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TWO Xtreme TV 37 - 3rd November 2005

The B-Man

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The following program is a post watershed production, it will contain scenes and storylines not suitable for children and some of the content may also be unacceptable to other viewers. This program may also contain strobe lighting effects.


'Carve me an Edge' by Fake Ideal starts to play as the XTV opening video plays. Images are displayed throughout the title sequence:


Draven Cage locking in the noose

The Judge charging down the ramp, sledgehammer in hand

The Million Dollar Man Chris Eagles counting a fist full of greenbacks

Tom Trash trashcanning another victim

Barry Gower leaving Fill for dead

The Dark Alliance being revealed

Keith Jaxx and Rico oiling TIH

Violent Vinnie Vengeance climbing the cage

PMA with a nutshot

Arkham dressed as Animal

The return of Jordi Warner

The leg drop of doom from Hulkstermark

The Lonely Avenger in striking Green Heels

Mills wearing his new attire

Redman returning

Evil Gringo with his mamacita

Keith Jaxx eating bananas

Darkstar, dressed for business

The Incredible Holt standing over Gringo and Gower, raising his title high above his head






Huge pyro’s rock the Hartford Civic Centre as the tron goes green and the arena darkens


Taz: Welcome everyone back to Xtreme TV I am Taz joined by nobody else in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Break Stuff hits the speakers to a LOUD amount of booing from the crowd.


Taz: And it looks like we are about to be joined by the owner of TWO Xtreme.


Darkstar quickly makes his way down to the ring as his music continues to play.


Taz: I wonder what he has to say Cole? Oh yeah you’re not here.


Darkstar climbs up into the ring and takes the mic of Tony Chimmel.


DS: Cut my music. Now last night we had a bit of a situation with the Main Event, which I will get to in just a moment. First of all we seem to be missing an announcer out there although some may say we were missing one anyway.


Taz: He’s right, Cole. Damn got to remember you aren’t there.


DS: So without further a do, please welcome Michael Coles replacement……………………………….PAUL HEYMAN!!!!!!


“This is Extreme” hits the speakers to a mixed reaction from the crowd.


Taz: It’s Paul Heyman, by jove we haven’t seen him in months.


Heyman quickly swaggers his way down to the announce table where Taz gets up off his chair and shakes the hand of Paul Heyman.


Taz: Welcome Paul.


Heyman: Long time Taz, old buddy.


Taz: Indeed.


Heyman: Now we actually may here some good commentary around these parts.


Taz: Or any at all.


DS: Ok cut his music.


“This is Extreme” cuts off and Darkstar raises the mic back up to his mouth.


DS: Now that, that problem has been sorted there was another major issue that took place last night in the Main Event. That’s right Deadman stuck his nose in my Main Event.


The mention of Deadman draws mainly boos from the crowd.


DS: Lets take a look at the replay.


Tazz: He has him up, Ted!!


Ted: HAHA You damn right it is Tazz, we’re about to crown a NEW TWO World Heavyweight Champion. HAHAHAHAHA


Gower slowly walks around the ring, the crowd booing even louder than ever.


Taz: Gower is playing around here with The Incredible Holt here Ted.


Ted: That’s because he can Tazz.


Gower looks out into the crowd and gives it out a sly smile before…. CRACK!


Taz: WHAT IN THE HELL??!!!!!!!


Gower drops Holt to the mat and falls down himself holding his back in pure agony as someone in a hooded top stands over the fallen pair holding onto a steal chair, the crowd is going nuts.


Ted: Who the hell is that Tazz and better yet who do they think they are attacking Gower like that?


The cameras try to get a look at the person’s face, but can’t get a good enough view of them.


Taz: Who ever it is Ted, they don’t want us to see their face.


Ted: This is ridiculous where is Security when you need them?!


The camera moves back over to Gower who is slowly beginning to move. He gets to his knees and looks straight at the hooded person holding the chair with pure anger in his eyes as he shouts “You Son of a bitch”


Taz: Can Gower see who is?


The hooded person drops the chair and motions for to bring it on.


Tazz: Whoever it is Ted, he’s just told Gower to bring it and I don’t think he’s going to have to ask twice.


Gower looking irate quickly gets all the way up to his feet and runs straight at the hooded person looking to take them down with a double leg but Gower is met with a swift boot to the stomach and……




Gower falls to the mat in a heap with the crowd giving out a mixture of cheers and boos as the guy stands over him. The guy slowly reaches up to his head and grabs hold of the hood….


Ted: Who in the hell is that son of a bitch?


Taz: I have a feeling we’re about to find out Ted.


The guy slowly pulls the hood backwards to reveal the sick smiling face of……..




Ted: The son of a bitch!


The crowd is going nuts at the sight of Deadman stood over Gower who is completely out of it.


Taz: I didn’t think we’d ever see him again, but he’s here and he’s just cost Gower the TWO World Heavyweight Championship.


Security quickly hits the ring and takes Deadman down and begins to handcuff him as The Incredible Holt begins to crawl towards Gower.


Taz: It looks like Deadman is being arrested Ted, but look at Holt he’s moving towards Gower.


MDM: I Can’t believe this, come on Gower!


Security has dragged Deadman out of the ring and are completely surrounding him as they slowly attempt to drag him out of the arena.


Ted: That’s it, drag his ass to jail and throw away the key, he has no business being here. He’s not apart of this company!


Holt is now next to Gower and throws his arm on top of Gower’s chest, the referee immeditaly goes down for the count….


Tazz: Here’s the cover!






Ted: Come on Gower.












The Bell rings and the crowd boos huge as “You don’t see the signs” hits.


Chimmel: Here is your winner and STILL TWO World Heavyweight Champion……. The Incredible Holt!


Taz: He’s done it Ted, Holt is still TWO World Heavyweight Champion!


The crowd boos at the footage as we cut back to the ring.


DS: Now it’s all well in good that my boy Holt is still the Champion.


Boos from the crowd.


DS: But Deadman had no right in being their last night and as of now I want security doubled around the arena to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.


“Ride the lightning” hits the speakers to a mixed reaction from the crowd.


Taz: It’s Gower, Paul and I bet he has something to say about what went down last night.


Heyman: Yeah, enough about Cole.


Gower wastes no time in walking down to the ring, where he then walks across and gets a mic handed up to him.


“Ride the Lightning” fades out as Gower goes to speak.


BG: Security, Darkstar. You want to talk about fcuking security? Where in God’s green earth was your damn security last night?


DS: Well th….


BG: I don’t want to hear Darkstar I just don’t want to hear it.


Heyman: I don’t think Gower wants to hear it, Taz.


Taz: I think you’re right, Paul.


BG: I will tell you what I do want and that is a shot at the World Heavyweight title right here in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


HUGE pop from the crowd.


Heyman: What a cheap pop.


DS: Well Gower, first of all I make the descesions around here and second of all….


We hear the crowd booing loudly as out of nowhere Gower is smaked around the back with a chair.


Heyman: IT’S Deadman!!!


Deadman turns Gower around and hits him with a swift DDT, which takes him down to the canvas. The former owner of the Extreme Revolution begins punching away at the head of Gower whilst wearing brass knucks and eventually busts him open.


Taz: My Gawd what a brutal attack by Deadman and Darkstar is afraid to do anything.


Darkstar back out of the ring as Deadman gets back up to his feet.


DS: Damn security get this man out of my arena!!!


Security quickly hits the ring as Deadman runs out of it only to be eventually caught and put in handcuffs.


Taz: How in the hell did he get in here?


Heyman: Magic, Taz.


DS: Get him out of here right now.


The camera has one last look at Deadman who has a sadistic smile on his face before cutting back to a bloodied Gower prior to cutting to commercials….

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Back from commercal we come back to see Darkstar still in the ring, anger etched on his face...


PH: Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to TWOStars Xtreme TV... During the break, the turncoat, Barry Gower was helped to the back by some EMT's after my boy, The Deadman, put a serious hurting on the chump...


Tazz: Hence why the real boss is looking so pissed right now...


Darkstar is pacing around the ring, mic in hand...


DS: Jesus, you just don't know when to give up do you Deadman... I'm sick and tired of all these games, first the Chav last night, then you and now you have the nerve to show up in my ring tonight! What else can bloody happen...


All of a sudden the lights dim and the crowd buzz as Not Listening by Papa Roach booms through the in house speakers.... Brooding dark red and green lights flash and spiral around the ramp and ring and pyro explodes as the Evil Gringo emerges from the back, eyes full of rage, ready for war...


Tazz: I think the boss shouldn't have asked that...


PH: Well if it isn't the beaten one...


Tazz: You mean the Evil one...


PH: I know what I said...


Gringo has made his way down to ring side where security, still present from the appearance by the Deadman, block his path... But let him through as Darkstar motions for the Mexican Sensation to be allowed past... Gringo climbs into the ring and grabs a mic, looking mightly pissed off....


DS: And what do you want now?


EG: Me ese? Finally I get a word in? Finally I get some say in this place do I hombre?


DS: Yeah, I'm asking you what do you want, I'm a busy man and my time is a precious resource... Now spill or split donkey boy...


EG: Well ese, last night I had an, what you call them... err... an epithany, yeah thats it ese... You see last night I had the title in the bag before some no good chico put me through a table...


DS: So I saw...


EG: And who did that no good chico used to work for? I give you a clue... ERE, that who ese!


DS: So...


EG: Ah but ese, I ain't finished... You see after that I see the replay in the back last night when they where icing my neck homes... And what did I see?


DS: Let me guess... The return of the Deadman...


EG: Exactly! The former kingpin of ERE himself, the numero uno big shot chico... And yet I swore we beat them didn't we?


DS: Well yes we did...


EG: In fact as I recall as champion of this company ese I took them all on, one by one, Fill, Chris2K and then for some reason... After they went off the air, after we had defeated them... You took them in... You give them title shots, you give them multi-dinero contracts... You ese betray those who built you and your company up to the sky ese...


DS: It's not like that at all...


EG: Yes it is ese... And slowly, so slowly you can' even see it ese... They are tearing apart this company, taking our belts, taking our glory and stealing our thunder... All because you decided to appoint a new gatekeeper...


DS: What?


EG: You heard me ese... You betrayed me and put the jolly green chico in the driving seat.. You give him the title?!?! Are you forgetting this is the house that Gringo built ese?


DS: You talking nonsense!


EG: Am I? Record PPV numbers, cross promotional wars and wins ese, and all this as I reign supreme as champion... But then you think Holt is the better man and yet under his watch this company has been invaded ese, invaded by the very scum I destroyed once! Like little termites they crawl in... Gower, Sickness, Boyo, Deadman... All of those chicos! Eating at the foundations of my house ese...


DS: And your blaming this one me? You think I want Deadman here? You blame me for signing some of the biggest free agents in wrestling?


EG: YES! Ese you are destroying the very thing I helped create! But no more.... I have a plan and it starts tonight... I am going to regain my title... I am going to form my own army and together hombre... We are going to kill the very cancer that lives in TWOStars ese.... Starting right now with you!


Gringo starts to throw right hands at the boss and HARD elbow shots... The security around the ring pour in desperate to keep the Mexicutioner from the boss.... Gringo is batting off members of the team one by one, as Darkstar bails outside and grabs a steel chair...


EG: You son of a *BEEP*! Come back here!


Gringo continues to fight the maul of security guards but more and more pile in at the orders of the manical Darkstar...


Crowd: @sshole! @sshole!


Gringo tries to push the security guards away and begins to clear himself a path... But Darkstar slides back in, armed with a steel chair right behind the Gringo....




PH: Oh My God... I think Gringo was just shown who was boss there!


Tazz: What a shot... Right on the neck of the Gringo!




Darkstar slams the chair down HARD on the fallen Gringo's neck and head once more leaving the Mexicutioner down and out cold....


DS: Gringo... one thing you'll never learn... El Mathmatico you stupid son of a *BEEP*.... Come on guys... lets get out of here...


Break Stuff hits the PA as the crowd erupts in booing and the camera fades out showing the battered Gringo laying on the mat, clutching his neck in agony...


Cut to TWOStars DTTAH Promo...

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CHIMEL: The following contest is scheduled for one fall….


HEYMAN: Time for our first scheduled bout, Tazz!


TAZZ: And from what I hear, this is going to be a ROCKETBUSTA~!


CHIMEL:….and it is for the MWA Heavyweight Championship of the World. Please welcome first, the challenger…..


The house lights cut out and the arena is bathed in psychedelic swirls.



is displayed in close ups and as a whole across the TWOtron.


Jungle Boy recorded by Twiggie's very own band: Bremstrahung Farad is pumped through the speakers of the arena. Twiggie appears at the top of the ramp wheeling his signature recycling bin behind him. He shouts various things to the fans while waving his free arm angrily. They shout back obscenities.


Chimmel: Weighing in tonight at 196 pounds. He is the PETA Punisher. He is the Recycling One. He is … Twwwwwwwwwiggie!


He reaches out and snatches up a sign from a fan along the ramp. It reads: “Twig for mayor” and shouts at them.


TWIG: You're not helping the cause, you know!


He makes his way around the side of the ring. Leaving his bin at the base of the steps he slides under the bottom rope. Hopping up to his feet he bounces for a moment and spins in circles. Twiggie dances like a fool until his music fades away. He then snaps back to reality, and looks about slightly confused before he remembers what's going on.


Twiggie takes the mic from Tony Chimel.


TWIG: After proving once and for all that I Twiggie, am not only, good for the environment - FOR YOUR ENVIRONMENT - I am also Hardcore. Brett Banner, via fluke locked me in his Gammalock and forced me to tap out. But that wasn’t the end of it, you see. As he extended his hand in friendship, I reached out and DDT’d his Brummie Balding little head onto thousands of thumbtacks!


The Crowd boo heavily.


TWIG: Banner may have won the battle - but I won the war.


More booing from the crowd.

TWIG: So after much deliberation and discussion with TWO Stars management, Darkstar has decided to make this match a HARDCORE match, just to show how hardcore I can really be! Not only that, but because of the injury that fat ass Retromark suffered at No Mercy, Darkstar has also announced that this will be a LOSER LEAVES TWO STARS MATCH. That’s how confident he is that I will win! So come on Retromark, Ricomark or Dreamer mark - get your fat ass out here so I can kick it!


The Offspring’s ‘Come out and Play’ fills the arena and the crowd EXPLODES!


HEYMAN: It can’t be, I thought this guy was dead!


TAZZ: It’s……


CHIMEL:…….Please welcome…………….








…..weighing in at 240 pounds……..











