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Batista Heel Turn? ***RAW spoilers***


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OOPS wait, don't read yet anyone, trust me!!



Now that Batista will be facing off against The Coach tonight at Taboo Tuesday, and we all "knew" Austin would get screwed at the end of the match, I still think it could happen to Batista.


Remember Survivor Series 2003? the 5 v 5 match if Austins team loses he gets fired etc.


Shawn Michaels gave that match the fight of his life to win, then Batista came in at the end and Batista Bombed him.


And then a few weeks later Batista said: "...I totally agree with you. You didn't cost Austin's job, and that's because I did, when I powerbombed his ass straight to hell!"


Could this be leading somewhere and it may be mentioned if Batista does turn heel tonight, also because we all know J.R. can't return yet and get Austin fired..?


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Just a point, this IS a RAW spoiler since they only announced DAVE~! being Coach's opponent on the show.



As for DAVE~! I think he needs to stay as a Face for the moment - although SD is very light on main eventers now, so it doesn't really matter until they elevate somebody.

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Why not tazz? I was prepared for him to come out and suplex Coach to hell! But they pointlessly they bought out Funaki and then Batista. If you wanted Smackdown vs Raw why not have it announcer vs announcer with announcers job on the line?

Instead now we have Coach vs Batista with basically the mid 90s roster waiting to run in. :roll


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