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TWO Karaoke jam

The Beltster

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You can hear Belty..."Wha? The f*ck? I thought I was supposed to be singing. When do I sing? ...Ring a ling, RING A LING!"


Oh my god, that's the best thing I've heard in ages. Belty = legend!!


Everyone listen to his performance, it's gold.

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It doesn't have to be an christmas song does it?


I can't sing christmas songs:(


I'm definately not singing Always-Bon Jovi, so your all saved there.

Hmmmmm, might go for a bit of ashlee simpson.....not now though, as i have horrible morning after drinking croaky voice.

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Good stuff! Come on all you other people' date=' dont be shy, rock the freakin online parTAY! (Oh yeah, I said partay!)[/quote']


Was the sound ok on that link, BeltMark?


We clicked them and the sound quality's dire (not the singing :D ) We may have blown the speakers. KICK ASS!!!!!!!

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I'm gonna record my own version of Judas Preist tomorrow for all your listening pleassure. I hope anyway, we'll see...

Don't get too excited.

I think I'm gonna go for Hetfield style vocals. "Oooh, yeeeeahhh!"



Whiskey in tha jar-oaaaaah-yeah!

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