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I wonder if the Sun will be reporting this...(Ross Kemp Related)


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Sun newspaper editor Rebekah Wade has been arrested for allegedly assaulting her actor husband Ross Kemp, a star of the BBC One soap EastEnders.


Scotland Yard said police were called to an address in south London at about 0400 GMT on Thursday.


"A woman was arrested for an alleged assault on a man," a spokesman said. "She is now in custody at a south London police station."


Mr Kemp recently returned to EastEnders after leaving in 1999 to join ITV.


The couple married in a Las Vegas ceremony in June 2002.


Ms Wade had been scheduled to attend the 50th Women of the Year Lunch at the Guildhall in London.


A spokesman for The Sun said it had no comment


I saw it on another messageboard I frequent, so when I find who to credit it to I will. Any thoughts?

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And would you believe it? Girlfriend whacks his TV brother


JUST as Ross Kemp was recovering from the attack by his wife the image of TV hardmen was dented further yesterday when his screen brother also came under attack from a woman.

Police were called after an assault on Steve McFadden, 46, who plays Phil Mitchell alongside Kemp in EastEnders, by his former partner Angela Bostock in North London.




Officers went yesterday morning to Miss Bostock’s home in Haringey and Miss Bostock, 29, was arrested for “allegedly assaulting a man and taken to a nearby police station where she was cautioned before being released”.


In August Miss Bostock, the mother of Mr McFadden's two children, was arrested and released on bail after being questioned about an alleged burglary at Mr McFadden’s home.


A spokesman for Mr McFadden said: “He was involved in an incident. He was not arrested and will not be commenting.”


Oh dear

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What has annoyed me, is the spin the red tops have put on this, making it out to be a joke, really. I would like to see one of these men beat their wives up, and then we'll all have a nice laugh, eh?


British press = C****.

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