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Is TWO Haunted?


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i was looking through the news posts and i saw this little fellow next to cenarules info....




Happy Halloween everyone :xyx


hope you have fun and get loads of sweets but be careful dont explode with candy :lol



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I'm going out tonight, but still no idea what I'll dress as in order to get free entry into some clubs. Yes, it's cheaper than paying £2.


I have a suit. Maybe I could wear that and say "Hey, I'm a wacky business man". But they might not buy it. I also saw a Scream mask in Sainsburys today for a few pounds, but I would have nothing else to wear it with. Somehow a scream mask on top of a T shirt and pair of jeans doesn't constitute a lot of effort on the dresser uper's part.


Here's literally everything in my room right now, feel free to make suggestions what I could go as:


A mixture of T shirts

A couple of pairs of jeans


Boxer shorts and socks

My chequebook

Asthma Inhalers

The Independent from October 18th




I could try and be cheesey and go as "Me from October 18th". Take that day's paper, set the date on my watch to October 18th and talk all night about how I'm looking forward to Halloween. But maybe you have a better suggestion. If so, tell me.


By the way, TWO is haunted. I thought you all knew. Ro*'s ghost never left the place.

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I hate Halloween....


Cheap explotation of an ye oldy festival that has had its meaning lost in the mists of time like Valentines day and Bonfire night as well....


Plus the trick or treaters round me are crap.. they are all 11 to 13 year old chavs with either bin liners on or crap masks who expect cash and not the sweets that my mum and most of the people round here have ready for the kids who are having fun and not exploiting it all....


Plus when I say trick instead of treat they run away!


Can't think why?


Was it because I had a pair of scissors in my hand at the time?


But I was only opening my OJ?!?

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I watched Saturdays and I could feel the evil in the air in the cellar of that pub...


You could feel the evil of the person in the room...


And then you realised that despite the good work done by the rest of the team that Derek is cack and his 'thoughts and feeling' are half the time suck. With exception of last night of course where he was spot on in the case of the re-building and the fire.


Still this one hasn't matched the one at Pendle Hill... F**k me that was intense...


But back to that cellar.... You could see the enity down there prowling on the webcam...


Hope they exercised its ass.

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