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Monday Paint Competition!!!111oneone


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Since Miss.T is a bit bored I have been told to post the paint compo early this week.




Only use Paint or Paintbrush.


Pictures must be no wider than 500pixels.


This week's theme, chosen by last week's winner Weeski, is:




So lemme see the lil green blighters...



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Can YOU remember what a Lucky Charms box looks like?




Coincidence or busted? YOU be the judge? :lol

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A sad leprechaun, because he has run out of whiskey.


Edit: It's obvious that Marcus cheated, too much of a coincidence, the outline is too perfect to have just had looked and copied from the original. Shame on you Marcus for cheating. :(

Edited by Devilish Angel
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There is a very good reason that the pot of gold is missing. Marcus' date=' not content with being a tracing CHEATER is also a GOLD THIEF! Please review the evidence:[/quote']




I think that is a damning item of evidence and the prosecution asks that the jury find Marucs GUILTY and I press for the Judge to sentance this HEINOUS MONSTER to the full extent of the law. Hanging's too good for 'im.
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