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pretty deep wonderings again.


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There's no end goal for life. You don't win anything at the end. Just like anything in the world, we exist for a short time in the greater scheme of things then the world goes on when our existence ends. Sooner or later, everyone who knew you will be dead, you'll be completely forgotten about and no one on the planet will have any memories or knowledge of who you were.


Have a GREAT day!

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Yeah... if I live MY life, I expect to do what I want, it is MY life after all...


We should just do what we like, not work...


But then, we would all die fast, and we wouldn't beable to do those things that we can enjoy...




Oh well, it's weird, yeah...

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My aim in life is to go out there and experiance as much as possible, the good and the bad, to try and help and advise people via what I've been through and in the end get some connection with people.


This is part of it funnily enough....


But the main thing I have wanted from life is too find a person that understands me and loves me for me, and so long as I don't screw it up I've got that and I think Gem that you've got that too....


After that its all gravy!

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Yeah... we as men can have a point in life when it comes to children...


We can father a child and do all we can for them and help them grow up in the best way possible and that is so that they are happy and that you as a parent can be proud of them no matter what they are or what they are they.


Because if you aren't then what sort of parent are you?


Aim to give them everything that you never had in your life and if your happy with your life just make sure you can make it happy for them, make sure they never feel unloved at all. Otherwise you are a failure as a parent.

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What I'm saying is that if people do have children then they can find a great deal of happiness through them and give that happiness to the child.


I'm not saying children are the answer to everything because in some cases they aren't at all. But they can bring a whole new meaning to your life and existance.


And we wouldn't have over population if people and government and certain religons actually promoted birth control properly would we?


Places like China and the far east as well as Africa have huge population problems due to this and several other factors that have nothing to do with me deciding that I want a child (if and when I do) over here in England.

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Sorry Pingu, but I was responding to Amy. :)



And I didn't start it, Amy did by saying that the only point to life is having a baby. :P


I didnt say the only point in life is having a baby,I hate baby's I never ever want children I think they're horrible and im never going to have kids.

I was responding to Gem, most people blossom when they have children.

For me thats not the case,I'm heartless and i I had a kid i'd probably give it away.

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War is not about dying for your country. Its about making some other poor ******* die for their's




History decides who's right, War decides who's left


I like those quotes and the seemed apt for where this is going.:D


as for me I think life is just about doing your own thing trying to be good and perhaps leave a mark on the world to a greater or lesser degree.

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