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Man Uniteds problems analysed

carlito is cool

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Ive been a fan of United ever since i started watching football back around 1990 early 91. So as a United fan during this period ive had it better than most. Ive seen some of the best football this country is ever likely to see in the past 16 years and some true footballing greats cantona,schmichael,giggs,keane,beckham,robson the list goes on. After last nights performance on top of the weekends debacle and our form in general over the past few weeks i am genuinely worried that the good times are well and truly over.


Going through the team last night


Van der sar- amazing save our only real plus of the season


O'shea- quite simply isn't good enough for united. A full back in my eyes should be able to overlap your wingers, be pacy, be a good dribbler and deliver a good cross. O'shea has none of these attributes he isn't worthy of pulling on a united shirt.


Rio- Shaky again last night. His confidence is at an all time low, however unlike O'shea, Rio is a class act and is one of the best defenders in the world im sure he will come through this rough patch soon enough.


Wes Brown- Looked decent last night, had a long injury layoff but good to see him back.


Silvestre- Prefer him at centre back but filled in well at left back has genuine pae and will get forward, not in Heinzes league but an able deputy.


Fletcher- Makes clueless runs, is far to lightweight, gave the ball away to much and couldn't get a hold of the game. I thought we had a real talent in Darren but playing in the central 3 alongside Keano and Scholesy masked what obvious shortcomings he has. Has occasional flashes of brilliance but these are few and far between. Just struggles to make an impact on the game. Shouldn't be anywhere near the starting 11 at the moment.


Alan Smith- Fergie has made a collosal error trying to make alan a defensive midfielder. For me a defensive midfielder should be a good tackler, a tidy passer, a good reader of the game and have a great engine a'la viera, keane, gattuso. Last night Alsn Smith gave the ball away at almost every oppurtunity, he was at fault for the goal, he missed timed numerous tackles, couldn't complete simple 10 yard passes. Basically he was just plain awful and has been all season in this role. Agin similar to Fletcher played alongside Scholes or Keane or both his shortcomings arent as noticeable but him and Darren last night were clueless.


Richardson- Unlike O'shea, Smith and Fletcher i see Kieran as having a future. He just needs to work that little bit harder at tracking back. Ronaldo and Giggys aren't great defenders but they track back and do the job when Kieran starts doing this i see him making a real impact. Just needs to work a little harder he has the talent.


Rooney- Was way out of position and couldn't influence the game. Needs to play just of Ruud thats where he will do the most damage. Didn't happen for him last night but hes allowed a bad game hes been heroic all season.


Ronaldo- Should be kept out wide on left or right, similar to Rooney had a bad night but is usually great.


Ruud- without Rooney up top with him he was isolated against 4 defeners and didnt really have a chance. Not his fault.


Park- Looked lively when he came on he has the desire and talent he has a bright future.


I really felt for fergie last night he genuinely looked bewildered and upset. He should have probably gone with a 4-4-2 from the off but at the end of the day with Smith and Fletcher performing how they are in the centre of the park, the diabolical O'shea and shaky Rio i don't no how much of a difference that would have made.


On the bright side when a couple of big names like Gary Neville and Keano come back we will have people who can lead the team and stamp there authority on the game.


Another player who i think deserves a mention is Quinton Fortune he is still out injured but id fancy him to be doing a much better job in the middle of the park than smith or fletcher.


By the way whats all the fuss over Michael Ballack being a replacement for Roy Keane? Paul Scholes maybe but not Keane Ballack likes to get forward.


Actually wish we would have made a bid for Patrick Viera (didnt think id ever say that) but he would be perfect for us at the moment.


Can see nothing but a good hiding coming our way on sunday but on the flip side a victory against Chelsea could put our season right back on track. :xyx

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Our problems are the fact that the team above us in the league has better players and more of them. Simple as that.


The second problem and this is also one faced by Arsenal as well, is that when ever we identify or it is rumoured that we want a player then Chelsea will buy them...


Michael Essien....


When we where playing Lyon last Winter in the CL it was rumoured that Man Utd had tabled an offer... Then it was said they'd wait until the summer as he wanted to assess his future...


Then Chelsea outbid everyone and Lyon drew them out for as much as they where willing to pay (and knew they would) and low and behold he is a Chelsea player...


Shaun Wright Phillips...


Arsenal are going to go in for him... There is no doubt about... Chelsea snuck in first though and made an offer that City, a club in debt and in a time of restructuring at a managment level, just couldn't afford to say no too...


Bridge was a Man Utd target...


Joe Cole was...


Robben (although our board screwed that up) was as well...


And they all ended up in the hands of the Blues...


Which means two things. We are out of our depth in the transfer market in giving players what they want and treating the clubs with respect and easing a player away and secondly... we don't have the bloody bottomless pocket Chelsea do.


Then on the pitch we are trying to re-build but doing that after the most successful spell by an English club since the Liverpool side of 1977-84 is gonna be hard and a painful one... Just like the one the Liverpool side's since have had to face since that great side.


Keane and Scholes aren't their oldselves anymore... The formation doesn't suit us and the idea that it supposedly fits in Europe is tosh... Man Utd won the cup playing 4-4-2. Two wingers, two midfielders, two strikers and 4 across the back.


It worked once where as 4-3-2-1 isn't working at all!


Thank god for Van Der Saar, Ruud and Rooney is all I can say...

