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TWO Awards 2005 - Avatar Suggestions?


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the Telf Avatar. as a HHH fan i loved it, and if i was a HHH hater i would love it for being that damn dude...i mean that damn good!




the christof current one with the dancing black guy in red




Spider Darkstar, it made me laugh!

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I reckon this is the best av I've had this year (and I've gone through a few!)...


Mike Modest and his sweet Californian Roll....


You know you want to nominate it!


Apart from that I love BRM's Vader v Vader avatar....


and this late comer....




which belongs to Jung...

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You can put it up here and hope someone nominate its...


I haven't nominated mine... I'm just advertising it and waiting for one of our superior overlords to charge me rent for that previlage...


But as I've said before... Vote for me!!!!


*No Kam... Russ... DraVen... Put the clubs down!*

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You know, over the times I have been here I remember:


The photo of me

The Simpsons style drawing of me I did.

The Simpsons me celebrating a win.

DEMIlord of the subbers, my little petty protest.

And my current one...


So I'm guessing I've been a bit lax



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