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The newest legendary stable: Generation Next

Fidel Cashflow

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Generation Next, just by the name, might seem like some cheesy DX wannabees. How wrong is that. Instead, GN is the best stable since the Four Horseman. The original GN was composed of:


Alex Shelley

Austin Aries

Roderick Strong

Jack Evans


Shelley is a technical marvel. In my opinion, he is the best pure wrestler in North America. Watching an Alex Shelley match is like watching a video dictionary of wrestling moves. He uses his speed to lock opponents in lightening fast sequences of submissions. No two Shelley matches are the same, as he is constantly pulling of new things. Unlike the daredevil Evans who gets pops with his unreal aerial attacks, Shelley gets Holy Sh*t chants for linking fresh moves together in way never thought possible. He is also very charismatic, a modern day Ric Flair in my mind. Just to mention, the Shellshock is an exellent finisher, it has all the things a great finisher needs; it's somewhat original, it's lightening fast, and it looks impactful on anyone.


Austin Aries, or as he is now called, the Wrestling Machine, is great. He burst into RoH in 2004 and exploded through the ranks. His 75 minute 2/3 falls match with American Dragon was a MOTY canidate, as was is Final Battle match with Samoa Joe. His offense his fast paced and can get aerial. He has a fierce explosive feel to him inring. His presence has an enigmatic feel to it(his entrance has to be the best in the world). He is good mat working for flying, but he is at his best on that thin line in between.


Roderick Strong, the Messiah of the Backbreaker. If he was surrounded with anyone else other than Aries and Shelley he would look like a wrestling god, but his stable mates barely but clearly edge him out. He has good matches with anyone, he is almost like a CW Anderson, not in the BEST shape but he can go. His recent match with American Dragon has garnered high praise, and the looming rematch is due to do the same. But where Strong really shines is when tagging with Evans. The stuff these guys do together is amazing. Strong's backbreakers are amazing, I don't think anyone has that many great variations of a move.


Jack Evans is not a great "wrestler", his mat working isn't terrible, but when compared to his stablemates he looks like crap. But he has improved in smoothing out the spaces inbetween his amazing spots, and are those spots amazing. Evans puts every high flyer to severe shame. He does Amazing Red's Infra-Red(backflip 540 senton) standing, along with other impossigle to explain flippy-twisty thingys. He is by far better when tagging with Strong. From things like the step-off moonsault (strong holds someone in a firemans carry, Evans jumps and lands backwards on the opponent, then moonsaults onto the other person). Every show Evans will get from 1 to 5 Holy Sh*t chants from some mindblowing manuever. The Stuntin 101 (corkscrew 630) is the most awe inspiring finsher in the business(until he does the reverse 630 double moonsault plancha).


Late last year, Shelley(the leader) was turned on by Aries and the rest of Gen-Next. His later replacement was Matt Sydal, I haven't seen to much of Sydal to really comment. I'm not really sure of his style.


But in all, Generation Next is amazing. There recent feud with the Embassy(which Shelley joined) is absolutely great. The feud will end on 12/3 in Steel Cage Warfare, which promises for some classic spots (mainly due to Evans)

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Personally, I've always loved The Rottweilers, and think they are the best stable right now.


Austin Aries vs Homicide

I think they are both top notch wrestlers. Aries has a more ariel based attack, whereas 'Cide uses more power moves. Both can carry a great match out of most wrestlers, but on their won, I would probably give Aries the nod. He is awesome at most thigns he does, and he has such a varied style. Strikes, mat wrestling, high flying, even some power moves - Aries does it all. And he does it all well. He is being horrifically underused by TNA, and less so RoH at the moment, which has annoyed me a fair bit. I must say though, Homiide is right behind him. He had tons of great matches in 2003, and past feuds with Joe and Corino has been phenomenal. 2004 to me, was a bit iffy, but right now, his series with Colt Cabana is sure to be great, and all 5 matches with Danielson were also very good.


Low Ki vs Alex Shelley

This one is a bit tricky to me, as Low Ki in 2002/3 was phenomenal. I can't name one worker who entertained me in the ring, more than him. He seems to be nowhere near as thrilling as he was back then though. I still enjoy his work, and his gimmick, but I don't class him as good as he was in 2002 especially. 2002 Low Ki pisses over Shelley, and most other workers today really. But is 2005 Low Ki better than 2005 Shelley? I really can't say who is better. Shelley is better in some areas, but then again, Ki is also better in some areas. Two different workers, who are both very good.


Jack Evans and Roderick Strong vs The Havana Pitbulls

As much as I enjoy Evans and Strong, they seem to be a bit one dimensional. While Strong has some fantastic back breakers, what else does he have? Nothing really, he is average apart from working over the back. I know that's obviously his style, but he doesn't mix it up enough, which has annoyed me in the past, especially in singles matches. Evans is a worker who always thrills me, but the facts remian, that he is a sh*t worker. I love all his insane spots, but apart from that, he is one of the worst workers around. People moan about Cena's punches, well Evans makes him look like Mike Tyson. His kicks are awful looking, and he looks off balance constantly. That's what I don't like about him. He has not mastered the basics in the slightest, so although he entertains me off the top rope, I can't say I'm a huge fan of all his work. The tag division is suited to both Strong and Evans. Neither should be overpushed beyond there. The Pitbulls however, are two incredible single wrestlers. I'm really pleased Reyes is getting a Taz-esque push as a monster, who will destroy you. He is a great worker, and even though he isn't being used to his full potential, these -30 seconds matches are getting him over, which can only be a good thing. As for Romero, as Black Tiger, his matches have been of really high quality. I keep referring to his Gibson match, at Manhattan Mayhem, but to me, it is probably the best mid card match I have ever seen. Definetly a MOTYC to me. Awesome work by both guys in that match. Another match to see which displayed his talents well, was againgst Tiger Mask. Obviously anyone who dons the Tiger Mask will be no slouch, but togetjer they had a good match. He is a complete worker, who one day will be a very good World Champion. I'm sure people will compare Romero to Eddie guerrero, because of the Black Tiger connection - To me, Romero is the better worker, if you compare both of their Black Tiger stints. As a team, they have had loads of great matches aswell. Both are great singles wrestlers, but as a team, they are brilliant.