…..from THE BOWRY~! He is the Mark Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Champion of the World……..















HEYMAN: Ravenmark! Ravenmark is here!


TAZZ: Another *******ization of ECW!


Ravenmark steps out onto the stage, pushing a shopping trolley, wearing traditional ECW Raven Attire of Cut off jeans, Mettallica T Shirt and Leather jacket. He is carrying a mic….


RM: Cut my music!


The crowd starts a small but noticeable ‘Ravenmark’ chant.


RM: First off, I’d like to start by mentioning that although some may think you are doing a sterling job, Mr Chimel - I do not. You did not mention the fact that I have an IQ of 146.….


RM pauses for the cheap crowd pop.


RM: Or the fact that I am a speaker of 5 languages.


Another cheap crowd pop.


RM: Another thing I’d like to address, is why I , Ravenmark am now the MWA Heavyweight Champion.


HEYMAN: He’s right, Tazz! I thought Tommy Dreamermark was the MWA Champ!


TAZZ: HEYMAN you friggin’ mark! They’re the same guy!


RM: The truth is…..I beat Tommy Dreamermark in his one and only MWA title defense at a non-televised event in Phillidelphia this past week. After the match I made love to Beleuh McGuillicutymark several times!


Another Cheap crowd pop.


RM: Oh and Twiggie? You want to get Hardcore? How’s this for hardcore….


Ravenmark reaches behind the stage curtain and pulls out a trash can and begins to pour it out over the stage…


RM: I’m not recycling any of this sh*t!


The camera pans to Twiggie’s horrified face.


TWIG: You sonofabitch!

Twiggie takes a powder from the ring and runs up the ramp to face his adversary only to be met by…….


HEYMAN: Stiff Popcorn Box shot to the head!


TAZZ: Stiff popcorn box shot?


Ravenmark nails Twiggie with a couple of badly executed right hands and Asiatic thrusts and then scoops Twiggie up….


HEYMAN: Bodyslam on the ramp!


TAZZ: Ouch!


HEYMAN: Ravenmark showing Twiggie that he too is hardcore!


TAZZ: Twiggie was slammed onto all that crap from the Trash Can!


RM positions a flimsy piece of plastic tiling (taken from his trusty shopping trolley) over the face of Twiggie and drops a quick elbow…


HEYMAN: Elbow drop right to the face of Twiggie! Right through that piece of tiling!


Ravenmark quickly empties out his shopping trolley, pulling out some wonderous items as an iron, a portable radio, A Hulk Hogan wrestling buddy, a stuff dog etc etc.


RM drags the PETA Punisher by the scruff of his neck and tips him into the now empty shopping trolley!


HEYMAN: Twiggie is inside Ravenmark’s shopping trolley!


TAZZ: This is a joke!


HEYMAN: Wait a minute Tazz! Ravenmark is pushing that trolley down to the ring!


TAZZ: Finally, some sense. Get in the ring so Twiggie can pin his ass and we can get on with things.


Ravenmark rushes down the ramp with the shopping trolley and slams it into the side of the ring, cause Twiggie to flip up and out of the trolley onto the floor!


HEYMAN: That has got to hurt, Tazz!


TAZZ: Twiggie might like hardcore, but he must have been depressed when he saw Retromark’s name on the board for tonight! DA MELTZ has never given a Retromark match more than 2 stars!


RM rolls Twig into the ring and quickly follows him.


Ravenmark pulls Twiggie to his feet in a front facelock….


HEYMAN: This could be the RetroDDT! Or Evenflowmark DDT!


TAZZ: Jesus Christ.


HEYMAN: Wait a minute, Tazz!


Twiggie struggles and then drops to his knees and hit’s a low blow!


HEYMAN: What bad sportsmanship!


TAZZ: It’s all legal, HEYMAN! This is a hardcore match!


Twig gets to his feet and stands atop the now ‘groin-ally’ crippled Retromark, whilst holding out his arms in apparent victory…..he taps the side of his head ‘Genius Style’…


TAZZ: Come on Twig! Finish this guy off!


Twiggie begins stomping at the head of RM..


HEYMAN: Look at Twiggie forcing those horrible feet into the face of Ravenmark!


TAZZ: That’s his gimmick HEYMAN!


Ravenmark tries to get up, but is constantly getting hit in the face by Twig’s hellacious feet…RM begins to dry heave….


HEYMAN: This is disgusting! Ravenmark looks green!


TAZZ: Ha Ha! I love it!


HEYMAN: Oh My…..


TAZZ: I can’t believe he just did that!


HEYMAN: Ravenmark just PUKED!


TAZZ: Look at Twiggie!


Twig stands back in complete horror at the carrot filled barf on the mat and while Twig is distracted, RM kicks him in the gut…


HEYMAN: RetroDDT - this time! No! reversal! STEAL YOUR FACE ONTO THE VOMIT~!


TAZZ: What a move!


HEYMAN: RM has puke all over his face! Cover by Twiggie!

























Thr-----Kickout, only just!


Twiggie slides out of the ring and peers under the ring apron, apparently looking for a weapon of some sort….


HEYMAN: What’s he looking for? Surely his feet are enough of an offensive weapon!


TAZZ: Twig is going to teach RM some hardcore!


Twiggie gets back in the ring and is holding is cloth bag…

HEYMAN: I hope that’s not what I think it is, Tazz! There was some serious damage as a result of them last night! Jes….



Twiggie empties the bag onto the ring apron…it contains, as expected…..THUMBTACKS~! The crowd voice their pleasure/disgust!


Twig scoops RM up….


HEYMAN: Looks like Twiggie could be going for the Twigalludo Frosion!


TAZZ: Nail it Twiggie!


HEYMAN:….Retromark has gotten out of the move….


Retromark floats out of the frosion and behind Twiggie….


HEYMAN: Reverse DDT! Just short of the thumbtacks! Cover by RM!


























Thr - Kickout by Twiggie!


HEYMAN: Twiggie was lucky there!


TAZZ: He was playing possum, HEYMAN! This one’s is not over yet!


RM gets to his feet holding the back of his neck - he is noticeably dizzy and looks ‘spaced out’.


HEYMAN: Ravenmark is holding the back of that injured neck! HE doesn’t look all there!


TAZZ: I coulda told you that on his debut!


RM falls against the ropes before, trying to stand up straight. He slaps his face and then bails out to ringside.


HEYMAN: I think Retromark may have come to his senses a little.


TAZZ: That slap to the face probably helped!


The man from the Bowry(mark) picks up a steel chair and slides back into the ring…


HEYMAN: Business is about to pick up!


RM swings the chair…..


TAZZ: Twiggie ducks the chairshot! Ravenmark swings again….




TAZZ: Look at Ravenmark!


A close up of a bloodied and ‘pukied’ Ravenmark is shown and he is holding the back of his neck…


TAZZ: I’ve had neck surgery HEYMAN and Ravenmark’s neck does not appear to be in good shape!


HEYMAN: Stop the match! Stop the damned match!


Twig - satisfied with the damage he has caused - rolls out of the ring and looks under the ring apron, he then pulls out…




TAZZ: Twig’s got wood!

Twiggie sets up the table on the outside before returning to the ring…


HEYMAN: I wonder what Twiggie has in mind here!


The PETA Punisher pulls a groggy RM to his feet and drags him to the corner of the ring….


HEYMAN: Twiggie positions Ravenmark on the top turnbuckle….


Twiggie clambers onto the turnbuckle and pulls Ravenmark onto his shoulder…..









….hooks his right arm around RM’s neck….











…….his left arm around his torso……











HEYMAN: Cover by Twiggie!






















The crowd pop for the initial title change and then Boo, because it’s Twig!






HEYMAN: Look at the carnage! Look at the puke! Retromark is out of TWO Stars!




HEYMAN: Get some EMT’s out here! Ravenmark is seriously injured!


Twiggie gets to his feet and walks over to the timekeeper’s table and picks up the microphone. He stares at the MWA belt with emotional pleasure and intent…a small tear is in his eye….


TWIG:…….(panting)…….Ravenmark………Dreamermark……….Dustymark……and……yes…..even Ric Flairmark……and the MWA……..the Mark Wrestling Alliance……those guys……can…..(panting - Twig quickly looks up to the roof of the arena)…….those guys can…….all…….KISS MY ASS!


The crowd Boo heavily.


TWIG: I don’t recognise this MWA ‘title‘….


Twiggie rips off the poorly attached centre plate of the belt…




Twiggie throws down the mic and makes his way to the back.


HEYMAN: Hardcore Champion?


TAZZ: New Hardcore Champion!


HEYMAN: Twiggie has destroyed Ravenmark! Retromark is out of Twostars!


TAZZ: Hit the road Retromark! Go and join ER…..whoops!


The EMT’s come to the ring (finally) and try to place a neck brace around RM’s neck….


HEYMAN: What a way for his career to end…..


TAZZ: Whooo! No more marks! Well, except for you, HEYMAN!


RM struggles to his feet, but then falls to his knees holding his neck…..


We fade out on the bloodied face of Ravenmark, as tears stream down his cheeks.

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Back from Commercials


So this is the back area at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum. Nothing to see here, just a number of tech crew loading and unloading various things. A few TWOstars divas idly gossiping, some TWOStars Training School under grads are chatting to esteemed TWOstars veterans Brett Banner and a bespectacled Sid Commandant. Commandant has a wellpolished TWOstars tag team championship belt adorning his waist.




Technical Crew dive for cover and Divas scream wildly as a Black and Green pick up comes into shot. The driving can best be described as erratic and yet a brave cameraman ventures closer. The license plate FUTURE 1 leaves the viewer with no doubt as to the reason for the anger intensive driving


Heyman: Who’s that lunatic?


Tazz: Why that’s The Incredible Holt, you can call him the champ


Heyman: Chimp more like, I’ve seen better driving in Puerto Rico


The pick up come to a halt. For some reason a car is parked in the space allocated to The Future by the name plaque mounted on the wall.


Tazz: I’d hate to be whoever parked that car in the wrong space.


The offending car, A Ford Focus in a lovely lavender shade captures the attention of the cameraman who zooms in on the number plate to reveal DM ERE 1


Tazz: Now that is a fowl car. I knew times were hard but really


Heyman: That is a very comfortable and economical car I’ll have you know


Tazz: Economical, that makes sense, no wonder Deadman came crawling to TWOstars with you managing his money


Heyman: I RESENT that remark!


Tazz: You do? Cool pay me they money you still owe me from ECW then


Heyman coughs as the Black pick up parks itself behind the former ERE owner’s Focus


The cameraman takes a few paces towards the champ’s pickup before stopping in his tracks as Holt starts to rev the engine.


The roar of the V6 muscle truck can be heard throughout the back area, a metallic crunching can be heard as the power of the truck slowly crushes the Focus into the concrete wall


The crowd start to cheer, Holt may not be a crowd favourite but he’s TWOstars through and through.


The alarm starts to sound on the puny Ford until the car is crushed to the length of a bubble car.


Tazz: Now that is some quality parking from the champ


Heyman: That’s barbaric! This is an insult! An insult!


Tazz: Calm down there Paul, you may start receding


Heyman: Shut Up! (Higher pitched) Shut Up! (Higher pitched) Shut Up!


Holt shuts off the engine, swings open the door and steps out of the vehicle, the goal of every man in the industry firmly attached around his waist.


The Disciple skips around from his side of the vehicle and throws something to the Silent Destroyer.


TT: now that big man, (slaps shoulder) was some good parking. I like it when you drive, for some reason the gaps in the road just increase.


The 2005 King of the Ring grunts in acknowledgement before turning his attention to the wrecked Focus. He eyes his reflection in the remains of the mirror before snapping it off and tossing it away.


The champ takes a step back before shaking his right arm. Unseen to the camera, Holt seems to be spraying something on the car


Heyman: What is that Neanderthal doing now?


Tazz: Well by the looks of it Paul, what Trash handed him was some good old spray paint


Trash admires the work with Holt, the cameraman ducks around to reveal the initials TWO sprayed clearly on what remains of Deadman’s Focus


The crowd cheer, seeing the gesture as Holt spins, shoving the cameraman out of his way. Flanked by Trash he makes his way down a corridor, probably towards The Future’s dressing room


The sprawled camera man gets to his feet just as Holt stops


TT: What?


Holt motions for Trash to shut up and points forward, the camera follows the reference from the champ.


The crowd start to boo heavily as they see who is coming into focus. Deadman, wrists handcuffed in front of his body is being led down the corridor by security, flanking him.


Heyman: Now Mr Holt will have some explaining to do, that’s Deadman’s ride gone!


TWOstars wrestlers all look on at Deadman, who trying to make eye contact is being shown just how welcome he is.


Banner gets in the face of DM but is pulled back by Commandant


SC: He ain’t worth it Banner, justice has no time for that individual


Even the TWOstars Divas look on with disgust, which is surprising seeing as even the Lonely Avenger has had his way with them


The crowd start to cheer as Deadman’s exit route is blocked by roughly six foot and ten inches of angry Londoner.


Deadman looks up and cowers slightly upon meeting the burning scowl of the TWOstars World Heavyweight Champion


DM: If you don’t mind


DM steps to one side but is again blocked by Big Greenie


DM: What is this? Comic book heroes’ night or something


Trash lunges at the former ERE owner but is stopped by the outstretched arm of the Champ


TT: Listen here Deadman, I speak for the entire TWOstars locker room when I say you are not welcome around these parts


Deadman smiles, chuckles to himself


DM: Tom Trash, good old Tom Trash, why it is a change not to smell old Jim Bean on your breath isn’t it


The Disciple gets real close to Deadman, what he gives up in stature he gives back with attitude


TT: I guess you didn’t hear me. On Sunday night you involved yourself in the business of The Future. In case you’ve not realised this man here (slaps Holt on the chest) gets rather angry when people involve themselves in our business.


Trash recoils and shots a nice spit ball into the face of Deadman


TT: In TWOstars there is a pecking order, you work your way up the food chain, you prove yourself. Everyone on the roster has done so, yet you, YOU (pokes a firm finger into the chest of DM) seem to think you can just march into the main event. Well I’ve got news for you, that may have been how it was in ERE but this is TWOstars, our rules. I can see exactly why ERE went out of business now, a man stupid enough to force himself onto the radar of The Future obvious has no idea how to run a business.


