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Anyone else got the new Prachett Discworld book Thud!


I got it on Saturday for a bargin £12.97 in Hardback (should be £18) from Tesco and so far its a very engrossing read.


It follows the story of Discworld's greatest character for me Samuel Vimes and the effects of the great Koom Valley battle is having on Ankh-Morpork over 2,000 years into the future...


And unlike last time he has dropped the chapters and the book is better for it....


So anyone else?

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The think I will say about his books is that some of the jokes and the facets of the story aren't there on the surface. They are the kind of books that can reward reading again and also a good intellictual knowledge as well.


For insistance Small Gods is a great take on organised religion, Hogfather on Christmas, Night Watch is the story that Matrix Re-Loaded wanted to be, full of the perils of choice and causality and then you have Monstrous Regiment that mocks several things. The way the German army was in WWI (if you look into history that is), the prods at India and Pakistan about how they always ruck as well...


Plus for the sheer laugh out loud paraody's... The Last Continent and the way Terry takes about Austrailia bit by bit.

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Isn't this the first book in ages?


I need to re-read some of his older books - some are absolutely great, and they get better the later in the series they are.




Going Postal was out in hardback around the same time last year...


Plus he cranks out the other Discworld books like the kids stories, maps, cookbooks, and fables all the time as well.


He is sodding prolific and makes JK Rowling look like both a rambling amatuer and a lazy one too.

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Wasn't his best..


For some reason, best known only to himself, he decided to go and write in chapters for the first time during the Discworld series...


This for me disabled alot of his narrative tricks that his previous style had allowed him to employ and made him almost unique in the writing world. But gladly its back. No more chapters!

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