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The choices, the choices


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Taboo Tuesday, last year, IN MY OPINION, had some very good choices to choose, BUT THIS YEAR, there is clearly one which will be picked in every single match. It's ridiculous.


So, join me, in messing up their "PPV spectuecular" and vote for the worst possible option each time.




Batista VS Coach:




Street fight





I wonder which one they expect us to vote for. Please, pick VERBAL DEBATE, or any other seamingly stupid option.

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Apparently, last year they were prepared for Benoit in the main event. And, they wanted another weapon in the Kane-snitsky match.

Only saying, the polls MIGHT just be legit. They just turn it into what they wanted. IE. if submission were to win in the hhh vs Flair match, they'd lower the cage anyway.

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This year the votes don't matter at all, there really was no choices at all that would have made any difference. I voted for all they didn't want and so did alot of people. I expect if the votes are legit that Christian's votes will go through the roof.
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