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*** Official Smackdown Discussion Thread - 4th November 2005 ***


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A battle with some history

November 4, 2005


“Cowboy” Bob Orton was a longtime ally of Rowdy Roddy Piper. Orton even accompanied Piper for his matches at the first two WrestleManias. But Orton has other priorities now. Cowboy Bob is back in WWE to aid his son Randy in any and every way possible. And if that means helping Randy “kill” the legend of Piper, then so be it.


Last week in SmackDown’s main event, Cowboy Bob accidentally backed into a signature Piper sleeper hold. It was lights out for Bob, and the submission soon followed. Enraged by that result, the elder Orton will get Piper in the ring one-on-one with a chance to prove that he has fully emerged from the shadow of “The Rowdy One.” Piper will look to rile Orton up and make it two big wins in a row. Which WWE Hall of Famer will come out on top? Tune in to SmackDown to find out.


Powerhouse newcomer Lashley has plowed through the competition so far, but this week on SmackDown, he’ll have to take on two dangerous Superstars at once.


Nunzio and his enforcer Vito took issue with being left out of last week’s Fatal Fourway for the WWE Tag Team Championship. They contend that had they been involved, they’d be sporting the gold now rather than MNM — and they let SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long know it.


In response, Mr. Long will give Nunzio and Vito a chance to prove that they belong in the kind of championship matches that are changing Friday Nights. But they’ll have to go through the buzzsaw that is Lashley to do it. Will it be another dominating performance by the three-time national wrestling champion, or will he be silenced by “The Skull” and Nunzio?


Also, after a blind tag and a Snapshot last week, MNM became two-time WWE Tag Team Champions. Mercury, Nitro and Melina are sure to grab some face time before their paparazzi following on Friday, but will they be forced to defend the gold?

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Originally posted by The Person:

From pwinsider

Dark Match:

Paul London defeated Beard Blackwell with a modified version of The Mushroom Stomp. Decent back and forth match, Blackwell uses his Mike Haggar gimmick to perfection.



LOD defeat the makeshift tandem of Simon Dean and Orlando Jordan with The Doomsday Device

Pretty good actually, Imagine the Steiner Bros facing off against The Rockers ... Okay, not really.


Kid Kash defeated Brian Kendrick with Bankruptcy.

An easy internet MOTWC, great catch as catch can stuff throughout and Kash heels it up pretty well.


Sylvan defeat some indy jobber name Joey Ryan or something like that with his Suplex into a DDT

Sylvan was on point as usual but this jobber just plain sucked and actually had the crowd rally behind Sylvan.



Matt Hardy/Rey Mysterio defeat JBL/Christian with Special Guest Ref Hardcore Holly with a 619 into a Unfortunate Twist of Fate on Christian

Really fun fast paced matchup, I know where my vote is going because this team rules all.


Chris Benoit defeated Booker by countout.

Booker shows why he is a master of face and heel psychology as he eased out of getting his comeuppance and kept his belt.


Roddy Piper defeated "Cowboy" Bob Orton by DQ

I forget what happened because I went to get some candy and my hot girlfriend says she forgot.


Bobby Lashley defeat Nunzio and Vito by simultaneously giving them both The Chance of a Lashtime (Falling Dominator).

Simplistic, enjoyable squash. This guy is what Taz and Samoa Joe should have been.


Mr. Kennedy defeated Scotty 2 Hotty with the Lambeau Leap

I had no idea that I would witness a 45 minute wrestling clinic tonight.


MNM defeated Batista and Eddie Guerrero to regain their tag straps

MOTN Right here folks. I couldn't believe some of the stuff I saw in this match, backdrops and hiptosses were used with ill regard for their recipients


After the show dark match saw Big Dave defeat Randy Orton and another solid performance.


Biggest Pops:

Hardcore Holly



Rey Matt


Biggest Heat



everyone else


If I remember correctly The Mexicools might have fought Regal and Burchill but I was staring at some chicks rack at the level below me.