Trash finishes his tirade with a firm slap to the face of DM


DM: Is there anything else? If you don’t mind I think these Gentlemen we’re escorting me to my vehicle


TT: Oh I wouldn’t even worry about that. I’d just watch your back, because right now there is a locker room full of talent just waiting for you to let your guard down


DM: My Guarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr




Deadman has the wind knocked out of him by a kick to the gut from the former TWOstars United States champion, the prone Deadman is then locked into a front face lock


A sickening thud is heard throughout the arena as Holt impacts DM with a DDT to the concrete floor


Heyman: That’s simply barbaric; Deadman doesn’t even have a means to defend himself


Tazz: Maybe he should have thought about that before he showed up tonight




Deadman lays on the concrete face down, motionless, the security guards don’t know what to do so back off the moment Trash threatens them.


Holt shakes up the spray can again before adorning the back of Deadman with TWO in a green shade to match his Ford Focus


Trash and Holt take their leave as the various TWOstars wrestlers applaud their actions


Tazz: Wow! All that because Holt didn’t personally get to beat up Gower on Sunday


Heyman: I can’t believe it, this is outrageous, that is no way to treat the owner of ERE


Cut to Shopzone ad

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Back from the ShopZone ad as Cameras are backstage, the former tag team champion, Arkham, is seen playing “pat-a-cake” with a rather bemused stage hand


ARKHAM: Pat-a-cake! Pat-a-cake! Baker’s man! Bake me a cake as fast as you can!


SH: Um……….. Pat-a-cake?




The Insane One begins to jump around jubilantly


ARKHAM: Me like you! You pat my cake good!


Arkham quickly grabs a hold of the scrawny stage hand, shaking him around in a loving bear hug……….


Until two men walk into view…


Without even realising, the man from the local insane asylum drops down the hand who hits the ground with a huge thud


ARKHAM: Woooooooooooow! Wiolent Winnie Wengeance! You the Tee Wee champion!


Arkham continues to jump around in frenzy, clapping his hands at the sight of the man almost equal his size


Meltzer begins to run his mouth…


MELTZ: That’s right big guy, but there’s something different about you, isn’t there? I mean, No Mercy wasn’t too kind to you, was it?


The insane One begins to scratch his head


ARKHAM: No, no, no! No Mercy fun! Me be Biggie Arkham Coolie! Me was with Bluemark Guy!


MELTZ: Yes, so I saw, but I can’t help but notice the…. Erm, lack of gold around your waist as we speak


ARKHAM: Goldy? Me don’t worry about that. Me worry about Mr Bluemark guy, he got beatied by big baddy Judge. But it ok, I know Mr Judge, he didn’t do it on purpylous


Vengeance and his championship guidance counsellor stare at each other in disbelief


MELTZ: But Arkham, this could really be an exciting……… a fun time for you


ARKHAM: Ooooo, me like fun!


MELTZ: Now that you are no longer tag team champions, this could be the very start of a long, successful………. And fun, singles run for you. So I’m here to offer to take you under my wing. I made this man a champion, and there’s the way I see it, you have unlimited potential that only I can make you realise………….. what d’ya say?


The former tag champ looks slightly bemused and begins, to start chewing his thumb


ARKHAM: Um……… me don’t know…………. Who are you, Mr?




ARKHAM: Me don’t know who you is


Arkham cowers over, seeing that Da Meltz is irate at his insolence


MELTZ: You not read any of my stuff on the internet?


Arkham continues to look at Meltzer with a blank gaze


MELTZ: In fact, do you even have a computer?


(Getting excited once again)


ARKHAM: Oh yeah! Me have compooter! Me love compooter! Me play Grand Thweft Oooto with Mr Bluemark on Sunday!


Surprisingly, Meltzer and Vengeance manage to keep their calm


MELTZ: Look, forget about it, all you need to know is I’m very important around here. You want gold – you come to me. I’ll give you a chance to prove yourself tonight. You got yourself a match?


ARKHAM: Ermmm, me don’t know. Me wait for my new friend to get here, me ask him first


MELTZ: Tell you what, Vinnie is up for some friendly competition tonight, so how about you and him have a match, you know, a good old wrasslin match?


The Insane One starts to chew on his thumb again


ARKHAM: Me and Winnie Wengeance. Me don’t know. Mr Atken and Mr Wedman say Winnie not nice. They said Winnie might hurt me


MELTZ: Hurt you!? Come on! Triple V wouldn’t hurt you!


ARKHAM: Me no sure


Meltzer stretches his arm up around the shoulder of the big three hundred and twenty pound klutz. He motions to the heavens as if he’s about to make a huge announcement


MELTZER: I promise. Just think what all your fans will say! That you, Arkham, The Insane One, on November 3rd 2005, right here in TWOstars, wrestled non other that the Television Champion, Vinnie Vengeance


ARKHAM: Oh, ok then. Me wrestle Winnie tonight! Yay!


MELTZ: Good on ‘ya son. We’ll see you out there


Meltzer and Vengeance walk off with a wide grin across both of their faces


(Voice over)


TAZZ: Gimmee a break! Look, I’ve never been Arkham’s number one fan, but Meltzer and Vengeance are taking more advantage of him than Michael Cole would on a 10 year old kid high on Red Bull!


HEYMAN: What, Tazz? Da Meltz is giving Arkham a great chance, a head start if you like at a singles run


TAZZ: Arkham’s walking straight into a trap here folks. And you just saw it moments ago; Retromark has been forced to leave the federation! Who’s gonna watch the back of the Insane One!?


Cut to highlights of Triple V’s First Blood win over Dante Mueller at No Mercy

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Back from the Triple V/Dante highlight package we cut backstage to the medical room... where in lies an irate Evil Gringo...


EG: Son of a *BEEP*, what kind of an hombre needs to blindside another hombre with a chair!


Doc: Look, Mr Gringo... Please calm down and let me look at your neck...


EG: Get off you stinking buerro licker! It's fine!


Doc: But after last nights Hammer and the shots you've recieved tonight...


EG: Ese, why don't you do yourself a favour and get out of my way...


At this point TWOStars backstage reporter Todd Grisham arrives...


TG: Mr Gringo... Mr Gringo...


EG: Ah jesus christ... What now ese?!?!


TG: I was just wondering if you had anything further to add to your previous statements in light of the actions that followed them by the boss himself...


EG: Anything further ese? Hahahaha... Oh yes... Darky you little b@stardo you said I wasn't any good at Mathmatico yes? Well maybe tonight I got the numbers game wrong... But I am gonna fix that hombre! I'm gonna fix that as soon as this S.O.B. is done prodding at my neck that is...


TG: How so Mr Gringo?


EG: Well I meant every word I said in that ring ese... I am going to build my own army, starting tonight, I have plans and an old hombre from wars gone by to help me... But the question is this... Is that allegro chico man enough to get in the ring with me one more time...


TG: Who?


EG: Well two of them actually Grishy... Tonight I want Darkstar and the Jolly Green Chico in the ring against me and a partner of my chosing, tonight hombre!


Doc: I don't think thats wise Mr Gringo... After all your neck is pretty swollen and...


EG: I DON'T CARE! This is the house that Gringo built... This is home to all of the Gringoholics... This is the time to strike back at those chico's who think they can come in and step in the way of the Gringo, of the Mexican Sensation and take whats his.... So Grish do me a favour... go and tell Darky Chico Boy that I want this match and I DON'T CARE if I have to fight in a b@stardo of a neck brace! Because you know something Grish?


TG: What Mr Gringo?


EG: You remember what I am? I am the Mexicutioner, I am the fear in the dark... And tonight I will show via those Future chump chicos what exactly TWOStars future holds.... I can sit back no longer and see them all invade again... I can step back no more... I am the orignal gatekeeper and tonight I PROVE that point ese!


Doc: Look Mr Gringo...


EG: Enough! Tonight the whole of the ERE ese's who climbed aboard from their sinking ship... All of those who allowed them to come back in and espically that chico chump champ who failed to bar the door like those before him... They are all under notice... Because tonight is the dawning of the era of the New Gringo Army... Now Grish be a good little hombre and relay that message to the boss will ya ese? Before I show you how ANGRY I really can become!


With this Grish shrinks back and heads out of the door at some pace towards the Future's dressing room....


EG: Hey Doc, where's my cell phone? I gotta call someone....


Fade out to TWOStar's Slam Of The Week... The Deadman Stunnering Gower and costing him the TWOStars Heavyweight Title....

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Back from Slam of the week:


Standing against a TWO Stars backdrop, Mean Gene Oakerland is standing holding his micorphone and correcting his Bow tie. The audience cheer at the legendary interviewer's return.


MG: I have the privelige to be able to come to you thanks to the insistence of one man!


The audience chant "Beyatch"


MG: The man who took it to the TWO Stars Boss and beat him 1-2-3!


Audience: Beyatch!


MG: I introduce to you, returning from his long exile, the CHAV!


The audience cheers as the Chav swaggers into shot.


MG: It's good to see you Chav!


Chav: Mean Gene, wazzup me wrinkly!


MG: Finally Chav, you have returned to TWO Stars, what do you have to say tonight!


Chav: Funny yo' should ask Mean Gene, I has a few fings to say to da stars of TWO. Yo' see, I is finkin' dat a lot of the new guys back dere are askin' "who is da Chav?" It's a good question and one I is happy ta answer!


Audience: Beyatch!


Chav: Twiggy, da recycler... gotchaself a great idea, but in da reality you is just a pikie like me! So tells you what, you stay outta me way, sell your pegs and live in your mobile home, you fink you is hardcore, you has not faced da Chav!


Audience: Beyatch


Chav: Deadman, tries to steal da Chav's funder eh? Hell take the funder, I is gonna whup your ass as much as I did when I smacked your ring, smacked your audience and smacked ERE until you all were looking the other way!


Audience: Beyatch!


Chav: But da guy I most want is Holt, yes you Holty me boy, you see DS promised the Chav a true title shot, not da US nonsense, the real deal in front of Teeveeland a long time ago, so you'ze better either vacate da belt or face da council estate bling!


MG, watching the Chav leave: And there we have it, the Chav's intentions are told and you know he is capable of anything!


Cut to Brett banner promo

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Back from Brett Banner promo


The camera returns to the arena, where Josh Matthews is standing in the middle of the ring.


JM: Ladies and gentlemen, at this time allow me to introduce to you one half of the Tag team champions…..


The crowd begin to cheer…


JM: … Jordi Warner!!


The cheers soon fade out and are replaced by an explosion of booing as All Hail Me by Veruca Salt plays.


Tazz: Now this is a man that I admire, he used all resources available to get what he wanted.


Heyman: Wait a second; are you calling The Judge a resource?


Tazz: Well he did use him, and look what Jordi has because of that!


Warner steps through the curtain and is greeted by a chorus of boos.


Heyman: Not getting a lot of admiration from these fans.


Warner surveys the crowd and sarcastically pretends to be insulted by the booing before slinging both tag belts over his shoulders.


Heyman: He does know that he is ONE HALF of the tag team champions right?


Tazz: Well I don’t see The Judge coming out here to claim his belt, you know finders-keepers!


Jordi steps up onto the apron and enters the ring through the ropes, gesturing to Josh Matthews to get out of the way, before climbing the turnbuckles and posing triumphantly, holding both belts in the air.


Heyman: Oh please…


Tazz: Hey shut up Paul you are ruining a moment of greatness!


Heyman: The same moment of greatness we saw at No Mercy?! When Jordi Warner assaulted The Judge after the match and stole the belts?


Tazz: You would think The Judge should be used to Warner stabbing him in the back!


Warner steps down from the turnbuckles and places both belts over his shoulders once more.


JM: Jordi Warner…we all would (Warner grabs the mic from Matthews)


Warner: Now Josh don’t take this personally, but get your scrawny ass out of my ring before I shove one of these belts down your throat.


Josh Matthews quickly jogs to the ropes and runs up the ramp way, glancing behind him.


Heyman: What a class act this guy is!!


Warner: Now onto the business at hand, first of all I would like to thank all my admirers for their support at this time of triumph for myself. (The crowd boo) For without them I would not have been able to achieve this great feat!


Tazz: Isn’t he forgetting someone


Warner: But I…..(Haunted by Evanescence plays as the crowd begin to cheer)


Heyman: Here we go!


The Judge storms through the entrance and begins to walk with intent towards the ring, a briefcase in one hand, and sledgehammer in the other.


Tazz: Hey he has got that briefcase.


Heyman: And you know what this means Warner’s little contract has expired.


Warner stands in the ring and watches The Judge approach, a look of non interest on his face


Tazz: Jordi aint going nowhere it seems!


The Judge slides under the ropes and stares into the face of Warner as the music fades out, the crowd anticipating a brawl.


Heyman: This isn’t going to end pretty, I assure you of that.


The Judge instead begins to open the briefcase, glancing at the belts on Warners shoulders, and takes out a piece of paper, tears it up and throws in Jordis face, before grabbing the microphone.


The Judge: Well, well. Is this how it was meant to play out Jordi? Is this what your planning and scheming and backstabbing were for? I hope you enjoy these brief moments of your spot in the sun, because this (points to the torn paper) signals your end. You can’t hide behind that contract, and you can’t hide behind your games. Right here, right now I am going to end this, and I am going to end you. (Drops the mic and beckons Jordi to fight)


Warner: Whoah Sid, why the haste to fight. Are you blind to the fact that we are the tag team, champions? Now what kind of example would you be setting by attacking your own partner?


Tazz: What a crock of **** I can’t believe this guy!


Heman: He puts The Judge through this hell for nearly two months and now he wants to play friends?


Warner: Tell you what Sid, I will let you make the decision for once, maybe I am getting tired of getting one over one you so much. So this is how its going to go down (takes off one belt and drops it to the mat beside the sledgehammer, before turning his back to The Judge)


Warner: You have to make the choice now Sid, what’s it going to be, your revenge or the title? But if you attack me Sid, just to let you know, you will forfeit your half of the title!!


Heyman: He is putting him on the spot right now!


Tazz: The Judge doesn’t know what to do; he has been caught in another of Jordi Warner’s games!


Heyman: Warner has attacked him from behind, now The Judge has the chance to…He is picking up the hammer!!!!


The crowd cheers as The Judge picks up the hammer and grips it, staring at the back of Warner


Tazz: I guess his hatred for Warner is bigger than his respect for the title belt! Wait a minute..


The Judge picks up the belt also and stares at the plate, before glancing over at the hammer.


Heyman: He is torn, we know how much he wants to bring honour to the championships, but this is one unusual circumstance!!


The Judge holds the belt at his side and lifts the hammer into the air to the crowds approval.


Just a Day by Feeder plays suddenly.


Tazz: Wait a damn minute!!


Heyman: Could it be?!


