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what is your dream job ?


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My dream job............I'd love to be paid to spend everyday with Fletch, making him happy everyday!








Well my dream job would be something to do with drawing...cartoons? Comics? something like that. Realistically though, I'll be cleaning your street come next year.

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My dream job is to be a personal assistant in a big skyscrape building.To someone who pays me loads and I have my own office with a big window view. I have my own assistant who I get to go up and down all the stairs for me.


So really all I do is drink coffee all day, but get payed for it.


LOL somebody else who wants to be a PA :P


Being a PA, or managing JJ's band would be the best jobs. I'm training to be a PA after I leave college, yay :)

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That always cofuses me... "professional" assassin... is there such a thing as an "unprofessional" assassin. Just it's something everyone always says and why ? Do these rare unprofessionals kill you with woopee cushions or those electric hand buzzers things instead of a knife in the back ? Just wondering....


And me ? Dunno, busker... let's go with that, travelling up and down the country, making lots of tax-free money and not being pulled up by the police at all ! ! I can dream...

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Centre Midfield for Man Utd and England....


First strike bowler for England and Lancashire...


Fly Half or Centre for Sale RFU and England...


Either that or Bill Gates right hand man, half his salary and some Microsoft shares = not a lot of work, some press apperances, talk in tech speak and lots of MONEY!


But at the moment... a job would do....

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