Don't remember all the segments but The Boogeyman cut a promo from a Daycare Center and 2 Raw vs Smackdown matches have been added to Survivor Series.

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''If I remember correctly The Mexicools might have fought Regal and Burchill but I was staring at some chicks rack at the level below me.''


Gotta love this guy report :lol


Seems like a good SmackDown,looking forward to the Main Event with MNM and Eddie/Tista.

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Only if he tapped to the Crossface' date=' but instead he tapped to the Sharpshooter.[/quote']


I'm not calling you a liar but i don't remember him saying that.


Just him saying that if he didn't beat the then U.S Champion Benoit for the belt then he wouldn't wrestle again. :?


Maybe i'm wrong.



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Trust me, I'm a doctor:


Before his United States Championship Match with Chris Benoit this week on SmackDown, Orlando Jordan promised to quit if he tapped out to the Crippler Crossface again. The champion tried several times early on to secure the Crossface, but Orlando had a counter every time. On one attempt outside the ring, the challenger rammed Benoit into the ring steps, allowing him to work the midsection of the champion. Benoit would eventually hit his trademark rolling German suplexes, leading to one last attempt at the Crossface. Jordan countered again, so the crafty champion tripped his opponent instead, and locked on the Sharpshooter. Jordan did not have a counter for that, and was forced to tap out, allowing Benoit to retain the championship.
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just a thought here.... Smackdown was taped monday night yes... but the commentators were talking about rey and matt on taboo tuesday... so either it is an edit or Taboo Tuesday is really fixed....

Actually it was taped on Sunday.


Remember that since only the TV audience hears the commentary, then it can be added later, with Taz and Cole just sitting there, and only saying things in front of the crowd where they have to.

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So the crowd do hear the commentary during shows ? I always wondered whether it was pumped out through the PA or whether it was exclusive for the TV audience. So the wrestlers hear what theyre sayin too ?

The crowd hears nothing from the announce table. The only things you hear are the entrances and the announcer.


The wrestlers don't hear anything unless they say it loudly - they either get instructions from the ref (who has an earpiece) or they know exactly what's meant to happen in a match.


Note that they talk to each other a LOT, so they discuss the upcoming spots.

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Since Smackdown is on now, I thought I might as well do my "rolling report".


Show opens with crowds outside of the Staples Center - Josh is shouting into his mic.

MNM roll up in the limo, they "celebrate" and Teddy arrives to tell them that they're facing DAVE~! & Eddie tonight. They're shocked - we're sure that Mercury doesn't have a 6 or 8 pack, but a 20 pack. :P


After the titles, Holly comes out to the ring - pop for him, but the crowd doesn't look very animated.

Out comes Rey with his horrible new music and gets a decent pop, followed by Matt who gets another pop.

JBL's music hits - it has to be the best music in the business just for the "moooo". :D

Christian comes out to a good pop - pity that he's gone now. :(

Match at least has 2 good wrestlers in it. :) Christian and Matt exchange is pretty normal.

High Spot as Matt leaps over onto JBL and Christian, but is caught, so Rey hits a High Spot on to them all which knocks the heels down.

Next we go back to Rey and JBL - JBL shows us that he can punch...

Rey with a roll-up, but Holly is the worst ref in history as he counts the pin when JBL's head is CLEARLY under the bottom rope.

Christian in and shows us why he's such a great wrestler, hitting what looks like an inverted Falcon Arrow, but I'm not sure of the name of the move. :P Rey kicks out at 1 to no-sell.

Matt in to help Rey, but managed to clothesline Holly (who clearly deserves it for that count). And we hit an advert break.

Back from the break and JBL shows us another move of his, the kick.

Rey hits some dropkicks but JBL tries to take over with some clotheslines, but Rey doesn't even have to duck to avoid them!