Tiffany runs through the curtain and up the entranceway, sliding under the ropes and steps in between The Judge and Jordi Warner.


Tazz: We know the relationship between Tiffany and Jordi but what is she doing out here?


Heyman: She’s got a mic.

Tiffany: Wait a second here. What the hell is going on? I just can’t stay back there at watch what you two have been putting each other through. You (points to Jordi) why are you acting like this, all the time I have known you Jordi you have never pulled any of the crap you have been doing over the last two months!


Jordi goes to say something but is cut off by Tiffany.


Tiffany: No, you are not going to put me in your game that you have been playing. And you (points to The Judge) although I have seen what you have been going through, you ever hit Jordi with that hammer again, and you will answer to me!


The crowd cheers as both men stare across at each other, but are held apart by Tiffany.


Tiffany: And both of you, I don’t know what each of you had planned for the other, but I am wiping the slate clean. You two are the tag team champions, however you managed to find time to win them when you are so busy killing each other. So from now on this right here will be the most destructive and dominant force ever in the history of TWOStars. And if you both don’t start getting along, I will knock the hell out of both of you!!


The crowd cheer as Just a Day by Feeder plays, both men pick up their belts and exit the ring, still staring at each other.


Tazz: Wow, Tiffany laying down the law for The Judge and Jordi Warner.


Heyman: I don’t think Warner saw that coming, now they are both whipped (laughs)


Tiffany raises the arms of both men, each holding the tag belts, both looking incredibly furious, before all three exit through the curtain.


Cut to TWO.com advert

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Back from TWO.com advert


Tazz-Well this match should be an….interesting one. It’s for the TWO Stars US Championship, and lord knows we need a new title holder. Badly.


Heyman-If that’s what you want to call it. I really don’t want to see this.


Tazz-I don’t either, well at least not Jaxx, but whatever, here we go.


“Gets this money” starts to play, As the crowd start booing, Knowing this means Chris Eagles is on his way out here


Heyman - Well here comes the good half of this match.


Tazz - Got to agree with you there Paul.


As Eagles steps from behind the curtains, The pyros explode behind the Million Dollar Corporation man as he struts down the walkway to a chorus of boos and jeers, Eagles rolls in under the bottom rope and gets to his feet quickly, a sneer on his face as the crowd boo the 'Richest Man on XTV'.

Gets This Money stops playing as MDM climbs on the turnbuckle, And starts taunting the crowd, Who in return boo and jeer him, Eagles stands there looking around at the booing crowd with a grin on his face


Heyman-The crowd certainly doesn’t like Eagles here.


Tazz-Little do they realize how much better Eagles is then Jaxx.


Wild Boys by Duran Duran begins to kick in and the crowd erupts into at chorus of cheers. Out from the curtain steps Keith Jaxx, dressed in a pink Speedo with purple flames on his boots. As he approaches the ring, he holds up his arms, and a loud, “ALLLLLRIGHTTTTT” cheer is heard from the crowd. Jaxx smiles and gets onto the ring apron.


Heyman-Why does everyone like this guy? Honestly?


Tazz-Well we ARE in Connecticut. That could have something to do with it.


The bell sounds and the match begins. Jaxx and Eagles begin to circle each other in the ring. Jaxx starts skipping in circles, only to be hit with a clothesline from Eagles. Eagles mounts Jaxx, and starts to punch him in the face. Jaxx starts to thrust his pelvis up and down, which makes Eagles jump off of him and roll to the outside. He rethinks his strategy as Jaxx stands up with a smile on his face and beckons for more. The ref starts his ten count on Eagles



Tazz-That’s gross.


Heyman-I’m not even going to comment.







The crowd boo as Eagles shows no sign of getting back into the ring.






Eagles shakes his head a bit and continues to pace around the ring.






Eagles finally climbs back into the ring. Jaxx and Eagles again tie up, this time the Chock box Invader getting the best of the situation. He backs Eagles to the ropes and executes an Irish Whip. Eagles rebounds off and is met in the center of the ring by The Sausage Jockey. Jaxx hit’s a jumping spin kick and levels Eagles. Jaxx is back up to his feet right away. He picks up Eagles by the hair, and goes for a running bulldog.


Tazz-Eagles better do something here, or this could be bad…


Eagles manages to push Jaxx off him and waits for Jaxx to rebound. Jaxx however catches himself and blows a kiss at the waiting Eagles. Eagles gets furious and charges, only to be met with a drop toe hold and is left draped across the ropes. Jaxx runs to the other side of the ring and hit’s the ropes, coming back at Eagles. He jumps on Eagles and delivers a Bronco buster type move, only spanking Eagles’ hind end the entire time. The crowd laugh at Eagles until The Millionaire manages to get Jaxx off of him and again rolls out of the ring. Loud boo’s are heard from the crowd. Eagles gets back in the ring and starts to pepper him with shots the head. He lifts Jaxx up and…


Tazz-Nice suplex there by Eagles.


Heyman-About time he gets some offense in. I didn’t want to see the flamer get this one.


Eagles is again punching Jaxx, only this time he’s smart enough not to mount him. He wails away on Jaxx for a while, and then stands. As Jaxx gets to his hands and knees Eagles delivers some sharp kicks to the Uphill Gardener’s ribs. This causes a sharp yelp from the champ, and the crowd begin to boo. Eagles turns to taunt them, which causes more booing.


Tazz-They don’t seem to like Eagles at all.


Heyman-Yeah I got to agree with that. I don’t see why though. Eagles is the better wrestler.


Tazz-Bunch of marks…


Eagles again turns his attention to Jaxx, and delivers another kick. Jaxx rolls away and tries to regroup, but is pulled to his feet by an irate Eagles. Eagles again starts to punch away at Jaxx, but Jaxx catches his hand. Jack delivers a snap kick that doubles Eagles over. Jaxx then hits an ax kick and Eagles falls to the ground.


Tazz-Jaxx going for a cover here.


The ref drops and starts the count…























Paul-Long one count there on Eagles.


Tazz-Its way to early to try and end this one.


Paul-Indeed it is Tazz.


Jaxx rises to his feet, as does Eagles. Eagles immediately charges and hit’s Jaxx with a clothesline. He drags the Sausage Jockey back up to his feet and delivers a scoop slam. He gets a single leg Boston crab on The Sneaky Butcher. A look of pain is etched on the face of Jaxx.





Jaxx is straining toward the ropes. He’s straining toward the ropes. Eagles clamps down the lock even tighter.


Tazz-Jaxx needs to get to the ropes otherwise its all over.





Jaxx strains and just barely makes the ropes. Eagles keeps the crap looked on. The ref goes to administer the five count.








Tazz-Eagles just gave Jaxx crab.




Heyman-Wow….that’s just wrong




Eagles releases the hold on the four count. He stands up and poses of the crowd, who erupt in a chorus of boos. Jaxx is still on the ground, writhing in pain. Eagles decides to scale the turnbuckle and poses to the crowd once again, who boo even more loudly then before. Eagles leaps and…




Heyman-Jaxx just barely managed to roll out of the way of the that elbow drop.


Eagles is now on the ground and Jaxx has risen. Jaxx raises the arm of Eagles. It looks like he’s going for an Armbar, but as he straddles the arm of Eagles he starts grinding his man parts upon it. The crowd laughs until Eagles jerks his arm upward, delivering low blow to Jaxx, who falls over and holds his injured bits. The crowd boo loudly, and Eagles again rolls out of the ring.


Tazz-Well Eagles certainly seems intent on slowing this match down. And on an interesting side note, I don’t think Jaxx will be having kids.


Paul-Well can you blame him? If I was getting violated every other move, I don’t think I’d be spending to much time in the ring either. And besides, Jaxx having kids wasn’t a problem to begin with was it?


After pacing around the outside of the ring and getting booed almost out of the building by the fans, Eagles goes back into the squared circle. He goes over to the Uphill Gardener, who is still laying on the floor in the fetal position. Eagles goes over and rolls Jaxx onto his back. The Millionaire then goes over and plants a boot onto the forehead of the Sneaky Butcher and delivers a spinning boot scrape. He again taunts the crowd, who are still jeering him from his previous trip around the ring. He again picks up Jaxx and whips him to the ropes. He catches Jaxx, hoists him onto his shoulders and….


Tazz-Down Payment there by Eagles. I think this is all but over for Jaxx.


Heyman-Thank God, I don’t know how much more of this I can take.


Eagles drops and makes a cover, the ref drops as well, and begins the three count.































Paul-Not over yet. Kick out there by Jaxx.


Tazz-We have to keep calling this damned thing? Crap.


Jaxx has managed to kick out and just barely. Eagles is livid by this, and stands to argue with the ref about a slow count. Jaxx manages to regain his feet, due to some help from the ropes and is standing behind Eagles. Eagles turns around as Jaxx leaps into the air. He goes to deliver a hurricarana and is caught by Eagles.


Tazz-Looks like Eagles is going for a Powerbomb here….


As Eagles gets a better grip and starts to bring him up to get a little extra height, Jaxx begins to wiggle his hips, which are in Eagles face. A loud fit of laughter can be heard from the crowd, as well as a low “AAAALLLLRRRRIGGGHHHHTTTT! Eagles releases his grip to try and get The Sausage Jockey’s sausage out of his face, and Jaxx manages to execute the previously started hurricarana.


Tazz-Words cannot describe the horror We have just witnessed.


Heyman-When they told me about this job, they neglected to mention any gay happenings. I feel lied to and used!


The Millionaire is in disbelief over the impact of the Sausage Jockey and his parts.


Tazz-This certainly isn’t looking good. Of course another man that close to your eye never does…


Heyman-Not good at all. Wow. I’m afraid now. That shouldn’t happen to anyone. EVER!!


Jaxx stands behind The Millionaire. Eagles is still writhing in horror about his face impacting with the crotch of Jaxx.


Tazz-Jaxx With a small package there. This one could be all but over.


Paul-Nice move, by a disturbing man.


The Ref drops to make the count.








Tazz-Look at how small that package of Jaxx’s is.














Paul-You know you’re right? That is an INCREDIBLY small package!!


Tazz-I’m SO glad I don’t wrestle anymore. My motto is when you get tea bagged in the ring, it’s time to quit.














The Ref rings the bell and raises Jaxx hand as Wild Boys starts to boom over the house speakers.


Tazz-Well Jaxx gets the win again. I’m sure Cole is somewhere cheering. The best thing about this match is that it’s over.


Heyman-Poor Eagles. Well Jaxx is still US Champ. However that package was awful small….


Tazz-We still have plenty more action here on TWO Stars.


Cut to commercial for the newest CD by Twiggie’s band, Bremstrahing Farad, featuring there three hour long single, Jungle Boy.

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Back from the 'Jungle Boy' commercal we see the Mexican Sensation, The Evil Gringo back stage on his mobile phone...


EG: Yeah, I need you here ese...


Some mumbling comes from the phone...


EG: Look I've challenged those chico's to a match and I need you! I know you can go ese! I trust you come on ese!


Some more excited mumbling...


EG: Exactly homes! Just like in the old days... So ese you in? I need you here as soon as though homes...


Some empathic mumbling from the phone...


EG: You just made my day homes! Oh yes ese, I'll see you soon, hahaha just like the old days ese!


Gringo finishes his phone call and puts his phone down before placing the ice pack back on his neck...


BM: He coming honey?


EG: Oh yes Mami... Tonight the New Gringo Army begins to roll... oh yes...


We cut to highlights from No Mercy and the Main Event, Gower v Holt v Gringo for the TWOStars title....

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Back from the No Mercy recap and we see none other than the dirty hippy. The camera pulls away revealing the defaced MWA belt around his shoulder. Envetually we can see that he's talking to a menial worker holding a rather large, and apparently heavy cardboard box. The man looks around nervously as he's not allowed to do anything but load in this particular area. Twiggie's hand gestures indicate that his story is of great importance.


Twig: So there I was, out by the concession stands... Brett was out cold and on the ground after I had beaten him senseless.


Man: Yeah, that's great, but-


Twig: Suddenly I felt as if my whole life had been leading up to this very moment. I was struck with the image of the most glorious and stunning thing I could ever acomplish.


Man: I get it, still, I have to-


Twig: I flew up the stairs and hopped effortlessly onto the railing. I stood there for a moment. Perched like and eagle on the crest of a mountain.


Man: Look if PMA sees this, we're both-


Twig: I felt a chill run down my spine as I knew I was about to actualize my reson for living. And I flipped off that railing with a determination that only I could posses. SMASH! I nailed Banner with a double SSP... that's shooting star press.


Man: Please, I need this job!


Twig: That's right I said a double shooting star press. I mean really, who else has the balls, or the ability for that matter, to pull off something like that?


The man has apparently given in and indulges the dirty hippy's ego.


Man: *sigh* A Double shooting star press? So you got the win, end of story... I need to get back to work.


Twig: Yeah, well.... I didn't exactly get the 1-2-3.


Man: Wow! Banner must be one tough SOB to pin you after that!


Twig: hmm... yeah, he didn't pin me either... I... kinda... sorta... ...


The Recycling One hangs his head in shame.


Twig: tapped out.


Man: What!? And here you were going on and on about how tough you are and you tapped!?


The man laughs a little bit, but stops suddenly when Twiggie's face becomes a beacon of fury.


Twig: Hey! Have you ever been in the gamma lock!? HUH!? He even did that thing where he tacks on the armbar! After all that, I still didn't give in!! What really did it... was all those tacks! Pressing into my cheek, and temple! IT WAS THE TACKS!!! Brett had nothing to do with it!


The Bremstrahung Farad frontman takes the worker to the ground with a roundhouse kick. He positions the enourmous box on the mans chest. Tossing the harcore title casually aside, Twig climbs into the open cargo area of a nearby lorry. He runs at the edge and hops off.


Man: Hhuu~uuarghff!!!


The PETA punisher lands feet first, effectively crushing the box and the man's intrnal organs as well. Twiggie retrieves his belt and pushes it in the man's face.


Twig: You see this!? I am hardcore!! No one is more hardcore than I!!


The man fails to "see this," as he is more concerned with clutching his stomach and vomiting blood. Twig feels he has finished with the guy and storms off. As he turns the corner he is met by Phillip Martin Atkin.


PMA: What was all that fuss, my hygein-challenged employee?


Twig: Oh, uhh... Well, I uhhh... I just caught this guy back there slacking off, yeah. And I uh, I said that this area is for loading and unloading only. But he was all like: "Screw that I'm unioun. I'm on break!" So I taught him a lesson he won't soon forget.


