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im really pissed off at wwe's situation-they've had screwed numerous people over with ridiculous storylines


many people that should still there have been fired ot have quit.The Christian Situation was the last straw


I have watched wwe for 13 years in my life but their current state of mind is too unbearable


My announcement is that i will no longer watch any wwe programming until they get their act together and use their common sense


i will still check out all the updates and news/results on wwe.com


i know what your thinking-why not watch it and still want to know the results?


simple, i love the business as much as we all do deep down, but a ignorant dictator and his absolute disgrace of a staff team are killing the wwe -i will refuse to watch it die


im not an tna fan, but i am routing them to win the wrestling war.

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Yeah, and your viewing figure of 0.0001 will be hardly missed. :P


No matter how much we all bitch and moan about it, deep down we know the product's not in our hands and won't change just because we quit viewing, or reading.


You wanna quit WWE Viewing? s'your call, but don't hold your hopes up for vast improvements in quality for a while, 'til Vinnie shuffles off his mortal coil, and Steph changes sex and disgraces her family name...which is soooo unlikely. XD


Still, there's always hope somewhere at the end of the tunnel...see ya when we get there, eh? :P

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