Horrid 619 setup, but Christian shows why he's so great by pulling JBL out of the way. :D

Christian vs Rey again to liven the crowd up a little, but they both go down.

JBL back in and shows us his move-set again with LOTS of punches in the corner. And I mean LOTS.

JBL manages to hit an actual wrestling move with the Super Fallaway Slam, but it only gets a 2 count as Matt breaks it up.

JBL tries his only wrestling move again, but Rey does his contrived reversal into his DDT. Christian tags in and Matt tags in with the HOT TAG~!

Matt is all over Christian, the Side Effect, but that's broken, Yodelling Leg Drop.

JBL in to stop Rey with his ONE wrestling move, but it's stopped (again).

A couple of Poetry In Motions to the two guys - JBL manages his FOURTH move this match with a Big Boot!

Outside Rey drop toe hold on JBL into the stairs - Christian grabs a chair - Holly tries to stop it so Christian attacks him.

Holly with the Alabama Slam, then a horrid 619 setup, 619, Twist of Fate and Christian is jobbing to all 3 moves.

JBL walks out on Christian just to show how much of a jobber they're treating him as.

Apart from the ending, this one match was more entertaining than the whole of RAW.


Back from the adverts - Teddy announces that Frosty is at SD tonight.


Sharmell comes out, the crowd boos, but not because she's now heel, but because she's HORRIBLE.

Booker takes the mic, but the stupid b**** keeps on talking, saying "baby" every other word. PLEASE get her off of our TVs. :P

The Book is actually doing OK in this promo, it's just she drags him down by being there.

Video package of Sharmell cheating, and Booker "acting".

Out comes Teddy, Book and Sharmell do his "jiggle".

Teddy books a US title match - Benoit vs Booker, and it's NEXT. (After the advert break).


Benny's music hits and the crowd EXPLODES! Benoit with the Intensity... Collar and Elbow and we go into a Chop Fest - you DON'T start chopping Benoit unless you want to be slapped about like a Sharmell. :D

Booker tries to take over, but Benoit is too damn hard, so it takes a little bit of cheaty by Booker to reverse.

Benoit back to the Chops as Book misses a kick - forearm knock down gets 2, I mean, why bother?

Scoop slam, running elbow drop, MORE chops and Booker must be HURTING! I'm sure those chops are stiff as hell. Sharmell grabs the foot, but Benny catches Booker again - this is all Benoit, all the time!

Booker manages to hang Benny up on the top rope to stop the offence. Kicks to the "injured ribs" which are taped. Interesting fact, did you know that taking broken ribs does nothing?

Booker with some simple offence, but Benoit turns it around with the Rolling Germans - it's Air Canada time, but Booker rolls out of the way.

The Book tries to take advantage with a scissor kick, but Benny avoids and some more Germans - Booker stops the third, so Benoit slaps on the CrossFace.

Booker takes a powder to LOTS of booing from the crowd - gotta love cowardly heels. :D Benny wins via count-out, so Booker retains as he's at the entrance, and they have the audacity to play Booker's music when Benny won the match!


Quick TT recap - Matt and Rey completely destroyed everybody else in the voting, and Holly was the lowest, yup, he's loved. :D


Cowboy Bob runs to the ring - oh wait, we've got it on fast forward just to make it look like he's walking at normal speed. :P

The "Scotsman" Piper comes out - funny how he's never had a Scottish accent. These two slug it out in the ring - At least Bob has the decency to keep his shirt and trousers on.

Piper tries to put the crowd to sleep as well as Cowboy Bob with that sleeper until Randy saves us with a run-in, some slaps to the chest and there's LOADS of wobbling.

Randy grabs the mic and says what everybody is thinking, that Piper makes us sick. There's no reason for him to be on WWE TV at the moment apart from to put Orton over.

It ends with a HORRIBLY sold RKO and we're off to another ad break.


