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*** Official Raw Discussion Thread - 31st October 2005 ***


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The Day Before Taboo Tuesday

October 31, 2005


When RAW ended last week, John Cena was grasping his ankle in excruciating pain. He had just “lost” a controversial decision to Kurt Angle with General Manger Eric Bischoff inserting himself as referee. Just when it seemed things couldn’t get much worse, Bischoff announced in a WWE.com Unlimited exclusive that Cena would have to face Shawn Michaels on the next Monday Night RAW — regardless of his condition.


So, this week on RAW, HBK will get another crucial chance to make his Taboo Tuesday case before the voting public. “The Showstopper” won last week’s Triple Threat Match against Kane and Big Show, the other two potential Taboo Tuesday main-eventers. Now, Michaels will get to impress against the WWE Champion himself. Will Michaels be able to take advantage of Cena’s potentially weakened state, or will it be an FU to HBK?


On consecutive broadcasts, RAW Superstars invaded SmackDown and then Friday Night’s Superstars returned the favor. Will there be more inter-brand confrontations leading up to the SmackDown selection match at Taboo Tuesday?


Also, Ric Flair and Triple H seem unwilling to wait until Nov. 1 to settle their differences. Will they tangle again on RAW this week?


And Eric Bischoff is sure to feature Superstars and matches relevant to the ongoing Taboo Tuesday voting. What will the GM do, and how will you cast you votes?


Be sure to cast your votes now, and tune in to RAW (9/8 CT; USA Network) for all this and much more!

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Just so you know guys I will be doing Phil's rolling commentary this week, well it will be mine but I am taking over for him this week as he is too busy:)


Show starts by Masters coming out to his best reaction to date, you guessed it he is not alone, frosty top is with him. Da Bisch come out and promotes the Raw and SD match then announces the Masterlock challenge for a SD superstar. Bisch annouces Rey accompanies by Teddy Long~! will be taking the challenge and Reys rubbish music hits to a reasonable pop. Coach says he did it to Lita from behind, who in the WWE locker room hasn't she slept with?


Rey hits Masters with the mic slams him neck first into the chair looking stiff as. Raw crew comes done the SD guys get called through the crowd by Teddy~!, oh and look it's Christian you know the guy who left the WWE?


Cuts to ad break


During the break Teddy~! asks the crowd who you want to vote into Taboo Tuesday then goes through the names.


JBL - Booing

Christian - Decent Pop

V1~! - HUGE pop

Holly - Crowd barely cheer

Rey - big pop


Back from commercials replay is shown


Match 1 - Kurt Angle V Tajari


Kurt Dominates Tajari at the start before Tajari gets a couple of stiff kicks in, then we go back to Kurt dominating. Couple more stiff kicks by Tajari, nice reversal of a german with The Japanese Buzzaw landing on his feet following up with a superkick to the face Tajari with some more offence , Kurt stop the Trantula(sp) reversing it into an Ankle lock for the win. Sign spot of I miss Christian (mmmm he was just there, he must love him:))


After match Kurt says he don't care who the third party is and that he made Cena tap, stone cold.. sorry Cena hits the ring to a fairly decent pop, not massive I must add, mostly girly screams actually.


Ad break 2


WWE Unlimited - Grish comes out in a weird ass outfit, screams that he loves hotdogs (if you have been readin TWOStars that is damn funny)


And my halloween costume of the night goes to - Osama Bin Laden


Back from commercials


Forgot to mention Coach is dressed as Austin and has a red neck, get it, yeah I laughed:p


Flair/HHH video recap airs.


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Ric Flair comes out with mic, tis CRAZY TIME!!!! Ric Flair says they are in a cage, says wooo about 6 times. I thought we got to chose? hmmmm


Break number 3


Grish back out putting over some taboo tuesday matches mainly the Legend and Dinsmore match, to which Snuka gets practically the only cheers.


Back from the ad break


Where you looking? Oi, I said where you looking? LOOK AT ME, it's the Conman


Match 2 - Rob Conway V Eugene Dinsmore


Nick sorry crappy gimmick Eugene facing Conway.


Eugene misses stunner, hits rock bottom, Conway gets foot on ropes, goes to the outside, HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Duggan hits the ring after Conway hits Eugen with a chair, then Kamala then Snuka, shot by 2x4, Kamala splash, snuka flys then the Burger King hits the ring (King), flys off the rop ropes and hits Conway with a punch. Fans go hooooo and no Lita has not entered the ring:p


Stand back Gregor Helms is coming through or as Grish said Smelh Rogerg, then we see Mick~!




Bimbo Maria talks to Bisch in an Angel outfit she looks damn cute (see 5 posts down)


Bisch announces Goat Boy will be Conways partenr tommorow, back to the arena and Cariltos music hits, looks like Cabana time.


Back from the break and its sadly not the Cabana he is just on the mic. Mr Cool talks about not knowing who he is facing names the 3 faces then says Foley will be beat uno, dos, tres (Bono that's how to count in spanish take note)


DUDE LOVE~!!!!!!!!! on the tron - The Dude will not have mercy.


Cactus Jack - Puts weapons over no gurantees he keeps saying.


Mankind - Just going nots talks about giant cheetos, see what I mean, brings socko out to a pop from the crowd. HAVE A NICE DAY~!


We cut back to the ring, Carlito looks confused, Coach calls Austin out.