So as for 'which worker is best', I would say The Rotteilers are the better stable right now, but the only thing they are lacking is, they don't seem to be a proper team. Unlike GeNext, they arn't in many feuds as a team, unlike things like booting Shelley out, and soon. They are always linked togetjer, but the lack of evidance they are a solid faction, holds them back.


So even though I think The Rottweilers have better wrestlers, GeNext have been booked perfectly, as a unit, which is why I consider them better overall.


Second to The Four Horsemen? Yes.

If TNA have any sense, they will re-unite the original group, and then in 2 or 3 years, we may be saying The Horsemen are second best, to Generation Next.

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GenNext are everything that the New Blood should have been in WCW. They have the talent to put on some great matches, that's for sure. But they've also had Alex Shelley and Austin Aries cut some really good promos that have worked the crowd up. I think that both guys are very under rated for their mic work, especially Shelley who cut the promo of a lifetime at Manhatten Mayhem this year that would have people ranting and raving about how great it was if he did it in 1989 or in a big mainstream promotion. They also have the gimmick down to a tee, which is what I meant by the earlier reference to the New Blood. In WCW, the cocky young heel upstarts would antagonise the older faces, just like Generation Next did when the group were all heels. However, the difference is that WCW's older stars weren't prepared to make the New Blood look like anything special, so they put on boring matches that meant nothing or they refused to job. The legends that have appeared in ROH and gotten into angles with GenNext like Foley or Steamboat have done the exact opposite, and aren't afraid to show ass. In WCW, you'd have Nash or Hogan taking on 4 young guys at once and winning easily. In ROH, the young guys used their speed and strength in numbers to act like immature assholes and still manage to beatdown their opponent. That's why the stable and the gimmick worked.


2004 was a great year for ROH, and a big part of that was due to Generation Next's work in the midcard. Some people even gave the 8 man tag match at ROH Generation Next 04 the match of the year award, beating out all of the Punk Vs Joe matches. Very high praise indeed.


They're not perfect though, and certainly not a "legendary" stable. Austin Aries' heel work left a lot to be desired, considering during all his matches he'd play up the crowd and get pops. It just made no sense that he'd insult the fans before the match then spend the next 20 minutes acting like the world's biggest babyface. I think he's a bit limited in that respect. Also, Sydal isn't in the same class as Shelley when it comes to being an all round wrestling package, but he's a better high flyer. The problem could come from him being shown up by Jack Evans though. Roderick Strong doesn't have much of a personality, and is terrible on the mic, so he's going to have to rely on his wrestling ability to get him over, which isn't too difficult in ROH when you have the skills like Roderick. As for Jack Evans, he's far too spotty at times and while he makes a great jobber with his athleticism and flexability, he's not the kind of guy who makes the wrestling business seem legit as nearly all of his highspots look a bit contrived.


But hey, they have Jade Chung in their corner now, and the fans are getting behind the stable as faces. A few of the guys are also making a name for themselves in TNA. I'm a big fan of the stable, but I can see why a lot of people wouldn't be crazy about them.

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Personally I think Shelley is great and would really like to see him take the X-Division title at some point. Spiral tap is right when he says no shelley match looks the same and it seems that every match he comes out with a new move. Personally I am a fan of his innovative pinfall attempts.
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They're not perfect though, and certainly not a "legendary" stable. Austin Aries' heel work left a lot to be desired, considering during all his matches he'd play up the crowd and get pops. It just made no sense that he'd insult the fans before the match then spend the next 20 minutes acting like the world's biggest babyface. I think he's a bit limited in that respect.


All of them suffered from that, especially Evans. But it is really hard to boo him when he is flipping and twisting everywhere like no one else. Aries style is very energetic, and people react to hit. The RoH crowd are smarks, and smarks appreciate good stuff, thus Gen-Next was bound to get some pops.


But your right, during Aries' entrances' and matches he gets major pops. The arena exploded when he beat Joe for the title.


As for the Rotts, I think 2004 was a bad year for them. Due to Joe-Punk Homicide's matches with either man were greatly overshadowed and the emergence of Gen-Next really cast a shadow over them. By the end of the year, it was obvious which stable more over (mainly due to Final Battle)


As far as Gen-Next in TNA, the only problem I see is that Aries, Strong, and Evans would want to kill Shelley in RoH, but then they'll be buddy buddy in TNA. And Matt Sydal gets taken out of the picture. If TNA were to unite the original Gen Next they would have to do it in January, after the Embassy feud dies down.

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four good workers and could be a great stable and help TNA if they wanted...


i doubt they could be a heel stable though.. for now anyway


They don't get over as heels in ring at all, but I think they would fit in to a more Tweener gimmick.


For those RoHeads, imagine this scenario


Shelley: Jarrett, you have two options. Move out of the way and hand over the title, or get beat down.

Jarrett: This is my wor-


Commence beatdown and Aries is the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion

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