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TWO Wrestling Survivor: M - Round 6


Least favourite now?  

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  1. 1. Least favourite now?

    • Mankind
    • Marty Jannetty
    • Masato Tanaka
    • Matt Hardy
    • Muhammad Hassan
    • Mr. Perfect
    • Monty Brown
    • Mitsuharu Misawa
    • Michael Hayes
    • Molly Holly
    • Mick Foley
    • Mike Awesome
    • Mikey Whipwreck

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Still In:





Marty Jannetty



Masato Tanaka



Matt Hardy



Michael Hayes



Mick Foley



Mike Awesome



Mikey Whipwreck



Mitsuharu Misawa



Molly Holly



Monty Brown






Mr. Perfect



Muhammad Hassan


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has to be Mike Awesome again....obviously


and didn't do that much in the WWF


that all boils down to Hulk Hogan, Warrior & Savage, they wouldnt get out of the main event limelight, , and who could blame them, well me actually. :P, and when they went to WCW there was a big Main Event opening, and guess what, Mr Perfect was injured, typical aint it. :D


and when he was Fit and ready to go the Main Events were being filled by Hart, Yoko, Michaels, Diesel, Flair & ummm Mabel.

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For those who are voting for Misawa here is a little profile of him from W101 written by yours truely last year.... Hope it sheds some light on him.


Height: 6'1"

Weight: 243lbs

Date of Birth: 18/06/62

Place of Birth: Koshigaya City, Saitama

Debut: August 21st, 1981 (vs. Shiro Koshinaka)

Signature Moves: Elbow smash, Elbow suicida, Emerald Frosion, Rolling elbow, Tiger Driver, Tiger Driver '91, Tiger suplex hold, Tiger suplex '85


Title History:


5x All Japan Triple Crown

2x GHC World Title

6x All Japan World Tag Title

2x All Asian Tag Title

1x GHC Tag Team Title

1x NWA International Jr Heavyweight Title

1x PWF Tag Team Title

Tournement History:


Real World Tag League 1992, 1993 and 1995

Champion Carnival 1995 and 1998

GHC World Title Tournement 2001


At the start of his career in All Japan Misawa wrestled as the second generation of Tiger Mask, Tiger Mask II and fought around the globe and in All Japan as a successful continuation of the original gimmick.


All that changed when in a tag team match alongside future rival Toshiaki Kawada he unmasked and showed himself to the world and signalled an intent to move to the top of the heavyweight tree in All Japan.


This led to a feud and a celebrated series of matches with top gun in the company, the Ace if you will at that time Jumbo Tsurta. Jumbo had sealed the big three singles titles in All Japan (PWF, NWA International and NWA United National Heavyweight titles) and had a celebrated feud against Genichiro Tenryu and a run against gajians Stan Hansen and Terry Gordy and was by now a veteran and a 3 time Triple Crown Holder.


Misawa and Tsurta faced off for the gold for the first time in an epic clash on 18/4/91 in a 25 minute festival of All Japan wrestling... Jumbo stopped him though using his trademark backdrop suplex hold.


After this he continued to clash with Tsurta in tags with partner Kawada and fight the gajian heels Hansen and Gordy, gaining much popularity as he did so. Then came his first big push when on the 22nd of August 1992 he was selected to end Stan Hansen's third Triple Crown reign and did so in a hard hitting match with a Running Elbow Smash.


He went on to hold the gold for nearly two years, beating Kawada in three classics, Akira Taue, Steve Williams and Stan Hansen again twice before dropping it to Williams. If you’re a fan of wrestling get hold off his defence of the Crown against Kawada from 3/6/94 as it was 35mins of pure action! During this time he also finished teaming with Kawada, feuding with him instead and began teaming with promising youngster Kenta Kobashi, the two winning the Real World Tag League and the AJPW Tag Belts as well.


He kept on near the top of the card, his feud with Kawada carrying on and providing another classic as he reclaimed the Triple Crown from Hansen again in 1995 and defended it first against Kawada... he took him out again in another classic then going on to hold it for 8 months... During this time he dropped Kobashi and fought him in an epic whilst taking on Jun Akiyama as his new partner.