And that's the bottom line cause Stone Cold Coachman said so ( He Actually said that)


Break number 4




Coach talks about calling Austin out puts over the options, crowd say guess what? - What good guessm who would thunk it. Coach takes a seat in the center of the ring waiting for Austin, like he will come ut during the commercials:P


Back from the ad break


Coach says he will have someone in his corner, for those of you who think it's Mark Henry you are wrong. Cue the movie it's GOLDUST:) (Yep Dusty booking, Goldust on TV, shock shock.


McMahon time - Vinnie comes out and says Coach would love Austin to come to the ring and Vince says Austin was involved in an accident (BOLLOX he walked out) Coach is announced as the winner of Coach V Austin. You ready for the replacement match that is making you rush out there and buy that PPV, Coach V SD's no.1 announcer Funaki.


Coach and Goldust clear the ring, lol that sounds funny. Coach says come on Vince you can do better, give me another SD wrestler. Vince says well we would need somone to step up ready for it. DAVE~! that's right DAVE~! HUGE pop, Coach is ****ed:P The look on Coach's face is pricless. Coach trys attempt to hit Batista whio is attacked by Goldust. DAVE~! eventually take out Goldust with a DAVEbuster.....


It's time, it's VADER time, Vader takes out DAVE~! by attack from behind and he,Coach and Goldust leave the ring with DAVE~! looking up the ramp laughing.


AD break 5




Baz turns sound off as Cena is talking on a WWE.com exclusive


Back from the ad break


Australia tour recap thingy


Time to play the Game, who again comes out to more of a pop than booing.


Match 3


HHH v Big Vicsera (in welly boots)


Trips attacks Viscera as he stepping over the ropes by kicking the top rope, nice one I thought. Pedigree, 1, 2, 3. GAME OVER!!! no wait Trips hits Viscera with the steel steps right to the head. ouch!!!


Trips on the mic saying he will not be responsible for what he does to Flair at Taboo Tuesday he says it will be nasty and brutal he is going to attack him with his nose:P


ad break 6




Big Viscera being taken away by referees


Back from the break


It's Cena backstage with Grisham


I'm bored already..


I love the Grish right now, he asked Cena is Kurt was covered in food stuff would he eat him, lol. Cena with a cheap pop that actually didn't work:P.


ad break 7




Here come the Heart Throbes


Back from the ad break


Match 4 - Heart Throbes V Big Show/Kane(Texas Tornado Tag match)


Kane with this "broken back" wrestles fine in an absolute squash match ending in a double pinfall.


ad break 8




DAVE~! with Grish - short and sweet enough said, now they are halloween stuff up and Kings music hits, I wonder who is judging the upcoming halloween custome then:P


Back from the break


Taboo Tuesay press conference where fans ACTUALLY believe they are chosing stuff at the PPV.


Here come the divas in their costumes


Baz's Ratings


Ashley is first out wearing a like a bad Angel outfit - Cute but not as cute as Dani:P

Bimbo Maria out in her Angel outfit - DAMN Cute - but not as cute as Dani:P

Candice out as Cat women - BLAH - I don't even need to say it

Micky James dresses as Trish:P - Cute but guess what not as cute as dani

Victoria as a baseball player - I've seen her look better so BLAH again

Trish as wonderwomen - looked better not enough clevage on the go, Dani does not have a face:P


I said Maria, Phil said Ashley then Phil said which would I rather see Dani in, fair point Phil:P My gawd this show is AWFUL, they just gave Candice the bumps, WTF REALLY WTF. Chick kick takes out Victoria, I'm tired, I want TNA oh wait I just had some.


ad break 9






Back from ad break


Match 5 - Cena V HBK


You tapped out chants directed at I assume Cena. HBK with is usual run into corner and ends up going upside down, why, nobody else goes like that:s HBK with the 5 moves off doom but misses the elbow drop, Kurt hits the ring to save us from this DREADFUL match takes out HBK but then Cena gets Angle up for the FU, thanks HBK:) HBK hits the Sweet Chin Music to a mixed reaction. HBK then takes the belt and spins it to his music hitting.


Overall a very poor show yet again.


Can I have my 2hrs back?

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Where you looking? Oi' date=' I said where you looking? LOOK AT ME, it's the Conman[/quote']

I'm looking here: http://www.wwe.com/shows/smackdown/photos/

At the new photos of Melina.






By the way, has anybody else noticed that since moving to USA, they don't get over-runs like they used to on Spike? Strange that.

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Well, big surprise, Austin has bolted. o well, Goldust is back, Vader is fat, and Coach sucks. Why Batista, should have brought back Taker or something. They just needed to find 3 names to help fill the hole Austin left. Vader, Goldust, and Batista. DAmit, looks like we won't be seeya'n any Austin vs Hogan for a while then. Good pops for the Three Faces of Foley. Dude Love, yay.


p.s. I loved the Harry Carey impresion. That blew the colon surgery away.

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lol i i had hoped that i could be the one to post about vader falling.. did anybody else notice Snuka having a hard time getting on the top rope it took him like 5 min just to stand up


dam i wanted to see coach vs austin in a verbal debate


EDIT: Can you not read? I've only just asked that you edit your posts.

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It took me 17 mins to watch on my sky + which means it was a decent raw. I kept rewinding Vader falling over about 15 times, I will never take him seriously again, lol.


The diva contest was fantastic but Mickie James is annoying me a bit. Candice Michelles entrance was fantastic. Trish looked great as wonderwoman, well they all looked great. It was a good old fashioned diva contest which made me watch raw for 10 mins.


I am now off to record that segment (especially Candice Michelles entrance) to dvd for my future pleasure.


P.S Cena got booed again, I would be happy if I was bothered.

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