PMA: Oh, well thank you. But in the future I would certainly appreciate it if you took action through the proper channels. A violation such as this one would certainly result in the firing of the individual, but he must be written up by his superior first.


Twig: ...Okay... So I can go?


PMA: Yes, but I have scheduled an appointment to talk to you about that ARMBAR of yours.


Twig: yeah... okay... see ya.


The two part ways, and we fade to a Million Dollar Corporation video package.

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Return from MDC video to see a replay of what Twiggie has done to the backstage worker. The crusty crusader walks cockily towards his dressing room, only someone is standing in his way.


"Yo! Figleaf or whaeva's yo name!"


Twiggie: Who the hell are you?


Chav: Wow! Thas a nice belt, wassit for?


Twig: This proves I am Hardcore, no one is more hardcore than I?


Chav: Not even da hardest player in da business den?


Twig: Who? This Chav? He's all talk, he got lucky with Darkstar, he'd get creamed by me.


You hear the audience go "Oooooh"


Chav: I see, so technicians and da Chav stand no chance against you'ze huh?


Twig, a little agitated now: Look, who the hell are you?


Chav: Does you'ze like my bling? *Taps the Council Estate Bling*


Twig: That?! Do people want to win that thing?


Chav: Sometimes, but mos'ly peeples gets dagerously close, I sees you'ze as one a dose guys!


Twig: Ok enough, get out of my way!


Chav: Certainly, though I'm sure I is gonna see you'ze around real soon!


Twig: Not likely, you are nowhere near me, I am the greatest, not even Brett Banner can.... *looks around to find the Chav gone* Who was that guy?


A technician walks past and whistles the death tune.


Cut to TWO DVD collection series.

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Back from TWO DVD collection promo


Tazz-Coming up, we have a match for the TV Title. Arkham will be pitted against Violent Vinnie Vengeance.


Heyman-The Violent one versus the Simple one. Should be an interesting one…


"Insane in the Brain" begins which indicates that the level of insanity is about to increase

Arkham walks out onto the staging, he smacks the side of his head a couple of times before walking down towards the ring, the crowd cheer as he approaches the ring

As he gets to ringside he uses the ropes to pull himself into the ring, he pulls on the top rope a couple of times as though testing that it's going to hold him and his opponent


Tazz-Well the Mentally challenged one is here, and he looks to be as slow as ever.


The arena blacks out and a bright blue light shines down from above the TWOtron which covers the entrance ramp all the way into the ring

2 security guards appear and stand facing each other about 2 meters apart at the top of the ramp

Disturbed’s song Violence Fetish begins playing and Vinnie slowly rises from the center of the top of the ramp sitting chained to a sturdy iron chair and wearing handcuffs. Security guards release the chains.

At the beginning of the hefty music beat, Vinnie rises out of the chair and slowly walks to the ring, the 2 security guards following him

"VVV" is spelt out by a bright red light onto the ring mat. Vinnie walks up the steps and stands in the middle of the ring facing the camera

The security remove the cuffs and Vinnie poses a wide chest spread, representing a feeling of release. As he does this, red flames burst from all 4 turnbuckles.


Heyman-And the Violent one is here as well. Lets get this started…


The bell rings and the match is officially underway.


Arkham and Vengeance tie up, and Arkham gets the upper hand. The Insane one punches Vengeance in the face multiple times. Vengeance manages to block the hand and finally gets back to even footing with Arkham. Vengeance delivers some stiff chops to the chest of Arkham. Arkham looks quizzically at Vengeance, and then fires back at him with some chops of his own.


Tazz-That simpleton doesn’t even know what is going on…


Arkham delivers a quick kick to the gut of Vengeance who doubles over. Arkham picks him up and delivers a sidewalk slam. As Vengeance is on the floor, and Arkham delivers a leg drop. He pulls Vengeance off the floor by his hair and goes to lift him into the Powerbomb position, but Vengeance has him scouted. He manages to counter out, and tries to deliver a DDT on Arkham. The Insane one, however, pushes him off and into the ropes. As he rebounds back, he’s met with a clothesline. Dave Meltz is seen on the outside yelling at VVV. Meltz jumps up on the apron and the ref goes to yell at him as Arkham goes to lift VVV back to his vertical base. Vengeance delivers a low-blow and goes drops to make a pin. Meltz yells to make the count, as the ref turns and sees what he’s missing and drops to count.






















Tazz-Long two count there for Vengeance, but I can’t agree with his tactics on this. He definitely cheated on that.


Heyman-Not if the ref didn’t see it.


VVV lifts Arkham up and pokes him in the eye. Arkham starts to get upset at the underhanded tactics and starts to slap his head. Vengeance delivers a stiff right and again The Insane One slaps his head again. Again the Violent one deliver a shot to the face, only to have Arkham catch the hand. Arkham pulls Vengeance in closer, and whips him to the ropes. VVV rebounds and is met with a big boot from the Insane one. Immediately Arkham lifts Vengeance up and powerbombs him back down to the mat.


Tazz-Arkham certainly seems to be in the driver seat here.


Heyman-Well isn’t that just special?


Tazz-No, but Arkham is.


Arkham again drags Vengeance to his feet. Vengeance is looking a bit worse for wear. He does, however, manage to get some shots in on Arkham and delivers a short arm clothesline. He drags Arkham back to his feet, and tries to set him up for the Trust Breaker. Arkham manages to wiggle out, and drops VVV with a reverse DDT.


Tazz: The insane one still in control here as he sends Vinnie from one corner of the ring to the other.


Heyman: Yippy it’s an Irish Whip.


Arkham follows up the Irish Whip by hitting Triple V with a running clothesline into the far right hand corner.


Tazz: Big time clothesline from Arkham.


Heyman: I have to admit I would not want to be in the receiving end of that clothesline.


Tazz: Nor me.


Arkham pulls VVV away from the corner and takes him to a front face lock, which he uses to lift Vengeance up in the air and back down back first into the canvas.


Tazz: Arkham with the vertical suplex on VVV.


Heyman: Well I bet he is proud of himself.


Tazz: I bet he is and I bet he thinks that being former tag team champion that he is going to become the TV Champion tonight.


Heyman: And that’s why he is more crackers than a Christmas box.


Arkham drags VVV back up to a vertical base and whips him toward the far ropes. Vinnie Vengeance comes back off the ropes where he is meet by a hard ass clothesline by the Insane one only for him to get back up to his feet.


Tazz: Vinnie Vengeance back up to his feet here Paul.


Arkham again knocks VVV down to the canvas with another clothesline, which again draws a pop from the capacity crowd.


Heyman: I have to say I don’t think that was the smartest thing that Vengeance could of done , but he is TV Champion, which means he does not what he is doing.


VVV once again gets back up to vertical base only for Arkham to grab him and hit him with a scoop slam.


Tazz: Arkham again taking it to Vinnie Vengeance.


Heyman: Glad you didn’t say giving it to him otherwise I would of gotten this confused with a Keith Jaxx match.


Arkham looks to follow up the scoop slam with a cover.


Tazz: Lateral Press.






But the TV Champion show why it is going to take more than that by getting his shoulder up off the canvas just after the count of two.


Heyman: It’s going to take a lot more than that to put Vinnie Vengeance down for the count of three.


Tazz: I have to agree with you, Paul. If Arkham can get Triple V up for that Insanity unleashed or the Frontal Lobotomy I feel that would be enough to win him the match and crown a new Television Champion.


Heyman: But he is to get up first and that is something I just don’t see happening.


Arkham pulls VVV back to his feet and sends him towards the right hand side of ring. VVV comes back off the ropes and ducks underneath Arkham’s attempt at a clothesline.


Heyman: The TV Champion was too smart for that.


Triple V turns back around as does Arkham only to be have his throat grabbed by the Television Champion.


Heyman: Triple V looking for the chokeslam.


Tazz: This could be enough to weaken up The Insane One.


Arkham uses his elbow and drives it into the face of VVV to force him to break the grip around his throat.


Tazz: Arkham manages to shake off the Violence Bearer.


The Insane One looks to move in to attack VVV but instead walks into a vicious clothesline compliments of the Television Champion.


Heyman: What a clothesline, this one could be over, Tazz.


Tazz: It could well be, Paul.


VVV goes down to the mat where he hooks the leg of The Insane one as he looks for the cover.






Th…, Arkham gets his shoulder back up off the canvas to a loud cheer from the crowd.


Tazz: Still not enough to put the Insane one away, Paul.


Heyman: Well it is officially he is as stupid as he looks. Hell he makes Michael Cole look like a rocket scientist.


Tazz: Man he must be dumb.


Heyman: That he is.


Both men get back up to a vertical base where Triple V looks to hit Arkham with a right hand to the face only for The Insane One to block it off and respond with a hard right hand of his own.


Tazz: Arkham fighting back here, Paul.


Heyman: I bet he thinks he is going to get back in control of this match. Well he is wrong, hell he can’t even keep control of himself.


Tazz: HAHA.


Arkham hits VVV with another couple of punches which back him up to the ropes to the far end of the screen. The Insane one then looks to hit Triple V with an Irish Whip only for the Champion to reverse the move thus sending Arkham across the ring.


Heyman: Great reversal by Vinnie Vengeance.


Tazz: It was only an Irish Whip reversal.


Arkham comes back off the ropes with VVV grabbing him and hitting him with a spinning side walk slam.


Heyman: NO ESCAPE!!!!!!!! HAHA, no Escape from the Asylum.


Tazz: That’s good.


Heyman: No Tazz, that’s the end.


Tazz: Triple V with the cover.


The Ref drops to make the cover



















After the two count, VVV puts his feet on the ropes to make sure Arkham doesn’t power out.








Tazz-That was Crap!! VVV cheated.


Paul-How many times are we going to go through this? Its not cheating if the ref doesn’t see it.


Violence Fetish by Disturbed blasts through the speakers as VVV raises the belt in his hands. The crowd is loudly voicing their displeasure at Vengeance of his cheating win..



Cut to Burberry ad.

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Back from Burberry advert staring The Chav.


In a darkened backstage gym Sickness is stood punching something off screen. A small portion of the crowd are cheering the Dark Alliance monster while the majority boo the bloodstained psychopath.


Sickness (still looking off camera at whatever he is punching): On Sunday night the Dark Alliance were once again screwed out of the tag team championship. I dont like that. When I dont have the shiney stuff my eyes hurt and I think my brain tries to escape, thats why it hurts so much. But its Ok, whats pain? I've been beaten down and beaten up, even beaten sidewards. I can handle pain. I've lost matches, but even when I lose I will hurt my foe so much that they have to visit the hospital!


Sickness pauses as he throws a flurry of jabs at the punchbag.


Sickness: People say the Alliance is good......well we would have to lose most of our skill to be just 'good'. We are the ****ing best team to ever compete in professional wrestling and we will prove that at Survivor Series. Normally Mr Boyo says all the words as he doesnt get as confused as what I do, but tahts fine, I know how to hurt people and that gets my point across.



Sickness stops his workout and grins.


Sickness: So at the Series Mr Star, can me and Mr Boyo have a tag shot please? You would be my bestest friend.


Sickness smiles at someone off camera, his face almost childlike in its openness and honesty. The camera slowly pans arond as a voice speaks.


DS: I think that can be arranged Mr Sickness, I like your approach to buisness.


The camera gets all the way around to show Darkstar stood next to the tied up and gagged figure of The Judge, his battered and bruised boddy obviously what Sickness was using as a punchbag!!


DS: However as it is Survivor Series I may need to add some small stipulations closer to the time.


Sickness: Thats fine. Now go away, i need to be alone with my Care Bear.


The camera shot fades out to a Deadman promo.

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We cut back to ringside from the Deadman promo


HEYMAN: Welcome back to this post No Mercy Xtreme TV. Now, Tazz, if you’ll excuse me, I have an important interview to conduct


With that, the former ERE Raw announcer drops his headset and snatches a microphone from Tony Chimel. He whips the end of his long trench coat aside and takes his position on central camera view in the centre of the ring


HEYMAN: Ladies and Gentleman, this past Sunday we witnessed what many believe to be the greatest Pay-Per-View in TWOstars history. New champions and number one contenders were crowned, returns made and ownership rights ceased. So with that, it is my privilege, my honour, at this time to introduce to you, he is an esteemed member of the Million Dollar Corporation and as of No Mercy, the rightful owner of Re-Evolution………. Ladies and Gentlemen!............ I give to you…………. Chrrrrrrrissssstopher…… Eeeeeeeeagles!


“Gets This Money” hits the PA system inside the Hartford Civic Centre, prompting a chorus of boos from the live audience in attendance


TAZZ: Eagles with a huge win just four nights ago against his former partner, Mickhail Mills. One simple Bounced Cheque was the difference maker in that one. No doubt he’ll want to gloat, and Heyman to kiss ass…


The man from the financial capital of the U.S. steps out from behind the curtain, the green dollar sign lighting up the stage from above


TAZZ: No sign of DiBiase, but then again, the other member of the Million Dollar Corporation, Barry Gower, seems to have a lot on his plate as it stands


Eagles struts down the ramp in his patented Million Dollar suit, pulling down on the trims in what can only be described as, in a pompous fashion. Paul Heyman rushes over to the near side of the ring to hold the ropes open as MDM takes his position in the centre, wide grin across his face. The Jay Z and R Kelly track begins to drown out; the crowd voicing their opinion however, does not


HEYMAN: Mr Eagles everybody!!!


Paul E.’s request for the 15,000 screaming fans in Hartford to shown Eagles some respect prompts them to increase the volume of their jeers


HEYMAN: Now, Chris…. I’m sorry, Mr Eagles…………. Before we start, may I say how proud I am to be stood in the same ring as a man of your prowess and stature! Sir, it truly is an honour


TWOstars new announcer gives a slight bow to the owner of Re-Evolution


TAZZ: See, I told ‘ya folks. Heyman’s been in this building less than forty five minutes and the brown is beginning to form around his mouth


MDM takes the mic from Paul E, smiling at the comments of the former ERE announcer


EAGLES: Why, thank you Paul. As such a well established wrestling identity, your views are much appreciated. But tonight, I’ve got a lot to say, so with the greatest of respect, I can handle this on my own


Heyman looks on with slight confusion, but acknowledges Eagles wishes; like a typical wrestling mark, he speedily shakes the hand of MDM before exiting the ring and going over to rejoin Tazz at the announce booth


TAZZ: Beware. I’m sure he’s trained his tongue well enough so he can still get the lick on that man……………… (Heyman takes his seat)……………. Welcome back, Paul


HEYMAN: See, Tazz, that’s how you show respect to the elite here in TWOstars. Sometimes you just have to humble yourself…………….. Oh, Ssssssh, he’s about to speak…


The cameras go back to their position on MDM


EAGLES: This past Sunday at No Mercy, I retained something, that unlike a lot of others, I could not buy. I beat the HOLY hell out of that so called friend Mickhail, and in the process, becoming the exclusive owner to the rights for one of the most feared entities in TWOstars, that being Re-Evolution.