After dropping the gold to Taue he concentrated on teaming with Akiyama and carried on his feud with Kawada and Taue in tag team form, taking the gold from them before dropping it shortly after to Williams and Smith.


At this time Kobashi had grabbed himself the Triple Crown and the two were destined to meet again despite their alliance with Akiyama and at the start of 1997 Misawa grabbed himself his third Crown in another hard hitting All Japan classic and then held it for 17 months before he met Kawada his old nemesis one more time at the Tokyo Dome.


In All Japan's biggest show ever Misawa lost to his long time nemesis, his first loss with a single title on the line. He became consumed with earning back what he felt was his title and his eye fell on Kobashi, the new holder in October of that year. It was a hard fought 43 and a half minute war in which Misawa came out on top again. But Kawada proved the Tokyo Dome wasn't a fluke in Misawa's first defence, Brainbustering him and taking his gold once again.


Kawada broke his arm in the match and had to vacate so a match was booked with Vader fighting Taue, Misawa got first go at the winner...


During this period The Giant Baba, owner and founder of AJPW had passed away as had Jumbo Tsurta who had a backstage position... Mrs Baba had placed Misawa in charge of the booking and he had gathered alot of power in the locker room... this was a fact that would come into play two years down the road.


Back in the ring Misawa took out Vader for his fifth Crown holding it for 8 months having another 40 minute plus epic with Kobashi before Vader took the gold from him.


He carried on fighting in the tag division before the widow Baba annoyed him to the point where he and all but two natives went and formed NOAH in the middle of a tour in the summer of 2000. He ran shows only a month after and the focal point fell again on he, Akiyama and Kobashi whilst also pushing old friend Ogawa and the up and coming tag team Takayama and Omori.


He booked himself to be the first holder of the GHC World title after winning a tournament in April 2001 before losing to Akiyama in an effort to push him as the next ace. He won the GHC tag gold from Vader and Scorpio as well with his partner and friend Ogawa and then gaining a second reign in 2002 before Kobashi ended it in their millionth epic in March 2003.


He currently runs NOAH and enjoys a healthy relationship with New Japan running a long inter-promotional feud in which titles are freely exchanged between companies and has resulted in quite a few 'Dream Matches' as well. He has also has built some bridges with All Japan which Baba has passed on to Keji Muto.


After many years of working the hard hitting style of AJPW he has seen better days but the man can still go. Perhaps the greatest worker of the 1990's he now works mostly in the tag team division with Ogawa and the duo currently hold the GHC Tag gold again.


Now he is aiming to build younger talent in NOAH and build the new exciting cruiser division there in.


Lets hope the futures bright for Misawa.

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I can`t believe Michael Hayes is going to be eliminated(as it stands of the post),i`m going to write a few sentances about one third of the Faboulous Freebirds or rather paste some information.


NWA (Nashville/Chattanooga) Mid-America Tag Team titles (2);

(Louisiana/Oklahoma) Mid-South Tag Team titles ();

NWA Georgia Tag Team titles;

NWA (Georgia) National Tag Team titles (3);

NWA (World Class) American Tag Team titles ();

World Class Six-Man Tag Team titles (6);

All Japan NWA United National Heavyweight title ();

WCWA (World Class Wrestling Association) Tag Team titles w/Steve Cox ();

NWA United States Heavyweight title ();

NWA World Tag Team titles w/Jimmy Garvin ();

WCW World Tag Team titles w/Jimmy Garvin ();

WCW United States Tag Team titles (2);

WCW Six Man Tag Team titles w/Jimmy Garvin & Badstreet ();

(Tennessee) PPW Heavyweight title ();




The Fabulous Freebirds:


Michael "PS" Hayes was a member of the legendary Fabulous Freebirds along with Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts..


The Fabulous Freebirds - World Wrestling Federation:


1984: The Freebirds had a brief stint with the WWF where they were managed by Cindy Laupers boyfriend Dave Wolfe..

~~~August 1984: The Freebirds (Hayes/Gordy/Roberts) make several appearance at WWF Madison Square Garden shows..