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IMO Man Utd's main problem is Rio Ferdinand


the guy is on 100 plus grand a week to act like a fool and play like a retard for 90 minutes... MAn U shouldn't have given him the huge contract.. because he is playing crap since he got it.. i doubt his passion and i doubt he cares... as long as he has his huge salary to go home to no matter how crap he plays.. he doesn't care.. i put rooney in that bucket to

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I wouldn't put Rooney in that bracket at all...


The guy over flows with pashion and pride and commitment what ever shirt he's in and when the game isn't going his team's way you can see the frustration and anger at all those around him for not stepping up.


It's what gets him in trouble and it was on display last night... He just managed to keep it from the referee's eyes and to not tell his team mates to F-off for a change.


Rio though in the past three or so weeks has turned off....


Ever since England dropped him for Sol in fact. He was doing ok till then and then bam.


If he's sulking it's stupid because all thats gonna get him is dropped for Man U and dropped for Ledley King or Sol again with England.

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IMO Man Utd's main problem is Rio Ferdinand


the guy is on 100 plus grand a week to act like a fool and play like a retard for 90 minutes... MAn U shouldn't have given him the huge contract.. because he is playing crap since he got it.. i doubt his passion and i doubt he cares... as long as he has his huge salary to go home to no matter how crap he plays.. he doesn't care.. i put rooney in that bucket to


Rubbish kid.Rio on form is one of the top 5 centre backs in the world. He was Englands best player at the World cup 2002 and was probably our 2nd best player last season after an eight month lay off, having a bad spells as footballer doesn't make you a bad player the guys only human. Rooney runs his socks off every week and has been our most consistent player this season alongside van der sarr.


Rio is one of the best readers of a game in the world, he may not get stuck in like a John Terry but their completely different types of centre backs. And Rooney is the brightest young talent this country has seen for a very long time and he could possibly be the key to us lifting the world cup this summer.

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Anyone who says Roy Keane syaing whatever he did say it talking crap.What was the name of the show that Roy Keane was on......Roy Keane plays the pundit, they did they think was going to happen after they got hammered by Middlesbrough??They know what kind of a person Keano is and that he will speak his mind so its there own fault for having that show.
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I have to agree that Fletch is still a possible weak link. He really does do nothing on the right hand side apart from drift in and when in centre midfield his passing, decison making and retention leave alot to be desired.


Smith was good yesterday but needs to keep it up. I mean it will be hard to change roles so drastically but if he shows his usual determenation then he can do it. Hell he played right hand side for two seasons at Leeds and did a great job in some desperate circumstances.

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Mr deepest apologies to Alan Smith and Darren Fletcher they were f'in fantastic yesterday!!! Just hope we can use this game to kick start our season. Well done lads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Apologies after just one match?


Speaking too soon, imo. Give it a couple of games where they perform how one should when wearing the Manchester red before kissing thier asses.


Not that I should care, being a Liverpool supporter...





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That is true but after all Liverpool have plenty of their own problems as well....


Inconistancy and poor team selection are two that spring to mind. Cisse scores all the time when he plays, he is back almost to his pre-injury best and is dangerous as evident everytime he has come on and saved the Pool's ass...


Yet Benitez won't bring him in? Despite the fact that Morenties hasn't been great all the time and the fact that Crouch hasn't hit the net once!


Plus without Gerrard the midfield can let you down as Xavi Alonso and Luis Garcia AND Bolo Zenden can be inconsistant as hell!


But thats just my unbiased opinion.

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Yup. We've got our own problems. One of them being how our strikers just can't seem to score in the Prem. 2 goals in total...and they're both from Cisse. Morientes and Crouch just seem to have lost the confidence, especially Crouch.


And we can't employ the same tactics both in the CL and in the Prem. It doesn't work. And it wasn't working, until Rafa changed it around for the West Ham game (two strikers instead of the one, Gerrard on the right and floating about).


Inconsistancy is the main key, it is for everybody (even those useless gits on FM05). Luis Garcia ticks me off the most. One game you could kiss him for this effort, work rate and general performance; the next you could slap him for those lazy passes, inability to cross the ball or those stupid little flicks that don't pay off every time.


League table looks shocking for us, even if we have got two games in hand. But the interesting thing is, that in the 2nd week of November, it's Wigan who are six points behind Chelsea. Fair play to them :D

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I agree with the fact about Wigan. Reason they are there? Consistancy, work rate, belief and a never say die attitude. Plus they can put together a good move as well when needed....


Then add the fact that everyone is beating everyone else but not Chelsea (apart from us) much like last season then Wigan have profited and done really well.


As have Spurs with some good signings and a great job shoring up their back line.

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You'll have to wonder how long Wigan can keep up the good form. Last newly promoted side I remember that had a good season was Sunderland, and they finished 6th I think. Fair few years back too. Back when Reidy was effing this and effing that, in that documentry.


Spurs look good on paper, some quality signings. I like them, so it'd be nice to see them competing for a CL place.


"everyone is beating everyone else but not Chelsea (apart from us)" couldn't leave it, could you? :D ;)

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No I couldn't sorry as we and City are the only side to beat them in the Premiership in one and a half seasons of football.... Plus we also killed Arsenal's unbeaten run too at 49... Only to lose to Portsmouth....


I reckon they'll (Wigan that is) will stay in the top 6 or 7 and maybe get a UEFA Cup place at least barring a serious injury and suspension durge depeleting the squad. But hopefully unlike Ipswich and Sunderland they'll hang onto top flight football.

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