It's Bobby Lashley, this guy is MUSCULAR, but can he work the stick? The fake pop is horribly obvious as the crowd are still.

His opponents are Nunzio and Big Vito - great way to destroy the tag division, put one of the teams in a 2 on one for an "up and comer".

Some double team work from the FBI, but Lashley shows his strength. A lovely belly to belly on Nunzio. Another nice front salto suplex on Vito. Double Lariat and let's throw around the small guy.

While carrying Nunzio he knocks Vito off of the apron, and hits his finisher on the small guy, so we still have no idea if he can hit it on a big guy yet.


Frosty arrives and meets The Boogeyman who is "coming to get ya". I think he says what's on everybody's mind: "Who in the hell are you?". Yup, that's about it. And another advert break.


Teddy's in the ring to "jiggle" and bring out Frosty Top. Da Bisch says that the "Raw vs Smackdown thing" is out of control.

Frosty suggests a survivor match at Survivor Series, what a shock, I never saw that coming, nope, not at all. Bisch calls SD the B show, runs it down, saying it has 2nd rate talent, but the Champ was the Champ on Raw not long ago, oops, let's forget about that, shall we?

There's also going to be a one on one Raw vs SD match - Teddy Long vs Eric Bischoff. But why? More time taken up by non-wrestlers. :P

Teddy does some BAD martial arts moves as Eric is removed by "security".


Taker promo - Dead? They have the stupidity to show the old classic Undertaker so we realise what we're missing - damn, that outfit was cool!


After the break, it's MISTER KENNEDY... ... ... KENNEDY! He's varying the intro a little, and there's loads of crowd heat. :)

His jobber this week is Scotty 2 Hotty.

Tazz basically calls Cole gay by saying that Scotty is "Master of the Worm", but that should be Cole's nickname. :D

Kennedy "plays" with the crowd by threatening to throw Scotty into the crowd, but instead he tosses him into the ring. Scotty tries to come back, but somebody needs a rest as he locks in a bear hug - he's not big enough to make it look effective.

Scotted comes back, COMPLETELY no-selling the bear hug. Tazz carries on with the gay references, but Cole no-sells them. :D

Scotty gets strung up on the ropes and it's a different way to setup the Mambo Leap... ... ... Leap. By the way, he was cut Hard Way during the match.

After the win, Kennedy announces that he won into Scotty's face. :)

Kennedy was great at points, it's just a pity that he's not given longer to see if he can wrestle a slightly longer match than a quick squash.

Tazz was on-fire during that match. Cole completely ignored him though.


After the break we have MNM's entrance, these guys suit the straps and I LOVE the way they wear them. Melina's entrance still rocks!

Eddie comes out in his low-rider - DAVE~! is having to lean over to fit into the car, which is kind of funny. DAVE~! doesn't get his own entrance, and he's the World Champ.

I never noticed how ugly the tag belts are, they're not shown close up for a reason.

MNM are so small compared DAVE~!

The tag champs try some double team heel tactics, with Melina distracting, but DAVE~! > MNM, so he sends them over the top rope as we head into another ad break.

We're back and DAVE~! is in control (what a surprise). Eddie is just GENIUS as he uses the tag rope to choke Mercury.

More Eddie as he hits the Tope. Tag to DAVE~! and he hits a SLOW double rib breaker. Cole actually calls Eddie and DAVE~! "The Two Amigos", erm, right.

Eddie again as Nitro comes in for the first time. Some offence but Eddie comes back, he goes back to the Lie, Cheat & Steal by getting a chair and the ring bell hammer, but Melina steals the hammer.

DAVE~! and Eddie play with the idea of spanking Melina as she is on the apron - Eddie chases Melina, then sneaks around to catch her, but Nitro leaps the top rope to stop him.

The Tag Champs manage to isolate Eddie to take over - Nitro is SO underused as he hits a springboard elbow drop, then after a little more hits the Capoera Leg Drop which is a thing of beauty.