~~~~~August 4, 1984: The Fabulous Freebirds vs Ron Shaw / Rene Goulet / Charlie Fulton..

~~~~~August 24, 1984: The Fabulous Freebirds vs Pete Douerty / Ron Shaw / Butcher Vachon..

~~~The WWF wanted the trio to split into singles wrestlers, they left the company and returned to World Class in Dallas..


The Fabulous Freebirds - World Class Championship Wrestling:


September 28, 1985 - AWA SuperClash: The Road Warriors defeated Freebirds (Gordy/Hayes) to retain the AWA Tag titles..

The Freebirds were involved in the most violent and bloody feuds in WCCW history against the von Erich Family

April 20, 1986 - AWA WrestleRock: The Road Warriors defeated The Freebirds (Garvin & Hayes) in a "Steel Cage" match..

1988: The Freebird/vonErich feud came to an end when Michael Hayes & Kerry von Erich called a truce and became tag partners..


National Wrestling Alliance & World Championship Wrestling:


May 17, 1989 - WrestleWar: Michael Hayes defeats Lex Luger for the NWA United States title..

Michael Hayes would later join forces with Jimmy Garvin under the Freebird name managed by DDP & Big Daddy Dink..

June 14, 1989 - CotC 8: The Freebirds defeat the Midnight Express in the finals to win the vacant NWA Tag Team titles..

The masked wrestler known as Baddstreet (Brad Armstrong), was added to the Freebirds..

February 17, 1991: The Freebirds (Hayes/Garvin/Baddstreet) beat Tommy Rich/Ricky Morton/Junk Yard Dog for the 6 Man Tag titles..

February 24, 1991 - WrestleWar: Michael Hayes/Jimmy Garvin beat Doom (Ron Simmons/Butch Reed) for the World Tag Team titles..

May 19, 1991 - SuperBrawl: Hayes/Jimmy Garvin beat The Young Guns (Smothers/Armstrong) to win the vacant US Tag titles..



It really is a tragedy when guys like Michael Hayes and Misawa are going to be eliminated before guys like Muhammed Hassan who was in the WWE active roster for seven months,Without The Freebirds teams like The Hardy Boyz would never have happened,Micky Whipwreck???????? he was a WCW jobber and average in ECW,Molly Holly is a woman and Martey Jannety and Monty Brown can`t hold a candle to Michael Hayes.

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Im curious Gene,have you ever even watches a Michael Hayes match ?


Or are you just voicing you'r opinion because of his history ?


I voted for him because I have never seen a match of him,mainly because when he wrestle I was like 2 years old.And i haven't bothered myself downloading any of his matches because he isn't in my taste alley.Hence my vote.

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Im curious Gene,have you ever even watches a Michael Hayes match ?


Or are you just voicing you'r opinion because of his history ?


I voted for him because I have never seen a match of him,mainly because when he wrestle I was like 2 years old.Hence my vote.

I have seen him on The Road Warriors Dvd,I seen him on WCW/NWA classics when it was on and i`ve seen some downloaded stuff.

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Aw come on' date=' stop voting Misawa please.[/quote']

But he has never bin in wwe so he sux ! ! ! ! ! ! LOLZ! ! ! ! ! ! 1 1 !


This competition is a joke. Poeple arn't going through because of how talented they are, but how well known. If the worst wrestler ever got given a decent gimmick in WWE, WCW, or TNA, he would get through the rounds no problem.


That's why Foley will win this. Crap wrestler, given a good gimmick, yet Misawa who pisses all over him, will go in the next couple of rounds. Kenta Kobashi got beat by Kane, Kerwin White, Khosrow Daivari, Kid Kash and Ken Shamrock.


Says it all.

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This competition is a joke. Poeple arn't going through because of how talented they are' date=' but how well known.[/quote']

That's the point of these polls, to gague what the whole of TWO thinks of the wrestlers.


It's true that the greatest wrestlers might not always win, but it's about how "popular" they are to the whole of TWO.



I know that most of the people will never have seen the Japanese wrestlers, and generally aren't willing to go find some stuff to actually see them in action, but it's what you get for an open forum.

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