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Where to make ur own avatar?


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Using a gif creator like Adobe photoshop, jasc paintshop pro, or even better jasc animation shop.


Best person to give you a lesson in moving avatar's is AC though.


So I'll now hand over to someone who knows exactly how the programs work, unlike me, who just knows bits of them.

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By using Animation Shop (get Paint Shop Pro)


Hey, I was wondering where you guys get Wrestling moves? there's loads... and like RAW stuff with Vader falling, where do you get them and how do you do it?


Is that softwear that you have to download?

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So it doesn't mean "your" because you're being sarcastic? :P



If not, then just to tell you, it doesn't:




The several line skip was a symbol that you should read it as something else. I said "sarcasm" because I knew that you knew what "UR" meant, thus I described it to you, as a sign of piss-offed-iness, putting the sarcasm there to distinguish that I knew that you knew.



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