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MSN Troubles?


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I can't help sending the chains on..............I mean what if it DOES close your account eh?

Then you will all be sorry won't you:P


MSN has been dodgy for a few days.....I must add though, that a new MSN Plus has just come out (of the closet), could this be causing problems with the MSN?


Or, maybe it's coz a lot of people now have completely different versions of MSN? maybe it's a bit of a system over load.


Weve also had a lot of problems this week with viruses and spyware closing down our whole system, maybe there's an evil bug floating about, knocking MSN's whole system down.




It's probably not any of these things............but oh well, MSN been down excites me........it means there will be flaws in Bill Gate's plans to corrupt the whole world via the internet.............maybe i should shut up now!:(

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