Tag to Mercury who seems to be the weak link. Eddie manages to turn it around and hits a BEAUTIFUL tilt-a-whirl back breaker.

DAVE~! comes back and does the "Big strong man against little men" thing.

Torture Rack from DAVE~! as Eddie hits the Three Amigos. Melina manages to find some brass knucks in her cleavage - Eddie up top for the five star, Melina slips the knucks to Mercury and Eddie lands on top of her, I hope it doesn't pop one of her implants. :P Although it REALLY looked like his groin landed on her butt.

DAVE~! chases Nitro as Mercury plants Eddie with a straight hand with the knucks. Eddie does his best Mortal Kombat "Finish Him" impression, giving time for Mercury to roll him up and the three count.

MNM retain as the show comes to a close.



So, not as good as Impact, but a LOT more enjoyable than RAW.

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Benoit with the Intensity... Collar and Elbow and we go into a Chop Fest - you DON'T start chopping Benoit unless you want to be slapped about like a Sharmell. :D


MrFill deserves rep for this post but I sadly need to spread the love. I know who I want to spread the love to :P

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I enjoyed SD very much last night , I thought it was a well booked show for the most part, it seemed to be a more well put together show than RAW. I of course loved seeing Piper on the the show again, even if if he's match with Bob Orton wasn't exactly a Match of the Year candidate.
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What a crap Smackdown' date=' the bummer is i'll have to sit through it again tonight as my recording screwed up :mad[/quote']

well don't watch it then if it's 'crap'



anyway.. on with the Styles summary:


Rey and Hardy vs JBL and Christian: good match... shame after 6 years full of hard work christian ends it by jobbing to three guys (i include the ref).... match was solid though 6/10


BEnoit vs Booker: ok already i want to kill booker for just being seen with Sharmell.. why they let people go like christian but sign people like sharmell who makes awful look like perfection :lol.... match was ok.. booker shouldnt have the push or the belt... he's balnd stale and boring... Christian vs Benoit should have been the feud...4/10


B Orton vs Piper: i find it embarrasing that these two legends even at their old age can work better than most of the WWE roster... ok match.. Randy did well on the run in.. looked very vicious.. i was waiting for the bell to toll but oh well.. 5/10


Lashley vs Vito/ Nunzio: ok match.. Lashley looked good....nothin special... 4/10


Kennedy vs Scotty: The announcing thing is stale already.... ok match.. kennedy needs a new finisher3/10


MNM vs Batista and Eddie: good match.. MNM are a great tag team.. wish they would have been around during the Hardyz/ Dudleyz/ E&C era... didnt need to happen though.. MNM should be building a new tag team feud.. and the batista eddie feud should be being devleoped... good match though 7/10


alright show.. better than raw AGAIN 6/10

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Rey Mysterios entrance music makes me want to go on a kill spree. I am not normally a violent man, but damn it that music is worse than Chinese water torture. Cole calls Bob Holly the toughest referee ever, I dunno about that, I mean Bill Alfonso beat up Shane Douglas backstage (and Douglas has been calling out Ric Flair for years, in front of a crowd of 35 people so God only knows he must be a badass). He also bled all over the arena, bumping like a freak for Beulah McGillicutty in ECW, so until Holly is comfortable enough with his own manhood to take a beating from a fat chick, turned hot valet, turned lesbian, then he ain’t as tough as Fonzy. Come on ref, JBL was clearly under the ropes, Tommy Young he is not. People would totally buy Mysterio as the Champion. The WWE has conditioned, even brainwashed the fans for years into thinking that big is good, small is bad, but they could easily be conditioned to think of Mysterio as a legitimate World Champion. He has always been over, has gotten clean wins over a few big names, but they’ve never pulled the trigger on a main event push. Rey plays Ricky Morton during the match, only without the fantastic mullet, without the ‘teeny boppers in their training bras hollering…’ for him (copyright Ric Flair) and Rey would probably pay his child support. Shame Matt creeps me out because hes a good worker. It always made me laugh when people said Jeff was the next Shawn Michaels and Matt would be the Marty Jannetty of the team. It was funny because its true, Jannetty was the better Rocker, Matt was the better Hardy Boy. Michaels was the feminine, camp Rocker, Jeff was the feminine, camp Hardy Boy. The comparisons are definitely there. So yeah Christian is a professional to the very end, jobbing for the 387th time in a row and he leaves the WWE with a worse win/loss record than Barry Horowitz. Man did they ever miss the boat with Christian.


