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Xbox 360, first "touch"


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Since the Xbox 360 is out here very shortly, Wal*Mart have then for demo/playing with.


So, last night we stopped by and I had a little play with one.



The changes:

On the controller, the black and white buttons are now shoulder buttons - so you've now got 4 shoulder buttons (like the PS/PS2), but 2 are analog like the Xbox shoulders, and 2 are just buttons - not sure if they're analog or not.


The controller "feels" a little smaller, but it could just be an illusion.


The graphics do look pretty, but are they that much of an upgrade from the Xbox? I think that the "forced" HD means that the graphics are going to be naturally higher quality - but what's the percentage of people who have HDTV? It means that we can only get one Xbox 360 since only one of our TVs is HD (oh, the horror :P).


The game-play is down to the game itself, so I can't comment on that being something 360 based.


The next "big" question is whether it's backwards compatible - if it runs the Xbox games, then it's going to be a great investment, otherwise it's just another new console.



My "problem" with buying one to replace an Xbox is the companies who wrote games which don't allow the saves to be copied (like Ninja Gaiden), so you'll lose the save when you move to another machine.

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Damn! It must have been so good to wrap you're hands around that sexy beast (Rumours of me being a geek/dork have been confirmed.........now.)


From what I gather, the only sure fire backwards compatible games are: Halo and Halo 2. Since the 360 has a different graphics chip to the original Xbox it makes it hard to emulate Xbox games on the 360. I assume they made allowances for Halo, but why they've just chosen Halo is a mystery to me.


If they do get the backwards compatibility sorted, then you can bet your life that Microsoft will put out a thingy (technical wording, there.) that will allow you to use old save files, if not Microsoft, Mad Catz or Joytech will.

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Interesting, but I wouldn't go picking at graphics quite yet. The thing is quite new and the games have been rushed to get them out in time. It's not like they had the time to invest in newer graphical techniques like steep parralax mapping. They would've simply used all the graphical techniques that we're already using in the most advanced games of today. With time more advanced techniques will be invented and employed.



EDIT: In reply to what Wyndorf said, there will be a lot more games than Halo and Halo 2 backwards compatible. Basically, the top selling, and most technologically advanced games are being made playable first. By doing this, they can overcome technological obsticles on some games which will trickle down onto others and allow them to be recomplied more easily. Microsoft will be releasing patches to download to your 360 in order to make more games backwards compatible. The likelyhood is, that almost all of your Xbox collection will eventually be 360 compatible. Unless you own a lot of truly awful games.

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Have they even confirmed any launch titles yet?


Yes, loads. The list is as follows:-




Top Spin 2

Amped 3

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Call of Duty 2

Quake 4

Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland


Need for Speed Most Wanted

FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup

NBA Live 06

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06

Madden NFL 06

Kameo: Elements of Power

Perfect Dark Zero

Project Gotham Racing 3.

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