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RVD walks!

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I just seen this on a few news sites but I have yet to confirm it.


From what I hear RVD was told by WWE they had no use for him until Late Jan next year & he walked out on WWE telling them he may not bother returning.


If anybody can confirm this is accurate info please let me know.

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From RVD's website five days ago:


OCTOBER 26 -- Hello everybody, except people I don’t really like to say hello to. Okay, hello to you folks too.


Hey, I really don’t mind doing this weekly update thing, as long as I only have to do it every couple weeks or so.


So, I promoted the f*ck out of Wrestlemania with Jimmy “Mouth of the South” Hart in Chicago recently. Pleasure hanging out with the legend. We were on the Mancow show, where I found out you can’t say the word “penis” on the radio. Many, many other words but not penis. Just thought you’d like to know. I met Hugh Hefner’s three gorgeous girlfriends there. Nice!


Drove through Battle Creek on the way to Detroit and stopped by my old high school. It was cool to see that everybody keeps up with me and they still remember me dissing Mrs. Rosa so many years ago. Oh, the memories. Yeah, she was a bitch.


Detroit Metro Con was a trip. Along with meeting many fans from Michigan, I saw Machine Gun Mike Kelly, the dude I had some of my first matches with back in 1990! Good to see he’s recovered!


I will be in Fort Lewis, WA on Thursday with Christy Hemme saying goodbye to 25,000 troops who are being redeployed.


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I will be at Chiller’s in New Jersey.


Also, on Saturday we will have the biggest signing to date at our new store. Smackdown champion Batista will be there from 5-7pm. Our phone is ringing off the hook for this most requested guest! Call the store for info. (310) 326-5RVD.


Until next time, avoid spoiled milk.






No sign there - got to assume it's a baseless rumour at the moment.

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