event where Jarrett would finally lose the NWA World title, or so I hoped. I had been looking forward to it since before Lockdown, and it finally happened.

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Royal Rumble 1999- Foley (WWf Champ) vs Rock I QUIT MATCH.

I knew that this was going to be something special and was far from disappointed.


Wrestlemania VI- Hogan (WWF Champ) VS Ultimate Warrior (I.C Champ) TITLE FOR TITLE

I wasn't born, but I remember, I was about four or five, and my brother and I would always buy old tapes and watch them, not knowing who would win. I loved Warrior and had never witnissed a Hogan defeat, so I will always remember that.


SummerSlam 2004- My first PPV since Armageddon 2002, I was pumped. I had left Canada (after being on holiday) the day of the event, and was so unlucky not to be able to go, despite being able to buy tickets, but would have had to postpone our flight, blah, blah, blah...

Dissapointed with the match itself, but loved the build-up.

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