Teddy Long backstage with his hilarious, oversized, novelty jacket and Josh Matthews show up as I continue to wonder why Matthews isn’t on a main show with Dusty Rhodes on colour. That team would be the greatest thing in the history of our great sport folks.


They promote Cena vs. Angle in a cage at the 17th November Raw, marking the 86th cage match they have had this year. Man have they ever killed the mystic of the steel cage.


Sharmell LaTequa LaTonya LaPDiddyPops Dashiki Rashonda J. Blige Sullivan shows up, before introducing Booker-T whos heat has been X-Pac 2001ised following the 125th turn since joining the WWE. He calls the fans ‘gullible’ and ‘fools and theys be fighting words. I swear the crowd is so livid they start clamouring over the guardrail to throw rotten eggs and cups of piss at him. Unconfirmed reports say that Booker had to lock himself in the dressing room all night and had his tires slashed by the incensed fans. Benoit should just get it over and done with, beat the piss out of Booker, snot rocker Sharmell and get the hell into main events teaming with Eddie to murderise Batista. Teddy Long shows up and I swear I’m watching a remake of ‘Foxy Brown’. Teddy Long announces that Benoit will be Booker-T’s opponent like it was as shocking as Hogan being the 3rd man at BATB 96.


Benoit shows up (apparently Alex Shelly and AJ Styles are better than him. LOLOLOLOLOL 2005 LOL). Benoit chops Booker then gives him extra chops with those chops, before treating him to a side order of chops and an exquisite 2005 Vino Chopo. If Benoit cares so much about the US Title, why isn’t he interested in being the World Champion? This is what I’ve never liked about midcard titles. A guy wants a midcard title so bad but has never expressed a desire to be the World Champ? Everyone on the roster from Funaki to The Undertaker should want to be the Champion, but it is always only 1 or 2 guys at a time who ever seem to care about the top belt. Booker-T needs to take at least 6 months off.


Cowboy Bob Orton’s entrance music is fantastic, but he really should wear wrestling tights and the cast. He still can’t be fully recovered from that injury, forearm injuries take at least 30 years to heal. Bob on the mic with his smoky, gravely voice tells me he has enjoyed one too many late nights with some ring rats and Grandpas cough medicine down the years. Piper’s ‘Hot Rod’ t-shirt continues to be the best shirt in wrestling history. Orton lays out Piper with a FOREIGN OBJECT and they start beating the crap out of each other like a couple of surly, grumpy old timers should do. Piper locks on the Sleeper and Bob being old school sells it like a champ. I guess, just when Bob thought he had all the answers, Piper changed the questions, but then Randy shows up and makes me want to change the channel. After all these years, someone should tell the timekeeper that ringing the bell when a heel is beating someone up never ever works. I hear that is how they’re attempting to stop the conflict in the middle east, a guy with a ring bell will show up, start ringing it, everyone will put down their guns, hug and go home.


Michael Cole once again says that stupid ‘Heres a guy I like to call The Real Deal’ and it reminds me of when they tried and failed to get over that terrible ‘Manster’ nickname for Brock Lesnar. Vito is no JT Smith, he is no Tommy Rich, Tony Mamaluke and he damn sure can’t dance like Tracy Smothers, so he has no place in the FBI. They need to hire Doug Dillenger, just so he can knock on Lashley’s door and be all ‘Lashley, its time’. If Bill Watts was booking, Lashley would be in the main event by now.