So now that I’ve firmly established myself within the upper tier of professional wrestling, the question I know you all are asking yourselves is, just where does Christopher Eagles go from here? Well, if there’s one thing that a man like myself can teach all of you cent-less peons here in Hartford…


These words once again spark the chorus of boos from the locals


EAGLES: It’s when you have the money, you have the power. Now I don’t know how good people’s memories around these parts, but at Summerslam I had the chance to become the World Heavyweight Champion…….. Until I was royally screwed by your little pretty boy Gringo!


The mention of the always popular Mexican Sensation brings the crowd to a much more positive response


EAGLES: So….. I could always put my mind towards avenging that loss………. But no. I can think of numerous guys in that back who would like to tear that insolent immigrant apart! And then we have the champion himself, The Incredible Holt


The mood in the arena once again changes as the name of the World Heavyweight Champion is uttered


EAGLES: Oh! So you’re not too keen on ol’ Holt either huh?


The boo’s escalate


EAGLES: Well how about Chris Eagles being the one to dethrone Big Greenie!?


The lack of response has made the answer to that question quite clear


EAGLES: But that’s not gonna happen either! Out of the respect to my man, The Future, Barry Gower, I’ve left that privilege to him. And before you even think about a match between MDM and Keith Jaxx, eh eh, ain’t gonna happen! Any person that steps in the ring with him is putting their manhood at stake, and sure as hell isn’t going to be me!


HEYMAN: Ah, now that’s a shame. I certainly would have liked to see Chris give the U.S. Champ a good ass beating


TAZZ: Paul, if anything, it would be Jaxx beating the ass….. If you know what I mean…


EAGLES: So it looks like I’ll have to go back to using the power of the dollar to get a plausible title shot around here…………………. And guess what………………. That’s EXACTLY what I’ve done


A much wider grin has come across the face of MDM


EAGLES: You see, I have it under verbal agreement from a member of TWOstars in power, that I, Christopher Eagles, owner of Re-Evolution and founding member of the Million Dollar Corporation……………. In just four weeks at Survivor Series……………. A guaranteed shot…………………. At the Television Championship


And that…………….. Is Money……………………..Well…………..………. Spent


With that, MDM tosses the mic back over to Tony Chimel, as “Gets This Money” plays once again


HEYMAN: Just four days shy of No Mercy; we already have our first match announced for Survivor Series in Detroit on Sunday November 27th! Violent Vinnie Vengeance will defend his Television Championship in his home town against MDM Chris Eagles!!!


TAZZ: It’s gotta be asked, just who did Eagles make this agreement with?


Cut to a promo of The Lonely Avenger appearing alongside Rob Schneider in “Deuce Bigalow – Lebanese Gigolo”

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The opening rifts of “You don’t see the signs” hits the arena PA and The Future come out on the ramp to a chorus of boos


PE: Here they are Tazz, The Future, Darkstar & The Incredible Holt who at one time where allies with Evil Gringo, but no more for months Gringo has been at war with The Future, earlier tonight he promised a mystery partner, who’s it going to be?


Tazz: I don’t know Paul, we will have to find out


TC: Coming down the aisle at a total combined weight of 565 pounds, the owner of TWO Stars Darkstar!!!!!! And his tag team partner he is the TWO World Heavyweight Champion, The Incredible……….. Holt!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Future enter the ring and the music stops they then patiently await the arrival of their opponents


“For Whom The Bells Toll” plays out the speakers and out comes Gringo carrying a microphone


Tazz: Evil Gringo a former TWO World Heavyweight Champion, has been out numbered by The Future in the last few months, tonight he is bringing somebody in to even up the odds


TC: And their opponents, introducing first from Rochdale, England, weighing in 200 pounds Evil Gringo!!!!!!!!


The music stops as Gringo stands still at the bottom of the ramp, he then talks


EG: Introducing my partner, he hails from San Diego, California, he weighs in at 187 pounds, Black Dragon!!!!!


PE: Black Dragon?


“My Friend Of Misery” by Metallica hits as a mysterious figure appears at the ramp, he comes jogging down the ramp and shakes hands with Gringo


Tazz: Well apparently this Black Dragon guy is going to be Gringo’s partner, I have no idea who this man is or what we can expect from him



Black Dragon and Gringo enter the ring and begin brawling with their larger opponents


PE: Well these guys wasting no time at all! The bell hasn’t even rung yet


As the two teams exchange blows, the crowd goes mental


Tazz: My god the crowd going crazy for Evil Gringo and this unknown Black Dragon


Eventually the referee gains control and the match starts with Black Dragon & Darkstar


PE: Finally, we are under way


Dragon & Darkstar lock up and Darkstar demonstrates his superior power by muscling Black Dragon in the corner, the referee calls for the clean break


Tazz: Wow surprisingly Darkstar going for the clean break


Darkstar attempts a cheap shot but Black Dragon see it and coming and pounds Darkstar in the corner with forearms


PE: This is where Evil Gringo & Black Dragon will have the advantage in my view, The Future have no knowledge of Black Dragon, where as Dragon is well aware of the sort of tactics Holt & Darkstar will use in this match, that could play a big part in the outcome


Dragon irish whips Darkstar into the corner, he then stuns him by connecting with a handspring back elbow which is flowed up a bull dog, Black Dragon then tags in Gringo


Tazz: In comes Gringo and the crowd going wild for the former TWO World Champion


Gringo climbs the top rope and knocks Darkstar with a missile drop kick, when Darkstar gets back on his feet Gringo takes him down with an arm drag


PE: So far Gringo & Dragon are in total control


Tazz: Indeed what a hot start


Gringo throws Darkstar off the ropes but as he bounces off he makes a blind tag to Holt which Gringo fails to see


PE: Nice blind tag there by Darkstar


As Darkstar comes back Evil Gringo hits him with a karate chop to the chest and then a chop to the throat, but then he turns around and gets nailed with a boot to the face by the legal man Holt


Tazz: Holt is the legal man, Gringo was not aware of the tag and he paid for it right there

PE: To say he paid for it is putting it mildly Tazz, Holt about took his head off with that


Gringo is clearly groggy but is able to make it to his knees when he is met with a straight kick in the face


PE: Jesus that was a straight kick, Gringo had no time to attempt to block that


Holt muscles Evil Gringo into the corner when he hits him with three shoulder thrusts, he then takes a few steps back and attempts a running shoulder thrust in the corner but Gringo is able to roll out the way in the nick of time, causing Holt to hit his shoulder of the ring post, as the champion staggers out of the corner Gringo rolls him up












Holt quickly kicks out


Tazz: Gringo trying a cheeky little pin there


PE: No way could we have put away the World Champion like that


As Holt stumbles back to his feet Gringo drop toeholds him draping him on the bottom rope


Tazz: Gringo with Holt in a compromising position here


Gringo runs off the ropes and when he comes back, he slides underneath the bottom rope and nails Holt with a hard right hand; he then slides back in the ring and tags Black Dragon


Tazz: Black Dragon back in, let’s see what he can do against the TWO World Champion


Dragon climbs the top rope and hits Holt with a Ricky Steamboat like karate chop, which staggers but doesn’t knock down the big man


PE: Wow, a chop like that did not knock down the Big Greenie


Black Dragon runs off the ropes and hits Holt with a flying forearm, which is able to knock him off his feet, he then nips up to applause from the crowd

Tazz: Wow Paul, looking from early glances this Black Dragon guy certainly like Gringo appears to have awesome athletic ability, I’m not quite sure where Gringo got him from, but he seems to have pulled of a major cue with this


Black Dragon once again comes off the ropes only this time he is given a cheap shot for Darkstar


PE: Oh look at that a knee to the back by Darkstar; Black Dragon is hurt


Holt follows up the advantage with a decapitating clothesline


Tazz: That was probably the most dangerous clothesline in all of TWO Stars, welcome to TWO Stars, Black Dragon


Holt picks up Black Dragon and tosses him in the corner and he tags in Darkstar, who comes in the ring and begins pounding the tar out of Dragon with viscous forearms, Dragon drops to his ass and Darkstar begins to choke Black Dragon with his boot, the ref begins his count











Darkstar breaks the hold


Tazz: After that cheap shot The Future have been in control of Black Dragon


Darkstar brings Black Dragon to the centre of the ring where he picks him up for a vertical suplex and keeps him in the air


PE: Look at that strength, the blood just rushing to the head of Black Dragon


After a few seconds Darkstar connects will a well executed vertical suplex


Tazz: Wow, coming from a suplex expert like myself that was a well-executed suplex as I have ever seen


Darkstar turns around to the crowd and shouts, “Who’s this loser? He’s nothing”


PE: The Future getting confident now as they have Black Dragon in trouble


While Darkstar was taunting the crowd it gave Black Dragon the opportunity to get back on his knees but before he could get to his feet Darkstar nails him in the back with a knee, he then drags Black Dragon over to The Future’s corner and makes the tag to the Incredible Holt


PE: Here comes Holt back in


Holt goes to the second rope and nails Black Dragon with his second rope elbow drop and goes for the pin











Tazz: Not quite!


Holt comes off the ropes and crushes Black Dragon with a leg drop


PE: That is a 297-pound leg drop just crushing Black Dragon’s face


Holt walks away to the corner and pie faces Gringo, causing an angry Gringo to come in the way only the be stopped by the referee, whilst Gringo and the ref are arguing Darkstar & Holt blatantly double team Black Dragon in the corner


Tazz: Hey ref! Look at that double team


As the ref finally gets Gringo out of the ring, The Future stops the double team and Holt clamps a front face lock on Black Dragon


PE: The Future are destroying Black Dragon, he is going nowhere


Tazz: Oh yeah Paul, I think you neglected to mention the blatant double-teaming didn’t you?


PE: What blatant double-teaming?



Tazz: The one we just saw


PE: Pffft, that doesn’t count the referee didn’t see did he? The way I see it is that it was smart tag team strategy, angering Gringo and double team Black Dragon when he tries to get in


Back in the ring Holt still has the chin lock on Black Dragon who tries to raise his feet in an attempt to kick Holt but the kicks could not connect, after a while Holt breaks the hold and brings Darkstar back in


Tazz: The Future have established a flow to the match now, isolating Black Dragon from his partner


Black Dragon uses the ropes to pull himself up, when Darkstar slowly comes towards him, Dragon nails him with a well-connected elbow to the face, then follows it up with a flying kick, knocking down Darkstar


Tazz: Come on Dragon, here is your chance, make the tag


PE: This is his chance, he has Darkstar down, he needs to make it


Black Dragon slowly begins to crawl to the corner, Evil Gringo anxiously reaches out for the tag, Black Dragon gets closer and closer to the corner, he is literally inches away when Darkstar grabs his legs and pulls him back in the center of the ring


Tazz: Oh, so close


Darkstar attempts to look in an STF but Black Dragon desperately fights and is fortunate enough to get to the ropes before Darkstar is able to lock in the hold, Darkstar, picks Black Dragon and body slams, he then tags in Holt who begins climbing the top rope


PE: My god, what is this?


Tazz: The Incredible Holt climbing the top rope


Holt comes off the top rope and connects with an amazing flying elbow drop


PE: That is a 6’10, 297 pound man coming off the top rope folks, and this is it!











Tazz: My god Black Dragon kicks out


Black Dragon gets to his knees clutching his chest, but Holt has to pick him up to his feet, he throws Black Dragon off the ropes and goes for a back body drop but Black Dragon lands on his feet, as Holt starts shouting to the crowd, Black Dragon is preparing for a big move


Tazz: What athleticism by Black Dragon, he is preparing for something


Holt turns around is met with a drop kick from Black Dragon which is unable to knock him off his feet, Black Dragon hits him with a second drop kick which sends him back in the ropes and his arms get tied in the ropes


PE: Look at that, Black Dragon has The Incredible Holt all tied up in the ropes, he must go for the tag right now


Black Dragon begins to crawl towards his tag team partner as a frantic Darkstar attempts to get Holt out the ropes; Black Dragon is so out of it he ends up going in the wrong corner


Tazz: No Dragon, the other corner


Unfortunately, this gives Holt all the time in the world to get out of the ropes and knocks Black Dragon back down with a standing head butt, then he goes for the cloverleaf leg lock but Black Dragon tries to fight out it, inevitably though, Holt over powers Black Dragon and gets him in the clover leaf lock



PE: Oh no, this is such a deadly move, call this match over


Holt rears back on the submission, Black Dragon screams out in pain, he reaches out for the ropes but is too far away, then after a few seconds Gringo gets in the ring and kicks Holt in the head breaking the hold


Tazz: Very smart move by Gringo, he knew Black Dragon could have tapped out so he made the save


PE: Black Dragon has been in there for a very long time now Tazz, he must tag very soon or The Future will inevitably finish him off


Black Dragon gets to his feet but falls back down again, The Holt clearly beginning to get over confident picks Dragon back up but out of nowhere Dragon catches him in a small package











Tazz: Black Dragon playing a bit of possum there, letting Holt get over confident and he almost caught him out



Black Dragon attempts to walk over to the corner but Holt grabs him by the hair and pulls him back down with the back of his head viciously off the canvas, Holt then tags in Darkstar who picks up Black Dragon and throws him off the ropes and power slams him












Black Dragon barely kicks out, Darkstar then throws Dragon into the corner and goes for a stinger splash, but Dragon moves out the way causing Darkstar hit the turnbuckle


Tazz: Come on, he’s got to make it now


Black Dragon begins crawling towards an obviously eager to get in the ring Gringo, the crowd roar loudly, as Dragon gets closer out the corner of his eye, he spots Darkstar stirring, he then makes one last gasp dive towards his partner and makes the tag


Tazz: He made, here comes Evil Gringo


Gringo comes in like a house on fire, he immediately begins pounding Darkstar, he then shoots him off the ropes and connects with a hurricanerana, he goes over to the corner and drop kicks Holt off the apron


PE: Gringo on a house of fire, he’s been waiting so long to get in this thing


Gringo launches himself over the top rope, taking Holt out with a plancha, he then climbs back on the apron and then the top rope, he comes off and hits Darkstar with a flying cross body block











Darkstar kicks out; he starts to get back to his feet while Gringo measures him up


Tazz: Gringo measuring Darkstar for a big move


Gringo connects with a running knee lift and goes for the cover












Gringo spots Holt attempting a splash to break up the pin, so he moves out the way causing Holt to land on his tag team partner


PE: Gringo moving out the way, nice move


Gringo throws Darkstar in the corner and then he throws Holt into Darkstar, Holt falls down first, then Darkstar stumbles out the corner and falls down landing with his head on Holt’s groin


Tazz: OOOO, that’s got to hurt


Holt rolls out the ring and hits the floor in pain, and Darkstar & Gringo get back to their feet, Darkstar attempts a shot on Gringo but Gringo ducks the right and hits Darkstar with an exploder suplex


PE: Exploder Suplex that should be all


Instead of going for the pin, Gringo climbs the top rope, he goes for the Gringofier but from the outside Holt pulls Darkstar out the ring causing Gringo to hit the mat, Holt then drags Darkstar towards the corner and tags him


Tazz: Here we are Holt & Gringo, they is an intense hatred between these guys


PE: Putting it mildly Tazz, remember it was The Incredible Holt who took the World Title from Gringo, and Gringo & the entire Future have been at war ever since


Holt comes in and picks up his former Future partner and picks him up in a power bomb position but Gringo begins to punch him causing Holt to fall down and Gringo landing on him in a pinning position











Holt powers out and then knocks Gringo down with a big boot


Tazz: What a big boot, knocking the stuffing out of Evil Gringo


Holt throws Gringo in the corner and hits a running clothesline; the he hoists him up for the Davey Boy Smith running power slam


PE: If he plants him with this, it’ll be over


Holt starts his run but Gringo slips off Holt’s shoulder and pushes him into the turnbuckle


Tazz: Gringo got out the move there


Gringo goes over to the corner and tags in Black Dragon; both Dragon & Gringo remain in the ring wait for Holt to get up, when he does they knock him down with a double drop kick


Tazz: The double dropkick, shades of The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express there


PE: Never mind shades of The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express, that was blatant double-teaming, come on referee


Tazz: You weren’t moaning earlier when The Future where double teaming Black Dragon earlier in the match where you?


