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Who is the best McMahon

It wasnt my WOOO

Who is the best McMahon?  

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  1. 1. Who is the best McMahon?

    • Shane O'Mac
    • Vince O'Mac
    • Stephanie O'Mac
    • Linda O'Mac

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Vince = Great heel but spoils his character when not being on t.v for ages then coming back face every year.


Stephanie = My favourite for obvious reasons, and I do actually like her heel persona.


Shane = Puts on exciting matches and is great as a cocky heel manager, I didnt enjoy his feud with Kane but other than than he is good.


Linda = Comically bad on the mic.

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Personally, i think Vince McMahon should leave WWE programming as he has exhausted all the possibilties as to where his on-screen character can go.


Now, once again, Vince is heel.




We seen it all before, haven't we?


I think it's time for Vince to say good-bye to making on-screen appearances for at least a couple of years and let other people like Eric Bischoff, maybe Paul Heyman and other new guys start to 'take over' on Raw and Smackdown!.


I can't see that happening though.


Stephanie is a fine looking woman and does play the 'bitch-heel' well but, again like with her father, i'm just tired of seeing it, it's all been done before.


Linda is talent-less and really, did anybody care that she turned heel a few weeks ago?


Shane is the best of the four, in my opinion, but although his risky-taking mega-spots during his odd match are breath-taking, they do annoy me as it 'raises the bar' as far as stunts go in the WWE and puts other wrestlers efforts in the shadows.


I know it takes some guts to do some of the high-spots Shane O'Mac has done but it's okay for him, he probably won't wrestle again for 6 months so has enough time to fully recover where as the WWE proper wrestlers might have to work the next night on Raw and at house shows later in the week so they can't do spots that are as dangerous so the one's they might do just look totally inferior to Shane's efforts.


I hope that made sense. :D


My vote goes for Shane anyway.



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Shane= great in the manager role.. puts on great matches.. i would love him as Smackdown or Raw GM and then have matches as well... he gives so much to the prodcut and kicks the other MacMahons assesd...


Vince= yeah i get it.. he created WWE... well done i'm grateful.. he also created Steph McMahon who alongside him is tyhe death of WWE... we don't need him on Raw right now.. he was ok a few years ago but sucks now... his Ego is too big and he is ruining Raw


Steph= Awful voice.. fake tits.... co killing the WWE


Linda= WHO!?

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First of all I have to pick on the vote choice names. Shane is Shane-O-Mac


While Vince is Vinnie Mac


Stephanie could be Steph-O-Mac


Linda is just Linda


Anyway down to the poll, I voted Shane because he is a bigger draw than any of the other ones, he got a great pop on Homecoming. He does all sorts of crap that almost never happens, for instince, putting Kane in the limo and the driving it into the semi trailer or climbing the tower next to the titon tron and falling off or elbow through the announce table or the matches he had, like vs Kane, Rock, Angle, ect...... His persona is not worn out. and much more.....



Vinnie Mac- Has been doing the same thing for years. Heel boss. and now with no one to put up against him like Shane or Austin, his persona really sucks.


Steph- Wore out her persona long ago. The Bitch. Nobody wants to see Steph anymore. The best moment with her in it was after Triple H beat her in the Handicap match Y2J & Steph vs HHH. She was dragged out of the arena. That was great.



As for Linda- She comes in now and again. I don't think anyone cared that she turned heel. You could see it comin a mile away. Anyway she has her moments but still can be boring at times.

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I think Shane is easily going to come out as people's favourite overall.


He put on exciting matches and he was fun as a manager - it's a pity that I doubt we'll see him much on TV.


Why dont you think we will see him much on TV again? Your probably right, im just curious as to what you are thinking.


I voted Shane too by the way....



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Why dont you think we will see him much on TV again? Your probably right, im just curious as to what you are thinking.


I voted Shane too by the way....




because that's what the public want.. and Vince and Steph don't like to give the public what they want....


and if Shane gets on TV people will love him more.. and Steph can't have that :devil

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Why dont you think we will see him much on TV again? Your probably right' date=' im just curious as to what you are thinking.[/quote']

Purely because he seems happier with his "behind the scenes" role.


Since he now has a child, I believe that he doesn't want to risk his future with the big bumps that he used to be famous for.

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