Why is Boogeyman still on TV? Was this someones idea of a sick joke? There must have been some weird stuff in that coke Vince sniffed off that strippers chest when he thought of The Boogeyman. Bischoff shows up, looking very suave. Must be off to the Gold Club or to a wife swapping thing with Dallas Page. Teddy Long busts out some old school Karate Kid Ralph Macchio **** on Bischoff’s ass so Bisch runs away. ‘You’re the best a-ROUND and nothings gonna ever keep you down…’ Man did I love Karate Kid until they ruined its legacy by putting Hilary S**** (since when was S-w-a-n-k a swear word?) in the lead role.


So yeah Taker isn’t dead. But wasn’t he dead when he debuted anyway? How can Orton have killed Taker if he was dead anyway when he debuted then died a couple more times after that? But then he was alive during his American Badass time, wasn’t he? But then Kane killed him again less than 2 years ago and he came back dead. How do you kill someone who is already dead? My head hurts.


We return from the break with the guy who is faster than a speeding bullet, a man who is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, a man who eats evil dictators for breakfast, a man who brings peace to all mankind, a man who will take over from Santa Claus this Christmas and would sell more copies of his inevitable autobiography than the Bible. I think you know the guy, Mr. F’n Kennedy…F’n…Kennedy. Loved that telling the fans to move only to SWERVE them by throwing Scotty back in the ring spot he pulled out again and his smugness after it was fantastic. Taz implying Cole was a tiptoe dancing poof (credit Birchall, Paul. 2005) is funny because its probably true. I mean you know he had to have experimented in college with his roommate Troy. Apparently all of a sudden, being arrogant, egotistical and a loudmouth are bad character traits. Mr. Kennedy…Kennedy IS arrogant, but his supreme awesomeness gives him the right to be arrogant because he is undoubtedly better than you. Yeah, YOU. And you.


Good to see MNM with the tag belts again. You know that Melina was on the phone to Nicole Ritchie bitching about Paris Hilton behind her back, calling her a skankasaurus for being caught ‘knowing’ her man (in the Biblical sense) in a club toilet. Why does Eddie still have to wear that mucho estupido ‘I’m Your Papi’ t-shirt? You know one of the reasons why Smackdown is by far the better show? 2 word: Eddie Guerrero. Another reason is the unpredictability of this thing he has going with Batista. At first I was convinced it was only a matter of time before Eddie turned on Batista, hit him on the back of the skull with a tire iron and then stared into the crowd with his cold, dead eyes. Now, since Eddie has been getting big face reactions I’m not so sure if they’ll turn him. Hell Batista could turn on Eddie. I can’t predict for certain with this and this is the difference between Smackdown and the amazingly predictable Raw. Did Michael Cole actually call Eddie and Batista the ‘two amigos’? That guy is a bigger dork than Screech Powers. Speaking of ‘Saved by the Bell’, God was I ever in love with Kelly Kapowski.



Oh to be young again.


Kelly, Jet from ‘Gladiators’, Pamela Anderson in ‘Baywatch’, Lily Savage (what the hell do you mean that was a man?). I miss being 10 years old. Anyway, shows what kind of promotion we’re dealing with here when a valet gets involved in a match she simply must be spanked. Mercury busts out the Mr. Perfect neck whip thing. Why couldn’t Nitro do a normal Leg Drop instead of that horribly contrived, breakdance Leg Drop thing? Melina is a really good valet and its good that they put one of their ‘divas’ to good use rather than have them stand around doing nothing (see Hemme, Christy and Keibler, Stacy).


Didn’t see Raw this week but I didn’t even need to to know that Smackdown was once again the better show. It is insane that people still consider Raw the superior show especially after the headache inducing, confusing, WCW 2000esque Raw people had to sit through on Monday.

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