PE: Shut up, Tazz and just call the match


Tazz: Yes I thought so

Holt gets back up from the double drop kick and when he does Dragon & Gringo get him up for a double suplex, the ref then finally steps in and gets Gringo out the ring


PE: The referee finally doing his damn job and getting Gringo out the ring


Black Dragon comes off the ropes and hits with a lion sault


Tazz: A lion sault, will this be all?











Holt kicks out of the move; Black Dragon then goes to the apron


PE: Dragon going to the apron, what is this?


Black Dragon springboards off the apron and hits a DDT


Tazz: What a move, this will be it













Holt is able to put his foot on the rope


PE: It must be nice to be 6’10 and have legs as long as Holt’s and been able to reach the ropes


Black Dragon goes for a standing moon sault but misses; this gives Holt the chance to tag in Darkstar


Tazz: Darkstar in now, lets see what he can do

Darkstar goes for an elbow drop but Black Dragon moves out the way, Dragon gets up in the corner and waits for Darkstar, Darkstar gets up and runs at Black Dragon in the corner but Dragon moves causing Darkstar to hit the corner, Dragon rolls him up











PE: Darkstar kicking out


Black Dragon knocks Darkstar down the Pele kick and calls Gringo into the ring


Tazz: In comes Gringo, what are they going to do?


Darkstar gets on his knees and both Black Dragon & Evil Gringo come at him and hit him with a devastating double Shining Wizard


PE: Oh my god what a double Shining Wizard that was, Darkstar is out of it


Black Dragon cuts this throat


Tazz: Black Dragon cutting his throat, what is he setting up for?


Black Dragon locks on a Dragon Clutch


PE: Oh my god, the Dragon Clutch! That is one of the most dangerous submission moves in the business


Holt attempts to come in but Gringo karate kicks him in the head sending him to the outside, meanwhile inside the ring Darkstar with nowhere to frantically attempts to fight out the dangerous hold until finally he has no choice to tap out


Tazz: He taps! Darkstar has tapped out


TC: The winners of the match Black Dragon & Evil Gringo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“My Friend Of Misery” by Metallica plays as Black & Gringo begin celebrating in the ring



Tazz: Lets take a look at this one here, Dragon & Gringo knock Darkstar out with the double shining wizard, Holt attempting to come in WAM! He’s nailed with a stiff kick to the head, Black Dragon puts on the Dragon Clutch a very dangerous hold, Darkstar with nowhere to go taps out


The Incredible Holt drags his tag team partner out the ring and starts walking back up the ring shouting and cursing at his opponents


PE: Oh Gringo & Black Dragon won this battle but believe me Tazz the war is not over, The Future will have the last laugh in the end


Black Dragon & Gringo continue to celebrate in the ring as we fade to the commercial break

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Back from the Commercial


Tazz: We're back folks and for those that didn't see it we just had one hell of a debut


Tazz: Black Dragon cutting his throat, what is he setting up for?


Black Dragon locks on a Dragon Clutch


PE: Oh my god, the Dragon Clutch! That is one of the most dangerous submission moves in the business


Holt attempts to come in but Gringo karate kicks him in the head sending him to the outside, meanwhile inside the ring Darkstar with nowhere to frantically attempts to fight out the dangerous hold until finally he has no choice to tap out


Tazz: He taps! Darkstar has tapped out


Heyman: A debut none the less and a victory over the boss, way to mark your card Black Dragon


Tazz: Well none the less, lets take you back to what happened moments ago during our commercial break




Gringo and Dragon stand in the ring, raises each others arms as Gringo is handed a hosue mic


EG: What did I tell you ladies and gentleman, the new Gringo Army is here, here to defend the honour of TWOstars.


The crowd cheer wildly


EG: This is my new Hombre, the Black Dragon and with him around I can ensure that no Deadman, no Gower, no Trash and no Dark Alliance or that idioco Vengeance get it the Mexican Sensation's way.


A small Gringo chant starts to build


EG: So with my back covered I am making a challenge, a challenge for Survivor Series.


The crowd pops in anticipation


EG: At Survivor Series in Detroit Michigan I want a one on one title match, me the Mexican Sensation taking on the Jolly Green Giant for the TWOstars World Heavyweight Title


Tazz: Wow! That's huge!


Gringo drops the mic and leads Black Dragon out of the ring


Cut to backstage corridor


Drakstar is being helped back by referee Brian Hebner, TWOstars World Champ, The Incredible Holt at his side


The ever reliable Grish comes into view


TG: Mr Darkstar, sir, I'd like to know your thoughts


DS: My thoughts (wincing in pain), my thoughts about what?


TG: About Evil Gringo laying down the challenge to The Incredible Holt for Survivor Series


The TWOstars owner laughs before wincing in further pain


DS: I find it funny, no I find it hilarious.


Darkstar grabs the microphone from Grisham and pushes the interviewer out of the picture


DS: Gringo, you proved your incompetance at No Mercy. In fact, my man here, The Incredible Holt has proved since Summerslam than no one can step up to the plate. So as far as you are concerned, find yourself another match for Survivor Series because you obviously aren't up to main eventing.


The camera pans to Holt, arms folded before being wrenched back to Darkstar


DS: Now, I'm giving someone an opportunity. As there is no number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship there will be a Battle Royal. Every TWOstars competitor can compete (laughs) that's if they can make sure they are in the ring for when in starts


DS draws a breath




Back to announcers


Heyman: Another marker for why Mr Darkstar runs the premier wrestling federation today


Tazz: I gotta admit, that news is huge! Battle Royal, stay tuned folks, it's next


Cut to Arkham becoming the new celebrity face of McDonalds trailer

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Back from TWOStars commercial.


Tazz-Welcome our Main Event, this one is going to be off da HOOK!!! We have an Battle Royal for a Number One Contender spot for our World Heavyweight Title.


Paul-Not only that, we have practically our entire roster participating in this event. They are already in the ring waiting actually. One thing is for sure though, its going to be brutal.


Tazz-It is indeed. For those of you who don’t know, the rules are simple. Last one in the ring wins. In order to eliminate an opponent, you have to throw them over the top rope.


Ding Ding Ding


Paul-Well there’s the bell. We’re now officially underway.


A general brawl erupts in the ring between the superstars. Various faces can be seen brawling, such as VVV and TLA, Banner and Twiggie, and the Judge and Warner.


Tazz-This could be difficult to call, but we’ll do our best.


Paul-We have the most talent in one ring in the history of TWOStars though.


Through that chaos, TLA and VVV can be seen brawling. TLA punches Vengeance in the face, only to have Vengeance stare at him. Vengeance comes back with a staggering shot to TLA, who staggers back a couple of steps and bumps into Dante. Dante turns to see Loneliness Himself standing there, and delivers a kick to the gut. Dante then hoists him up and delivers a Tombstone Pile driver.


Tazz-Wow. TLA isn’t having a good day. He’s getting murdered in there.


Paul-I don’t think he’s going to be in there much longer….


TLA staggers to his feet only to be met with a jump kick to the face, from Keith Jaxx. The Avenger falls to his hands and knees. Jaxx gets behind him and starts thrusting his hips back and forth, to which a loud “ALLLRRRIGHT!!” cheer can be heard from the Audience.


Tazz-That’s just sick


Heyman-I got to agree with you there. Why would you do that?


Tazz-I don’t know, but look at the hippy and Banner going at it.


On the other side of the ring, Banner and Twiggie are continuing there feud from the night before. By this point they have both re-opened the cuts on the others head with their brawling. Banner gets the upper hand by delivering a Side-Effect Slam on Twiggs. Twiggie is down and holding his neck, only to have a leg dropped across it by the Brutal One. Banners leg now has a crimson hue to it from the blood of the PETA punisher.


Tazz-Those two just seem to be continuing their match from last night.


Paul-Yeah, and they had one hell of a war last night too.


PMA is seen tying up with none other then The Biggest Jack Ass in the Universe, Boyo. Boyo delivers a calf kick and drops PMA to the ground. He gets a sadistic smile on his face and grabs hold of Atken’s hand….


Paul-He can’t be….




Paul-That should piss him off.


TLA is still staggering around being beaten whatever superstar he happens to run into. He finally makes the ropes to get a reprieve. He takes a moment to catch his breath, and looks to survey the carnage. As he raises his head, The Wild Boy and Dante both charge him and….


Tazz-Double clothesline from Jaxx and Dante! The Lone Ranger is out of this match. No title shot for the Green one.


Heyman-Wait a minute, if he’s lonely, wouldn’t he be depressed? I mean, why would he be pissed?




Paul-Huh? OH! I mean….of course he’d be pissed! ALL lonely people are upset.


Sickness and Arkham have come face to face. The Mentally Challenged one smiles at The Mentally Disturbed One. Sickness delivers a punch to the face, as Arkham responds with one of his own. They keep brawling and trading punches. Arkham thinks it’s a game and is enjoying it, as Sickness is reveling in the pain. Violent Vinnie Vengeance and Trash are seen in the background with Vengeance chasing a scared looking Trash. Black and Eagles are also in the mix. Eagles hits Black with a suplex. Eagles lifts him up and then whips him toward the ropes.


Tazz-Looks like Black maybe joining The Lonely One here…


Eagles charges Black, only to have Black duck and shoulder block him over the ropes….


Heyman-Eagles looks to be done.


Tazz-Not quite, he’s still got a hold of the ropes…..


Eagles has managed to keep his feet off the floor, although just barely. He pulls himself back to the apron and rolls back into the ring. Eagles stands next to a turn buckle and waits for Black, who has just clotheslined Dante to the mat, to turn around. Black leans on the ropes to catch his breath. Out of the tangles mass of humanity explodes Eagles…..


Paul-Black better watch his assets here….




Eagles nails the unsuspecting Black with the final payment, and over the ropes goes Black. He lands rather unceremoniously from the ring and lands in a heap on the floor.


Paul-Well Black is gone. Now The Lone Ranger won’t feel so lonely in the back.


Tazz-You really don’t like him do you?


Paul-Well I’m just stating a fact.


In the ring, PMA is up and about, obviously pissed about being put in the arm bar. Like a man possessed, he is tearing apart anyone and anything in his way.


Paul-I told you that Armbar would piss him off.


Phillip has made his was through the crowd to Boyo, who is busy pounding away at Tom Trash. The Network Executive taps Boyo on the shoulder. Boyo turns and looks. He receives a stiff right from PMA Boyo is rocked back by this, not expecting such fury from the Network Exec. Another shot from Atken and again Boyo staggers back.


Tazz-I’ve never seen such fury out of that guy. Even when Holt destroyed the loading dock.


Atken continues his relentless assault. A mild PMA chant is heard from the crowd. Atken again goes to punch, but Boyo covers up. The Network exec sees this and….




Tazz-Wow. That’s all I can say to that. Lets see a replay….


In the split screen, we see the feigned punch followed by the nut shot. In the replay, you can actually see Boyo’s feet leave the ground under the blow.


Paul-Wow, that’s even worse in the replay. In fact, that hurts just watching it.


PMA pulls Boyo off the ground by his hair and holds Boyo in the air with a hanging suplex. The Entertainment savior has his back to the ropes and after about five seconds he takes Boyo over. Not just over in the suplex, but he drops him to the outside. Boyo hit’s the floor and once he regains his bearing’s he’s absolutely LIVID. PMA yells at him. “ARMBAR THAT YOU SON OF A B*TCH!!!”


Heyman-Well Boyo is out early and I got say, I’m pretty surprised. I was expecting much better from him.


Tazz-Well that’s what happens when you Armbar the Network Rep. Speaking of which he seems to be celebrating a bit to much.


After Atken flips Boyo the bird, he turns around only to be met with a kick to the gut from Sickness. Sickness then lifts The Entertainment Savior up and…..


Paul-Powerbomb over the top there by Sickness. PMA is now out of this.


Tazz-I guess the fury of an Armbar can only last for so long. No title shot for Atken. Of course, would you really want the title without a big screen TV anyway?


Back in the ring, The Chav and Twiggie are going at it. Twigs hit’s The Chav with his dreds and staggers him and then hits a drop toe hold. The Chav drops and his head bounces off the mat. Twiggie grabs his arm and appears to be going for the Stash the Gumbo….


Tazz-The Chav is trying anything he can to keep the feet of Twiggie out of his face, and I can’t say I blame him. Those things are nasty!!


