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Another possible WWE walkout ***HUGE RAW & TT SPOILERS***


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This is from PWInsider...


Take this for what it's worth, but Dave and I have received word that the plan for Taboo Tuesday, as of yesterday, was for The Coach, with help from Mark Henry, to go over Steve Austin. We have also heard a story from a few people (and we want to stress that this is still a rumor at this time) that Austin was not happy about this scenario when he was told yesterday and it became an issue between him and the company.


We don't know where it will end up at this time, but we have definitely heard that Austin wasn't happy yesterday. As we all know, he has walked away from the company in the past when he didn't like their booking, once flying home when scheduled to put over Brock Lesnar in what would have been their first ever meeting during a live Raw taping in 2002.


If I was Austin, I would leave too, Jobbing to Jonathon Coachman for God sakes...


What is the world coming to?

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I hate JR but i want Austin to win, but agree his retunr should have been more valid. Hogan and Austin 'm 50/50 as I want hogan to win due to the fact when both times he has faces Rock at a PPV they jobbed him???? and Austin has a huge fans base over the wwe fans...so to svave me the troubel I either I just switch off or just wait and see what crap the McMahons throw up for us simple as :P
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OK, here's the thing.


Since they're talking about Henry coming back to help the Coach, this proves that Taboo Tuesday is fixed.


What use would Mark Henry be during a Verbal Debate? None at all.


Proof itself. :)


I wish they had the results "so far" for us to check out, it would be funny to see Christians votes go through the roof.

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I wish they had the results "so far" for us to check out' date=' it would be funny to see Christians votes go through the roof.[/quote']

It wouldn't surprise if WWE pulled a WCW card.


For example in a poll between Hogan and Flair,if you voted for Flair it counted as 1 vote for Flair and 5 for Hogan.


So it wouldn't surprise me if the WWE did the same with Christian now,you vote for Christian and then it gives some goof like Hardcore Holly or JBL 5 votes.

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Well, personally, I'm glad Austin left if they wanted him to lay down for Coach. Stupid McMahon coming up with these over used story lines.


McMahon: Hey I've got a good plot, we fire JR, bring Austin back, Coach beats Austin, Austin gets fired, Austin somehow comes back, and then he kicks all our asses. Then we can go to an Austin vs Hogan fued.


Yes Men: Good idea Vince, the fans will love it.


Steph: Yea me and daddy thought that one up. Well mostly me.


Yes Men: Good idea Steph, great idea Steph.



Then later------



McMahon: Austin you have to job to Coach.


Austin: (Gives Vince the finger) You can take your match and shove it.

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What the hell is wrong with Stone Cold-Cant he ever act like a professional?


Other wrestlers accept that they have to go over for the benefit of the company, but Austin has to have a big sulk and go home with his tail between his legs.


How many fans has Austin disappointed this time round by yet again refusing to do a show he was advertised in. If I was Vince I'd wish I could wash my hands of this unprofessional jerk (but he obviously cant or wont because Austin is a moneymaker for WWE). GOOD RIDDANCE AUSTIN.

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Its what people want to see and it's believable? Jobbing to Coachman is just stupid booking . Who wants to see that? I don't blame him at all, also...


Steve Austin was told he was going to do the job for Jonathan Coachman on Saturday and refused. Apparently he also found out that Jim Ross also wasn't returning as Raw announcer despite how the angle was playing on television.



Tonight on Raw they changed the match to Dave Batista vs. Coachman.



Torrie Wilson is also gone.



Goldust and Vader debuted on Raw.

From Meltzer.


With JR not coming back he was even more upset with it.


EDIT: No unmarked RAW spoilers please.

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If Triple H thinks Flair needs to be taken out and shot, he should look at Vince.


Vince needs to be FIRED!!!!!


Vince needs to be be fired just like Eisner needed to be fired from Disney. YOU CAN ONLY GO SO FAR WITH ONE PERSON, LET SOMEONE ELSE RUN THE SHOW NOW. AND FOR GOD SAKES NOT STEPHANIE


Let Shane take over or someone else. Someone needs to tell Vince that his game is over, he's through, he's finished. All out of ideas. Same with Steph, she was no good to begin with.





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How is Austin returning and Stunnering everybody good for business?


Because the fans love an unstoppable force of a face. For example Hogan, Warrior, HBK, Rock, Austin, Triple H(as a face).


A face that will not lose and has a great gimmick is what the company needs, that's what Austin, Rock, Hogan, Warrior, HBK, and HHH had.


What they really need to do is go back to the days before they included corrupt management in story lines. Just superstar story lines.



and the biggest reason of all, EVERYONE LOVES IT WHEN AUSTIN STUNS SOMEONE.





Sorry about posting so close to my other post. I felt that these were 2 seprate opinions and needed 2 different posts.

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It would be interesting to see what would happen if guys like Ted DiBiase were given more of a free reign over the creative side of things. For all their rehashing of legends and nostalgic comebacks, theyre still ignoring an older way of presenting a wrestling show and you can see it. Wrestling will always be wrestling and as much as it needs to change with the times, there are certain ways to promote wrestlers and good storylines that newer writers (including Stephanie McMahon) seem to be unaware of.
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