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Smackdown results please ? *spoilers*

big pau hoolinator

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From pwinsider

Dark Match:

Paul London defeated Beard Blackwell with a modified version of The Mushroom Stomp. Decent back and forth match, Blackwell uses his Mike Haggar gimmick to perfection.



LOD defeat the makeshift tandem of Simon Dean and Orlando Jordan with The Doomsday Device

Pretty good actually, Imagine the Steiner Bros facing off against The Rockers ... Okay, not really.


Kid Kash defeated Brian Kendrick with Bankruptcy.

An easy internet MOTWC, great catch as catch can stuff throughout and Kash heels it up pretty well.


Sylvan defeat some indy jobber name Joey Ryan or something like that with his Suplex into a DDT

Sylvan was on point as usual but this jobber just plain sucked and actually had the crowd rally behind Sylvan.



Matt Hardy/Rey Mysterio defeat JBL/Christian with Special Guest Ref Hardcore Holly with a 619 into a Unfortunate Twist of Fate on Christian

Really fun fast paced matchup, I know where my vote is going because this team rules all.


Chris Benoit defeated Booker by countout.

Booker shows why he is a master of face and heel psychology as he eased out of getting his comeuppance and kept his belt.


Roddy Piper defeated "Cowboy" Bob Orton by DQ

I forget what happened because I went to get some candy and my hot girlfriend says she forgot.


Bobby Lashley defeat Nunzio and Vito by simultaneously giving them both The Chance of a Lashtime (Falling Dominator).

Simplistic, enjoyable squash. This guy is what Taz and Samoa Joe should have been.


Mr. Kennedy defeated Scotty 2 Hotty with the Lambeau Leap

I had no idea that I would witness a 45 minute wrestling clinic tonight.


MNM defeated Batista and Eddie Guerrero to regain their tag straps

MOTN Right here folks. I couldn't believe some of the stuff I saw in this match, backdrops and hiptosses were used with ill regard for their recipients


After the show dark match saw Big Dave defeat Randy Orton and another solid performance.


Biggest Pops:

Hardcore Holly



Rey Matt


Biggest Heat



everyone else


If I remember correctly The Mexicools might have fought Regal and Burchill but I was staring at some chicks rack at the level below me.


Don't remember all the segments but The Boogeyman cut a promo from a Daycare Center and 2 Raw vs Smackdown matches have been added to Survivor Series.

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