Paul-That is quite possibly the most revolting thing I’ve ever seen. And I was there for the Sweaty Sam match…..OH LOW BLOW BY CHAV.


Banner has indeed delivered a low blow and as The Habitual Recycler bends over Chav gets to his feet. The Chav runs to the other side of the ring and rebounds off the ropes. He rebounds with a drop kick to take out the PETA Punisher. He connects and….


Tazz-Well apparently The Chav has misjudged his own height power on that, and has eliminated himself, as well as the hippy.


Paul-And it appears The Chav and Twiggie don’t want to give up this fight.


Chav and The Twigged one are still brawling on the outside, slowly making their way through the crowd, brawling all the while. Security shows up and keeps fans off of them as they continue their beat downs. Back in the ring, the Assassin and the Hangman are going at it. Cage seems to have the upper hand, delivering a combination of chops and punches to Dante. Both of them are dangerously close to the ropes. Cage clotheslines Dante and over he goes.


Tazz-Wow. Dante just BARELY managing to hang on there. He managed to grab that top rope on the way over and get back into the ring.


Heyman-Nice work there by the former TV title contender.


Back in the ring, Warner kicks Draven Cage in the gut. Out of nowhere, Dante rushes in and…




Tazz-Nice move by Dante there. Of course, I think he’ll be skipping the Killshot on this night…


Dante drags Cage off the mat and whips him into the ropes, running after him. As Cage rebounds off the ropes Dante leaps and hit’s a dropkick. Cage goes spilling over the ropes and onto the floor.


Paul-Well apparently Draven Cage is now out of it. So much for him being number one.


Tazz-He was never really here that often anyway.


Gower and Arkham have engaged in fisticuffs and are having at it. Arkham seemingly thinks it’s a game and smiles when he throws a punch. Gower is getting upset at this, and the fierceness and rate of his punches increases. Eventually he manages to get Arkham on his heels and going towards the ropes. Gower picks Arkham up on his shoulders and…


Tazz-Looks like Hammertime for Arkham…


Paul-I think Arkham is going for a…wait who is that? ITS DEADMAN! DEADMAN IS IN THE RING!!!


Deadman is indeed in the ring and he chop blocks Gower. Gower goes crashing down and Arkham lands on top of him. Deadman rolls Arkham off and takes Gower over the ropes with a brutal looking clothesline. Gower is stunned on the floor while Deadman runs through the crowd. Gower gets up and starts screaming at the ref, who tells him he’s out. Gower starts jumping and trying to get back into the ring, only for the ref to stop him.


Tazz-That red face Gower has is REALLY clashing with his ginger hair.


Paul-I got to agree, but if I were Gower, I’d be watching what’s coming his way…


Behind the ref, VVV has Jaxx in the gorilla press position. He pumps Jaxx a couple of times, and launches him sailing over the top. Jaxx crashes down on top of Gower. A muffled “ALLLRIGHTTTT!!” can be heard as Jaxx and Gower lay on the floor. Gower throws Jaxx off him and storms off to the back.


Heyman-That is one unhappy man, is Barry Gower.


Tazz-And one happy man, is Keith Jaxx. On a side note, somewhere Michael Cole is crying.


Heyman-Yeah….That’s just gross.


In the ring, Trash and The Judge are going at it, as are Eagles and C2K. The Judge grabs Trash and starts wailing on his head with a flurry of punches. Trash fires back with a barrage of his own. Trash goes to swing again, but his hand is caught. He’s spun around and punched by Warner. Trash bounces off of Warner’s blow and into the Judge, who hits him again. Trash bounces back and forth like a pinball. Finally, Warner and Sid Commandment grab hands and rush him, bowling him over with a double clothesline. Warner and the Judge eye each other and exchange a quick nod. Warner goes to pick up Trash while the Judge turns his attention elsewhere. Warner picks up C2K and props him against the ropes. Out of nowhere, the Judge comes charging. He leaps to dropkick C2K and eliminate him.


Tazz-C2K better watch out, or he’s going to be going home early here…


Heyman-WHAT THE HELL?? Warner just pulled C2K out of the way!! The Judge is eliminated.


Sid Commandment looks into the ring with a look of murderous rage. Warner looks at him and smiles. He sticks out his hand and taunts Sid with a “No” gesture with his finger. The Judge shakes his head and stares a hole through Warner.


Tazz-Well you’d think after what happened at No Mercy, The Judge would learn not to trust Warner. I mean, he did attack Sid after their match. It doesn’t take a lot to figure out that Warner is not his biggest fan. Of course, now I’m sure that happens to go both ways with these two.


Heyman-They are tag team champs though. Some manner of trust has to be involved there. Especially if they are going to keep those belts for any significant amount of time. This feud is FAR from over I have a feeling.


Arkham is still walking about the ring, this time he’s tied up with Trash. Trash tries to punch Arkham but has his fist caught. The Insane One reigns Trash in and hoists him into the air, positioning him for a Powerbomb. Trash tries to counter out, but to no avail. Arkham slams him down to the mat and produces a thunderous impact. A loud “OOOOOOHHHHH” be heard from the crowd, followed by cheering. Arkham pulls the prone Trash up to his knees and…


Tazz-Shock Therapy there by The Insane One. That’s GOT to hurt.


Heyman-If Trash can manage to save himself after that, it will be a miracle.


Arkham pulls Trash once again to his feet. Trash, who’s looking more then a little beaten, stands in a trance like state in front of Arkham. Arkham again lifts him up into the Powerbomb position. He goes to launch Trash over the ropes. As he’s about to slam Trash over, Trash manages to hook his legs. Trash’s momentum pulls Arkham over the ropes with him in a Frankensteiner, and both of them hit the floor. Arkham looks hurt, as though he’s just had something taken from him. Trash taunts the crowd that he eliminated the big man, and is met with thunderous boos.


In ring, Warner and Sickness have tied up. Warner manages to get in some solid chops as well as a kick or two. Sickness, however, just revels in the pain. Warner is getting pissed at the lack of effectiveness, and starts delivering shot to the face of Sickness. Sickness staggers back a little, and a line of blood is now flowing down his face. The Deranged one smiles at Warner, the blood dripping down into his teeth. Jordi backs off a step to see the damage, only to be met with a flurry of rights and lefts from Sickness.


Heyman-That man likes blood WAY to much.


Tazz-No he just likes pain. That Dante freak, now HE likes blood. Those two are probably two of the most deranged people you’ll ever meet.


As the action continues, Dante has tied up with C2K. From the tie up, Dante manages to deliver a fisherman’s suplex. He lifts Chris2K up again, and tries to execute another suplex, but gets blocked. C2K whips him across the ring and into a turnbuckle. As he charges the Assassin from across the ring, he’s blasted with a super kick to the side of the head from Warner. C2K goes crashing down and bites the canvas. Dante, who is still in the turnbuckle, looks curiously as Warner turns away. The Vampire Lover picks C2K off the mat and they start to brawl at ringside. As they swing away, Warner charges to eliminate them both. Dante turns and sees Warner charging and at the last instant, he ducks, leaving C2K to be blindsides by the strike from Warner. Over the ropes C2K goes. Warner admires his handiwork, and as he turns back to the ring….


Heyman-Super kick by Dante. Warner is now out of this one as well. I have to give it to him, those were a couple of nice heads up moves by Dante.


Tazz-Well he managed to play Warner and C2K for fools. That’s not a feet that is easily done.


Heyman-Well we’re now down to our final five. Which of these men will be able to take it?


Tazz-I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, Banner. He’s been doing pretty well, and he’s got a lot of fire left in him.


Heyman-I’m going to go with…Hmmmm.. This is a tough one. I’ll say, Dante. He’s looking pretty fired up here.


Sickness and Banner are beating each other senseless. Dante and Eagles are also going at it, as VVV just looks on. Sickness now has blood flowing freely down his face. Banner continues to deliver blows to his injured face. He lifts Sickness and executes a snap suplex. Not relinquishing his grip, he delivers another, followed by a third. He releases his grip, only to be brutally clotheslined by an oncoming VVV. Vengeance kicks at the stomach of Banner, and drops to choke the Brutal one. Eagles gets behind VVV and delivers a reverse DDT to the Violence Bearer. As Vengeance drops, his head impacts the mat with a sickening thud. Eagles hoists VVV off the mat and delivers a T-Bone suplex. Vengeance again crashes to the mat, and looks to be out of it. Behind Eagles rises a very pissed looking Banner. Eagles turns around and.…


Tazz-Gamma Bomb there by the Brutal One.


Heyman-That has GOT to hurt. Glad its him and not me.


Banner pulls the limp Eagles off the ground. He hoists him into the air, and goes to toss him over the ropes. Eagles crashes down to the ground, and is eliminated.


Tazz-And then there were four….


The four men square off in the ring. Dante, Sickness, Banner, and Vengeance stare at each other in respective corners of the ring. There is a loud cheer from the crowd at the effort the men have put forth thus far. As if some unheard signal was given, the four charge each other. Vengeance and Dante have engaged each other in combat, as well as Sickness and Banner. Vengeance manages to whip Dante into the ropes and hits a Tilt ‘o Whirl back breaker as he comes back. The Assassin hit’s the mat. VVV goes to scoop him up, but is met with a kick to the head from the Dark One. Dante regains his feet and Vengeance goes to shake out the cobwebs.


Tazz-Lot of history between these two. We all know of the battle they had over the TV title, not to mention the psychological war Dante launched on the Violence Bearer. The blood, the noose, everything. He really played head games with Vinnie.


Dante and Vinnie lock up again, this time with Dante getting the upper hand. Dante delivers some quick chops to Vengeance. Vengeance tries to respond with some of his own, only to have Dante drop and deliver a leg sweep. Vengeance goes crashing to the ground. Dante goes and grabs his legs. He locks on the Vampiric Embrace. Vengeance begins to scream and writhe in agony. Eventually Dante releases the hold. The Violent one is holding his lower back and rolling around on the ring floor. Dante lifts VVV off the ground, and goes to deliver a DDT, only to have Vengeance block it out of desperation. Vengeance goes to lift up The Assassin, and….


Heyman-Looks like he’s going for the Circle of Trust here….


Tazz-Dante is in trouble if he can’t get out of this…..NO!! VVV’s back just gave out. He can’t get Dante up to finish the move!


Dante manages to land behind Vengeance and delivers a Death Drop, again driving Vinnie’s head into the mat. VVV’s head lolls at an odd angle. Dante lifts him up and delivers the Bloodwork. Vengeance is looking quite the bit worse for wear. Dante drags the lifeless looking Vengeance back to his feet. He whips VVV into the ropes, and goes to hit a super kick. On instinct, VVV manages to duck under the kick. He rebounds off the ropes and tries to clothesline the Assassin. Dante drops a shoulder and…


Tazz-Dante takes Vengeance up and over with a back drop and apparently Violent Vinnie Vengeance isn’t going to be getting a title shot.


Heyman-I think he needs a doctor or something after the beating he has suffered here. Of course, I’d say this is a matter of payback for Dante. After the loss he suffered at No Mercy, I’d say he had something to prove there.


Sickness and Banner have been brawling, both of them have blood flowing down their faces from the cuts they have sustained. Sickness seems to be getting the upper hand, as he punches away on the injured face of Banner. He lifts up Banner and hit’s the Bareback. As his The Brutal One is teetering on his feet, Dante sweeps his legs from under him, and Brett crumples to the ground. Sickness growls at Dante as he lifts Banner back to his vertical base. Sickness kicks Banner in the stomach and….


Tazz-Cross Infection there by Sickness, and he is on fire.


Brett drops to the ground and shakes his head. Sickness drops to deliver some blows to the head of the Brutal one. After taking a couple of rights, Banner manages to block a shot and clutch the arm of Sickness. He delivers head butts and manages to regain his feet. He brings Sickness up with him and sets him up for the Gamma Bomb. Sickness struggles, to seemingly no avail. Banner is about to drive The Deranged One into the mat and only to have Sickness counter. He slams the head of Banner down to the mat. As Sickness rises, Dante grabs his arm and whips him to the corner. The Assassin charges and goes to deliver a Stinger Splash, only to have Sickness dodge.


Heyman-Dante just impacted with the ring post there. That’s no good.


Tazz-After what he’s been through, I think that may end him.

Sickness picks Dante up and leans him on the ropes. He runs to the ropes opposite and clotheslines Dante.


Tazz-Dante may be out of this one…


Heyman-Well looks like I was wrong…WAIT! Dante managed to save himself. His feet never touched.


Dante manages to pull himself back into the ring, and lays on the apron to try and regain his bearings. Meanwhile Sickness and Banner are once again going at it. Sickness is again the dominant force in the tie-up. Sickness manages to get Banner onto his shoulders and delivers a Powerbomb. He doesn’t relinquish his grip however and delivers another to The Brutal One. After planting Banner to the mat, Sickness raises him and whips him to the ropes. Dante is there however and back drops Banner over and to the floor.


Tazz-And now there are two. You’ve got to give it to these guys. They’ve given it everything they have. Interesting fact here, Sickness have never beaten Dante. Never. They’ve had 3 matches, and the score its three to nothing Dante.


Heyman-Sickness is looking good here too.


Dante and Sickness face each other in the middle of the ring. The crowd cheers wildly for the two combatants. They tie up with Sickness again coming out on top. Sickness tries to hoist Dante into the air, and gets him in Powerbomb position, much like Banner before him. Dante however manages to get a arm around the head of Sickness, dropping him to the mat with a brutal looking DDT. Dante drags The Deranged Freak to his feet and goes to whip him into the ropes. Sickness counters and whips Dante into the corner. He follows Dante in and goes to the turnbuckle.


Tazz-Sickness setting up for the Diamond Dust here….


Heyman-We’ve seen how destructive this move is. He’s put both Draven Cage and Slim Jim out with this move. If he hits this Dante is done and possibly for longer then tonight…


Dante leans back and keeps Sickness from being able to leap. He begins to throw his elbows back to keep Sickness from leaping. After a some elbows….




F*cking Determined by Mudvayne begins to blare through the house speakers. Dante raises his arms in victory as Chimmel announces him as the winner.


Heyman-Dante has won here. I told you he would. He knocked Sickness off the top and to the floor to win this. Dante has….WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING?????


Tazz-He can’t be…


Dante has scaled the turnbuckle and leaps off, delivering the Killshot to the prone Sickness.




After lying on the floor for a while, Dante manages to pull himself up to his feet. He walks around the ring, shaking hands with all of his fans in attendance. As he starts to walk to the back, Sickness rises to his feet and applauds The Assassin, blood still streaming down his face….


End of show.

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