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Torrie released by WWE


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Source PWinsider:

We don't have all the details yet, but Torrie Wilson was released earlier today by World Wrestling Entertainment. The belief among one source that the writing has been on the wall for some time, once Billy Kidman was released. Wilson's bio is still up on WWE.com's Divas section. She had just worked the Australian tour.

I didn't expect her to last long after Billy went, but she was in the middle of that whole heel/face diva thing.


Spot the mistake on her profile page:



She's still listed in the banner, even though she's removed from the TT page. :P

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I guess its not a big suprise they released a diva especially considering they've got Mickie James now.

Just why Torrie? She can wrestle to an acceptable standard while Candice cant. Why not release Maria (Todd can handle interviewing :worship) and Candice, get Jillian hall on Raw and Send the t&a girls to Smackdown? :?

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Torrie's WWE status

Nov. 1, 2005


Over the past 24 hours, numerous Internet reports have claimed that Torrie Wilson has been released by World Wrestling Entertainment.


These reports are false. Upon returning home from RAW's trip to Australia, Torrie alerted WWE that she needed to stay home to tend to some personal issues. As a result, Torrie will not be at the Taboo Tuesday pay-per-view.


WWE.com will have more on Torrie's situation as it becomes available.[/Quote]


Source: WWE.com

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